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Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 – analysis and honest opinion

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re going to be spending long hours sitting in front of the screen is thinking that any chair will do. If you care about your back, invest time and money in a good chair. because you will be happy about it.

We have tested the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series, a gaming chair that aims high.. Don’t let the fact that it’s aimed at gamers fool you, as this is a capable chair for heavy-duty use, whether it’s gaming or other tasks.

What will you find in this guide?

Technical sheet Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

Design and materials

The shape and materials leave no room for doubt: this is one ambitious gaming chair and it shows.. Indeed, we were impressed both at first glance and after extensive use. It even strikes with its large size, although we tested the normal model (there is another XL model).

Enveloping racing design

The racing design envelops the person who sits in the chair.

Its racing shape clearly indicates that it is a gaming chair, but it is not particularly aggressive. In addition, the fabric of this model is heather grey, it wouldn’t look out of place in an office.

Even the box and its contents are impressive, both in size and quality of contents. It may sound silly, but that assembly tools are included and that they are sturdy. is appreciated. But it’s also heavy: you’ll be happy to have someone to carry the box and assemble it.

Why a racing design? If you’re a gamer like us, you know that sitting in your chair while you play is a utopia: you’re energized, you lean… you can even jump! All in the name of victory.

This more or less involuntary movement can wreak havoc on our backs if repeated continuously and frequently. the enveloping shape of the chair minimizes bad postures. by “forcing” us to stand up straight.

For all sizes and weights

But it also has drawbacks: if we are broad-shoulderedit may not suit our build. But there is an easy solution: you can always choose another size. In our case, we tested the Regular model (people up to 189 cm and 100 kg) and we had plenty of space, but you can always choose another size:

  • The Small version is recommended for people up to 169 cm tall and weighing up to 90 kg.
  • The XL version is suitable for people weighing up to 180 kg and measuring up to 205 cm.

We like that the Secretlab Titan Evo Series 2022 is available in 3 sizes, as it helps to there is a chair for everyonewhether you’re skinny or beefy (and the whole spectrum in between).

A recommendation: install it in the room where you have fun or work. it’s so cumbersome that, at least in our case, it does not go through the door.

It is a chair that gives the impression of being very robust and least in the weeks when we had the opportunity to test it. Despite the good feeling of security when seated, we didn’t like the fact that it made a noise when tilted back.

High-end materials and robustness

Solid feel and mechanisms work smoothly and smoothly.

It hasn’t seen any noticeable wear and tear during that time either, despite 8 hours of use at work and a few games afterwards. We know the moment of truth is the passage of time, but there’s a trick up its sleeve: a 5 year warranty extension which allows us to have peace of mind in the event of any manufacturing defects.

Where the Secretlab Titan doesn’t make a sound is when it’s gliding.Its 5 polyurethane wheels are larger than usual for smoother movement and less effort. They are also reinforced to improve their sliding. These wheels are set on a sturdy aluminum frame, so you can put your feet up without fear.

The frame is made of a robust steel that gives the chair great solidity and consistency.. We didn’t notice any weird creaking or looseness that would make us fear for the structure. However, we have already warned you: it is heavy, but once assembled, you can transport it on its wheels.

However, we can conclude that it is a sturdy and solid chair, and that it is a model that aims high, we miss the piston being class 5.but we will have to settle for a class 4 piston, which is common in mid-range gaming chairs.

Make sure of the authenticity of the product by reading the label.

The model we tested is dressed in the fabric of the Softweave Plus. It’s a dense fabric but gives it more breathability than the leather or polyurethane versions – but it’ll still come in handy if you’re working or playing in a cool room. It is also wear-resistant, soft and very aesthetic.

If you like full, firm chairs, this might be the model for you. Its padding is compact, with a lot of body, which means that it does not deform under weight, maintaining a uniform and balanced structure. The inconvenients, it is a little hard for our taste.

An additional detail that reinforces the high-end experience of the chair.. Look on the back of the seat, where you will find a black NFC tag. If you approach your mobile phone near this label, your device will take you directly to the manufacturer’s website, an original way of ensuring that you are in the presence of an original model.

Surprising ergonomics

We appreciated the customization possibilities it offers:

  • With 3 types of materials to choose from between synthetic leather, leather and the Secretlab Softweave Plus.
  • Different colors, patterns and even special editions as Overwatch.
Padded and adjustable, we loved the armrests.

You may not be able to afford a custom chair with upholstery to your liking, but with the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series. you’re sure to find a setup that will drive you crazy.. We really liked ours, it is sober and elegant but with a relaxed touch.

