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The 10 best value smartwatches of 2022 – Comparison

Updated December 2022

smart watch The website smart watches are all the rage. This is partly due to the many features they offer, like access to your favorite apps from your wrist, or the ability to listen to music or answer calls even when you’re not wearing your smartwatch. smart phone with you.

The biggest advantage of smartwatches over other types of smartwatches is that they can be worn with you. wearables is that you don’t have to get used to wearing a new device.Instead, a host of features have been added to an add-on that you are already used to using.

You can find very basic ones with which you can only access your phone’s notifications, without the possibility of answering, and others which are almost like wearing your smart phone on the wrist.

But before choosing one, you will need to do a good assessment. what your needs are and what features can meet them.. You definitely don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t meet your expectations or, worse, buy the smart watch more expensive and end up not using half of its options.

In this guide you will find top 10 smart watches according to the opinions of our experts and users. At the end, we’ve also provided you with a handy comparison chart and a comprehensive buying guide so you have no doubts before making your choice.

What will you find in this guide?

The 10 best smartwatches of 2022

The following elements smart watches were selected as the best of the moment for their excellent value for money and user reviews.

10. Fitbit Sense

An advanced health smartwatch with an urban aesthetic.

Autonomy: 6 days

Display: 1.58″

Payments: Yes

Answer calls: Yes

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch
See the price

Fitbit is a health-focused brand with a wealth of experience in the field. wearables for the wrist. After three generations of versadecided to go further with the Fitbit Sense, which is more than just a sports smartwatch, stands out in healthcare.

It features a very versatile aesthetic thanks to its square dial with a polycarbonate case and silicone strap, a combo that holds up very well to daily wear and tear. It is a comfortable, light and handy watch. The positive point of its dimensions is that it is suitable for all types of wrists.

What we love most about this watch is the sharpness of the interfaceclear, colorful and graphical, and very easy to use to visualize our daily statistics. This is facilitated by the large integrated AMOLED screen which takes up almost the entire front.

The brand calls it a smartwatch for health and rightly so, as it not only gives us information about our steps, calories, heart rate and sleep, but also offers metrics on:

  • blood oxygen saturation
  • stress, thanks to its electrodermal activity sensor
  • effort provided, useful for training
  • the temperature of our skin, very interesting

Of course you can also view notifications from your phonealthough you can only answer it if your phone is Android. With an iPhone, the configuration is more tedious and works less well.

A major ally for sport and health

You can take it with you to play sports, since it also has GPS for geolocation, an altimeter to measure altitude and allows you to record up to 20 different sports, a number can be be a bit limited compared to other options. That said, the amount of data it provides after training is surprisingly good..

It is also suitable for different scenarios of use: health, sports and even for our daily life in the city. And the fact is that he has NFC to make payments by simply holding it close to the reader we can invoke the voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant or answer callsbut not do them, because there is no LTE version.

He ends the proposal with his Autonomy of almost 6 days in normal use.considerably longer than other models. And the good news is that it has a new magnetic charger that is very practical to use and moderately fast.

In any case, it is a a true all-round smartwatch for all-round wearers at a very competitive price.


  • Great autonomy
  • Versatile design
  • With NFC for payments


  • Works less well with an iPhone
  • Unable to make calls
  • few sports

9. Fitbit Versa 4

A balanced and simple smartwatch for health.

Autonomy: 6 days

Display: 1.6″

Payments: Yes

Answer calls: Yes

Fitbit Versa 4
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Yes you are interested in health and sports but don’t want to go crazy studying the manual to get the most out of your future watch, then this Fitbit Versa 4 that interest you.

It maintains the neutral and functional design that is the hallmark of the house and it is suitable for all dolls and different styles.. However, if you are looking for a model with a sporty look, go for another watch because it is a thin and light smartwatch, perfect for thinner arms, for example.

We love how it looks the quality of the materials used for its manufacture and the fact that it has a physical button. which allows you to use it even when your hands are wet, which is ideal for water sports.

In this sense, keep in mind that it has water resistance and who also monitors swimming. Because even if on the outside it doesn’t look like the sportiest thing in the world, on the inside it’s a great tool for active people:

  • With 40 different sports modesincluding dancing and strength exercises.
  • Geopositioning via GPS and Glonass for more accuracy in outdoor sports.
  • Integrated altimeter for lovers of mountain sports.

