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Places to visit near London. Historic towns

Have you already visited the British capital and you don’t know where to go? Got a few days ahead of you and want to see more of the UK? We have the answer: today we recommend 7 places to visit near London.

Places to visit near London

England, apart from its capital, has many cities and places that are worth visiting.both for the beauty of the architecture and for all the history that can be breathed in its streets.

Today we are going to tell you about several towns or villages. to see near Londonwhich you can easily visit in a day, and also get around on foot.

Want to know what it is? We will tell you about it now… 😉

Brighton, a seaside town near London

The city of Brighton is one of the most popular places to visit and spend the summer, as it is very close to London..

If you like small streets, visit The Lanes, a real maze filled with shops..

And to continue watch Brightondon’t miss its most emblematic building: the Royal Pavilion. This magnificent palace is remarkable for its Hindu-style architecture and its three-storey interior has beautiful rooms such as the banquet hall and the music hall.

brighton summer town near london

Don’t leave Brighton without a stroll along the seafront and head to Brighton Pier, famous for its seaside amusement park. and its fish & crisps, which you’ll need to watch out for if you don’t want them to be stolen by seagulls. 😄

ADVICE: One of the city’s most striking attractions is the Brighton I360, the world’s tallest mobile observation tower.from which you can enjoy the best views of Brighton.

York, the city of chocolate

In this post on the 7 sights to see near LondonOne of our favorite cities is unmissable, York, founded by the Romans and occupied by the Vikings..

Its historic center is one of the best preserved in England. and strolling through its streets is like taking a trip back in time. You can visit see york from above if you walk along its walls, and the thing that most catches your eye, because of its size, is probably York Church. York Minster.

The best known and, in our opinion, the most beautiful area of ​​York, is the following The Shambles where its leaning houses will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Here are some shops where you can try the region’s flagship product, chocolate.

We are two foodies and this is one of the best chocolates we have had in England. 😋

york city chocolate

Many English cities have their castle and York was not left out, even if what remains of it is… Clifford’s Towera tower on top of a hill, which had the function of a prison and that you can visit today.

York has several interesting museums, among which we recommend two of them; York Castle Museum, where you can stroll down a Victorian street, and the Railway Museum, full of spectacular trains and locomotives from different eras.The Railway Museum is a place where you can admire spectacular trains and locomotives from different eras, some of which are very curious, such as the train used by Queen Victoria, with its private living room and bedroom.

Oxford, the oldest university city

If we talk about OxfordThe first thing that comes to mind is its famous university and you will be happy to know that some of its colleges like Christ Church College are open to the public.

oxford, a city to visit near london

On Cornmarket Street you will find many shops and restaurants, as well as Oxford’s oldest buildingbut also one of the entrances to the 18th century covered market, still in use today.

Of course you can’t miss it a day in oxford not visited buildings as well known as the Bodleian Library, one of the oldest libraries in Europe, or the Radcliffe Camera, a magnificent circular building. which is now the library’s reading room.

If you want to visit Oxford from London in comfortwe recommend you this guided tour and if you are in Oxford and want to do a free tour in english here is one of the best.

Free Oxford Tour

ADVICE: If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will see in Oxford several locations where scenes from the saga were filmed..

Cambridge, a legendary university town

From one university town to another, Cambridgewhere you can also visit some university colleges such as the King’s College and its famous chapel.

On the River Cam which runs through the city centerwe recommend its most famous activity, The punches or in other words, ride in a wooden boat with a guide to discover the area known as The Backs, passing under some of Europe’s finest monuments. famous as the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical Bridge..

cambridge university town

Weather permitting, you can have a picnic at Cambridge’s largest park, Jesus Green Park and if you like museums, go to Fitzwilliam Museum. Admission is free and we can assure you that its interior will not leave you indifferent with its magnificent works.

The exterior of the museum is also a marvel

Don’t miss one of the most curious clocks in the world, The Corpus clock which only shows the correct time once every 5 minutes..

TIPS: From London you can do this which also includes a visit to Oxford. or, if you’ve already visited the city on your own, a guided tour of Oxford. free tour in english which will allow you to discover one of the most famous university towns in the world..

Cambridge Free Tour

Stonehenge and the puzzles of the stone circle

THE Stonehenge Stone Circle is one of famous places to see near Londonas it may be the most famous prehistoric monument in the world. with a story full of magic and mystery.

We recommend starting your visit at the Visitor Center, where you will find an archaeological exhibit, a 360-degree audio-visual experience explaining the history of Stonehenge, and a reproduction of the Neolithic houses of the people of Stonehenge. and approach the Stonehenge megalithic monument.

TIPS: A bus leaves from the visitor center and takes you to the Circulo de Piedra in 10 minutes.

stonehenge and its megalithic monument

The easiest way to get there from Londonbecause it’s “in the middle of nowhere”, is with this tour that includes access to the entire Stonehenge complex..

TIPSVery close to Stonehenge you will find the medieval city of Salisbury, whose impressive cathedral houses the Magna Carta..

Bath and the thermal baths

If you are looking for a city ​​near the British capitalwe recommend you Bath. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.It is notable for its Georgian architecture in local white stone and for its Roman spa past, as its origins were a spa complex.

The Roman Baths are one of the must-see sites in Bath.where you will see the pools, a Roman temple and the eastern baths area.where several projections show how baths and saunas were used.

Next to the Roman baths you will find Bath Abbey with its marvelous stained glass windows. and a singular facade, with an “old-fashioned” style decor. a depiction of angels “ascending and descending from heaven”..

bath and its thermal baths

To complete your visit to Bath we will recommend two places: Guildhall Market, the city’s oldest market, and Pulteney Bridge, inspired by Florence’s Ponte Vecchio..

If you want to visit Bath during a guided tour, you can book thiswhich is also includes a visit to Stonehenge.

TIPS: If you like books by Jane AustenVisit its museum in the city center, or book this tour. free visit in which you will walk through the streets where the writer lived in addition to knowing the The must-see places in Bath.

Free Bath Tour

Windsor, the closest town to London

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the city of windsorEast its castle, built in the 11th century and residence of Queen Elizabeth IIwhere she spent many weekends.

Inside the castle you can visit The State Apartments and two of the most spectacular rooms, the Waterloo Chamber and the Great Reception Hall..

Next to the castle and inside its enclosure, there is St George’s Chapel, the scene of several royal weddings and the burial place of the famous English King Henry VIII..

windsor one of the best places to visit near london.

Opposite the castle you will find Windsor Royal Shopping, a shopping center built in the old 19th century railway station. If the weather is sunny, we recommend that you take a walk in the large park of Windsor, from where you can admire great views. amazing views from the castleor even make a mini river cruise.

A good plan for to visit the city and the castle from London is this tour Who you can book by clicking here.

TIPS: Near Windsor, you have Eton College, famous boarding school for boys and also Legoland Windsor, theme park made from the famous colored blocks..

There are many towns, villages and beautiful places within a few miles of London, but we believe these 7 Places to visit near London can be a good example of all there is to see in England.

More and better soon… 😊


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