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Holidays in London with children: Traveling with the family

Today we are going to show you the coolest places for your trip to London with kids is unforgettable.

London with children: Traveling as a family

Today is the day when the little ones are in charge and we are going to tour the must-see places in London. London if you come with your family. 😊

TIPS: Before we start visiting the best places for kids to enjoy London…as kids,😊 we suggest you take a Harry Potter self-guided tour (if you’re a fan of the movies and the books), which will show you some of the areas of London where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

Free Harry Potter Tour

And if you prefer to visit the main sites of the city without getting tired, the tourist bus is a very good idea. You know you can hop on and off as many times as you want, you have several different routes and even a Thames cruise included.

London tourist bus

Hamleys, one of the best places to see in London with children.

There’s no better way to start a post on London with kids than with this wonderful toy store, which is the oldest in London and is located on Regent Street, very close to Piccadilly Circus.

Founded in 1881, it has 7 floors where they not only sell a wide variety of toys, but also differentiate themselves by making you live demonstrations of how some of them with the kids… and with the adults, so you’ll have such a great time you won’t want to leave 😄.

toy-hamleys store specially dedicated to children

If you are Harry Potter fansYou will be delighted to learn that a floor is dedicated exclusively to the saga, where you can buy wands or Harry Potter’s own broom.

TRICK: Don’t miss the window displays of this fantastic toy store either, especially at Christmas time.

Natural History Museum

This free museum in South Kensington is both educational and entertaining, where kids can learn about everything from dinosaurs to the formation of volcanoes.


The museum is divided into several zones by color and although all the zones are interesting, we recommend that you, especially thinking of children, visit them, you must not miss the blue and red. We tell you why:

  • blue zoneIt is devoted to dinosaurs, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and human biology. Kids will love it the star of this space, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Red zone: Devoted to the evolution of humanity, volcanoes and earthquakes.

TIPS: We leave you his website for more information.


In central London, very close to Piccadilly Circus, you will find the boutique of Legowhere you have two floors dedicated to the fantastic world of colored blocks.

As you enter, you will see on your left an almost life-size subway car, which you can climb and take a picture with the little ones of the house. On the right you will also see Big Ben and, next to it, a typical red telephone box, which you will hear ringing from time to time and where you can take your photos 😉 .

leicester square phone booth

Upstairs you will find a wall with all the varieties of lego blocks you can imagine. and even a curious photo booth where you can have your picture taken as if you were in lego.

wall full of lego

TIPS: We leave you their official website in case you want to know more about color blocks.

Science Museum

Next to the Natural History Museum is the Science Museum. This is a free interactive museum, where children can learn by playing.

london science-museum

Do not miss the Making the Modern World gallery where you can see objects from 1750 to the present the first Apple computer or a clock that will tell the time for the next 10,000 years. 😃

Another attraction offered by the museum (this one is paid) is the Imax 3D cinema, with different 3D films, which last about 60 minutes and you must book online to get the date and time of each one, as they vary throughout the year.

M&M World

Located opposite the Lego store you will find. The world of M&Ms. This is a highly recommended visit when traveling to London with kids and for those with a sweet tooth -like us-, since you will find M&Ms of all colors and flavors..

mm-world in central london

You have four floors where you can buy the famous chocolates and all the unimaginable merchandising: stuffed animals, clothes, mugs,…

Also, you can take pictures with the characters of the brand. and even print your photo on the M&Ms themselves.

HMS Belfast

Anchored in the Thames, very close to Tower Bridge, – one of the most important sites to see in London-, you have the ship HMS Belfast.

On this WWII ship, you can tour her 9 decks, see the hospital, and descend into the depths of the engine room.

hms-belfast to enjoy when traveling to london with kids

There is also the “Gun Turret” experience, where you can feel like a real soldier in combat and you can enjoy it with your family. buy your ticket here.

It might not be the most suitable place if you have a stroller, but if the kids are a bit older they will have a lot of fun.

Other places to visit in London with children

Apart from these places that we have shown you, we cannot forget others recommended attractions in Londonsuch as: London Eye, Madame Tussauds wax museum or Harry Potter Studios, which can also make children enjoy a trip to London.

We say goodbye to you today, but we will be back very soon to visit other places in the world.

A travel hug.

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