If we also take into account that it measures sleep, stress, heart rate, glucose, blood oxygen and even menstruation, then we have a very complete watch for health and sport..

Complete but simple

The best thing about this watch is its balance between settings and ease of use.. Its screen is beautiful and its interface is so intuitive that it’s easy to navigate its menus, although you might miss more advanced metrics if you’re a demanding athlete optimizing your workouts.

The Fitbit Versa 4 also stands out in everyday life thanks to its integrated NFC for payments in a jiffymicrophone for consultation of calls and possibility of download useful applications such as Google Maps.

Unfortunately you can only install certain Google appsThe Fitbit interface isn’t yet as comprehensive as Wear OS, but the reality is that most users don’t need much more than that either.

Another point that pleasantly surprised us is that its battery lasts almost 6 days and when it’s low, you can fill it up again in no time thanks to its fast charging.


  • Easy to use
  • Neutral design
  • For little dolls
  • Quick charge


  • Few apps can be downloaded
  • Limited for demanding athletes

8. Amazfit Bip S Lite Xiaomi

A simple smartwatch whose autonomy is incombustible.

Autonomy: 30 days

Display: 1.28″

Payments: No

Answer calls: No

Amazfit Bip S Lite Xiaomi smartwatch
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The website Amazfit Bip S Lite is the heir to one of the house’s bestsellers, the popular Amazfit Bip Litea smartwatch that stands out for its low price and great autonomy. This new generation follows in those footsteps and polishes some of its flaws to achieve a watch with a high cost-performance ratio.

He is a basic smartwatch with satisfactory performance for users who want a simple device to monitor their daily activity. It’s basically a wristband, with the advantage of incorporating a larger screen.

Simple and functional design

Its design is simple, balanced and customizable. with dials and bracelets. It uses basic but resistant materials, ideal for daily use. But we think one aspect to improve are the edges of the screen, which are a bit thick and not fully exploited.

Although the panel of this smartwatch has gained in brightness, it leaves us with a bittersweet feeling: although it looks good outdoors, its resolution and sensitivity are lower than those of other models and some letters are too small.

We found the interface and the app as a whole to be intuitive and easy to usealthough it is quite limited in terms of functions and there is no application to install. In other words, it is a smartwatch for those who don’t want to complicate their lives. and with the “spirit” of an activity bracelet.

In this sense, we will be able to control:

  • The steps we take throughout the day
  • Our heartbeat
  • Estimated calories we consumed
  • The distance traveled (Note that since it does not have GPS, you will need to take your cell phone with you to record it outdoors).
  • Our hours of sleep and their quality
  • A few sports, but the most common ones like running, treadmill, cycling and walking.

With the phone nearby, we can receive alerts when we are called and messages from applications. like Whatsapp, Telegram and social networks. However, since it has no microphone or speaker, we will not be able to answer calls. We will also not be able to make payments, since it does not have NFC technology.

One of its strengths is the batterywhich lasts about a month even with active users, and charges in less than 3 hours (much longer than the most popular models).


  • Exceptional autonomy
  • Ease of use
  • Good value for money


  • No GPS
  • Little variety of sports
  • Cannot answer calls

7. Xiaomi MiWatch

A versatile smartwatch that shines for sport.

Autonomy: 14 days

Display: 1.39″

Payments: No

Answer calls: No

Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch
See the price

Although we are used to seeing Xiaomi in the world of smartwatches through Amazfit, with the. Xiaomi MiWatch the all-powerful Chinese firm “dares” to put its name to it. And it’s a guarantee of a high price-performance ratiowe have already told you about it.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch has a a design that combines simplicity and sobriety thanks to its lines and materials (polyamide for the case and TPU for the strap). Its dial has a diameter of just under 5 cm (46 mm), but it is a light watch.

Either way, it’s a visually chunky device, which is a bit constraining for narrow wrists – although that’s a matter of taste.

We find it quite complete for its price in terms of measuring instruments, with:

  • Heart rate sensor to monitor our heart rate.
  • SpO2 measurement for blood oxygen saturation
  • Measurement of sleep quality and sleep time
  • Stress rating
  • Estimate of our energy
  • Geolocation via GPS and GLONASS

Thanks to this combination, you will be able to see what your daily activity looks like, but also record your training sessions. Your favorite sport is surely not missing in your 117 sports modes to propose parameters adapted to each discipline.

