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Prague at Christmas. Christmas markets, ice rinks…

Today we are going to show you all the must-see sights of Prague at Christmas; the best Christmas markets, opening dates, shopping, ice rink, etc. 😉

When does the Christmas in Prague? Of End of novemberyou can see the city in all its finery, illuminations, markets, ice rinks, etc. Wrap up well because it can be very, very cold. 😨

TIPS: Would you like to take a guided tour of the The best Christmas markets on a Christmas tour? You will also learn about traditional sweets and taste the one of its most famous drinksImmerse yourself in the magic of these dates!

Prague Christmas Tour

Prague at Christmas. Christmas markets

In addition to enjoying the best places to see in praguewe recommend adding to the list, some (or all) of the following places Christmas marketsto enjoy this beautiful city even more.

Make yourself a nice hot chocolate and let’s get started… 😋

Old Town Square Christmas Market (Staroměstské náměstí)

We are sure you will pass by the Old Town Square, this is where the Christmas market is held. the largest and most popular Christmas market in Prague..

You will find handmade products and gifts, Christmas decorations and foodlots of food 😋 like roast chestnuts, sausages (párky and klobásy) or roast ham.

Since this square is the central place of the Christmas celebrations in PragueThere is also a large stage on one side where you can see performances of plays, folk groups and other events.

prague at christmas christmas tree

Of course, we cannot forget the impressive Christmas tree with over 100,000 lights. which are placed on the square each year and whose lighting ceremony takes place around 4:30 p.m., the first day of the Christmas market in the Old Town Square.

  • datesOpen from November 26 to January 6.

Wenceslas Square Christmas Market (Václavské náměstí).

This Christmas market is located in one of the places we recommend you to visit in Prague: the famous Wenceslas Square.

With the spectacular National Museum building in the background, in the stalls dotted around the square, you can buy traditional Czech puppets and handicrafts To gloves and hatsperfect for the cold weather this time of year.

wenceslas square market typical christmas market in prague

And as in every Christmas markets in Praguethe food stalls are a must, and one of the most popular typical sweets, such as trdelníkwhich is delicious.

  • datesOpen from November 26 to January 6.

Christmas market on Peace Square (náměstí Míru).

If you are traveling to Prague at Christmasthis Christmas market located in the Plaza de la Paz on the first one you can go to see and also one of those that close “their doors” earlier, since it ends on Christmas Eve.

It’s a bit far from the old town, but it’s worth a visit, as it has a more local feel; where you can get Christmas decorations or drinking the typical Svařák mulled wine. accompanied by a gingerbread cookie.

namesti miru market: one of the best markets in the world

You will find it next to the Church of St. Ludmila and to get there you just have to take the metro to náměstí Míru station or if you prefer take the tram, lines 4, 10, 13, 16 and 22 will drop you off nearby.

  • datesOpen from November 20 to December 24.

Christmas Market in Republic Square (náměstí Republiky).

Near the Gunpowder Tower and almost opposite the Municipal House, you have this one. Christmas market which is not as busy, not being as popular as the one in the old town, but worth a visit as it is “specialized” in Christmas articles and Czech handicrafts..

Of course, here you will also have the opportunity to try traditional Christmas sweets And of course, a hot toddy (punč) or a glass of medovinewhich is a type of mead. Perfect for warming up.

  • datesOpen from November 26 to December 24.

Prague Castle Christmas Market (Pražský hrad)

The website Christmas market which takes place at Prague Castle is not one of the biggest, but you will also find a variety of Christmas food and decorations.

prague castle flea market

Located within the castle grounds, it has about 15 stalls and you’ll find it behind St. Vitus Cathedral, so it’s a good idea to include it. as part of your Prague Castle tour.

  • datesOpen from November 23 to January 6.

Other Christmas markets in Prague

Above we left you the The most famous Christmas markets in PragueBut if you still want to see more, you’ll be happy to know that there are several in different neighborhoods, such as the market in the small Malé Námêstí square near the Prague town hall or the Christmas market which is done on the island of Kampa (where we stayed) and a perfect place to stay in Prague, at the foot of Charles Bridge.

kampa island flea market

Map of the best Christmas markets in Prague.

Prague at Christmas. Ice rinks

Like any good Christmas destination, you can’t miss the ice rinks and Prague was not going to be outdone.

So get your skates out (you can also rent them), and we’ll tell you where the best ones are 😉 .

Skating rink Klub Lavka

Would you like ice skating and enjoying the best views in Prague?? Just go to Klub Lavka and go inside the restaurant.

It’s not very big, but from there you can see Charles Bridge, the Mala Strana district and Prague Castle, so for that alone it is worth visiting.

Prague TV Tower

Although the Prague TV Tower is best known for the sculptures of ten giant babies by Czech sculptor David Černý, today we talk about the tower because underneath it are also a skating rink.

tv tower in prague

It is located in his picnic area and it’s quite popular. When you’ve had your fill of pirouettes, you can take a break at the bar and enjoy a piece of food or a hot drink like punch or spiced wine.

Letna Park

Located on Letná Hill, with a spectacular panoramic view of Prague and the Vltava River, it is one of the largest parks in the city.

In the upper part of the park, opposite the football stadium, every year two free ice rinksone for adults and one for children.

In addition, there is a large heated tent to put on your skates and if you don’t have one, no problem because there is also a tent to rent them.

It is far from the center, so the easiest way to get there is to take tram lines 1,2,8,12,25 or 26 which will take you to the Sparta stop, located very close to the football stadium .

Other ice rinks in Prague

If you have any energy left after visiting the above rinks, head to Harfa Gallery and visit rooftop ice rink. And if you want to make loops on the The largest public open-air ice rink in PragueJust go to the Arkády Pankrác shopping center.

New Year’s Eve in Prague

If you plan to spend the New Year’s Eve in Prague and you want to enjoy all the celebrations, come to the Old Town Square.

The spectacular and famous astronomical clock is responsible for the countdown to the end of the year, and during the first minutes of the new year, a large fireworks will light up the sky of Prague.

After knowing all there is to do in Prague at ChristmasIf you want to spend a few days in the Czech capital, all you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy the Czech capital for a few days.

Greetings travelers.


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