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Job loan – Job loan

For a work loan of 15,000 euros over a period of 12 months

What is a work loan?

Many people want to expand, renovate or improve the comfort of their main or secondary residence, or furnish it. This is also the time to save on energy bills and to respect the environment thanks to eco-responsible products.

To help them ensure these different activities, banks and credit institutions offer them a wide range of loans for work by calculating the value of the credit or by offering private loans, which are allocated according to the information of each borrower, his payment needs and assets.

The types of work loan with their advantages and disadvantages

There are many types of ready made loans in different forms. This is a part of consumer credit, which is granted directly to an individual by a bank or credit institution.

The unrestricted personal loan

A personal loan consists of an amount that the borrower can use freely. This strategy has the advantage of flexibility, since no proof of distribution of funds is required by the lender.

It is mainly aimed at people who plan to carry out the work themselves instead of participating in it through professionals (through the payer, his parents, friends, etc.), because the invoice purchase of materials or work is not claimed.

Another advantage is the rapid release of funds; These are provided once the loan application is received. In addition, the annual effective rate (APR) is generally low, because there are no application fees to pay, death and disability insurance to pay, nor mortgages or loans to repay. Repaying the loan early will not result in any penalty.

The assigned credit

An earmarked loan is a sum of money that is used specifically for a specific project. In the case of project loans, the loan is said to be earmarked for carrying out projects.

In other words, the borrowed capital must be allocated to the work for which the contract was given, without any object. The lender also has the right to request quotes and invoices from the company, contractor or any professional (electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.) retained for the site.

In addition to offering a lower cost than an unsecured personal loan, the borrower also benefits from greater security.

Indeed, if the service provider does not respect his promises, it is possible to terminate the loan contract. This type of loan is necessary when combined with a zero rate loan.

Both for unapproved personal loans and for fixed rates, the capital cannot be less than €200 and is over €75,000 at a rate between 2.5% and 7.75%, but it can reach 10% . It varies greatly depending on the profile of the borrower and the nature of the loan requested. The money is paid out all at once, and can be paid with interest over 5 years, sometimes up to 10 years.

For an amount greater than €75,000, the lender can refer the customer to a mortgage, which will be repaid over 10 to 30 years.

Revolving credit

Some borrowers choose to finance their project by taking out a revolving loan. This is a permanent deposit that the subscriber can draw on at will and which is replenished by reimbursing the sum consumed.

Important This type of loan is very expensive, but it has the advantage of avoiding additional regulations to obtain a new loan.

Focus on assisted work loans

The State has set up subsidized loans for projects at a discount or at zero, their availability is subject to conditions (on the amount of resources, type of housing, etc.).

Loans dedicated to the energy transition

When the project aims to reduce the energy consumption of the house or room, or to replace certain equipment with more ecological equipment, certain banks and credit institutions offer special project loans designed by the government.

For example, they offer financing to install a boiler or a low-temperature water heater, install solar panels, or replace conventional windows with double or triple glazing for better thermal efficiency.


Social Security Loans, issued according to social standards, finance energy saving projects in housing for a minimum cost of €4,000, the purchase or construction of a new home, or the purchase of an old property that may or may not require work. Excludes any transaction on a second home or rental property.

The approved loan for energy renovation

Like the PAS loan, it is intended to finance projects aimed at reducing household energy consumption. It can be requested by tenants as well as by owners or lessors.


The zero climate loan is an interest-free loan granted to owners of single-family homes or shared homes whose construction was completed before 1990. Its objective is to encourage the French to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The eco-loan is offered for work without income conditions until December 31, 2018. It is reserved for the main place of residence of the borrower, and for specific types of work that appear on the official list.

Its amount cannot exceed €30,000 (for a batch of 3 or more projects, or for energy projects in general), but it is lower for a small package (2 projects – €20,000) or a non-renovation project. collective (€10,000) .

From July 1, 2016, the house which has benefited from the eco-PTZ for an amount less than €30,000 may, within 3 years after the first subsidy, request a second, the sum of the two remaining remaining at €30,000.

A period of 3 years was granted from receipt of the loan to complete the project. The eco-PTZ is generally amortized over 3 to 10 years, but it can go up to 15 years for a bouquet of 3 or more projects.

It can be combined with other types of aid and financial support systems: PTZ+, energy conversion tax (CITE) under conditions, aid from the ANAH, energy savings certificates, aid local communities.

The sustainable development tax credit

This tax benefit reduces the value of projects by allowing certain energy efficiency improvement projects to be excluded from the income tax base.

Other types of subsidized loans

The PTZ+

Zero interest loans increase access to property for the French. It finances the purchase and, where applicable, the necessary work on new homes, social housing, business premises (new or old) transformed into housing, and old buildings requiring work.

