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The 10 Best Value Vacuum Cleaners of 2023

We all love it to have our house always ready. A floor on which we can walk barefoot with comfort and the feeling of living in a healthy environment. We agree, don’t we?

But then comes the harsh reality: the lack of time overwhelms you and the tasks pile up. In short, not everything is always (or rather almost never) as you would like.

Do not panic ! You need a vacuum cleaner in your life.

The quality of cleaning that a vacuum cleaner gives you cannot be achieved in any other way. Sweeping with a broom only collects half the dust and spreads the other half, so forget it if you are allergic or have a baby at home. A vacuum cleaner will do. All you have to do is choose between the different types available on the market: sled, vacuum broom, smart robot and wet/dry vacuuming.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you decide. We have compared the different types and models and show you which will be the most successful in 2023.After discovering what today’s vacuum cleaners have to offer, you won’t want to hear about sweeping your house again!

What will you find in this guide?

The 10 best vacuum cleaners of 2023

Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for: the best vacuum cleaners selected from all the types availableanalyzed and chosen on the basis of their technical characteristics and their quality-price ratio.

All these models deserve to be in this top 10. It’s up to you after weighed their advantages and disadvantages, and took a look at our comparison..

10. Karcher WD3

A powerful vacuum cleaner, suitable for liquids and equipped with a large tank: perfect for vacuuming outdoors or pet hair.

Kind : sled

Power : 1,000W

Noise : 73dB

Autonomy: cable

Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaner
See the price

The model Karcher WD3 is simple, but with a great suction power 1000 W, a huge 17 liter tank and A+ efficiency. It is precisely for this reason that it is a vacuum cleaner very appreciated by those who have pets and want to keep the house free of hair.

Its high suction capacity takes care of everything, which is why it this is the vacuum you need for extraordinary cleaning.such as the storage room or the garage. We also have will be useful for some outdoor workin garden areas or similar.

Does that mean it’s not a household vacuum cleaner? No ! It is suitable for your home. Although it is bulkier than other modelsthe carrying handle and the four wheels make it very easy to move. It also has a “parking position” to momentarily support the pipe without having to bend down, then continue working.

In addition to the accessories supplied with the vacuum cleaner, it is good to know that. the brand’s catalog also offers a variety of cleaning kits. Thanks to a special filter, we can clean ashes from fireplaces or barbecues, as well as coarse dirt. It also has a blow function, very useful for cleaning floors where vacuuming is not possible, for example gravel.

Don’t expect sophistication from this Kärcher WD3, but you can expect a good level of functionality both inside and out..


  • Very cheap
  • Powerful
  • Effective for liquids
  • Large capacity tank


  • Its volume
  • Uses consumables: filters and paper bags

9. Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XXL

Powerful, quiet and manoeuvrable: the basic screen vacuum cleaner to have at home.

Kind : sled

Power : 550W

Noise : 75dB

Autonomy: cable

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XL vacuum cleaner
See the price

Rowenta’s proposal which is very successful this yearin its range of canister vacuum cleaners, is the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XXL Animal RO4871: a simple model that delivers more than it should what we expect from a household vacuum cleaner.

The 550W of power announced by the manufacturer are well used, with a good performance thanks to its EffiTech engine. If you are looking for more power, you can try the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic.

He has a good suction capacity and generally does not cause a “suction cup effect”. If this happens, you can balance it out by opening the tab on the handle to allow it to lose some power.

Although is not one of the quietest models on the market (75 Db), nor is it particularly annoying. during work. Besides, her filter is capable of retaining up to 99.98% of dust..

The device is added to the cyclone technology and so, has no bag. Its tank is quite large (2.5 liters), which is convenient for daily cleaning. Despite its weight of almost 6 kg, it has a more compact appearance than other similar models and is more compact. is easy to handlethanks to its two large rear wheels.

Additionally, it has a extra long 6.2m cableThis will make cleaning easier and allow you to move freely around the room without having to unplug and plug the vacuum cleaner every couple of minutes.

It is equipped with a brush that can be used for all types of floors and includes short upholstery brush and crevice brush. Sufficient for basic cleaning.

All in all, the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XXL is a good canister vacuum to have at home, at a more than reasonable price.


  • Good price
  • Powerful suction
  • Fairly long cable


  • The suction is so powerful that it can generate a “suction effect”.
  • He has only one power

8. Taurus Ultimate Lithium

A bagless, cordless, super light and very versatile vacuum cleaner. Ideal for quick and effortless cleaning.

