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Budget for a trip to Florence How much can your trip cost?

Do you want to spend a few days discovering the city of Florence and you don’t know how much it might cost you to leave to this wonderful Italian city? Read on and we’ll help you, by showing you our Cheap trip to FlorenceWe will give you the details of each of the expenses we have made and we will dispel any doubts you may have. 😊

Detailed budget of the trip to Florence

Although it may seem obvious, it goes without saying that in Italy it is used euro as local currencySo if you’re coming from Spain, you won’t have to worry about the exchange rate.

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Let’s go… 😄


As always, we recommend using the Skyscanner website to get the best price for your trip and where you will find all the available flights of each company.

We flew with Ryanair to Pisa airport as we saw that prices were cheaper than choosing Florence airport.

  • Return flights Madrid – Pisa for 2 people: €123.


As Italy is a member of the European Economic Community and if you are a Spanish national you will only need your national identity card or passport.

Travel insurance

As we said, Italy being part of the European Union, you can travel with the European Health Insurance Card which covers you for basic medical assistance during your stay in the country, but we always recommend to take out the following insurance purchase a separate travel insurance policybecause includes many other things in case you have any issues such as a refund, lost luggage, etc.

  • Travel insurance for 2 people: 36€.

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In Florence you have a wide variety of accommodation in the different areas of the city. There are many hotels and apartments in very old buildings and even in palazzos, but the latter are, of course, much more expensive.

After searching and reading a lot of reviews, we opted for an apartment in a slightly less touristy neighborhood like Santa Crocejust 5 minutes from the Basilica of Santa Croce.

It was a very nice apartment apart from being in less noisy and more economical than those of the “pure center”. We booked it as usual through Booking.

TIPS: In Italy you have to pay a tourist tax per person and per night which is normally already included in your reservation. Please take this into account to avoid surprises. 😏

  • Apartment 3 nights: €220.


In Florence we use public transport very little, only to get from the airport to the center of Florence and back, since we were mainly on foot. In any case, here is the detail of what we spent per person per trip on transport.

  • Train from Pisa Travel from the airport to Pisa train station: 5€
  • Train from Pisa station to the center of Florence: 9€

Total transport for 2 people: 56€.

Entrance fees to monuments

When you plan to make a trip to Florencethere are so many incredible and interesting monuments to see, that it is impossible not to visit several of them. 😄

We leave you the list of those we have visited with the price per person:

  • Basilica of Santa Croce: 8€
  • Palazzo Vecchio: 25€ (museum and tower).
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore: 30€ (dome, baptistery and bell tower).
  • Uffizi Gallery: 20€
  • Pitti Palace: 16€
  • Boboli Gardens: 10€

Total monument tickets for 2 people: €218.


Having rented an apartment, we had breakfast and sometimes dinner in the apartment itself to save a little. During the day we walked out of the accommodation and ate at several local restaurants.

  • Meal including some ice cream: 200€ 😄

Total budget for the trip to Florence

After doing the math, here is a detailed breakdown, how much can a trip to florence cost you during 3 nights and 4 days for 2 people:

  • Flights: 123€
  • Travel insurance : 36€
  • Accommodation: 220€
  • Transportation : 56€
  • Landmarks: 218€
  • Meal : 200€

Total budget for a trip to Florence for 2 people: 853€.

We hope this budget for a trip to florence We hope that it will be useful for you to prepare your trip, that it will go perfectly and that you will tell us about it in the comments when you return.

Greetings travelers.

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