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The 10 best superautomatic coffee machines of 2023.

Yes, the capsule models are a very practical solution for preparing coffee, but if you like espresso, go for the A super-automatic coffee machine is another story..

Because there is a wide variety of coffee beans, because it takes time to achieve espresso perfection and, why not say it, because making coffee is an art. But if you don’t want to take any risks, super-automatic coffee machines will allow you to brew your favorite beverage with relatively little effort and great results..

If you are unclear which superautomatic coffee machine to buyIn this comparison, we analyze the most interesting models on the market and help you make the right choice.

What will you find in this guide?

The 10 best super-automatic coffee machines

We’ve analyzed and compared the most popular super-automatic coffee machines so you can see which is the perfect candidate for you.

10. Cecotec Power Matic-ccino 6000 Serie Nera S

For those looking for a modern coffee machine that is easy to use and clean.

Power : 1.350W

Reservoir : 1.7L

Pressure : 19 bar

Cups: 2

Cecotec Power Matic-ccino 6000 Serie Nera S
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The prolific Cecotec offers a coffee maker that will surprise you with its cost-performance ratio. He is not only a “super-automatic”, but his surname is “mega-automatic“for a reason: that your effort will indeed be minimal.

We particularly like two things about its design:

  • Her monochrome LCD screen offers intuitive operation.
  • It has a shape and dimensions relatively contained.

With a futuristic and somewhat industrial aesthetic, will fit most modern kitchens. However, given its price, one would expect less plastic in favor of more premium materials, both inside and out.

Is this noticeable? Not if you make a coffee once in a while, but for intensive use, We lack more quality and consistency..

On the practical side, it has a fairly large 1.7L tank and two jets so you can make 1 or 2 cups, which you’ll find practical if you are two at home or if you have visitors.. Since it is also height adjustable, you can prepare everything from American coffees to espressos.

The process of The preparation of coffee is extremely simpleJust put in the beans and press a button. It will grind the beans, heat the water quickly thanks to the Thermoblock system and infuse the mixture thanks to its powerful 19 bar pump. Although it only takes a few seconds, it can be a bit noisy when fully operational.

Easy to use

You just worry about having coffee in the hopper and tasting the result, being able to adjust through a button panel and display system the the amount, strength and temperature of the coffee. If you like it with milk, its frother allows you to heat it up and froth it for an impeccable result.

This coffee maker can be used for ground coffee as well as instant coffee grinding. thanks to its conical grinder with adjustable grinding level.

After coffee it’s time to clean up and here its AlwaysClean system surprised us with its efficiency.which allows you to keep it always ready at the press of a button. Of course, there are parts such as the processor and the coffee grounds container or the drip tray that you will have to clean yourself.

If you want to have a good coffee from time to time, value the most modern aesthetics and ease of use, the Cecotec Power Matic-ccino 6000 Serie Nera S will be an excellent candidate for you.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Intuitive operation
  • Modern and compact design


  • Not very premium materials
  • Can be noisy

9. Melitta Caffeo Solo

For simple preparation of black coffee.

Power : 1,400W

Reservoir : 1.2L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

Melitta Caffeo Solo
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Espresso was born in Italy, and if you’re looking for that purism, it’s best to opt for an Italian brand like Melitta. Among its wide range of coffee machines, we retain this one. Caffeo Solo, an affordable, minimalist and simple superautomatic.

Its design is simple and minimalist: an all-black block that looks luxurious in designer kitchens. In his favour, an aesthetic that appeals to the eye.

On the other hand, its tank is relatively small (1.2 L), which is enough for one person, but if you are more numerous, you will often have to be on the lookout for water in the tank. In any case, it is a compact model, which makes it a will come in handy if you have a small kitchen.

His weapon is simplicity

This is an entry-level super-automatic and it shows in its tuning options, which aren’t very extensive, but its the construction denotes quality and it works well. Among its assets, a grinder to grind the coffee beans which is not particularly noisy and a 15 bar pump to make good coffee.

To make it work, it combines a small LCD screen with buttons and a wheel, a proven combo. so simple you don’t even have to read the instructionsbecause its intuitive icons explain everything:

  • Roulette lets you choose if you want a smaller or larger cafe.
  • It has two convenient buttons to choose if you want a cup or two of coffee.
  • You can choose from 3 levels of coffee strength with the remaining button.