Kind : broom

Power : 22V

Noise : 78dB

Autonomy: 30 minutes

Taurus Ultimate Lithium vacuum cleaner
See the price

This Taurus does a good job in all areas and, though it excels in none of them, for the price it may be considered more than adequate.

One of its strengths is undoubtedly its weight: only 2 kilos, which makes the Taurus Ultimate Lithium a one of the lightest vacuum cleaners on the market.easy to use with one hand.

Also includes a handy extra: it has lighting on the motorized brush so that it can be used in dark areas.under furniture, for example, and see the dirt you want to vacuum.

Another interesting point: if you remove the tube, you end up with a handheld vacuum. convenient to use, for example, for car sofas; a feature that other vacuums lack.

The power (22.2 V) is just sufficient. Maybe if you use it for very demanding cleanings, it’s a bit short, but… .is sufficient for the daily maintenance of a house

. If you have pets, you may need to look for a higher wattage. Of course, the Taurus Ultimate Lithiumhas no bag but Cyclone System, as Taurus calls its cyclonic vacuum cleaners. The tank is easy to empty and hasHEPA filtration system


  • Pros
  • Very light
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum

Light brush for dark areas

  • Cons

Power a little too low for deep cleaning 7.

Bosch Flexxo

As easy to handle as your old broom. Kind :

broom Power :

25.2V Noise :

37dB Autonomy:

55 minutes

See the price The careful design of the Bosch Flexxo obtain a easy and comfortable operation

even with one hand thanks to the proximity of the motor to the base.

  • Depending on the power you need, you can choose between 3 levels:
  • For easy one-pass cleaning.
  • For normal daily cleaning.

For heavy soiling, with a more powerful and demanding cleaning mode. We liked hishand vacuum cleaner The hand vacuum is light and easy to separate from the rest of the device. As it uses the same engine, it has the same power (25.2V) there Tank capacity (0.4L)

but in a more compact format, ideal for corners, sofas and hard to reach nooks. To this end, we find his2 additional accessories

the upholstery brush and the upholstery nozzle, which we also used in the car. But it does not include pet hair accessories. Additionally, it has a 55 minute battery life

which we think is adequate for deep cleaning. If you are used to using the broom but want to be more practical and get better results, the Flexxo is the option you are looking for thanks toits design and the quality of its motorized electric brush.


You won’t need a lot of space to store it because it stands upright. We found it a nice detail that it has compartments that allow you to store your accessories.

  • For
  • The handheld vacuum is easy to detach
  • Stores vertically

Easy to maintain and care for

  • Disadvantages
  • No pet hair attachment

Few accessories (but good) 6.

Rowenta Air Force Serenity

Cordless vacuum cleaner, very efficient thanks to its triangular brush, perfect for all corners. Kind :

broom Power :

25.2V Noise :

72dB Autonomy:

70 minutes
Rowenta Air Force Serenity vacuum cleaner

See the price This Rowenta Air Force Serenity is perfectly in line with what is expected of it: a device with the right power and very comfortable operation.

so that you are not lazy when cleaning. It is a good choice for spaces whose maintenance does not exceed the 70 minutes of autonomy given by its 25.2 V. The sitetime for a recharge, around 6 hours, is not the fastest.

but nothing that can’t be solved with a little planning. Like other similar vacuum cleaners,don’t use a bag . He has in exchange atank with an average capacity of 600 ml, which is very easy to empty.

. The 3.02 kg weight can be a bit tiring to handle if cleaning takes a little longer. On the other hand, the brand makes vacuuming easier thanks to its a triangular-shaped brush that goes into every corner and we have a completely upright and stable parking position

which is a wonder.

We find its 72 dB quite “silent” considering that it is a stick vacuum. Overall, this Rowenta Air Force Serenity iscomfortable and whose performance is worthy of its price.


  • Pros
  • Good price
  • Good autonomy time

Triangular corner brush

  • Cons

The 3.02 kg can become heavy if you use it for a long time. 5.

iRobot Roomba 692

The Roomba guarantee in a simple and easy to use robot vacuum. Kind :

robot Power :

33V Noise :

60dB Autonomy:

90 minutes
iRobot Roomba 692

See the price The price of this Roomba 692 It’s surprising because iRobot is a reference in the sector and it pays off. But the Roomba 692 is one of the brand’s most affordable models.

and this allows you to enjoy a good product on a tighter budget. That said, he is quite simple and minimalist

in terms of design and functions, for example with its random navigation in which, instead of recognizing the space, it goes around in circles until everything is clean. The combination of its brushes offers a good result.

both on hard floors such as tiles and on more delicate surfaces such as parquet or carpets. We particularly liked the two multi-surface brushes for all types of floors and the side brush for corners and edges.