Although visually it is a “battle” model, its The screen shines in terms of image quality and experience.. This is facilitated by both the dimensions and the type of panel, high resolution AMOLED. Since it also has an ambient light sensor, it adjusts its settings so you can always see it well. However, the edges could be smaller.

Smooth and fairly customizable operation

Its interface supports some customization options, but less than on other models, since it is not possible to install applications or adapt the dials available. The ones that come with the device work fine, allowing you to see your notifications but not respond to them. What we have used the most and what we have enjoyed the most are the ability to control the music.

The two absences from its operating system that we missed are the ability to answer calls and pay with the device. Altogether, the fluidity and the apps included are more than enough for a basic user. who does not want to complicate their life by charging it, since it has an autonomy of about two weeks.


  • Very complete in terms of measurements
  • Great autonomy
  • Monitors many sports
  • Good value for money


  • Unable to install apps
  • large sphere
  • Unable to answer calls
  • You cannot pay with

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A high-performance smartwatch for everyone with a classic design..

Autonomy: 1.5 days

Display: 1.19″

Payments: Yes

Answer calls: Yes

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
See the price

With the fourth installment for Samsung’s wrist, the Korean firm has set out to to reach all audiences with a watch that stands out for its versatility. inside as well as outside.

So, its appearance is that of a traditional watchwith a round dial and 1.19 inch screen, 3 hands and even this tick tock characteristic. It also offers the possibility of modifying the dial, the bracelet and the light effects as you wish.

The website The AMOLED display is one of the best we’ve seen in a watch in terms of brightness, colors and sharpness, and it also responds very well to the touch of our fingers. In this sense, you will be able to see it even on those sunny days when the sun is dazzling you.

Versatile indoors and outdoors

Despite its classic appearance, stands up to the challenge of the most athletic users.even the most extreme, since it is waterproof up to 50 meters and has a high resistance military certification. On the other hand, whichever version you choose, these are heavy and large watches.

Check it out because it’s capable of doing everything you’d expect from a smartwatch:

  • With NFC and Google Pay for pay in no time.
  • With LTE connectivity option for make calls without using your phone.
  • With GPS to more accurately measure your outdoor activities
  • Pulse oximeter and heart rate monitor so you can control the intensity of your workout.
  • You can even listen to music by connecting your headphones via Bluetooth.

Samsung is a seasoned company in the world of smartwatches and it shows, as it has managed to a balance between functionality and user-friendliness thanks to its interface and bezel touch screen. One of its advantages is the clean and smooth Wear OS operating system, which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

While on the outside this is a daily-tested watch, the combination of integrated instrumentation, performance and application make it a A perfect ally for athletes. We highlight its proposal for different running modalities, offering exhaustive and detailed parameters such as the quality of steps and strides.

Despite its thickness and size, the battery of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 remains at just under 2 days of usea figure within the norm of more ambitious models like this, but well below simpler models.

This neat design, good responsiveness and a wide range of functions has a considerable cost in the market. If you know you’re going to enjoy all of its benefits, then your purchase is a guaranteed success.


  • Suitable for iOS and Android
  • Versatile and elegant design
  • You can pay
  • You can make and answer calls


  • Not a cheap watch
  • Autonomy adjusted
  • He is big and heavy

5. Apple WatchSE

The smartwatch for anyone who wants an Apple Watch without investing too much.

Autonomy: 18 hours

Screen : 1.3″

Payments: Yes

Answer calls: Yes

Apple Watch SE smartwatch
See the price

Until a few months ago, anyone who wanted an Apple smartwatch without spending a lot had to look to previous generations. But that changed and Apple presented its proposal to compete with the mid-range with its “cheap” watch: the Apple Watch SE. And we put quotation marks around it because it’s not that cheap either.

The good news is that No expense has been spared in design or materials.The Apple Watch SE looks the same as the previous generation (the Apple Watch 5), which in practice means that it is practically impossible to know whether you bought the cheap model or not.

And it also has all its aesthetic advantages, i.e. a versatile design suitable for all wristsand a wide range of customizable watch faces and compatible straps. It’s hard not to find a combination that gives the Apple Watch SE the look you love.

Inside, it also houses the processor from the Apple Watch 5 (which is a very powerful chip compared to the competition), and the same interface. In short, that the user experience is about the same. Battery life hasn’t changed either, usually quite meager, just enough for a day’s use.