Therefore, you can make yourself a good coffee without much effort, but if you are a connoisseur and like to experimentIf you are a connoisseur and like to experiment, you might miss more options, for example more grind levels. We like that we don’t have to worry about cleaning, as it automatically turns on before it turns off.

It is an ideal machine for those who who like to drink only coffeebecause it does not have a milk frother. If, on the other hand, you like other drinks like cappuccino, it is better to opt for another model that allows you to heat it and oxygenate it to generate foam.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Attractive design
  • Quality materials


  • small tank
  • Few customization options
  • No vaporizer

8. De’Longhi Perfetto Magnifica S

Ideal for beginners in the world of coffee.

Power : 1.450W

Reservoir : 1.8L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

De'Longhi Perfetto Magnifica S
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Anyone who makes the leap to a superautomatic machine yearns to enjoy a great espresso (as well as other coffee-based beverages). But we warn you that it takes hours and hours of trial and error to get an espresso right.

If you want great coffee with little effort, this is a great candidate, And if you associate Nespresso capsules with George Clooney, the other “official handsome guy with a coffee machine” is Brad Pitt, who advertises the same machine. De’Longhi Perfetto Magnifica S.

What we like the most about this coffee machine are the setting options it offers:

  • With 2 separate hoppers for which, in practice, allows you, for example, to have a decaffeinated coffee in one of them.
  • 13 grind settings for those who like their coffees with more body and cream.
  • Although he comes calibrated in a standard way to make a good espressoYou can also adjust the amount of water and its temperature.
  • Do you like your coffee strong or mild? Simply adjust the intensity by turning the wheel.

Playing with all of these options will take time until you find the right key for your ideal coffee, but in the process you’ll be enjoying quality coffee in just a few taps. Your handling is suitable for ordinary usersbecause it has 6 physical buttons and 3 wheels.

Become a barista without complications

It’s the weapons that make it one perfect coffee machine to start as a barista. The icing on the cake is its cappuccino maker, simple but effective for obtaining the dense milk froth that is essential for a good cappuccino.

This is a large and bulky coffee maker, not suitable for small kitchens. However, it is pleasing to the eye, with an attractive and functional design. What we liked least about this coffee maker is that it’s made almost entirely from plastic – albeit of high quality – leaving the metal for the trays, hoses and conical steel grinder.

It is however easy to use, requires frequent maintenance. The advantage is that it is cleaned every time it is switched on and off and has an automatic descaling program. What’s not so great is that only the drip tray is dishwasher safe, the rest has to be cleaned by hand.


  • High degree of coffee customization
  • Functional design
  • Good value for money


  • Heavy and bulky
  • With learning curve
  • Hand cleaning

7. Ufesa Supreme Barista

Specialty coffee for techies.

Power : 1.550W

Deposit : 2L

Pressure : 20 bar

Cuts: 2

Ufesa Supreme Barista
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The website Ufesa Supreme Barista is one of those coffee machines that leave you in awe as much for its design and ease of use as for the most important thing: the coffee it produces. If you like touch and good coffee, this might be your best buy..

This super-automatic model is surprising for its design, somewhere between minimalist and technological.. With a sleek, all-black body, it’s a chunky full-size coffee maker. In this sense, it fits into modern kitchens where size is not an issue.

But each cloud has a good side: its almost 9 kg of weight dampens vibrations caused by grinding well. And thanks to the large 2 liter capacity tank, you won’t have to worry about refilling it as often.

Modern design

Cosmetically, it’s a bit reminiscent of coffee vending machines, in that you don’t have to worry about wheels or buttons, but the operation sticks to a practical and intuitive touch screen where you can choose the number of cups you want, the size of the cups or the intensity.

We like build quality of this coffee machine:

  • With a steel conical grinder The coffee grinder is extremely resistant to intensive use and the passage of time. But if you prefer to add ground coffee, for example decaffeinated coffee, you can also do this thanks to a small additional integrated tank.
  • With a powerful bombessential to ensure a canonical espresso according to the original recipe in less than 30 seconds.

Although it is one of the most powerful we have analyzed, you do not have to worry about its consumption, since it has auto shut-off and quick heat-up using the Thermoblock system.