The work pass loan

Distributed by the Association 1% Logement, this loan is intended for large residential complexes for embellishment, improvement or renovation work.

The home improvement loan

Families who benefit from family assistance can apply for such a loan for an amount varying between 1,000 euros and 7,500 euros to be repaid over 12 to 78 months.

The housing savings plan

A PEL holder can use it to finance a project, provided that the payer uses the property in question as a principal residence. The loan is also conditional on a minimum savings period of 4 years.

Help from ANAH

Aimed at larger homes, the National Housing Authority loan has been on a primary residence for over 15 years and costs upwards of £1,500 (not at least homes classified as ‘small’).

Beneficiaries of the program have taken responsibility for occupying the property for at least 6 years. Eligible projects must relate to energy efficiency, housing health or safety, or disability accommodation.

Legislation on work credit

Attached to the category of consumer loans, work loans are subject to the same legal provisions. To make a gift, the bank depends mainly on the weakness of the applicant. Its amount is limited by the text to 75,000 euros.

The previous offer is mandatory. It presents all the terms of the forward contract: the interest rate, the payment term, the amount of the payment, the details of the costs, the terms of early settlement, etc.

Also, the borrower has the right to withdraw for fourteen days from the date of signing the contract, when he can terminate the loan contract without confirming his decision and without the loan being able to claim any compensation. Similarly, if the loan does not exceed 10,000 euros per year, no penalty is levied.

Eligible types of work

Estimation work is carried out for all types of expansion, improvement, maintenance, repair or decoration work, but also for home furnishings. Projects of a different nature (primary or comfort works) are possible: extension of the house, repair of the roof, excavation of the park, interior decoration, renovation of the kitchen or the bathroom, installation of a roof window, replacement of attics and walls, change of room in space, laying of parquet, terracing of the land, creation of a wine cellar, management of maintenance work (carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electricity), layout of the garden, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, this type of grant does not fund large special projects or equipment purchases. Indeed, it allows you to buy large items: hob, washing machine, variable air conditioner, electric door, etc.

In the same way, it applies to construction projects, to planning or decoration professionals who are in charge of the project. Indeed, the borrower is free to spend the amount received under a credit activity.

Borrower profiles

Owners of a large residence or a second home can take out a project loan, as well as tenants who wish to modify or improve their apartment or house.

Importance To be eligible, the borrower must prove a proven professional status with sufficient and regular income, as well as solid solvency (responsible behavior, no registration in the files of the Banque de France payment cases) .

In addition to owners and tenants, cooperatives can use performance loans to finance interventions in the common areas of their property.

Work loan organizations

Banks and specialized financial companies

Depending on its business strategy, each institution offers classified loans or unsecured loans.

The loan broker

Using specialized brokers on the Internet or in agencies is also a good strategy for finding interesting work loans. Its job is to present the client’s portfolio to as many banks and credit unions as possible and compete with them for the best deal.

Also, through his relationship with lenders, he usually manages to negotiate lower prices than a person can get.

If the borrower accepts one of the offers presented, he pays the broker as well as a small commission generally equal to the amount received. But it may also be possible for the bank to remunerate him directly as a commercial contributor, who is currently exempt from the borrower of all brokerage fees.

Aid organizations

Important Those who have obtained a work credit are distributed by the banks which have signed an agreement with the State, but it is sometimes necessary to apply directly to the organization responsible.

It is therefore possible to grant a loan to work with Anah, the operator of the Housing Improvement Operation (OPAH), the residence’s CAF, EDF or the Domofinance partner, or ENGIE or the financial partner Solfea.

The importance of comparing to find the best work credit

Before contacting your bank or other lender to apply for a work loan, the comparison is important. Indeed, the supply of project loans is very wide, and the situation is easy to change.

From one institution to another, the interest rate used can vary from 2.5 to 7.75%, or even 10%. In addition, throughout the year, financial institutions multiply their promotional offers.

You must therefore take the time to compare as many offers as possible to benefit from the financing and conditions that correspond to your profile and your needs.

To avoid contacting several establishments one by one, it is recommended to use the online tool. Free, fast, efficient, they carry out a study of the proposals available on the market and which meet the criteria specified by the applicant: amount, average value, payment period.

After each search, they present a selection of loans with the following important information: name and address of the lending institution, the nature of the loan, its duration, its amount and its APR.

In all cases, the recommended conditions take into account the repayment capacity of the borrower: the amount allocated to the repayment of the loan cannot exceed 33% of its monthly resources.