But don’t forget that if you have pets in your family, this robot will be a bit tight to catch all the hairs. Your autonomy is 90 minutes

and we think that’s enough to clean floors smaller than 100 m2. And if you need more time, the robot automatically returns to the charging base to continue work later. Very easy to usefor non-tech people The button allows you to turn it on or off instantly, even if we missed a remote control. But if you are looking for more customization, you can also use itsapplication

. If you want to bet ona trustworthy brand without spending a big budget

iRobot’s Roomba 692 might be what you’re looking for.

  • For
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted brand

A more affordable Roomba

  • Against
  • No personalized navigation

Remote control not included 4.

Bosch Relaxx’x

One of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market. Kind :

sled Power :

700W Noise :

66dB Autonomy:

Bosch Relaxx’x vacuum cleaner

See the price Yesyou are bothered by the characteristic noise of vacuum cleaners

If you have a baby you don’t want to disturb or a pet you’re afraid of, here’s an option that delivers. At 66 dB, the Bosch Relaxx’x Frone of the most discreet models on the market

. If you close the door, the next room will hardly know it’s working. Filtering is another strong point. On the one hand, it has a 100% washable HEPA filter, which saves on spare parts. On the other hand, the Bagless sensor activates when dust decreases the airflow and triggers aself-cleaning filtration system

. Its 700W performance is good, with 100V suction power that iseffective enough even for vacuuming pet hair . He can staya little short in the case of carpets

so if your home is carpeted, you may be interested in a more specific vacuum cleaner. It has a large tank, 3 liters, and is therefore a vacuum cleaner of a certain volume whichwill need a big place to store it

. The brushes are also slightly larger than on other models and it weighs a total of 7 kilos, so it needs space. In return,the built-in wheels make it very easy to move . The website extra long cable

(11 meters) already seems to have been designed to have the greatest possible range without moving the device.

If you have the space and are not afraid of a large vacuum cleaner, this Bosch Relaxx’x could be the model for you.

  • For
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to clean

Excellent filtration system 3.

Karcher SE 4002

A vacuum that does it all, but with an added bonus: incredible results for cleaning upholstery. Kind :

sled Power :

1,400W Noise :

73dB Autonomy:

Karcher SE 4002 vacuum cleaner

See the price Has all the advantages ofwet and dry vacuum cleaners THE Karcher SE 4002 adds a very interesting feature: is ideal for cleaning textiles

of all kinds: rugs, carpets, mattresses, sofas… For this, the tank has two tanks of 4 + 4 liters, one for dirty water and one for clean water. It is not too large a capacity, if the cleaning is long you will have to empty and/or refill to continue working.It does not have the option to heat the water

but we recommend that you try pouring it in hot water and you will see how effective it is.For upholstery, it is very practical . It has a 2 in 1 system that allowsto spray and vacuum in the same gesture. without changing the nozzle. It is important to emphasize that ashas a lot of power not less than 1400W, is able to remove a large part of the moisture.

It doesn’t leave fabrics 100% dry, but it certainly goes a long way in drying. Apart from this function, otherwise it is a very powerful all-round vacuum cleaner

both for dry work (for this it is necessary to use a filter and a bag) and for wet work, practical to use both indoors and outdoors, in the garage or in the garden. This type of vacuum cleaner, without being industrial, combines power with good size and is highly recommended for intensive cleaning, as it is very robust andworks plugged into the mains

. This Kärcher SE 4002 is prepared forendure whatever you put in front of it


  • Pros
  • Excellent for textiles
  • Good drying function

Also powerful as a dry vacuum cleaner

  • Disadvantages

If you’re just looking for a vacuum cleaner, there are cheaper options. 2.

