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Cecotec Conga Quick&Clean Vital: test and opinion

Artificial Intelligence, scouring, ToF… if all that sounds like Greek to you and you just want a basic robot vacuum cleaner to save you from sweeping every day, this Cecotec is one of the cheapest solutions you will find.

Conga Quick&Clean Vital

Technical sheet Conga Quick&Clean Vital

What we liked the most

  • Versatility in cleaning: vacuums, sweeps, mops and scrubs.
  • Cheap
  • Remote control operation
  • The special turbo mode for carpets

What could be improved

  • Underpower
  • Navigation can be improved: we sometimes get lost and get stuck

Analysis and testing

After testing the Conga Quick&Clean Vital for several weeks in our house, here are the conclusions we have drawn.


We like the design of the Conga Quick&Clean Vital: it’s relatively compact, made of durable black plastic, visually modern, and has the classic shape of a flattened cylinder.

That said, between there are no handles to hold it and the finish is glossyWe don’t think it’s a big deal, but we’d prefer it to be matte to make it more durable. We don’t think it’s a big deal, but we’d prefer it to be matte so it’s more durable.

If the robot vacuum cleaner is relatively compact, its base remains the same and is very discreet. If you have a small apartment like me, you will appreciate that everything is small.

As for its brush configuration, it mounts the usual single models: two side brushes located on each side and a central bristle roller which works well for catching small solids. However, if you have to deal with hair, such as in homes where pets live, it is easy for the hair to get tangled, which lowers its performance.


Cecotec Conga Quick&Clean Vital NavigationThis robot vacuum moves around your home thanks to its sensors, which is why it’s so easy to use. we recommend that you clean the area before placing it in your home.. Otherwise, it may get stuck.

For example, it happened to us with curtains hanging down to the floor. Not only do you not finish cleaning, but you risk tearing them.

This type of navigation is neither the most efficient nor the most comprehensiveIn other words, it may happen that in some places it happens several times and in other places it does not happen at all. Hence the importance of making it easy for him. This robot navigates best in open spaces that are not particularly large.

Your the small size has both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to mobility. We like that it can fit under the sofa, but it has serious difficulty getting on thick carpets. He also tried to climb on our bathroom scale, but had great difficulty getting off.

Navigation is not smart, don’t expect cards or partial wipes.: it only cleans all the space it finds. But if you want to clean a single room, you can do it the old-fashioned way, by simply placing it inside and closing the door.


What we like the most about the Conga Quick&Clean Vital in this section is its cleaning ability. versatilitySweeping, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing, we think it’s the perfect combination to keep dirt and grime at bay on all floor types.

It is also able to perform 3 tasks at the same time (sweeping, vacuuming and mopping or sweeping, vacuuming and mopping) thanks to its mixed tank to optimize time. It doesn’t particularly stand out, but we think it’s more than enough for the job. get by and keep the house moderately clean..

Its weapons for vacuuming are its 1400 pascals of suction and its three brushes, an effective combination for trapping a good deal of dust, hair, gravel or crumbs on the floor. But there are 2 cases where we have seen that the robot is not up to par:

  • If you have a very dirty housewe found that you need a bit more power to vacuum solids.
  • If you have petsIf you have pets, neither the suction capacity nor the brush is the best for catching the amount of hair generated at certain times of the year.

Although the device has three power levels (eco, normal and turbo), we used the normal and turbo levels most of the time. We were surprised to find that has a carpet mode which, when it detects these textiles, activates to provide maximum suction.

Unfortunately, between the fact that the vacuum cleaner is not very big and neither is it particularly powerful, it only performs a light surface cleaning if the carpet is thin.which is not bad to keep it clean. But with the thick carpet in our bedroom, it can’t, because it has trouble penetrating it and isn’t able to trap ground-in dirt.


One of the strengths of this Conga Quick&Clean Vital is its autonomy. autonomy of almost 3 hoursalthough there are a few small details: those numbers are only achieved if you put it in eco mode, which you’ll only do if you want superficial cleaning. If you use the other two power modes, the autonomy decreases considerably.

However, we advise you to use the 3 levels to optimize your battery.. Indeed, cleaning the hallway is not the same as cleaning a bathroom full of hair, for example.

While the battery life is remarkable, keep in mind that its navigation is a bit erratic, so you can’t get the most out of it by taking a few too many phone calls. Ultimately, after several weeks of use, it is clear that this robot vacuum will suit you if you have a medium-sized house. or small like ours.

We were struck by the fact that its charging time is around 4 hours. a bit slow if you need the vacuum cleaner for another cleaning..


Can’t do without voice assistants, mobile phone for making calls and little else? Don’t panic, this robot vacuum can be used the old fashioned way. So, in addition to controlling it using the two buttons located on its surface, you can also use its remote control.

We appreciate the operation of the remote control (delivered with batteries): just set the time, then switch from one mode to another, choose the cleaning mode, program it, control it or send it to the base.

The good thing is that everyone can use a remote control. The downside is that you don’t get the connectivity benefits, like the ability to use it when you’re away from home or the partial cleanings of more advanced models.

Our opinion

We think the Conga Quick&Clean Vital is a robot for those looking to an inexpensive, no-frills model to help with your household chores..

In this sense, we want emphasize both its versatility and its great autonomy.two features that will allow you to keep the floors of small and medium-sized homes clean.

For everything it offers and its easy and classic control, in our experience it is an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for people who are not too technological and want something simple. SO.., is a good candidate for the elderly.

However, as a basic model, and after several weeks of testing, it is clear that this is a vacuum cleaner that has a great absorption capacity. for those who want a personalized experience. The products of the line are very easy to use and clean, and they are able to cope with difficult situations, for example in homes where there are pets and/or allergy sufferers.

There are more and more connected vacuums these days that choose to ditch the remote control and run with smart navigation, but that usually comes at a higher price. That is why.., if you want to pay as little as possible for this small is also a very interesting model.

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