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Budget for a trip to Poland How much can your trip cost?

Are you planning to travel to Poland to visit two of its most important cities, Warsaw and Krakow? Is it an expensive trip? What documents do I need to travel to this beautiful country? These questions and many more, we will reveal them to you with our budget for traveling to poland so you can plan a fantastic vacation 😉.

Detailed quote for your trip to Poland

We will now give you the following details the budget of what this trip to Poland cost ussplitting it between Warsaw and Krakow, in case you want to know it that way, then joining it at the end and totaling it.

In Poland, the official local currency is the zloty (PLN). prices in both currencies so that you can better control it and know at all times what each article or visit may cost you.

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When we go on a trip, we have no doubts about finding flights, since we have with the Skyscanner site you will find the best available flights of each airline, according to the schedule, the best priceetc

As we live in London, our flights to the 2 people, returnwere the following:

  • Flights London – Warsaw / Krakow – London: 254 pounds / 288€.

ADVICE: Although you are departing from Spain, we hope that these flight prices will serve as a reference for your trip.


Since 2004, Poland is a member of the European Economic Communityand so, if you are traveling with Spanish nationalityyou will only need your identity card or passport to enter the country.

Travel insurance

As mentioned above, Poland is a member of the European Economic Community. You can therefore travel in the country with a European health insurance card which covers you for basic health care during your trip, but we will always recommend that you go to the hospital. to take out travel insuranceApart from medical assistance, it will also cover you for other things such as assistance in the event of loss or damage to luggage, cancellation of the flightetc

We always travel with Iati travel insurance and thank you for being our reader, you get a 5% discount by clicking on this link.

  • Travel insurance for 2 people: 32€.


We first went to Warsaw, where we spent the night at the hotel a pretty cool hostelWho contained all the basics you might need and was almost next to the old townand was therefore perfect for visiting the most important sites in Warsaw. 😊

In Krakow we chose a fairly central apartmentwhich was also located near the train station and a fairly large shopping center. and we were thus able to visit the must-see sites of Krakow and its surroundings more easily.

good accommodation in poland to add to your travel budget

We tell you what it cost us each accommodation for 2 people:

Total cost of accommodation: 1558 PLN / 340€.


In Warsaw as in Krakow, we had to use public transport, because the distances were too great to walk all day. 😇

Here are all the details the transport we need during the trip.

train between the two cities warsaw and cracovia

The prices are as follows per person per trip.

  • Train from Warsaw airport to the city center. 4.40 PLN / 0.95€ / 0.95€.
  • Warsaw Metro 4.40 PLN / 0.95€.
  • Bus in the city of Warsaw 3.20 PLN / 0.60€ / 0.60€.
  • Train between Warsaw and Krakow PLN 80 / €17.50.
  • Tram in the city of Krakow: 8PLN / 1.80
  • Train to Wieliczka Salt Mines (round trip): 13 PLN / 2.95€.
  • Train from Krakow city center to the airport: 17 PLN / 3.75€.

Total transport for 2 people: 260 PLN / 57€ / £57

Entrance fees to monuments

The two cities we visited in Poland both have several important sites to see and some of them are paying.but which, after having seen them, seem to us almost essential to see to complete the trip.

visit to krakow

Prices are per person.

  • Warsaw Tour: Palace of Culture and Science Viewpoint 25 PLN / 5.50
  • Krakow Tour: Salt Mines 116 PLN / 25.50€.

Total visits to monuments in both cities: 282 PLN / 62 €.


It is said that to know a city well, you must not only see its best monuments, but also taste its gastronomy and that’s what we did, both in the restaurants of the two cities, and by buying products from the region. at the supermarket of typical products of the region.. 😋

  • Total meals Warsaw: PLN242 / €53
  • Total Meals Krakow: PLN598 / €130

Total meals in both cities: 840 PLN / 183€.

Total budget of the trip to Poland

We arrived at one of the most important parts of any trip (if not the most important) to prepare for it.

We leave you the total budget of what our stay of several days in Poland cost us.

  • Flights: 288€
  • Travel insurance : 32€
  • Accommodation Warsaw: 116€ / PLN532
  • Accommodation Krakow: 224€ / 1026 PLN
  • Transportation : 57€ / PLN260
  • Landmarks: 62€ / PLN282
  • Food : 183€ / PLN840

Total budget for a trip to Poland for 2 people for 6 days: €962.

We hope that this article on our budget for a trip to Poland I would love to help you prepare yours and fully enjoy this beautiful country.


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