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A medieval fortress inside a cave

We tell you all about what to see in the impressive Predjama Castlethat we managed to penetrate our trip to Slovenia. And we visited it the same day we went to Postojna Cave because it is not very far.

Following, we leave you all the necessary information so you can organize your visit to this spectacular castle, where you can take a walk through history.

Will you join us 😉

Predjama Castle: a bit of history

The website Predjama Castle was built over 800 years ago and is the largest in the world inside a cave. It is filled with galleries that the knight used to take out and steal without being seen. Erasmus of Predjamaalso called Slovenian Robin Hood.

view of predjama-castle-from-the-incoming-road

Erasmus of Predjama, its most famous inhabitant, fought and withstood the siege of the imperial army for a year, but legend has it that he had died because of the betrayal of one of his servants..

This servant warned the enemy by the light of a candle, when Erasmus was in the bathroom, because, being outside, the walls were thinner than those of the castle and… a well-aimed cannon shot ended his life.. 😏


It was inhabited until World War II, when it was confiscated by Yugoslav authorities. It is now managed by the Park Postojnska Jama company, which is also in charge of Postojna Cave.

Predjama Castle. Visit

Having arrived in Predjama, to enter the castle, you must first walk along a small path, from which you already you can see its magnificence. 😍

Just before entering, you are given the audio guide which is included in the price of the ticket and which takes you floor by floor and room by room, telling you in detail all the stories and legends of Predjama Castle..

In this castle the most important thing was safetySo it is barely furnished and in one of the first rooms there are several holes in the wall which if you look through them you will see the bridge you entered through.

defensive hole in the rock

of these holes, they hurled stones, molten resin and boiling oil at those who sought to invade the castle..

Going up to the next floor, you will come across the room where the trials took placebeing the Lord of the Castle, the judge.

period courtroom

If the person has been found guilty, had 2 possibilities convictions:

  • Executionby throwing the person from the top of a 60-meter cliff (the cliff is behind the doors you see in the photo).
  • Prisonwhere she was tortured.

period torture chamber

The lord of the castle also lived there with his family, servants and a chaplain.. Its rooms, including the living room and the kitchen, are among the rooms you will see during the visit.



Continuing the visit, you will enter the only heated room in the castle, the room of the Lords of the Castle..

bedroom - where the gentlemen slept

The bedroom is located next to the Chapel of Santa Anawhere they went to mass for the service, because the Lords listened to it from their bedroomthrough a window connecting the two spaces.

chapel-of-santa-ana where the service was held.

After seeing the chapel, continue climbing to the highest part of the castle, from where you have a view of the beautiful view of the village of Predjama..


Along the way, you will find a small bell that you probably heard ringing as soon as you arrived.

wishing bell image

The legend says that, if you make a sincere wish by touching it, it will be granted.. We don’t know if it’s true or not, but just in case, we played it. 😇

To end the visit, you will pass through several rooms where you will see different types of weapons and armor.

arms and armor room

Predjama Castle: How to get there from Ljubljana

How to get there from the city of LjubljanaBy bus or car you can take the A1 highway (exit 41) to Postojna and from there 9 km to the village of Predjama.

If you went to visit Postojna Cave by bus, the counter can call you a taxi. to Predjama Castle.

We chose this option, sharing the taxi with another couple, which cost us half the price.. 😉

TIPS: The driver waiting for you for you to visit the Castle.


If you prefer a organized visit without having to worry about anythingwe leave you this option that may be of interest to you.

Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle tickets and tour

Where to eat in Predjama

The village of Predjama is small and next to the castle there are several places to eat or have a drink.

eat at predjama castle

Gostilna Pozar

Located right next to the castle entrance, you can eat inside the restaurant or on the terrace, from where you will have a magnificent view.

They offer all kinds of food, including of course a good variety of typical Slovenian dishes. The quality of the food is good there not very expensive prices considering that it is located in a very touristy area.

We hope you enjoyed this walk through history, traveling through the Predjama Castle with its curious location and many legends.

A travel hug.

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