Xiaomi MI Vacuum V1

The smart vacuum cleaner: program it from your smartphone and forget about cleaning. Kind :

robot Power :

55V Noise :

66dB Autonomy:

120 minutes
Xiaomi MI Vacuum V1 vacuum cleaner

See the price Xiaomi, best known for its mobile phones, started introducing other types of smart devices in the market some time ago. Its foray into vacuums started directly with robot vacuums and they offer high-end technology at very competitive prices, with a minimalist design.

design which is a trademark of the company. The website Xiaomi MI Frefficient and quiet . It is able to vacuum floors up to 250 square meters, with good suction power. The filter and the 0.42 liter dust container are located on the top, which facilitates cleaning.facilitates cleaning of the device

. Once logged in parts can be mapped and the device works in an organized manner, leaving no corners unvacuumed. Also, the sensor works very well anddoes not collide with furniture

. He moves very smoothly.Cleaning can be done without internet connection

but it is worth doing to get the most out of it. The brand lacks a slightly more elaborate adaptation to the Spanish market: the instructions are only provided in Chinese and you have to search the Internet to find a tutorial to get it started.

As we have said, it is not essential to rack your brains with this because the vacuum cleaner works the same way, but not to do so is to spoil all the technological possibilities offered by this Xiaomi MI Vacuum V1, which are not few. But if you still want more, you can take a look at theXiaomi MI Vacuum Mop-P

a 2-in-1 robot with vacuum and mop functions.

  • For
  • Effective suction
  • Connectivity

Operation from the app (in English and Spanish)

  • Cons

Instructions are in Chinese 1.

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2

A sled with good mobility and the magic of cyclonic suction. Kind :

sled Power :

170W Noise :

80dB Autonomy:

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2 vacuum cleaner

See the price Among the Dyson sleds, the most popular is theBig Ball Multifloor 2 The Big Ball Multifloor 2: a model with “only” 170 W of power. Which in any other brand would be insufficient, results in an efficient vacuum thanks to the double cyclone suction system.

system. Power is combined with a The pneumatic brush adapts to all types of floors and has a “suction cup” effect.

to remove even microscopic particles. This vacuuming effect can be tricky to wield if you have carpets or a lot of rugs, however, as it takes a lot of force. The box also includes a

multifunctional accessory and another for corners and stairs. Mobility, to which attention must be paid in canister vacuum cleaners, is not a problem. The “Ball” models incorporate adesign that makes handling much easier

The machine turns on itself thanks to a central ball. She is very stable, dodges obstacles and moving her requires no extra effort. In addition, Dyson’s Big Ball Multifloor 2 adds a anti-tipping system that makes it self-righting.

when it falls, thanks to its round shape. Overall it is heavy, just over 10 kg. It’s clearly meant to be dragged across the floor, but if you grab it by hand to reach higher places, you’re going to feel it. The idea is that you don’t feel it: that’s why it has the

extra-long handle, extendable up to 1,250 cm. Usually gives an excellent result and its 1.8 liter tank

empties easily, in a single gesture, without you having to touch the powder at any time. Maybe its 80 dB makes ita little stronger than we would like.

but the Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 compensates for this slight excess with its efficiency and functionality.

  • For
  • High suction power, as with all Dyson
  • 360 articulated handle

Anti-tipping system

  • Cons
  • The price: the brand pays off

It is heavy and takes up a lot of space

Our recommendations The most complete vacuum cleaner:

Karcher SE 4002
Karcher SE 4002 vacuum cleaner

See the price This Kärcher won us over for a reason:he can do almost anything

. In other words, if you want a really versatile vacuum cleaner, you have to pay attention to this model. The samesucks up dust from a drill, coarse dirt or leaking water in the garage. . You can also collect the ashes from the fireplace or barbecue and use its blow function toclear the terraces or the garden

. But what makes the difference is the spray function that allows us todeep clean upholstery, carpets and mattresses.

. Not only by vacuuming, but also by cleaning with soap and leaving the fabrics practically dry. What is the “but” of this model?You need space to store it

so if you live in an apartment, don’t even consider it. It’s a vacuum for bigger homes and better have some outdoor space because that’s where you’ll get the most out of it. Now, if space is not an issue, this vacuum is a fantastic buy:does everything

. The best cheap vacuum cleaner:

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XXL
Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XL vacuum cleaner

See the price This sled from the house of Rowenta fulfills everything that can be asked of a vacuum cleaner and is one of the most economical that we can find on the market without sacrificing quality.

of the product. The product is a very powerful vacuum cleaner that allows us to work on all types of surfaces. with good performance, even on carpets. Delivered with a set of interchangeable brushes

to refine the result. Although it is a little heavier than other similar models, it compensates very well for this by improving its mobility thanks to a front wheel that rotates completely and allows it tothe vacuum cleaner accompanies us in our travels.