It is also very complete for monitoring sports and activities:

  • He monitors our sleeping hours
  • Heart rate measurement
  • With GPS and compass for outdoor sports activities
  • Fall detection, super useful if you practice sports with some risk

It does not neglect the very useful details for daily use, such as the NFC to pay with the watch or the possibility of answer calls or even make themif you buy the LTE version.

Although there are feature cuts compared to the Apple Watch 6. The most significant are:

  • No always-on display function
  • Without ECG sensor for electrocardiograms
  • Does not measure blood oxygen
  • Without barometric altimeter for extra accuracy in outdoor sports.

These are health-conscious extras, but not very noticeable to the average user.

This watch is one of the most complete you will find on the market, standing out for its excellent quality-price ratio. You can also use it with Android, but if you have an iPhone, it’s a very smart purchase to take care of your pocket..


  • Good value for Apple
  • Versatile design
  • Allows payments
  • Allows you to make and receive calls


  • Low battery life
  • Not a cheap smartwatch

4. Amazfit GTS 3

Looks like an Apple Watch, costs a third of its price..

Autonomy: 12 days

Screen : 1.75″

Payments: No

Answer calls: Yes

Amazfit GTS 3
See the price

What the Apple Watch looks like, according to Amazfit. No, it’s not a guess, it’s the Amazfit GTS 3the third generation of a watch that aesthetically looks a lot like the Apple Watch. But the similarities end there, as this model is significantly different from the Apple Watch. less expensive and with more autonomy.

Thus, it has a rectangular aluminum case with a silicone strap, a set that, without being premium, looks pretty good.. It is beautiful, very easy to wear and light, suitable for all types of wrists, with a large number of dials and compatible with a multitude of 20 mm bracelets.

We particularly like its AMOLED panel, capable of displaying vivid colors, good brightness, good quality and looking great even on the sunniest days. Actually, looks better than other more expensive smartwatches.. However, with this third generation, it has grown in size and may feel too big for thinner wrists.

The website The interface is intuitive and moderately fluid.and you’ll see the same notifications on your screen as on your phone – but you’ll have to take it out of your pocket to respond.

Keep track of your workouts

On the other hand, you cannot install applications, you can answer calls and control musictwo very useful tasks that you can perform whenever the phone is nearby.

And for the more tech-savvy, you can summon Alexa from your wrist. An important detail: it has NFC technology, but in Spain it is not possible to pay with it.

It is a very interesting smartwatch for athletes:

  • With GPS to geolocate your position even if you don’t have your mobile phone on you.
  • Heart rate and blood oxygen meter to track your workout performance.
  • Water resistant up to 5 ATM So you can use it not only in the shower, but also for water activities.
  • Over 150 different sport modes So whatever you’re doing, you can track it with your watch.

One of the most surprising features of this watch is the following, Despite its light weight, its autonomy is close to 2 weeks of use.considerably more than most popular smartwatches. In fact, it beats the Apple Watch.

In conclusion, the Amazfit GTS 3 is a smartwatch with a high price/performance ratio for those looking for a versatile, simple and easy to use design that does not require daily recharging.


  • Pleasant design
  • Great autonomy
  • A smooth and intuitive experience
  • Panel quality


  • Unable to install apps
  • You can’t pay

3. TicWatch Pro 3

For those looking for a versatile watch with a premium design..

Autonomy: 3 days

Display: 1.4″

Payments: Yes

Answer calls: Yes

TicWatch Pro 3 smartwatch
See the price

Just as there are Android alternatives to match the iPhone in the smartphone space, you’re also going to find watches capable of taking on Apple’s smartwatch. One of them is the TicWatch Pro 3, a top-of-the-range watch, both in terms of performance and price.

Is the TicWatch Pro 3 beautiful?. In fact, at first glance it looks like a jewelry sports watch thanks to its stainless steel and plastic case with a silicone strap that mimics leather. But despite being moderately lightweight, it feels bulky for a slim wrist.

Three features we liked about its handling:

  • She is striking in her good performance. For this nimble experience, we have Google and Mobvoi to thank, who packed their watch with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and the muscle of the most powerful Snapdragn 4100 chip around.
  • Using it with its touchpad and buttons is a delight as it is fluid and agile.
  • You have many applicationsboth from the manufacturer and from Wear OS, as well as those you can download yourself. In fact, you will find that there are a few duplicates.

To get the most out of it and enjoy all its functions and the way it communicates with the mobile, we recommend that you have a Android phone.

