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The technical control of two-wheelers remains unclear

Scheduled for October 1, the technical control of motorized two-wheelers has been controversial for more than a year and was ultimately not applied after the government’s decision to put in place alternative measures.

However, the chapter is far from closed. Occupied by several environmental associations, the Council of State again called the executive to order.

The highest administrative court in the country therefore calls for the implementation of technical inspections of motorcycles and scooters in accordance with the directives issued by the EU in 2014. To justify its decision, the Council of State stressed that the alternative measures announced by the government did not meet the criteria set by Brussels.

No details on the implementation and the conditions of application

The decision of the Council of State does not specify the mode of implementation and the conditions of recourse to the technical supervision of two-wheelers.

He only indicated that the implementation of this measure would depend on the issuance of executive orders by the executive. He also mentioned that its entry into force would depend on “a gradual increase in the load”.

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Environmental advocates call on the government to honor its commitments

Following the decision of the Council of State, and in order to avoid any ambiguity on the subject, the ecologists asked the government to respect the commitments made.

A letter requesting the adoption of the necessary measures to establish the technical control of motorcycles and scooters was therefore sent to Elisabeth Borne through their lawyer.

It must be said that the case embarrasses the leaders of the country, but they have always been able to give the hour to the hour.

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