In a good chair for intensive use, certain elements of comfort and ergonomics cannot be missing, and in this model we can already tell you that both the design and the materials used pleasantly surprised us:

  • Its armrests are a marvelThe armrests have a sturdy metal structure and a four-dimensional adjustment mechanism that operates smoothly. The armrests are covered with foam, which makes them soft and comfortable.
  • AT Pillow Shape Headrest Cushion The best part is that you can take it off and put it back on in the blink of an eye. You can take it off and put it back on in a second, because it “sticks” like a fridge magnet.
  • Although it does not have a lumbar cushion, the backrest itself has an original system for adjusting the angle of inclination. very intuitive curvature by means of two rollers arranged on each side.

In conclusion, this gaming chair is above average when it comes to adjustability and customization.. The materials are also of exceptional quality, the design is thought out down to the smallest detail and the finishes are neat.

Quick and easy assembly

Let’s start at the beginning: as usual, the chair is delivered completely disassembled. However, assembly is quite easy (even if you are not a handyman) and you will find in the box all the necessary tools and screws. We would also like to highlight the quality of the supplied Philips screwdriver and Allen key.

Approximately half an hour is enough to assemble all the parts and place the garnishes so that everything is ready. In the cardboard that accompanies the box, you will see the steps with very descriptive photos to do it.

Although it is a sturdy chair, we recommend that you leave a plastic sheet on the floor and assemble it on it to avoid damaging or scratching the various elements.


It is not essential but it is good to have someone’s help to insert the backrest into the seat guides and to fix the piston mechanism in the seat.

Settings and ergonomics

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the chair and its settings.

Anyone who has tried a few office and gaming chairs knows that while the latter are more comfortable, the former are more suited to good posture. For us, the strong point of this chair is precisely its balance between comfort and ergonomics..

just take your time to find the ideal settings for your back and your comfort.because it’s worth it. I admit that when I changed my office chair (the one I use every day) for this one, I had a hard time finding the right one.

At first I found it stiff and a little uncomfortable, but after a long time playing around with the different options I finally found the chair that was right for me. a time when I felt comfortable. I must admit that it took me a few days to fully assimilate it.

In this sense, the fact that it offers so many adjustment options has its good and bad sides:

  • THE The learning curve is considerable for a chair.
  • Its multiple options make it ideal even if you have back problems.

In search of the neutral position

Let’s start with the beginning. THE the ideal position on a chair is to stand directly in front of the screen, back straight, feet flat on the ground and forming two right angles: thighs-calves and legs-hips. I’ll explain how my process went:

With an innovative curvature adjustment system.

Once you have assembled the chair and placed it in your professional or gaming setup, adjust the height. The adjustment lever is comfortable to use thanks to its lines and generous size. In addition, the stroke of the gas piston is short and smooth.

The back should be straight and in a neutral position, which is a challenge because it every back is different. Secretlab opted for a rather straight backrest with integrated lumbar support, the height and volume of which can be adjusted using two buttons, one on each side.

THE The curvature adjustment mechanism also works smoothly. and very gradually, which in practice means a lot of intermediate steps to gain precision. The advantage is that even if you have back pain, this chair has arms to help you sit well.

Although this curvature adjustment option is very innovative, in our opinion it is difficult to find the ideal configurationwhich leads to a somewhat awkward posture if not well modulated. If you have a healthy back, you may prefer the classic removable cushion.

There are also those who prefer to be fully upright, but others prefer to be slightly reclined. With this chair, you have a tilt from 85 to 165 degrees.ideal for watching a movie or taking a nap. Adjust it fearlessly and use the lever to lock it in place.

An armchair also for relaxation

The viscoelastic cushion is very comfortable to rest on.

Rest times are also important when you are sitting, working or playing. If you choose to lean back to rest, the shape of the backrest will envelop you. But.., in our opinion it is a bit difficult.

In this case, you will be very well served by the headrest cushion, much softer than the backrest itself. Note that it is not only intended for relaxation: it is an excellent support for keeping the head straight.

THE The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series armrests take over.We find them exceptional in terms of design, materials and adjustability.

  • If you want to grab and manipulate your hands, they are thick and padded.
  • They feature a premium quality metal mechanism that is sturdy, quiet and precise.
  • They allow height, angle, front/back and side adjustment.

Finally, it is also common for you to play with your feet and even to move: thanks to its wheels you can do it smoothly and quietly.

In summary: this is not an easy chair to configure, but it is difficult to find on the market. a gaming chair that takes care of ergonomics..


An ambitious chair in terms of ergonomics and comfort for intensive use.

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series is an ambitious gaming chair and it shows.. It’s not a cheap chair, but it’s the price to pay for a model with top quality materials, robust and smooth mechanisms and the latest innovations in ergonomics and comfort.