For health and sport, it is well stocked, so you won’t miss a single detail of your workouts:

  • With heart rate sensor to know your heart condition.
  • Gyroscope to help determine our activity
  • Barometer to ensure geolocation accuracy.
  • GPS to know where you are at all times without the need to carry your mobile phone.
  • 13 different sport profiles, including running and swimming in a pool

And for everyday use, you’ll appreciate the NFC to make payments from your wrist, the ability to control music playback on Spotify, the ability to answer calls or even make calls if you buy the LTE version.

We were pleasantly surprised by its battery life, thanks to an original dual display composed of a monochrome external display for those cases in which we only want to see the basic data and the AMOLED color display with automatic brightness. On the hard work, the battery life is two daysbut in economy mode, it will last more than a month of use.


  • A seamless experience
  • Premium design
  • You can pay and make calls


  • Duplicate requests
  • Bulky for small wrists

2. Huawei Watch 3

A smartwatch with an elegant design and great autonomy.

Autonomy: 14 days

Display: 1.43″

Payments: No

Answer calls: Yes

Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch
See the price

Huawei is still fighting for its piece of the smartwatch pie with this Huawei Watch 3which retains all that was good in its predecessor and goes a step further in terms of independence and personalization of the telephone..

There are two major changes in this generation with which Huawei Watch 3 now competes head-to-head with the best of the best:

  • You can download the applications you like, although there are still few of them.
  • You can make calls without a phone if you purchase the LTE version.

In addition, with this watch you will not miss your message and social media notifications and, a big difference with other more basic models, you will be able to respond to them.

What did she have and what does she keep from the Huawei Watch GT2? A striking yet beautiful design reminiscent of the best sports watches. This is not a watch that goes unnoticed.Neither for its good finish, nor for its size. If you have a good wrist then this is for you, otherwise it almost looks like a frying pan.

Also shines with its displaywith a spherical AMOLED form factor that looks stunning even in bright outdoor light. And the best (and this is new): with the Harmony OS operating system, it offers a smooth performance without compromising usability..

If there’s one thing Huawei watches excel at, it’s battery life. We’re heavy users, and yet we’re still stuck with our Huawei Watches. almost 2 weeks of usefar ahead of its main rivals.

Another strong point of the Huawei Watch 3 is its sporty approach, which is very complete among general-purpose smartwatches:

  • With GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou to accurately record your location.
  • 100 sport modes that are sure to include your favorite sport
  • Measurement of blood oxygen saturation, very useful in times of COVID.
  • Monitoring your heart rate

The new features of this smartwatch make it one of the most complete smartwatches, even if it comes with a price increase which also puts it on the same level as the proposals from Apple or Samsung.


  • Above-average battery life
  • A well thought out design
  • You can make and receive calls


  • Still few apps
  • High price
  • Big size

1. Apple Watch Series 7

The most advanced, complete and versatile smartwatch on the market.

Autonomy: 18 hours

Display: 1.61″

Payments: Yes

Answer calls: Yes

Apple Watch Series 7
See the price

We close the ranking with the latest edition of Apple’s smartwatch, the. Watch Series 7 Who combines design, innovation and a wide range of applications to customize it to your liking..

This smartwatch has a retina OLED screen of 448 x 368 pixels,one of the best on the market in terms of sharpness and brightness.. In addition, this generation has developed without the clock growing at the expense of reducing the edges, thus making better use of its dimensions.

This watch will become your best friend in your sports trainingoutdoors and indoors:

  • Comes with a full set of instruments to measure your activity in detailas GPS, compass and barometric altimeter for mountain climbers.
  • Allows you to do guided sports sessions in different disciplines –and incorporates more and more sports, such as Tai Chi or Pilates.
  • How is it waterproof up to 50 meterscan withstand swimming sessions (no diving).

Almost a doctor on the wrist

But that’s not all, because it includes advanced health monitoring features. This Apple Watch lets you know when your heart rate is too high or too low, even allows you to do an electrocardiogram by putting your thumb on the side wheel, and measures your blood oxygen level, useful if you have respiratory problems.

as a curiosity, warns you if the decibels of the environment are too high.interesting in noisy cities, so you can walk away or protect your ears.

He also owns fall detection to automatically alert family members and medical services, a feature we’ve found important for people with reduced mobility or the elderly, but also for the more adventurous.

Advanced functions for daily use

And if you’re not an athlete, don’t worry, because you can also make the most of it in your daily life with features like NFC for payments and the ability to answer calls. If you opt for the Cellularyou can make calls even if you don’t have your phone nearby.