The best feature of this coffee machine is its balance between ease of use and adjustability. It’s not the most customizable, but it’s the most important. And it doesn’t overlook details such as a function to only heat water so you can make an infusion. Want a cappuccino? In this case, its adjustable foam will come in handy.

The icing on the cake is the thoroughness of the cleaning.On the one hand, it is automated for your daily use and, on the other hand, it has a patented system that allows you to remove components such as the brew group, so that you can clean it thoroughly in time. in time. This will allow you to maintain it properly to extend its useful life.


  • Easy to use
  • Large tank
  • Automated and complete cleaning


  • Can be bulky
  • Few customization options

6. Krups Roma EA81P0

A master buy when it comes to value for money beginners.

Power : 1.100W

Deposit : 1.7L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

Krups Roma EA81P0
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If you are looking for a super-automatic with good value for moneyThis Krups is an old acquaintance among deep L enthusiasts for delivering the coffee experience in a model that’s perfect for beginners.

The design of the Krups Roma EA81P0 is, above all, functional. It does not have high-end finishes and does not use high-end materials.but the device performs well for occasional or even average use. Although aesthetically Krups gave it a textured plastic chassis, in practice it’s easy for dirt to accumulate in these areas.

The website The operation of this coffee machine is convenient and suitable for everyone.What can you do with it?

  • Adjustment of 3 temperature levels.
  • With 3 grinding textures of coffee beans.
  • Choose the amount of coffee per cup. Also, you can make one or two.

Although it is not a coffee machine that stands out for its customization, it is a sufficient for beginners or the general public not specialized. who want great coffee without having to study the manual or go crazy with the options. If you are a connoisseur, this machine will quickly be outdated.

Standard for cafes

He has everything you need for a coffee experience.With a 15 bar pressure pump for a good infusion, a conical metal grinder to grind, a thermoblock system to quickly heat the necessary water. Also, you can heat and froth milk with its simple yet effective frother.

As for cleaning, it has an automatic cleaning system. for minimal maintenance beyond descaling and frequent manual cleaning of the steam wand or drip tray.

In short, if you are looking for a super-automat that is simple but fulfills its mission of preparing all types of coffee, this model is the one for you. a master purchase at an attractive price.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to manipulate
  • For preparing a wide variety of coffee drinks


  • Exterior stains easily
  • Few adjustment options

5. Philips 2200 series

A super-automatic that is simple and pleasant to look at.

Power : 1.500W

Deposit : 1.8L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

Philips 2200 series
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If you you are just starting out in the world of super-automatics and you don’t want to mess with unknown brands, opt for this entry-level model from a company with great experience in the domestic field, such as Philips.

This coffee maker pleasantly surprised us with its design. Aesthetically it has very attractive finisheswith a sleek black case and eye-catching silver details. The front is also quite uncluttered, with all the controls on the Philips 2200 series The center panel is a minimalist center panel.

It’s also not bad in terms of components, particularly its ceramic grinder, a material that shines for its durability. In other words, although it is a simple coffee maker, is built to last. It is equipped with a “Panarello” milk frother which, although manual, is notable for its smooth operation.

Two things stand out about how it works:

  • Her touch screen with LEDs is easy on the eye and convenient once you know how to use it.
  • Since it doesn’t have too many recipes (only espresso, coffee and hot water), you won’t have to think too much about the type of coffee you want.

In that sense, and while it’s sufficient if you just want a no-frills coffee, if you want to experiment, it might fall short. We also believe that controls could be simplified. Or in other words, For its basic nature, the controls are not as intuitive as they could be..

Good, nice and cheap

Despite its simplicity, it has a complete cleaning program with descaling option for easy maintenance to keep it in good condition over time. In any case, the steamer and the drip tray should be washed by hand.

Who is this superautomatic aimed at? For those who want a good “traditional” coffee, from a reliable brand and with good quality components at a very competitive price.


  • Good value for money
  • Ceramic grinder
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Few coffee programs
  • Could be more intuitive

4. De’Longhi Perfetto Magnifica Evo

For intensive coffee makers looking for high performance.