The extra long cable makes the job much easier. The website cyclone technology

is also a plus. And the dust bin is very easy to clean. The truth is that the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XXLhas all the basics you could ask for in a vacuum cleaner

and the price for these features is quite reasonable. The best value for a vacuum cleaner:

Rowenta Air Force Serenity
Rowenta Air Force Serenity vacuum cleaner

See the price We opted for this Rowenta vacuum broom because it hasa bit of everything without having to spend a lot of money. . The Air Force Serenity isvacuuming for those who don’t like vacuuming.

because he will leave them no excuse. The handling is really comfortable: wireless, bagless, with sufficient battery life

to clean the whole house, as long as you don’t live in a three-story villa. The suction is correct. I’m sure there will be more powerful devices, butfor normal suction it is enough . Ythe brush head, triangular in shape

allows you to reach small gaps. It is greatly appreciated thatwhen you let go, he stays on his feet

because it makes the task easier and avoids constant bending over. In summary, a vacuum cleaner that is not one of the cheapest but is not an excessive expense either. Excellent value for money which rid you of the hassle of household maintenance

in the simplest way possible. If you like stick vacuums and want to know the best models, be sure to check outour ranking of the 10 best stick vacuum cleaners

. The best vacuum cleaner:

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2
Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2 vacuum cleaner

See the price We must go to the elegance and efficiency from Dyson, this time with a canister vacuum cleaner that convinces us a lot because it brand quality is noticeable

in its differences from other models. First in the the rounded design, with an anti-tilt system and smooth rolling

  • on all types of soil. But also : power to excellent suction
  • with a power consumption of only 170 W! Articulated handle
  • 360 degrees so you won’t strain your wrist at any time Three interchangeable brushes.
  • The main brush creates a “suction effect” which traps all the dust. Of course, no bag is needed.

The tank is extra large and easy to empty. Is it a bit expensive? Well, let’s say the Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2 is not the cheapest, but the user experience goes beyond that.

than other models. If you can afford it, you will appreciate it.

Comparison of the best vacuum cleaners

Here is a comparison table of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, so you can compare them at a glance. Note :

if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

If you prefer to see the technical characteristics of the vacuum cleaners analyzed in video, we summarize them here:


Best vacuum cleaner buying guide Tell the truth: you would like to keep your house clean on a daily basis but, at the same time, you don’t want to spend what little free time you have on household chores.

as thankless as sweeping. Catch up!Today’s vacuum cleaners are a real revolution

. You will be amazed by what you can find on the market today: lightness, power, autonomy, connectivity…

Welcome to the new world of vacuum cleaners.


Types of vacuum cleaners – which one is yours? How do you know which type of vacuum cleaner to choose? Good question, becausethere are not only many models, but also many different models

with a range of characteristics that you will have to analyze.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you some helpful tips on finding the best vacuum cleaner for you. To start, you need to know the four basic types of vacuum cleaners

you can find, each with specific benefits. Let us introduce them to you:

1. the canister vacuum cleaner: classic, powerful and versatile. We say it’s classic because its shape is the most familiar, butthe renovation is also noticeable in “traditional” vacuum cleaners.

. Although models vary, the canister vacuum cleaner is a wheeled device with a flexible tube, a telescopic tube and an interchangeable brush at its end.

(they usually exist in several copies). The engine, the tank, the filter… Everything is located the “body” of the vacuum cleaner, which is the heaviest part and must be moved.

with us while we vacuum. Formerly, all had a paper bag as a deposit which was removed as soon as it was full. This option still exists today, but there are new developments:cyclonic vacuum cleaners, capable of extracting dirt from the air sucked in and accumulating it in a tank.

. In general the main advantage of sleds is that they are more powerful than cordless models and more versatile.

of uses. It is a robust vacuum cleaner, able to withstand a long day of cleaning. The other side of the coin,they are heavier and less easy to handle . Although they have wheels, the cable is sometimes a nuisance and you have to pull it and switch sockets when vacuuming the whole house. Also takes up more space

of storage space, which must be taken into account especially in small apartments.