The Apple Watch Series 7’s Achilles’ heel remains battery life: it depends on what you’re using it for, but you can expect heavy use. you will need to charge your smartwatch every day. The good news is that this version has accelerated charging, so 8 minutes is enough for an entire night.

As per usual, customization is not a problem with Apple. You can choose your case material from stainless steel, recycled aluminum, ceramic or titanium. And there are many different style straps, easy to interchange. Even if you have older generations, you can reuse the straps.

In summary: The Apple Watch Series 7 is a very independent watch with advanced functions that you can customize to your liking.. That said, having the best on your wrist is not a given.


  • Advanced functions for health and sports
  • Lots of customization
  • Very fast loading
  • You can pay with


  • You will wear it everyday
  • Not a cheap watch

Comparison of smartwatches with the best value for money

Below you will find a practical comparison of the technical characteristics of the analyzed smartwatches.

Note : if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

If you prefer to see the technical characteristics of the smartwatches analyzed in video, we summarize them here:

Our recommendations

Among the models mentioned, here are the ones we recommend based on your characteristics and needs.

The best smartwatch for iPhone: Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7
See the price

It’s the best smartwatch on the market, but it’s if you want to make the most of Apple’s full potential.we recommend combining it with an iPhone, because in this case the understanding is complete.

From the Apple Watch Series 7 you can expect everything you can expect from a smartwatch today: pay with your wrist, control the music you listen to, install your favorite applications, make and answer calls and, be careful, because its sports and health offer is very comprehensive.

This new generation not only includes a multitude of sport modes, but also implements advanced instrumentation to help you take care of yourselfwhether you are an ambitious athlete or in poor health:

  • Blood oxygen measurementVery interesting for people with respiratory problems.
  • Execute electrocardiograms to know your heart health.
  • Fall detectionin case you have an accident on the day you least expect it.
  • External noise measurement to take care of your hearing health.

One of the strong points is that it adapts to your styleThe watch is available in two sizes and in different finishes. Whichever you choose, you can change both the dial and the strap, with many official and compatible options.

The website The big “but” of the Apple Watch is its battery.a multi-generational classic: you’ll need to charge it every day. And, like the rest of their products, they’re not exactly cheap, but with their frequency of updates, they’ll probably last you several years.

The best smartwatch if you have an Android phone: TicWatch Pro 3

TicWatch Pro 3 smartwatch
See the price

Happy are those who use Android, because they will have a wide range of options at all price levels and such pleasant surprises as this TicWatch Pro 3, one of the best smartwatches on the market and, in our opinion, the best for the Google ecosystem.

Two features that will catch your eye at first glance:

  • AT very sporty design who will confuse friends and strangers. It looks like a classic premium watch from big brands like Montblanc or Hublot (but don’t worry, because it costs a lot less). It has the potential to will leave you speechless with
  • One of the most original aspects of the TicWatch is that it has two screensOne is a full color display with all the detail you need to get the most out of it, and the other is a simpler display for basic data. So you always have what you need without overcharging your battery.

The manufacturer makes the most of Google’s interface, realizing a watch adapted to your daily lifeThe watch can be used to make calls, download your favorite apps, pay, control music on your mobile or save it directly to your device and pay for it.

Are you an athlete? You are lucky because this watch competes on equal terms with the models of specialized brands. thanks to its precise GPS, sports profiles, water resistance or barometer for mountaineers.

It depends on what you use it for, you can go a month without charging it. but if you are one of those people who lives glued to social networks and WhatsApp, then you will have to go to the socket every two or three days.

The TicWatch Pro 3 is a high-end smartwatch in terms of functions and has an additional advantage that makes it very attractive: without being cheap, it is considerably more affordable than its competitors from Apple, Huawei or Samsung..

The best cheap smartwatch: Xiaomi MiWatch

Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch
See the price

Given its features, and the fact that it normally costs around 100 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is not only the best cheap smartwatch, it also stands out as a the best value for money.

Without using high-end materials, Xiaomi has designed a smartwatch that . is pleasing to the eye with its simple yet elegant lines.with a large dial that houses a high class display. You will be able to see it well and handle it at night or in broad daylight, under a blazing sun.

