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Budget for a trip to the Baltic States – how much will it cost?

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have always been countries that have caught our attention and, with 10 days to go, we got down to preparing for the Baltic states travel budget.

Travel budget in the Baltic States

here are the details the budget for 2 people including all travel expenses10 days in the Baltic States, so you can visit one or all three.

It should be remembered that these Baltic states use the euro as their local currency.

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After having watched all possible combinations on Skyscannerwe decided to fly to Tallinn, capital of Estoniato start our travel through the Baltic States and the return flight from Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • Flight London-Tallinn: 165€
  • Flight Vilnius-London: 120€

Total flights 2 people: 285€.

plane to the Baltic States

From Spain, there are people who make the trip arriving in Tallinn and returning via Vilnius (like us) and others in the other direction. Although we cannot tell you the exact price, you can get cheap flights ticket purchase right in time. 😇


The 3 Baltic States belong to the European Economic Community, therefore, if you have Spanish nationality, you will only need your DNI or, if you prefer, your passport..

TIPSIf you decide to travel by bus, it is better to bring your passport because it will be requested during the ascent when you change country.

Travel insurance

All countries belong to the European Union, so any basic medical care you may need is covered by the European Health Insurance Card.

However, you still need to we recommend that you take out travel insurance because the cover it offers is more extensive than that of the European health insurance card.

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  • Travel insurance for 2 people: €58.


The Baltic States have a the hotel and accommodation offer in general, very important.It is therefore not difficult to find apartments, hotels, hostels, etc. at a good price.

During this trip, in each of the Baltic capitals, we stayed in an apartment.

tallin accommodation in the baltic states

  • Flat Tallinn: 276 € 4 nights
  • Flat Riga: 237 € 3 nights
  • Flat Vilnius: 186 € 3 nights

Total apartments: 699 € 699


As the towns are small, we always walked and did not use transport except to move between them and to/from the airport.

TIPS: Although it may seem, we did not make a mistake with the prices, since Transport in the Baltic States is quite well as very punctual.

transport by lux express bus

We detail all the prices for person and journey.

  • Tram in Tallinn: 2€
  • Bus Tallinn –Riga: 12€
  • Bus Riga-Vilnius: 12€
  • Bus Vilnius-Trakai: 2.5€
  • Train Trakai-Vilnius: 2.5€
  • Train to Vilnius Airport: 1€

Total transport 2 people: €64.


In the 3 countries, we visited several places that we had planned and others that we decided to see as we went. 😄

entry of kgb in the baltic countries

We break it down for you prices per person of all the paying sites we entered.

  • Tallinn City Walls: 3€
  • Tallinn Cathedral: 2€
  • KGB cells in Tallinn: 5€
  • Former KGB headquarters in Riga: 10€
  • Trakai Castle: 8€

Total tickets for 2 people: 56€.


When we stayed in an apartment, in order to save a little, we did our shopping in the supermarkets, had breakfast in the apartment, then had lunch and sometimes dined outside.

Also, as we usually do in all cities we visit, we went to the local markets and in these there were several places for taste the local gastronomy.

Total meals, including supermarket purchases: €187.

local market meal

Total budget for the trip to the Baltic States

And now we come to one of the most important moments when it comes to prepare a travel budget: Make the sum of everything 😄.

  • Flights: 285€
  • Travel insurance : 58€
  • Accommodation, apartments Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius: 699€
  • Transportation : 64€
  • Visits: 56€
  • Meal : 187€

Total budget for a trip to the Baltic States for 2 people: €1,349.

Of course, as we always say, this is an estimate of what it cost us and may vary. depending on what you want to see and do.

In a few days we will continue to lose ourselves in the world and we hope that you will be there, as always.

Greetings travelers.


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