Power : 1.450W

Deposit : 1.8L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

De'Longhi Perfetto Magnifica Evo
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If you’ve tried super-automatics before and you’re sure you will benefit greatly from it or if you come from the legendary De’Longhi model we mentioned earlier and are looking to take it up a notch, the Perfetto Magnifica Evo is an excellent choice.

What we liked the most about this coffee maker is its aesthetic appearance:

  • Her color touch screen so you can choose the drink you want in a clear and intuitive way.
  • The website milk management system Fully automated LatteCremaSystem.

However, we consider that in general the appearance of this model is somewhat clumsy and its finish is plastic.not very high end for the price. The design, however, is functional and sturdy for everyday use.

The best thing about this coffee machine is its ease of useThanks to text and icons, you don’t have to read the manual. In terms of settings, you can choose between 1 or 2 cups, 7 different drinks including hot water for infusions or cappuccino and 3 intensities.

A versatile coffee machine

This coffee maker works with coffee beans, which you can grind on the spot thanks to its conical grinder with wheel adjustment with up to 7 different grinding levelswhich allows you to obtain coffees with different aromas and strengths.

Although with an automated milk system you can’t choose the amount of foamthe effort to prepare it is minimal.

In terms of cleaning, we highlight two functions:

  • That the internal circuits are self-cleaning when you turn it off to keep it in optimal condition.
  • With components compatible with the dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about washing them by hand, like the milk system. Although this is a good option to make it clean, other models do it in an automated way.

With features such as control panel and milk system, this superautomatic machine falls into the category of and this is also reflected in its price.. However, this is the price to pay for a more automated and more comfortable model.


  • Intuitive control panel
  • With automatic milk system
  • Dishwasher safe components


  • Design could be more upscale
  • Not cheap

3. Philips 3200 Series

A coffee machine to experience and operate with your mobile phone.

Power : 1.500W

Reservoir : 1.8L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

  Philips 3200 Series
See the price

If you have a smart home and love gadgets, this Philips coffee maker will be the icing on the cake: it has a touchscreen and connectivity allowing you to Enjoy the best coffee made with the latest technology..

Straddling the mid-range and high-end, the Philips 3200 Series has a relatively simple and unobtrusive plastic housing design. In this respect, its neutral appearance allows it to adapt to any kitchen.

We recommend taking a look at the manual to get it working, as its touch panel is full of options:

  • Probably anyone can make a coffee, as they have quick access to the following 5 different recipes.
  • However, learning to manage it takes some patience and a learning curve.
  • If you also install the “Coffee +” app.You can start the coffee machine, configure different recipes and save them or solve problems remotely.
  • Moreover, you can even do Alexa to be your waitress and ask him for your coffee by voice command.

This coffee maker technical will delight the most tech-savvy users, but if you are more of a classic user, you will probably be lost in its handling.

Surprising results

Of its operation, we would like to highlight the LatteGo milk systemwithout a frothing tube, to heat and froth milk automatically and effortlessly.

The Philips 3200 series has three tools that keep it looking like new:

  • AT powerful AquaClean filter to minimize the effects of salt water (remember that it is always better to use mineral water).
  • With parts such as the LatteGo dishwasher safe to remove them so you don’t have to wash them by hand.
  • Automatic cleaning system internal circuits.

Taking into account assets such as connectivity and the dairy system, the price of this superautomatic coffee machine is attractive in the upper middle.but at the cost of a sacrifice of design. All in all, it’s an interesting model for connoisseurs who don’t want to invest in the more expensive models.


  • Automatic milk system
  • Highly customizable
  • With connectivity


  • Simple design
  • With learning curve

2. Siemens EQ 500

An industrial style coffee machine that is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Power : 1.500W

Reservoir : 1.7L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

Siemens EQ 500
See the price

If you like coffee and are demanding, the German firm Siemens has a super-automatic coffee machine capable of satisfying the most demanding coffee lovers.: THE EQ500a superior mid-range coffee machine that stands out for the quality of its results.

What is its TFT color touch screen with icons intuitive: click on the cappuccino to make it from start to finish, including the milk.

Because unlike other models with a mousseur, this coffee machine has a tank for the automatic generation of foam.. The advantage is that the effort is minimal and the disadvantage is that you cannot choose to have more or less foam, as you would manually.