We love her complete proposal for health and sport:

  • It will leave you satisfied whether your only sport is walking the dog or hitting the gym every day.
  • If you just want to monitor your daily activity, with this watch you won’t lose track of your sleep, heart rate, stress level, effort and energy, and even your oxygen saturation in the blood. What is the latter used for? Its decline is particularly linked to respiratory conditions such as COVID-19.
  • Athletes will find it an excellent combat companion.with over 100 different disciplines to record and GPS and GLONASS to gain precision in outdoor sports.

And if you’re working out to music, you’re in luck: skip tracks and turn up the volume from the watch itself.

The experience and interaction it offers is inferior to that of the high-end models, such as paying or answering calls, but thanks to it, you will have a good time. you won’t lose track of what’s happening on your phone..

The website Xiaomi’s Mi Watch shines with its autonomyreaching up to two weeks of uninterrupted use. If you’re someone who forgets to charge their devices until it’s too late, this is the perfect watch for you.

Best smartwatch buying guide

smart watchThe first step to getting it right when buying a smartwatch smart watch is to be very clear about what you want and what criteria you need to look at to meet those needs. There are elements that may seem insignificant at first glance, but end up being critical for daily use.

That’s why we’ve created this buying guide, to help you on your way to choose your new smartwatch and you can find the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Difference between smartwatch and activity tracker

Telling the difference between a smartwatch and an activity bracelet may seem simple at first glance, but technological advancements mean that they share more and more functions, which sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish between them. Actually, even the stores themselves on line sometimes display these bracelets in their category of smart watches.

Smart watches

The main feature of the smart watches is that, in addition to telling you the time, they offer you the possibility of synchronizing them with your smart phone. Thus, you can have on your wrist all the notifications that arrive on your mobile phone.

Many of them even offer the option to respond with a tap on the screen or with your own voice, although it’s still common to find others that allow you to see notifications but not respond to it, which you will need to do from your phone.

These devices usually have features for listening to music or monitoring certain aspects of your life, such as your physical activity or sleep patterns. If you are a very active and demanding person in your workouts, you could opt for a sports watch, but if you are moderately active, a smart watch will be enough to control it.

Activity wristbands

On the other hand, the activity bracelets oh smart bracelet are more compact, which makes them particularly comfortable during any type of exercise. They may or may not have a screen, as they are designed with fewer features than smartwatches, so this is often not necessary. They also have a series of sensors that monitor your daily activity and, by synchronizing them with your smart phone you can see your results there.

In short, the clearest differences between a smartwatch and an activity tracker are the design and the features that allow you to sync it with your smart phone. If you only want to know the time and some basic parameters of your daily activity, you will have to opt for a smart braceletbut if you are looking for a complement or even an alternative to using your mobile phone, what you are looking for is a smart watch.


The battery life of these watches is one of the key things before deciding on one or the other. You may have found the smart watch perfect, with the features you need, an attractive design and an affordable price, but if its battery does not even last the time you spend outside the house every day, it will only serve as a decorative bracelet.

It’s worth taking a moment to study the battery life of the device you buy. In general, it should last between one and two days at a minimum. It’s not a problem if you get used to charging it every night, like you probably do with your cell phone.

If you set it so that instead of always showing the time, it stays off and wakes up with a flick of the wrist, the battery life will be longer. You can also achieve this by adjusting the screen brightness and disabling apps or notifications you don’t need. Finally, don’t forget that if Wifi, Bluetooth or 4G are activated, the battery will drain faster.

Luckily, technology has come a long way in a very short time, so now you can find smartwatches that last up to five days or even a week.


smartwatch featuresIt’s not necessarily the devices with the most features that are the best, but you have to ask yourself what features you need and choose the one that suits them best.

It is useless to have a smartwatch with all the functions on the market if you only use it to check your e-mails and answer calls, for example.

Here are some of the features to look for:

Activity and exercise tracking

smartwatch activityIf you exercise frequently, you are probably interested in the possibility of measuring your times, distances traveled, calories burned or your heart rate. And if you’re an athlete, you can even opt for a watch that also has different sport modes for specific activities.

On the other hand, if you like to train outdoors, it would be a good idea to opt for a device that has GPS or allows you to listen to music without having to carry your phone with you.

Here are some options that are very important for an athlete, but which you can do without if exercise is not your thing.

Notifications and ability to respond to them

almost any smart watch on the market will give you the option to access your notifications, but not all of them will give you the option to respond to them.

Again, this will depend on your needs, since there are those who only want to be informed in real time of the notifications they may receive, so that they can respond to them with their own mobile phone, and those who want to be able to do so from their wrist. And even among the latter, there are different profiles: those who want to answer by typing and those who prefer to do so by voice.

