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Open book against the technical management of bicycles

FFMC, FFM and Codever question the decision-makers on the reasons for the rejection of the CT

Since the first European attempt to provide a technical prototype of a two-wheeled vehicle, the French government has always been committed to opposing this TC. After the delay received in 2014, France nevertheless proposed a regulation on January 1, 2022 or a series of other measures to improve the safety of motorists.

First there was a misunderstanding in August 2019, which saw the publication of the decree establishing a special inspection on January 1, 2023 which was immediately stopped by the government, then a series of other measures were announced from

On the contrary, three organizations – Ras-le-Scoot, Paris without Cars and Respire – have filed several appeals to cancel the suspension and give the establishment of the motorcycle CT. The appeal that was brought before the Council of State was ultimately successful since the final decision contained the decree annulling the law establishing the technical authority. Back to square one.

Despite the strength of the union of the French Federation of Angry Bikers, the French Motorcycling Federation and Codever, which continues this weekend with new associations organized throughout France, the special administration is now in setting up.

In this context, the three associations have just sent an open letter to the attention of the President of the Government, Judge at the Council of State, Prime Minister, Minister for Ecological Transition, Minister of Transport and the Interministerial Delegate to. Road safety.

Did you know that in 10 years, the number of two-wheelers has increased by 30%, the number of deaths has decreased by 19%? (ONISR statistics)

Did you know that a “report” commissioned by Dekra (European leader in technical vehicle management) states that 10% of bicycle accidents are caused by a technical problem, but do independent organizations actually report 0.5% ? (MAIDS Report)

Did you know that more than 3% of bicycle accidents are caused by highway problems and poor road maintenance? (Assurance Mutuelle des Motards) Did you know that many manufacturers perform free 50-point safety checks on their customers’ motorcycles in-store?

Did you know that 3.9 million 2-wheelers represent only 0.5% of the damage? (Adam)

Did you know that by improving the car, two motorcycles help a lot to reduce pollution? 10% more motorcycles = 40% less traffic jams (University of Leuven)

Now that you know it, do you think that a paying special inspection will improve the safety and environmental performance of motorists?

More info on motorcycle technical control

Law No. 2021-1062 of August 9, 2021 relating to the implementation of special inspections of two- or three-wheel motor vehicles and motor vehicles is repealed. It must be said that the decree of August 2021 is crazy in the sense that the Government has imposed itself to set up the CT in a short time.

What is the price of the technical control in 2022?

By comparing the prices of 5,625 specialized sites (like 86% of the specialized sector in France), the Simplauto.com comparator arrived at an average price – excluding promotions – of 78.52 euros in June 2022 for a hot passenger car (petrol or diesel. ) with two-wheel drive.

What is the cost of special administration now? According to an internal study by DEKRA Automotive, the average price (including VAT) of the technical examination of a clean car in our centers is 78 euros between January and October 2020. This price may vary depending on the type of power of the car: Petrol car: 78 euros. Diesel car: 78 euros.

How to get free custom orders? To benefit from the free service, you must complete a questionnaire and send a certain number of copies of documents (driving licence, car registration document, insurance certificate, maintenance certificate, last technical inspection report, improvement invoice, etc.). .).

What is the deadline for a technical inspection after the date 2022?

This date is indicated on the register. After this inspection, a periodic technical inspection must: be renewed every 2 years, after the date of the first technical inspection; made by the seller 6 months before the sale of the vehicle to a person.


What is the cost of a technical control at sécuritest?

The prices for special instructions at the CONTROLE TECHNIQUE SECURITEST center vary from 82.00 ⬠to 87.00 â¬.

How to pay less for a special order? How to pay for a special order at a low price?

  • Check out more episodes above. …
  • Pass a first controlled test. …
  • Use “low cost” technical sites…
  • Compare the prices. …
  • Consider bypassing the executive.

Is the motorcycle technical control compulsory?

European legislation has provided, since the application of Directive 2014/45/EU of 3 April 2014, the responsibility for Member States to organise, in particular, periodic technical inspections of two-, three- or four-wheel motor vehicles and more power than. 125cc from January 1, 20221.

Is special inspection mandatory for 125? Contacted by Midi Libre at the end of September, when contradictory information was published on this measure, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, responsible for Transport, was clear: the special control of motorcycles and other scooters of 125 cm3 or more in France, the no .

Why are there no special regulations on motorcycles? The European return and the rejection of Macron In July 2021, a European directive decrees a special investigation into two- and three-wheel motor vehicles over 125 cm3, as explained by Ouest France. The purpose of this provision: to fight against accidents and pollution.

Which motorcycle is affected by the special check? The decree of August 9, 2021 confirms that motor vehicles with two or three wheels and motor vehicles, vehicles of category L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e and L7e are concerned.

Is the technical control compulsory for the 50 cm3?

Translation: light motorcycles, motorcycles, regular or three-wheeled scooters, sidecars and quads must comply with this obligation, regardless of their engine power. Even 50cc is a concern.

Which vehicles are exempt from special checks?

Which vehicles are affected by the special inspection? The special technical inspection applies to all passenger vehicles (VP): Motor vehicles, built and designed for the transport of people, with at least 4 wheels, comprising, in addition to the driver’s seat, a height of 8 seats, and vehicle weight. (PTAC) is less than 3.5 tonnes.

When the technical control is not compulsory?

The technical authority is not mandatory for the seller, if: The vehicle is sold at a dealership or garage. The car is less than 4 years old.


What will be the checkpoints of the motorcycle technical inspection?

If the special regulation for motorcycles is implemented in 2023, the following will be checked:

  • Braking system;
  • direction ;
  • seen ;
  • lights and signals;
  • ground connection;
  • structure and body;
  • wear and tear from the operation of the equipment;
  • mechanical parts;


Are 125cc motorcycles affected by the technical inspection?

This means that machines with engines larger than 125 cc, but also small developments of 50 cc, will be affected by the measure.

Why motorcycles do not have technical control?

Except…¦ a new decree of July 2022 (decree n° 2022-1044 of July 25, 2022) removes the control of the motorcycle, even during the performance. This text abolishes the obligation of a special control of motor vehicles with two or three wheels and motorcycles (category L).

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