Industrial aesthetics

The least we can say is that its appearance may be too industrialwhich will not go well with more stylish kitchens. Either way, it’s still a good functional and practical design, with easy-to-remove parts and see-through reservoirs to see how much water is available.

Although aesthetically It doesn’t look like the most premium model, but its components are of high quality. and you can see it in the way it works, brewing coffee quickly and without drips.

One of its best assets is its ease of cleaning:

  • It has a automatic cleaning system to keep the water and coffee circuits in good condition.
  • With a Automatic cleaning system which also allows the milk ducts to be left in optimal condition after each preparation.
  • The website the main parts of the coffee machine are removable from the front panelfor more thorough cleaning or possible medium-term maintenance.

In terms of options, with this coffee machine you can prepare up to 9 different coffee specialties and 5 different intensities at the touch of a button. You can also choose between 1 and 2 cups and the amount of coffee per cup. In this direction we were surprised by its balance between ease of use and options..

However, keeping in mind that this is not exactly a cheap coffee machineWe would be grateful if it had connectivity to be able to operate it from a mobile phone or the options offered by connectivity, such as adding additional recipes.

In any case, if you are not a very technological person and you do not need more gadgets connected to your phone, you will not miss it. Is the investment worth it? If you want a coffee machine that’s easy to use, has plenty of options, and takes care of both cleaning and maintenance, which is great for it to last longer, it’s definitely worth it.


  • With automated milk system
  • Integral cleaning
  • Easy to remove parts
  • Touch screen and color


  • High price
  • No connectivity

1. Melitta Barista TS Smart

A premium coffee machine for techies and connoisseurs.

Power : 1.450W

Deposit : 1.8L

Pressure : 15 bar

Cuts: 2

Melitta Barista TS Smart
See the price

If you’re tech-savvy, you like to have the latest fashion and you can afford it.you will love this coffee machine because it is the most advanced on the market.

The website Melitta Barista TS Smart on a futuristic coffee machinewith an understated all-black body and a large touch panel with a single-color display. Materials and finishes are sleek, with metallic edges and stainless steel in its construction.

What we like most about its design is:

  • The website the versatility of its milk systemallowing you to heat it up and generate froth effortlessly. Moreover, you can move it wherever you want, right or left, which is convenient.
  • The weight of more than 10 kg causes a robust coffee machinewhich dampens noise and vibration, making coffee a quiet task.
  • The quality of its components becomes apparent when you make coffee, in a quick and drip-free process.

But considering that this is such an advanced coffee machine, one would expect it to have a color display and a slightly larger screen..

You will have to study the manual

But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to study his manual in depthto make your own coffee doesn’t take much effort. The milk system stands out here, because you don’t even have to worry about frothing it yourself.

In terms of operation, just look at the icons and click “+” or “-” to adjust the size or intensity. But if you want to experiment, the best thing to do is to download the application to try it out and save what you like best. For now, and to start, there are 21 recipes.

That’s right, if tech isn’t your thingIf you’re not a techie, you might be overwhelmed with so many options and prefer the simplicity of physical buttons.

When you make your coffees, its self-cleaning system is complete and automated.So you don’t have to worry about cleaning the drip tray from time to time.

What we liked the most about this coffee maker is the possibility of experimentation and its resistance to intensive daily use.. In this sense, if you really like specialty coffee and drink several of them a day, you are sure to get a return on your investment in the long run.


  • He is silent
  • You can save recipes
  • Complete and automated cleaning


  • High price
  • Monochrome display

Comparison of the best superautomatic coffee machines

If you’re still unsure which model is best for you, take a look at this table that summarizes their most interesting specs.

Note : if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Our recommendations

The best cheap superautomatic coffee maker: De’Longhi Perfetto Magnifica S

De'Longhi Perfetto Magnifica S
See the price

If you want great coffee that can rival those found in the best cafes but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a super-automatic, this is the model for you.

Don’t let the low price fool you, as you’ll have plenty of options to customize your coffee, even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. you will need some time to get used to it.

We liked the fact that this coffee machine has very functional designwithout gimmicks, so you won’t spend another buck on extras you won’t use. If you are not a very technological person, you will be grateful for his classic operation with buttons and wheel.