2. Vacuum broom: comfort in the foreground Also calledupright vacuum cleaners . You recognize them becausetheir shape mimics that of a broom

. The dust container, like the motor, is usually located in the middle part, although some models have it at the top, at hand height. They are comfortable because the position in which we vacuum is much more upright

and therefore more natural. If the machine is light, we can even use it with one hand. See as wellwe love that they don’t have cable

. This allows us to move freely around the house. We can reach higher areas better and vacuum under beds and sofas more easily. Other interesting things:some models can easily be transformed into a short hand-held vacuum cleaner

very useful for vacuuming car seats. They also have complementary brushes to adapt to different surfaces. And the best:they can be stored vertically, like brooms.

and take up much less space than other models. If we’re short on space, that’s what we need. Where is the “but”? Normally, all these advantages are obtainedin exchange for a sacrifice of power and suction capacity.

. Although models are improving rapidly and offer good performance, battery-powered vacuuming is less energetic than that which is plugged directly into the mains.

3. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner: no limit. You will distinguish them by their particular shape, for example.a small bucket on wheels . They are operated by a cable,plugged into the mains and comprise a flexible tube followed by a rigid tube ending in a brush,similar to canister vacuum cleaners

. What is their main advantage? It doesn’t matter what you put in front of them. These vacuums take it alland that makes them extremely practical. From fine dust to large debris, through dry or wet dirt. They are also suitable forliquids are sprayed directly

. They therefore serve, on the one hand, to household vacuum cleaner for daily vacuuming. On the other hand, asvacuum cleaner for garages, basements, or in general places where coarser dirt is found.

spills or puddles of liquid that need to be removed. These are vacuum cleanersalso have a wide range of versatility

. There are models with a water spray option for cleaning all kinds of textiles: mattresses, sofas, car upholstery, carpets…

Another function that can be very interesting is the blower function, that is to say that instead of sucking air, they blow it. It will be useful if we have a terrace, for example, and we want to remove dead leaves.

Also there are models that vacuum the ashes. It is advisable to check the list of accessories that can be purchased separately as one can expand the functionality.

The biggest drawback is that they are bulky.but if you need a wide range of options, have room to store it, and don’t mind working with a cord, a wet/dry vacuum may be just the thing for you.

4. Robot vacuum cleaner: one more in the family.

Yes, those are the ones lens-shaped ones that walk around on their own around the surface of the house by “sweeping” everything they find in their path. If your thing is definitely forget the question of the vacuum cleanerWhat you need to do is delegate this function to a robot.

Although it doesn’t look like it, have been on the market for almost twenty years. The fact is that since their incorporation meant a radical change in the very concept of aspiration (and, it must be said, they needed room for technological improvement and price reduction), we had to pass up some time to assimilate that they were here to stay.

This is how they generally work: they are loaded onto a base and when you tell them to, they start circulating. through the allocated space while vacuuming. They have systems to avoid obstacles and do not fall down stairs. They climb on the carpets to vacuum them. They do their job and return to base to recharge.

Who can resist that?

The difference between one model and another lies in the precision with which they perform all these tasks, that is, the technology they apply. The website programming possibilities, connectivity, navigation models, operation via apps… This is where the biggest differences between the models are, and this is where the most interesting developments will take place.

In general don’t expect deep cleaning from a robotbut your floor will probably be cleaner than ever as it performs deep floor cleaning. daily and methodical maintenance. Come on, you’ll forget all about it.

I buy a vacuum cleaner, what should I take into account?

There is problems common to all models and others that interest you depending on which one you want to buy. We will go over the most important ones so that you have them in mind when making your choice.

1. power

It will give you the measure of its suction capacity. In principle, a vacuum cleaner with more watts will have better efficiency.. That’s what interests you, isn’t it?

It depends.

Power is what basically tells us whether or not the vacuum cleaner will have “power”. However, it is advisable to see if the manufacturer specifies the suction capacity.. Depending on the brand, the power can be better or worse used. And know that has an impact on electricity consumption.

Another nuance: remember that high vacuum power can be difficult to manage in certain circumstances. In such cases it is essential to have a good regulatorIt is essential that they have a good regulator, beyond the flange that some of them have on the tube, to let out some air and release the pressure.

2. height, weight, mobility

The space you have to store your vacuum cleaner at home is a determining factor that will narrow down your options. If you’re short on space, upright vacuums and robot vacuums are the best option..

For a large house without storage problems, you can consider more expensive models.

And how much should it weigh? Like everything else, it depends: how big is your house, does it have multiple floors or slopes? Do not forget that moving the vacuum is work and the weight matters.. If you have to go up and down stairs with a heavy vacuum, you might just put it away in a closet and never use it again, even though it’s a wonderful machine.

