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Visit to the monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste. What to see

After seeing Cáceres for a daywe continued on our way until we reached the La Vera regionwhere, before going to see the city of Placenciawe stopped at visit the monastery of Yuste.

Visit to Yuste Monastery

THE Yuste Monastery is one of those places that, for a moment, takes you back in time and with this article we want to tell you about it. everything you need to know about this placewho was chosen by the emperor Charles I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire.

Let’s start… 😉

History of the Monastery of Saint Jerome de Yuste

THE Yuste Monastery or rather, Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste. which is its full name, was built in the 15th century. to house the monks of the order of Saint Jerome and became famous thanks to the Emperor Charles V..

Charles V arrived at the monastery on February 3, 1557 and his arrival, as an important character, required several preparations, especially since he was accompanied by a retinue of 70 people. AT palace house so that everyone is comfortable and today you can see it during your visit. visit to the monastery of Yuste.

bust carlos V yuste monastery.

Declared Historic-Artistic Monument in 1931 and European Heritage in 2007.He is currently part of Spanish national heritage.

What to see in Yuste Monastery

THE Yuste Monastery is composed of several spaces that you can visit: 2 cloisters, the church and the emperor’s palace..

It took us about an hour and a half to visit it. it is currently not possible to take pictures of the interior. (the first time we went years ago, we had no problem taking them, so we can leave you some).

Monastery cloisters

If you visit the monastery of Yuste, you can visit its two cloisters.

gothic cloister

Built in the 15th century, is one of the oldest parts of the monastery and its decoration is rather austere.The ceiling is covered with wood. It has two floors and it is from there that one enters the church.

gothic cloister monastery

Renaissance cloister

Also called monastic cloisterdates from the 16th century. If you thought the Gothic Cloister was simple, you’ll surely love this one as much as we do because of the its decoration and its garden. 😊

renaissance cloister of the monastery.

Yuste Monastery Church

THE Yuste Monastery Church It dates from the 15th century, has a single nave and a single bay. a high altar with an altarpiece commissioned by Philip II in honor of his father, Charles V..

The emperor wanted to be buried there, under the altar, but his son had him moved. his remains at the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial..

yuste monastery church

Before leaving, do not miss a very curious thing: a window on the right side of the altar which communicates with the bedroom of Charles V. Through her, he could attend mass without having to leave his room or get up. out of bed since his gout problem prevented him from walking..

Palace of Charles V

THE palace house known as Cuarto Realwas designed by Charles V before his arrival at the monastery of Yuste. he spent just over a year after his abdication..

At the entrance to the palace house you will see a ramp over some arches, did you know it was built in such a way that the emperor can ride his horse to the gate.? The reason is – as we said before – that he suffered from gout and could not walk.

You can visit one of the factories which surprised us a lot with its humility, for an emperor’s house. You will see there the courtroom, the study and the bedroom with the original bed. where he died on September 21, 1558.

bedroom of charles v in casa palacio

Of all the parts that you will visit in Yuste monasterywithout a doubt the most famous and impressive in our opinion, is Charles V’s bedroomin which it will not fail to attract your attention that her walls are covered with black robesin memory of his wife Isabel de Portugal, who died a few years earlier.

In the office and the courtroom, you have curious objects such as a copy of the lightweight travel chair.which he is supposed to have used to get to the monastery and the church. another chair with an extension for him to rest his leg on..

TIPS: In front of the palace are gardens and a pond where the emperor indulged in one of his hobbies: fishing.

How to get to Yuste Monastery

You can get to the monastery of Yuste from Cáceres by the Ruta de la Plata (A-66), then take the EX-203 to Cuacos de Yuste, where you will find the junction to the monastery on the EX-391 road .

If you visit you don’t have to worry about transportation and you prefer visit as part of an organized excursionthis guided tour, which in addition to the Yuste Monasteryincludes the Monfragüe National Park viewpoints and one guided tour of Placenciais a very good option 😉.

Excursion to the Monastery of Yuste, Monfragüe and Plasencia

ticket to start the visit to yuste monastery

ADVICEHalfway between the monastery and Cuacos de Yuste, you will find the german cemeterywhere 180 German soldiers who died on Spanish soil as a result of shipwrecks or the shooting down of their planes are buried.

gardens and pond of the house-palace of carlos c.

Whether you go alone or with the organized excursion, you can buy the entrance ticket in advance on the official website.

TIPS: We recommend that you to buy the guided tour of the Monastery to know all the aspects of the life of the monastery. curiosities and anecdotes of this place that breathes history from all four sides.

Where to sleep near Yuste Monastery

You want to know the whole region outside the monastery? If you have free days and want to spend a night near the monastery of Yuste to see it in peacehere are some options the nearest town Cuacos de Yuste and to the capital Caceres which is also worth visiting.

Accommodation in Cuacos de Yuste

Accommodation in Caceres

After doing a visit to Yuste MonasteryWe have to go home, but we hope this has helped you plan a trip to this beautiful region of Extremadura.

We’ll see you soon… 😊

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