If you’re not sure whether you want to enjoy a superautomatic or not, or just want to see what this type of coffee machine is capable of, this is the one for you. a perfect model for getting started and discovering the secrets of good coffee..

The best superautomatic coffee machine at the best price: Krups Roma EA81P0

Krups Roma EA81P0
See the price

Looking for a super-automatic coffee maker that’s a master buy? Then this model is for you. Whether you want to get started in the world of coffee or want a coffee machine to evolve as a barista with a contained investment, this Krups is worth every dollar it costs.

Whether you don’t want to complicate your coffee preparation or just want to start DIY, this coffee machine offers a An interesting balance between intuitive operation and enough options to allow you to prepare different coffee drinks.. In this regard, you will appreciate its screen, which allows everyone to control it easily.

Despite its simple design, the quality of this coffee maker is where it really counts: inside, and this can be seen in its proper functioning.

It even has a cleaning and descaling system complete enough to always be ready and as good as the first day.

Best superautomatic coffee maker with connectivity: Melita Barista TS Smart

Melitta Barista TS Smart
See the price

Making great coffee is an art, but there’s a lot of technology behind it. If you are looking for the most technologically advanced coffee machine on the marketthis will be your ideal candidate.

This coffee machine not only allows you to operate it with your mobile phone, but also you can save your experiences in your mobile phone so that you can have your experiences in your mobile phone. the recipe for your perfect coffee so you can reproduce it with precision.. This also opens up many preparation possibilities, not only for black coffee, but also for other drinks such as cappuccino or latte.

This is a model of and it shows inside and out.. Thus, there are few models that are so automated, whether for the coffee brewing mechanism, the heating and steaming of the milk or simply the cleaning.

The worst part about this coffee maker is that it’s not exactly cheap, but if you’re looking to… the most premium and personalized experienceit’s yours.

Buying guide for superautomatic coffee machines

If all you know at this point is that you want good specialty coffee, but are very unsure about choosing a super-automatic coffee machine, then this is the right choice for you, Sit back and read our buying guide with a coffee and get your doubts answered..

Regardless of the taste and quality of the coffee as a base, Making good coffee is a task that requires precision and a lot of experience.Just the right amount of coffee and water, playing with blend strength and steeping time, not overheating… too many factors to control in the equation.

As you can see, it is not only necessary to start with good coffee beans and water, but also to be able to reproduce this process precisely and reliably in terms of time, temperature and pressure. The technology to achieve this scientific recipe and a bit of magic too.because you have to familiarize yourself with the system.

In the past (and in the most purist cafés) it was the baristas who were in charge of preparing that perfect coffee for you, but in real life there are not many specialists, neither in cafés nor at home. . That’s what super-automatic coffee machines are for..

The perfect coffee recipe

Let’s start at the beginning: authentic espresso recipe collected by the Italian National Espresso Institute requires the following settings:

  • 7 grams of coffee ± 0.5
  • Water outlet temperature at 88°C ± 2°C
  • Water pressure in contact with the coffee at 9 bars.
  • Coffee percolation time 25 seconds ± 5
  • Milliliters of the cup of 25 ml ± 2.5
  • Drinking temperature in the cup of 67°C ± 3°C

As you can see, doing it as the canon dictates is the height of very few people.…unless you buy an espresso machine and learn all its secrets. The procedure would be as follows:

  1. First, the coffee maker takes the exact amount of water and heats it to a temperature close to boiling, but without boiling it, because the coffee will take on a bitter taste.
  2. Once the right amount of water is at the right temperature, the machine then gives it some pressure so that it brews with the ground coffee for a certain amount of time. Important : Ideally, the coffee should be freshly ground.so that it does not lose its organoleptic properties.
  3. From there, the coffee drips into your cup, which, strictly speaking, must also be at a certain temperature.

Why a super-automatic?

But, What exactly is a super-automatic? An espresso machine that reduces your influence to putting coffee beans, water (ideally mineral) and pressing a button.

Because a super-automatic coffee machine is able to grind coffee on the spot, take the exact amount of water and bring it to the right temperature, generate the ideal conditions for brewing ground coffee – water And to offer you a coffee with the ideal intensity, body and foam..

