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The best travel plans for Easter in Spain

There are so many plans for a getaway or a great vacation that sometimes it’s hard to choose where to go. That’s why today we are going to show you some of the best plans of The best plans for Easter in Spain.

The best Easter plans in Spain

Each of the plans that we present to you today will lead you to get to know a place that has something special. “Something that makes her different from others.

You want to to get out of the routine and see a different place, a unique monument or to travel “in time”??

If you are looking for some projects to do at Easter in Spaintake note and start planning your vacation 😉 .

Take a tour of the glacial lakes

What do you think ? a trip to glacial lakes? It may sound like an Arctic expedition, but if we tell you that you don’t have to go that far, or even leave Spain, that sounds better, doesn’t it? 😊

To do this, plan a trip to Asturias and ride up to. Covadonga lakesbecause this is where you will find two lakes of glacial origin (three if you go in the spring).

lagos de covadonga perfect plan for easter week

The Enol and Ercina lakes are located at an altitude of 1,134 meters inside the Picos de Europa National Park and the best way to get a good view of them is to do the circular route of about 6 kilometers around them..

The route is quite easy to do, although if you allow us a tip, wear comfortable shoes and some warm clothesbecause the weather changes very quickly on the lakes.

¿Do you think this is a good plan for Easter? 😉

Journey to prehistory

If you like history and want to know your ancestorswe are not going to recommend a place for you to travel to prehistoric times, but two and you don’t need a time machine.

On the city of Burgos visit the Museum of Human Evolutionwhere we will show you very interesting things about the excavations in the Sierra de Atapuerca and Darwin’s theory of human evolution.among others.

museum of human evolution in burgos

To end the day, nothing better than a visit to the the archaeological site of Atapuerca, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000.

Visit the oldest skyscrapers in the world.

Skyscrapers like those in New York, for example, amaze us all, but if we tell you that in Spain we have the oldest in the world how do you stay

Yes, we are referring to the skyscrapers of the Barrio de San Martin and to see them, just go to historic center of Cuenca.

the oldest skyscrapers in the world in cuenca

They were built between the 15th and 16th centuries, which gives them the title of oldest skyscrapers in the world and take a look at all its floors, approach the area of ​​Hoz del Huécar a few steps from the Hanging houses.

Enter the oldest university in Spain

What do you think to walk through halls and courtyards where people have studied since the 12th century.? A place with so much history and legends that you can find it if you decide to make a visit to Salamanca.

Nestled in the narrow streets of the old town, you will find oldest university in Spain founded in 1134.

Today is not only still in operation, but is also one of the most famous and I’m sure you know the facade in the photo. The legend says that if you find a frog, you will return to Salamanca. 😇

universidad de salamanca perfect plan to see during easter week

It is possible to enter the university and see the Graduate schoolswhere he taught Fray Luis de Leonthe chapel, the cloister of the Little Schools with the representation of the medieval sky called “El Cielo de Salamanca”, an incredible library and much more.

Transport yourself in time

Do you like the villages of yesteryear where you can smell the smell of firewood as you pass by?

If so, we recommend that you go to see the village of La Albercaone of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Discover its beauty Plaza MayorTo 18th century churchtraditions such as Marrano de San Anton or museums with a collection of albino costumes and to end the day, what better than a visit to the ham museum. 😊

Discover the city of towers, houses and palaces.

If you go through a day to see Cáceresyou will quickly understand why we gave it this title.

Starting from the Plaza Mayor, you can enter the Caceres old townwhere the most important monuments to see in the city.

The website Palace of the Marquises of TorreorgazTHE Los Caballeros HospitalTHE Church of San Francisco Javier where the Palace of the Golfines of Abajoare just some of the most important sites in the city of Extremadura.

Walk through the palace whose walls speak

Do you think that a good plan for Easter to go to a palace where the walls speak?

We are talking about The Alhambraone of the essential places to see in Granada, declared world heritage of humanityand consists of several palaces and gardens, as well as a fortress.

courtyard of the alhambra in granada

Of all the areas of the Alhambra, our favorite is that of the Nasrid Palaces Or the walls “speak” through engravings with texts from the Koran or poems telling stories.

It will take you at least 3 hours to visit the whole Alhambra and it is highly recommended. Buy your tickets well in advance if you go on the weekend or in high season.

ADVICE: How about sleep at the Alhambra? It is possible to do this in the Former Convent of San Francisco (today a Parador Nacional) or at the America hotel, both located within the walled enclosure.

Climb to the highest peak in Spain

Climbing to the top of a mountain and enjoying the view is already an experience in itself, but if you turn it into a volcano whose summit is the highest in Spainthen it becomes unique.

To climb to the highest point in the country, just go to Tenerife and go to the Las Canadas National Park where he is Mount Teide at an altitude of 3,718 meters.

the teide

You can do this in two ways:

Any way, if the weather is clear. you will be able to see some of the other Canary Islands like La Palma or La Gomera.. Of course, to make the most of don’t forget to take warm clothes and comfortable shoes..

Lose yourself in a forest over 20 million years old.

There are many forests in Spain where you can escape at Easter, but the one we recommend has something special, his age.

The Laurisilva forest that you will find at the island of La Gomerahas neither more nor less than 20 million years.

garajonay national park

To walk there is almost to have the impression of being in a magic forest, in which its huge moss-covered trees and giant fernswill do you will feel like you are in a fairy tale.

You can do small routes in the Laurisilva forest, in the Laguna Grande recreation area.

TRICKAnother highly recommended area in La Gomera is El Bosque del Cedro, in the municipality of Hermigua.. Absolutely spectacular.

What do you think of our Easter Plans in Spain ? We hope you have some of these places near you 😉.

Greetings travelers.


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