Any watch that lets you reply to messages will give you the keyboard option, but to use voice you’ll need to opt for a watch that has a virtual assistant, like the Ticwatch or Apple Watch.

Does it have a built-in speaker and microphone?

The speaker and microphone are important if you want to answer calls and even use your voice to operate your smartwatch, making it independent of your phone.

To do this, just activate its assistant as you do with your phone’s assistant. smart phonesaying out loud “OK Google” for Google Assistant and “Hey Siri” for Apple Assistant.

On the other hand, if using the speakerphone makes you feel like you’re losing your privacy, many smart watches allow you to connect a headset via Bluetooth. So you can continue to enjoy the freedom of your watch and the privacy of your conversations.

LTE connectivity

For a smartwatch to have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity to sync it with your smart phone is commonplace. But it’s increasingly common to see devices that let you add a SIM card to them, making it easier to have 4G connectivity and data usage even if you don’t have your phone nearby.

If you are looking for a device to use instead of your mobile phone, rather than as an addition to it, you should ensure that it has this type of connectivity and that you can add your own SIM card or that it has a built-in eSIM card.

With this last type of card, you can associate several devices with the same number and even different numbers on the same eSIM. Also, since you don’t need that extra space to insert it, it won’t increase its thickness.

GPS connectivity

GPS connectivity has become essential if you regularly practice outdoor sports.

Tracking your routes and even being able to map them is a very attractive feature, as is the security of being connected at all times, even if you don’t have your phone with you.

NFC connectivity

We leave for the last place the type of connectivity that appeared most recently: the NFC chipwhich allows you to make mobile payments through your smart watch.

Have you tried the benefits of paying directly with your phone without the need for cash or cards? Imagine this convenience on your wrist. NFC technology allows you to pay by simply bringing your watch to the cash register of any store, giving you the option of leaving your home without cash, without a card and also without a mobile phone.

It’s a feature that is starting to appear on some smartphones and is clearly setting a trend. However, you must check that this type of payment is compatible with your bank, because it is not always so.


compatibility with mobile smartwatchesIf there is one fundamental element that you must check when buying a smartwatch, it is undoubtedly its compatibility. Remember that not all smartwatches can be used with every type of cell phone. smart phone. Some are only compatible with the Android operating system (for example, the OnePlus, whose applications only work with Android) and others are only fully exploited if you have iOS (for example, the ‘Apple Watch). Compatibility will also depend on the version of these systems.

Samsung smartwatches, for example, usually have Tizen as their own operating system. In this case, you should know that it is compatible with Android and iOS.

The fact that there is compatibility between the two devices will ensure communication between them. and that you will be able to use all the functions they offer, since many of them are related to the phone.


Probably not worth buying the smart watch The cheapest smartwatch on the market if it has hardly any functionality and its battery doesn’t even last a whole day. Just as it’s not a good idea to buy the most expensive one, if for a cheaper price you can get one that only has the features you need and will use.

Anyway, it’s easy to find smartwatches these days with acceptable features at very affordable prices. A rough division can be made into three price ranges.

From €0 to €50

In this range, you can find some decent watches, although they probably don’t have as many functions or look as good as some more expensive watches.

  • This is where you will find a large number of activity trackers and some Chinese watches.

From 50 to 100 €.

In this price range, it is common to find watches from lesser-known brands looking to compete with the big names in the market. We can also mention those who have lowered their price because they have launched new versions or new models.

  • Many of them have little to envy smart watches more expensive.

Over €100.

Here you will find smartwatches from top brands that combine many features and, almost always, a very elegant design.

  • This price is justified above all by the quality of the materials used.


smartwatch designDesign is also essential in the case of smartwatches. In fact, it’s common that when faced with identical features, you go for the one you find most visually appealing.

Brands take this into account today and have created different watches depending on the gender of the wearer, the smaller ones being specially designed for women.

Also pay attention that the watch you want to buy offers you the possibility to change the strap. Sometimes the same brand will offer you different types, but they may even be compatible with others of the same width.

Size and weight are also features you should pay attention to. You may find the design very appealing but later on you may not be able to get used to wearing it on your wrist due to some of these quirks.

Another important aspect of the design is the sphere appearance. Square dials are mostly used for sports watches, as they provide a more casual look. However, round dials – especially if made from materials such as steel – make the watch look more traditional and elegant.

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