Many of these specialized sites allow Internet users to try out an offer that catches their attention for free. This system gives him a complete idea of ​​the APR he can obtain, the total amount of the loan, the amount of the monthly payments and the level of indebtedness of the applicant.

It is also possible for the latter, by clicking on the offer, to send a credit request directly to the establishment that put it online. Otherwise, the link sends him to the latter’s site, to find out the details of the payment methods.

The APR, the main criterion to take into account when comparing work loan offers

To compare different performance loan offers, a key metric is the annual effective rate (APR). It takes into account all the costs associated with the loan at each stage of its existence, from repayment to maturity.

These factors include the interest rate based on the credit score, the administrative costs and, if the borrower requires insurance, the related costs.

Most performance loans are more flexible. Consequently, the amount of the monthly payment is communicated as soon as the contract is signed. But there are also variable loans.

In this case, it is a short-term bank loan (Euribor 3 months). Depending on the evolution of rates, the borrower can pay more or less during the contract.

The benefits of taking out loan insurance

Unlike a mortgage, for example, a work loan does not require loan insurance. However, depending on the circumstances of the payer of the required amount, the lender may recommend minimal protection against death and disability, or even permanent job loss.

The borrower can also provide personal protection to avoid any problems, especially for long-term loans.

However, the customer is not required to accept it and can opt for coverage with a third party insurer. Thanks to lower overall costs, he can realize significant savings on his insurance costs, and therefore on his finances.

As an alternative to loan insurance, or in addition, especially when a large amount is at stake, the borrower can present a guarantee such as a mortgage (on a property he already owns) or a surety.

What are the conditions for obtaining a zero work rate loan?

To benefit from the eco-PTZ, the work carried out in your home must improve the overall energy performance. You must first carry out an energy audit through an architecture or design office with the necessary qualifications.


Who pays the working funds?

Residents must establish a project account to anticipate and fund future project expenses, with some exceptions. This fund is fed by an obligatory annual contribution paid by each member. The approved person must open a specific bank account to pay the contribution.

How to redo your bathroom for free?

MaPrimeRénov’: more help for bathroom renovation. Coupled with the Monexpert Energy Bonus, this aid is open to all residents or tenants in France who have been built for more than 15 years. This must be the first seat.

What is state aid for 2022? A law of October 22, 2022 created additional aid of up to 1,500 euros, granted to households who replace oil boilers with ecological heating systems (heat pumps, solar energy systems, biomass boilers, etc.) .). ).

What work is covered by the ANAH bath? In particular, the ANAH helps elderly homeowners to carry out the necessary adaptation steps to continue to live in their home for a long time. For example, replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower or installing an electric staircase.

What help to change the bathroom? Home improvement loan (PAH) from the Caf: can reach 1,067.14 euros and represents 80% of the amount of money linked to the bathroom project. Interest rate of 1%, payable over 3 years.

What help for the over 70s?

Elderly people can benefit from exemption from autonomy (Apa) in the event of a loss of autonomy, from solidarity assistance for the elderly (Aspa) if they have low incomes, from the supplementary disability allowance ( Asi) if it exists. disabled and below the legal retirement age in…

How do you know if you are eligible for assistance? Thanks to the website, you can determine your rights to more than fifty social benefits (national and local) in a few minutes!…Thanks to the information, you know:

  • what help you are entitled to.
  • the number of such aids.
  • the nature of the reward.

What are the benefits for retirees in 2022?

The full ASPA 2022 amount is â¬953.45 per month for a single person and â¬1,480.24 for a couple (see amount section). It is possible to combine income earned with ASPA within certain limits (see example).

What help from CAF for retirees? Financial assistance If the amount of your pension is below the minimum age, you can benefit from Aspa from the age of 65 or from the age of 62 if you are recognized as unfit for work. For a beneficiary of the Aah or a person receiving a disability pension, the incapacity is automatically recognized.

What is the income limit to receive the APA?

No, there is no means test to be met to benefit from the Personal Autonomy Allowance (Apa). If you meet the conditions of age, residence and loss of autonomy, you can benefit from an Apa regardless of your income.

How to get financing for work?

How is your renovation project financed?

  • Take out a work loan to finance your renovation.
  • Choose an accounting team to carry out your work with complete peace of mind
  • Ask for help to finance an energy renovation project. Écoptz or zero-rate ecoloan.

Which projects are eligible for funding? The renewable energy project deserves many supports: Prime Effy, zero-rate eco-loans, low VAT, MaPrimeRénov’ and others.

What is state aid for 2022? eco-PTZ to pay the balance to be paid Law no. Law No. 2022-454 of March 30, 2022 details the new type of zero-rate loan, which allows the financing of the rest of the work carried out by MaPrimeRénov, from July. November 1, 2022.

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