But an espresso is just the start. Thus, they generally allow you to prepare other types of coffees such as Americanos (longer and more watery) and short coffees (more concentrated and smaller). As they are usually equipped with a milk frother, you can also make manchiatos or macchiatos, cappuccinos, mochas and lattes, among others.

Side B, which is also supported by a superautomaton, is cleaning.. Because the effort to make a coffee is worth it, but the cleanup can be tricky. This is why these types of coffee machines have automated programs to keep their circuits clean.

What should the ideal super-automatic coffee machine look like?

Now that we know what they are and what you can do with them, it’s time to shed some light on the features a good superautomatic coffee maker should have.

Pumping pressure

As we have already seen in the canonical recipe, the ideal pressure to pump water into ground coffee is 9 bar, however, it is usual that coffee machine specifications advertise higher pressures..

In all cases, the 9-bar figure was not randomly determined.but rather a multitude of experiences and experiments that prove that this pressure, and no other, is the best for brewing coffee.

Thus, you will find coffee machines whose pressure varies from 13 to 20 bars. The higher the pressure, the better? Not exactly, it’s just a guarantee that allows the machines to be more than enough to reach the set pressure and, in the process, to look more attractive to potential buyers.

In fact, it is common that the most high-end, premium models don’t have the highest pressure. Chances are they won’t need it, as they incorporate pumps made of durable materials that will allow them to withstand wear and tear better.

Because, with the passage of time, it is expected and normal that some components of the coffee machine are deteriorating and leaking.. In this sense, even if the pump of a domestic coffee machine suffered a certain loss of pressure, it would still be able to reach 9 bars if it was overfilled.

How they heat water

Although the heating of liquids is not something particularly new, the manner in which it is carried out determines the range in which a coffee machine generally falls.

Most mid-range home models are equipped with a heat exchanger or thermoblock. This system takes the necessary water from the tank and passes it through a heat exchanger made up of metal circuits, a mechanism that does not require a lot of space or time, just good speed.

The website thermocoil is an improved version of thermoblock and also use a heat exchanger, but in this case it is integrated in one piece, which avoids possible future leaks. On the other hand, they are more expensive.

Finally, there is those with double boilerThey are in the upper range and are found in models intended for restoration. These have two reservoirs, one for steam and the other for water, so the temperature remains constant, even if you add milk. It is ideal for dispensing many coffees per day.

As well as being more expensive, they are larger and more complex, brewing coffee takes longer, and they are harder to handle.

The size of the water tank

The fact that 25ml of water is needed to make an espresso may lead us to think that a small tank is sufficient. But it would be a misleading idea to divide the volume of the reservoir by this figure, because we’re not always going to make an espresso (maybe an Americano or a double shot) or just a cup. And, more importantly, think about cleanliness.

A common practice among superautomata is to throw a jet of water at start-up to heat and clean the internal circuits. In addition, it is also common for cleaning systems to automatically kick into action just before shutting down, drawing water from the tank through and cleaning the pipes.

Logically, both procedures use water, so in practice the amount consumed per coffee will not be only 25 ml. To give you an idea, super-automatic home coffee machines usually have a 1-2 liter reservoir.

Our recommendation, if you are drinking coffee with more than one person at home, is as follows opt for models with larger tanks. so you don’t have to refill it as often.While it is true that this is a quick and easy procedure that can be checked with the naked eye (tanks are usually transparent or translucent), in the long run it is maintenance tasks which are lazy because of their mere repetition.

Do you live alone at home, do you have a coffee from time to time or do you have a small kitchen? Then choose the most compact superautomatic coffee machines, which probably have the smallest tank and take up the least space.

What does the coffee grinder look like

All superautomatic coffee grinders are equipped with a bean container and a coffee bean container. conical mill, which allows them to grind the coffee beans on the spot..

Why grind coffee as you drink it? Because the natural state of coffee is in bean form, and when you grind it, it will lose its aroma and flavor over time, no matter how good it is in vacuum storage. If you want perfect coffee and you’re going to invest in a superautomaton for that purpose, you have to drink it in its optimum state.