See the price

In this sense, the Secretlab chair has been designed to offer you optimal comfort of use. high performance in the face of intensive and prolonged use over time.. It’s a factor to consider: you might not get the numbers if you’re a casual gamer, but if you spend a lot of time sitting and are looking for great adjustability, it’s an investment which will pay off.

In general, gaming and office chairs offer a range of adjustments, such as seat height and tilt, armrests and back support, but the options and adjustment mechanisms differ..

One of its strengths is that it is available in 3 sizes and in different finishes and serigraphs.. If the latter is above all a matter of taste, the former allows you to buy a chair adapted to your weight and height, which the Secretlab Omega 2020 (see the price).

The two Secretlab chairs share many virtues, but the Omega’s veteranism is noticeable compared to the 2022 Titan Evo series.The structure is a little simpler and the backrest is limited to the classic removable lumbar and cervical cushions compared to the innovative adjustable backrest of the analyzed model.

In the end, opting for the 2020 model is a good option to get an upper mid-range chair that also has 4D armrests and the same recline while saving some money. And one more often overlooked but which you will appreciate if you use it a lot: both come with a 5-year extended warranty.

The hero of noble chairs (see the price) is another ambitious that competes with the others in terms of design, materials and adjustment possibilities.. Its armrests are also adjustable in 4 dimensions, but it tilts less and has no backrest adjustment, sticking to removable cushions. This commitment to conservatism translates into a slightly lower price.

The Razer Enki X (see the price) is a high-end chair that stands out for the quality of its materials and its design. It is a top-of-the-range chair in terms of finish and sturdiness, but with quality design and materials. it falls short of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series in terms of adjustability.: its integrated lumbar support is not as customizable, it tilts less and its armrests only adjust in 2D.

The Corsair T3 Rush (see the price) is a high-end gaming chair that shares many features of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series for almost half the price, although it lacks the innovative back adjustment. Its armrests are therefore in 4D and it is reclining, in this case in a horizontal position. Both chairs can support up to 120 kg, but if you need a little more, remember that the Secretlab chair is available in an XL version.

More modest, the VALK Nyx chair (see the price), a chair that stands out for its value for money. It doesn’t have a backrest adjustment, it doesn’t support as much weight, and its armrests aren’t as full. Its materials are of good quality, but they do not reach the level of finish of the Secretlab. This is an option to consider if you don’t have back problems and prefer a less expensive chair.

Conclusion on the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

One of the questions you have as a potential buyer of a chair is probably about the price difference. Why are there models for less than 100 euros and others for more than 1,000 euros?

A chair whose price is reasonable in relation to its performance

Whether it’s high or low is subjective, but if you’re looking for a well-designed chair with great adjustability and intend to spend a lot of time in it, this is the chair for you, you will find that the options in the market are shrinking and prices are rising..

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series sits roughly in the middle of the range. is by no means a cheap chair, but its price is reasonable compared to its performance..

What we liked the most, and probably what sets it apart the most, is its adjustability.It’s not an office chair – the top of the range of which usually shines with its ergonomics – but among gaming chairs it excels in terms of adjustment options. Its adjustment possibilities are such that there are even three versions depending on your morphology.

From there, it has all the adjustments you would expect from a chair and even an innovation that opens the door to the possibility that gamers can sit on the chair. even people with back problems can use it. with the guarantee of no longer being damaged: its folding mechanism, adjustable in height and volume.

For us, they deserve a special mention for the armrestswith 4-dimensional adjustment and extremely comfortable padding. You will be surprised to learn that there are high-end chairs that neglect these details, leaving armrests rigid and straight.

We were pleasantly surprised by the materials. It’s true that they’re not leather – a classic high-end material – and they don’t promote breathability, but they’re tough and hard-wearing. With so many settings, it’s important that they run smoothly and quietly.. And that’s the case.

In all honesty, we’ve only been testing it for a few weeks, and it would be bad news if it was already rubbing or making noises, but we pushed it just to tease it. But we pushed him to his limits to have fun, you benefit from an extended warranty of 5 years.

In our opinion, this is a somewhat firm chair and you will have to spend a little time adjusting it according to your build, your anatomical characteristics and your tastes. But if you do, you’ll find that you sit well and are comfortable.

The premise is clear: this chair is designed for everyone to use, but it’s not a chair for everyone, and not everyone is ready to make the investment. That said, she is a great buy if you are looking for a durable model that will fit you like a glove..

For and against


  • Very robust construction
  • Great adjustability
  • Material quality
  • Removable neck pillow
  • Suitable for people with back problems


  • The chair is not cheap
  • learning curve
  • Can be firm

Comparison with other gaming chairs

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