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Cecotec Conga 2299 Ultra Home X

If you want to spend less mopping around your home but aren’t ready to make a big investment, we’re confident this model from Cecotec will get you out of the house. a helping hand in your cleaning tasks at a very reasonable price..

Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X

Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X technical data sheet

What we liked the most

  • Affordable price
  • Large capacity self-draining base
  • Intuitive app
  • Versatile: vacuum and scrub

What could be improved

  • Can get lost and jam
  • Low battery for large apartments
  • Not suitable for households with pets

Analysis and testing

We have had the Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X with us for several weeks and here are our impressions.


When we took it out of its box, we were struck by the fact that, despite having a relatively wide base (certainly not the biggest we’ve tested), the vacuum itself isn’t too big. The whole device has The whole device has dimensions suitable for an apartment of medium or even small size..

  • The robot is completely black, with a gradient on its surface that makes it resist finger manipulation.the stains don’t stay that long.
  • The shape of the base is reminiscent of a wastebasket. easily goes unnoticed..

The overall aesthetic is functionalalthough it is not very high-end to the eye: the plastic used, both for the robot housing and for the base, is a bit rough.

What we liked the most about this section is… What is the base tank size?The base can hold 3 liter bags, which is enough so that you don’t have to change it for more than 3 months.

Flipping the robot, we find two side brushes and a central silk and silicone roller.a basic but solvent setup for dealing with dirt in general, as we’ll see later.


The Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X is probably the most affordable self-bailing robot vacuum on the market, which means some sacrifices, which we have seen in the way it moves: without smart navigation, it rolls over and moves upside down. it sometimes retraces its steps to clean areas it has already traveled and leaves others uncleaned..

Thus, it incorporates anti-fall and shock sensors that help it to move avoiding walking or hitting elements, but it does not optimize its operating time or its orientation, so it it can also get lost and get stuck.

In this respect and to obtain the best results, our recommendation based on our experience is as follows. remove problematic obstacles such as cables, cords or curtains.

The advantage is that, since it is a low vacuum, it fits under the sofa. What is less good is that if you have thick carpets like us at home, it can have a hard time penetrating them.


What we liked the most about this facet of the Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X was its cleaning ability. versatility:

  • You can Vacuuming and mopping or mopping at the same time, to leave the floors fairly clean.
  • It has 3 cleaning modes and 3 suction modes, with a special Turbo mode for carpets.

However, as it’s not a very powerful vacuum cleaner (it has a suction capacity of 2100 Pa at most), we used it by combining the standard mode and the turbo mode.

At this level, it removed a good number of small solids such as crumbs, dust or grit, but it left our cat’s few hairs. In this sense, we lacked a bit more power and a rubber center roller..

The cleaning is nothing extraordinary either.but it is useful for removing one or two small dry spots.


If you consult the data sheet of this robot vacuum cleaner, you will discover a great autonomy, with more than 2.5 hours of use. and while that’s true, it’s only true if you’re running it on minimum power, which we rarely did.

If you want to vacuum and scrub exhaustively, its autonomy drops considerably. Moreover, considering that its navigation is not optimized, we believe that is suitable for small and medium-sized apartments..

However, a trickYou can “enclose” it by rooms so that, by limiting the area, it strains its battery and optimizes its autonomy.


If in the past the basic models of Cecotec were equipped with a remote control, this is not the case with this modern Conga, which allows you to control the entire device. all control options for your application.

We were pleasantly surprised by both its operation and synchronization with the vacuum cleaner and its pleasant interface.. Although we’ve seen simpler apps, we generally think they can be used by all sorts of people, although my mum took a lot of practice to get used to.

As this is a basic vacuum, you won’t be able to perform partial cleanings, the weakest point of this type of control in our opinion. But you can at least control it without leaving your sofa, even if you’re not at home, and even with your voice.It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Our opinion

If you want a vacuum with a self-draining base, because you’re too lazy to clean the trash can, but you need a vacuum with a self-draining base, you need a self-draining base. your budget is tightthe Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X is what you’re looking for, as it’s significantly more affordable than the rest of the segment.

This is an interesting robot vacuum for someone who has an “easy” house, i.e. not too big, no pets and not too many carpets. In this case it is convincing to save you from having to sweep and mop as often..

The combination of autonomy and navigation makes it is aimed at small and medium-sized households because although it has a good battery, it has a few extra turns, which will not allow you to get the most out of it.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that works without disturbing you longer than necessary, opt for models with smart navigation.

We liked the large dirt storage capacity of the base, which allows you to forget about changing bags frequently. From our experience, 4 times a year is enoughideal for minimum maintenance.

Of course, if you want a self-draining base to avoid exposure to dust because you’re allergic to it, this one is ideal. is not the best and most complete robot vacuum when it comes to allergens..

Although applies only to its controlWe consider it easy enough to use for everyone.

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