We are particularly interested in two features of the conical grinder:

  • The number of grinding levels it allows. Coarser ground coffee means there is less contact surface, which means the coffee will be smoother. If you prefer it more intense, it is better to grind it more finely, although the water may have a harder time passing through it. In any case, the more levels, the better it is to experiment.
  • What material is it made of?. The most durable and strongest grinders are ceramic, and the cheapest are metal. In the middle, steel, a material with good durability and resistance, but cheaper than ceramic.

Finally, if you also drink already ground coffees.like decaffeinated coffees, you may be interested in models that have a second, smaller tank so you can add them to your coffee machine.

The milk frother

Remember that the objective of a superautomatic is to prepare a perfect espresso with minimum effort for the user. The fact that the vast majority of models have with milk processing systems is an added bonus for versatility.but it is neither an essential nor a necessary condition.

However, if in addition to dry coffee you like coffee-based drinks with other liquids such as milk, vegetable drinks, spices such as cinnamon, chocolate… then opt for a model with a milk vaporization. We essentially distinguish between two technologies:

  • With steamer. It has a tube under which you place a container containing milk to supply it with air and thus generate foam while it heats. This procedure is manual, which involves more effort, but, in return, you can prepare it to your liking.
  • With milk container. With this technology, the coffee machine itself froths and heats the milk, so you don’t have to worry about that. It is present in mid-range and high-end models.

In addition to milk, there is a program or rather a use for this frother: heating water to be able to prepare infusions.

What is cleaning

We have already seen that a super-automatic must have an automated cleaning system, but this Not all cleaning programs have the same rigor. The parts of manual cleaning are also not identical.

Basically, the cleaning programs are responsible for preventing the clogging and soiling of the internal circuits, but there are, in addition, cleaning programs, with descaling functions so that the minerals present in the water do not deteriorate the components.

Altogether, there are parts you will always have to take care ofBut while the more advanced models are likely to be dishwasher safe, others will require you to run them under the tap with old-fashioned soap and water. For example, the drip tray.

Like this, if you have a vaporizeryou’ll need to be sure to wipe it down with a cloth when you use it to keep it clean. If you use a milk system with a reservoir, this must also be integrated into the cleaning system or, failing that, it must be dishwasher-safe.

In any case, the super-automatic machines with the most complete cleaning programs, which are dishwasher safe and whose parts are also easy to remove, are interesting, both for cleaning and maintenance.

How is the treatment going

Although the main purpose of a coffee machine is to make good canonical espresso, in practice Ideally, it should allow you to experiment to make it the way you like it.. And not just espresso: you can brew your own specialty coffees to your liking.

But there’s a problem: generally, the more customization options you offer, the more difficult it becomes to use and, therefore, the steeper the learning curve.

The simplest models are ideal for beginners, since they do not have many adjustment options. On the other hand, they usually present classic controls, with wheels and buttons. It is also suitable for people who are not very technological.

Investing more money results in more advanced controlssuch as color touchscreens that provide a more intuitive experience. This way, they gain options without making them too difficult to use.

The higher-end models have connectivity that lets you use them with both apps and even voice commands. In addition to the convenience of making coffee remotely with your phone, the best part is that you can use the allow you to adjust settings and save your preparations on your smartphone.as well as download new recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic coffee machine?

Two factors make the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic coffee machine. The first concerns the coffee: while an automatic is able to grind the coffee so that you can enjoy all its properties, with a semi-automatic you will need a separate coffee grinder or you will opt directly for ground coffee. .

Also, while automatics usually have cleaning systems, with semi-automatics you will have to clean them yourself.

How much coffee does a super-automatic coffee machine use?

Although the price of a can of coffee beans may seem high compared to the price of ground coffee, you can make between 100 and 140 cups with 1 kg of coffee beans, depending on the variety you choose and the program you choose. so get a lot out of it.

How should the coffee be ground?

When grinding coffee, it is important to grind it just before brewing so that it does not lose its organoleptic properties.

As for the degree of grinding, the coarser the coffee bean, the more resistance there will be to the passage of water, and the coffee will therefore be less full-bodied. A finer grind increases the contact surface and produces a stronger coffee.

What is the name of Brad Pitt’s coffee maker?

Brad Pitt is not only one of the most popular and attractive actors in the firmament, but he has also made his foray into the world of advertising by putting a face to the spots of the Perfetto line of coffee machines. by De’Longhi, a love story dedicated to coffee and its beans.

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