In all cases :

  • If you buy it with the cable, see how many meters. it gives you because it will give you the radius of action without having to look for sockets all over the house.
  • If it has wheels, check the size and steering angles. The bigger they are, the easier it will be to move them.
  • Check the dimensions of the handle. You are particularly interested if you are a tall person. A device that is too small will make you work with a bent back. and, believe us, it’s not a good idea.

3. Bag or no bag

where is it going take the dust your vacuum cleaner? There are different deposit systems for the vacuumed dirt.

  • Bag: the most traditional method. The dirt accumulates in a paper bag which, as soon as it is full, must be removed and replaced with another. They usually last a long time, although it is not advisable to force them, because as soon as they are full they begin to obstruct the passage of air. They must be changed carefully so as not to release dust during the operation.
  • Cyclonic: this is the most recent system. The air sucked in forms a whirlpool which separates the dirt particles and place them in a small container. Clean air is expelled from the other side. They don’t have a large capacity, but on the other hand, they can be emptied very easily and are ready to be used again.
  • Water: they have an interior tank which must be completed each time it is used. The advantage is that we can work for long periods by simply changing the tank and the no need to buy spare parts. However, the appliance should be left clean and dry before being stored.

4. Filter

Without a good filter, some of the dust we vacuum up won’t end up in the dust bin, but will go back into the air in the room. our aspiration becomes less effective.

You should know that some devices are equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters. It is an air filtration system that ensures greater capacity to trap all micro dust particles. And that helps ensure that the air being returned to the room is clean, which is one thing. essential for people with allergy problems.

5. Noise

Especially if you live in a small apartment, the sound of a vacuum cleaner running can be torture, so the manufacturer’s decibel rating is an important reference.

Some brands place particular emphasis on this point and released silent models. It’s not that they’re quiet, but at least they don’t sound like a jet plane. Chances are, when you close the door, you won’t even realize it’s working.

6. Battery and autonomy

In the case of cordless vacuum cleaners is a fact you need to consider. AT higher voltage, longer battery life. Although most of the models you will find are above 20V, check anyway. We do not recommend buying below this value.

The manufacturer will give you an estimate of the operating time. Note that this will always be an optimistic figure, i.e. you will be using the device at low power and in the best possible conditions. If you increase the power, calculate that you will reduce the operating time.

Important : which has a charge indicator so you don’t end up with a half-loaded vacuum.

7. Comfort

This word must be at the end of your search because it is fundamental. You have to find a vacuum you’re comfortable with.

That the handles for working are ergonomic, that the device moves easily, that you don’t have to break your back every time you have to vacuum, that it has a comfortable handle for carrying it, that you don’t not lazy to take it out of the closet? Such details will make your life easier.

If you buy a machine that is balanced, has a bit of everything you need, and is comfortable and easy to use…you can give yourself a 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best power for a vacuum cleaner?

The best power for a vacuum cleaner depends on what you want to clean. If you are vacuuming dust, pet hair or ordinary dirt, 400W will suffice. If you have to vacuum liquids, the power should be at least 600W. And for dirt or bigger and heavier dirt, it should have 800W suction power.

Which is the best vacuum cleaner, bagged or bagless?

According to the OCU, bagged vacuum cleaners are more effective, especially for people with allergies, because they release less dust. But you have to change the bag often, which increases the cost.

Bagless vacuums, on the other hand, are more eco-friendly as they don’t require refills, which will also save you money. But they require more maintenance, especially for cleaning and changing filters.

Which is better, a broom or a vacuum cleaner?

Although a broom is lightweight, easy to store and doesn’t need a battery to operate, it doesn’t perform as well as a vacuum cleaner, which can absorb up to 99% of dust and dirt. dirt. If you are also allergic to dust, then a broom is out of the question, as it picks up dust and mites while sweeping. Besides, vacuum cleaner filters will help you more to take care of your health.

Which is better, a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum?

If what you are looking for is greater comfort and ease of use, as well as greater versatility and power, we recommend a cantilever vacuum cleaner. If you prefer to clean with a better posture, more lightness and greater practicality of use, the stick vacuum design will suit you better.

What things can a vacuum cleaner not pick up?

Although they are robust devices, be aware that some debris can damage their mechanism. Avoid vacuuming construction dust, chimney ashes, abrasive liquids and broken glass. If the vacuum cleaner is not prepared, it is also not recommended to use it with liquids.

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