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Best FREE TOURS in Florence FREE and in English

Thinking of spending a few days in Florence? What better way to discover the city than to join one of the free guided tours of Florence? free tours of Florence which we will detail in this post 😉.

The best free tours in Florence

Florence is a city steeped in history which has one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. of the most impressive art collections in the world. In fact, we could define the city as an open-air museumfor its beauty and content. 😍

If you ask us what to see in florencewe will tell you that you have churches, museums and palaces, which is true. masterpieces of Renaissance architecture and art. and that there is no better way to get to know it than through one of UNESCO’s museums. free tours of Florence.

Note that we start with all free guided tours in English that you can do in Florence. 📝

Self-guided tour of Florence

This is the first free tour of florence in english we recommend you. The most typical guided tour in which you will discover and know all the the history of the historic center.

First you will be taught and told the history of the Medici chapels which were their resting place, then to the history of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, one of the most important places in the Tuscan capital..

Continuing the guided tour, you will visit the stalls of the San Lorenzo market and you will discover the exterior of the third largest church in the world, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiorewith its incredible dome by Brunelleschi, the campanile tower by Giotto and the Battistero di San Giovanni with its famous “Gate of Paradise”.

By following the route of the self-guided tour, you will arrive at the town hall. Piazza della Signoria at the foot of Palazzo Vecchio.where you can see a replica of Michelangelo’s David.

And to conclude this fantastic free visit you will see the famous Ponte Vecchio over the Arno.

Self-guided tour of Florence

Florence Free Night Tour

Do you want to know the city of Florence at sunset? With this free night tour you can see the most important monuments of the city illuminated.which is a real treat. 😊

Starting from Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, you will walk through the historic center admiring and marveling at the facades of its main monuments.

This free tour also covers the historic center of the city, but it does not present the same sites as the previous one.

To whet your appetite, you will see important sites such as the colonna del Trebio or the church of Saints Michael and Gaetan..

You will then arrive at the Piazza del Duomowhere you will have one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Florence with the Cathedral, Giotto’s Campanile and the Battistero di San Giovanni..

Continue with this tour in english you will approach the Piazza della Signoria, with the Palazzo Vecchiowhere you can admire several important sculptures and finally you will pass in front of the Palazzo Davanzati and the Ponte Santa Trinita.where the tour ends after talking about art, culture and history for about two hours.

Florence Free Night Tour

Florence Mysteries and Legends Free Tour

This Florence of Mysteries and Legends Free Tour is one of the most enjoyable tours we had on our trip, as it allows you to discover the city of Florence. the less typical or more obscure and hidden side of the city..

On this occasion, you will leave from Via dei Servi, which will take you to Piazza del Duomo, to see the hidden stories of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore looking at its facade.

The Pazzi conspiracy or the Florence serial killer with eight double murders are just some of the mysteries that will cease to be mysteries in this book. free tour of Florencestrolling among the most important sites of the city, such as the Piazza della Santissima Annuziata, Via dei Servi, Piazza del Duomo with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore or Piazza della Signoria..

The visit ends next to the Ponte Vecchio which also hides something… which we will tell you about in the section free visit. 😎

Florence Mysteries and Legends Free Tour

views from ponte vecchio of the city of florence

Self-guided tour of the Oltrarno district

If you want to get off the beaten track and discover the Oltrarno district, we offer you a free tour of the Oltrarno district. lesser-known areas of Florencethis free tour is for you.

THE The Oltrarno district is the one you will visit and get to know in this section. guided tour. You will discover the studio where Michelangelo studied anatomy and you will discover the problems that have always existed between the two artists. the two Pitti and Medici families.

The tour will take you through many streets, you will be told interesting facts about the buildings, as well as various local legends.

Important sites you will see are the Mannelli Tower, the Church of Santa Felicitáwho is one of the oldest temples in Florencea 4th century Byzantine cemetery and, as we said above, you will be shown the place where Michelangelo first studied anatomy. to create his incredible works.

And other interesting places you will pass through are: The Mona Lisa House and the house where the famous Russian writer Dostoyevsky lived..

The visit will not end without having visited the exterior of the building. Pitti Palace and learn about the history of this 15th-century Renaissance building.

Free visit to the Oltrarno district

Self-guided tour of the Medici in Florence

Are you curious to know everything about the one of the most important families in history? This free tour of Florence concerned The Medici. You will discover their secrets and the importance they had in the history of Florence..

Several of the most important points you will cover in this document are: in English are :

  • THE Medici Riccardi Palacewhere several generations of the Medici family lived.
  • THE Palazzo Vecchio where the Medici family ruled for centuries.
  • THE Piazza Pittiwith the palace of the same name, which was originally the home of Luca Pitti, a Florentine banker, but which later passed into the hands of the Medici.

Free Medici Tour in Florence

What is a free Florence tour and how does it work?

AT self-guided tour of Florence is a guided tour (usually on foot) during which a city expertaccompanies you and goes with you telling you all the history, curiosities, anecdotes and legends of the places you pass through.. When booking the free visitYou will know the meeting point with the guide to start the tour.

How much does a free Florence tour cost?

A free visit can be translated as “free to visit”, that is, you go there because you want them to tell you a lot more things, storiesetc., but it is actually a guided tour during which you can the guide does his job and for which, at the end of it, it makes sense to reward it with an economic amount depending on what you consider appropriate according your level of satisfaction with the visit.

We can’t tell you the exact amount you need to pay as it’s a personal thing, but we can give you an idea and we think €10 per person is fine, going up to €15 or €20 (or whatever… 😄) if you really enjoyed the tour and got a lot out of it. lots of additional information that only the person who lives there knows and that otherwise you would never discover or have a much harder time finding.

After getting to know the best free tours in florenceWe hope you book the ones you like the most and help you discover this amazing city. 😊


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