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What to see in Ljubljana. Must-see sites in the beloved city

Slovenia may be one of the most overlooked destinations, but this small country in the center of Europe has a lot to offer, so today we are going to tell you… what to see in Ljubljanaits capital.

His name means “beloved” and his symbol is the dragon.which you will see depicted in many places in the city, including the famous Dragon Bridge.

TRICK: We leave you here our budget for a trip to Slovenia so you can plan your visit to this beautiful country.

What to see in Ljubljana: Must-see places

The city of Ljubljana Ljubljana – Ljubljana in Slovenian – is located in the center of the country and is one of the smallest European capitals. the historic center is pedestrianized or use small electric cars with driver, called Kavalir which are free and operate year-round.

What to see in Djubljana from a car called Kavalir

If you want to visit the city with a guide, we recommend this one. free tour in english where we will show you the best places to see in Ljubljana.

Self-guided tour of Ljubljana

Fill your bottle at one of the many fountains you will find and let’s start seeing this beautiful city. 😊

Ljubljana Castle

The website Ljubljana Castle located at the highest point, is one of the unmissable and most visited places in the city.where you will get the best views of Ljubljana.

The castle, built in the 12th century, was a small wooden fortress that served as a residence for the town’s nobles. But it was not until the 14th century that the old fortress was demolished and a new castle was built, which was expanded over time.

side view of the castle-ljubljana

One of the oldest parts of the castle is the chapel of Saint-Georges, with its beautifully painted ceiling and prisonwhich was used in the 19th century.

There are several ways to go up to the castle: On foot from different points in the city, with the funicular or with the tourist train.

We did it on foot and although in some places the path was quite steep, it was not too difficult.

Entrance to the castle is worth – in our opinion – for the splendid views over the whole city The courtyard is free and from there you can visit several rooms.


TIPSInside the castle there is an information office, the puppet museum and public toilets.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

The website St. Nicholas Cathedral may not grab your attention due to the simplicity of its facade, but it does. its large green dome and towers..

Baroque in style, it was built in the 18th century and is remarkable for the decoration of its side door, on which the Slovenian popes are represented, as well as for the main door on which the history of Slovenia is told.

cathedral entrance gate - st. nicholas

Its interior is spectacular, especially the marvelous polychrome ceiling and the choir organ.. 😍

interior of the cathedral of st. Nicholas

Central Market

A few steps from the cathedral, you will see the Central Market. Divided into zones, the square is home to stalls where you can find clothes, fruits, vegetables, gifts and handicrafts.

ljubljana central market

And in the inner area you have the stalls to buy meat, fish and cheese.

On Fridays and Saturdays there are several food stalls where you can try typical Slovenian dishes for a reasonable price. 😋

ADVICE: On one side of the market, -also in various places in the city-, you will find vending machines with fresh milk, which you can buy by bringing your own container or with the bottle that is sold with it 😉 .

Preseren Square

This square, although not very big, is one of the best known in the city and one that you cannot miss. to see in Ljubljana.

It was built from a medieval crossroads in front of the entrance to a fortified town.

It is notable for the sculpture by preserenpoet and author of the national anthem and Franciscan Church of the Annunciation of Mary with its striking color.

preseren square in ljubljana

TIPSIf you follow the poet’s gaze, he will lead you to a sculpture on one of the facades on Wolfova Street, which we were told depicts Julija Primic, her unrequited love.

The Triple Bridge, recommended site to see in Ljubljana

Just opposite Preseren Square, you will see one of Ljubljana’s must-see sites: the Triple Bridge. or Tromostovje, if you prefer its Slovenian name.

The central bridge, built of stone in 1842, replaced a wooden bridge that linked villages in northwestern Europe with the Balkan region.

triple bridge ljubljana

Years later, two more bridges were added, one on each side for pedestrians. Today they connect the medieval city with the more modern part of Ljubljana.

Dragon Bridge

And if we talk about bridges in Ljubljana, we cannot forget the most famous of them, the Dragon Bridge.

The bridge itself does not attract much attention, since it is not very big and its decoration has nothing to show off, except for the four dragons that give it all its charm..

photo of the dragon bridge

Built in 1901, it was the first iron and concrete construction in the city and one of the first bridges in Europe..

Tivoli Park

Near the old town of Ljubljana you will find the Tivoli ParkTHE largest city park which covers an area of ​​5 square kilometers.

In the park there are several paths to walk around and it is full of small gardens with fountains and statues.

Without a doubt, the most famous area is the Jakopic promenade in the central part of the park. and considered a open air museum speak photo exhibitions throughout the year.

The largest city park in Ljubljana -tivoli

Of course, you can also cycle through it, have a picnic or play sports in some of the sports areas, such as the tennis courts or the basketball courts.

TRICK: At the end of this walk, you will see a beautiful mansion which today houses the International Center for Graphic Arts.

Boat trip on the Ljublianica River

One of the activities proposed for things to do in Ljubljanais a mini-cruise on the Ljubljana river, on one of the many boats that you can take at different places in the city.

During the tour, which lasts approximately one hour, you will pass through the most famous areas of the citypassing under bridges as famous as the Triple Bridge.

what to see in ljubljana-from-a-boat-crossing-the-river-ljubljana


If you like museums, the city of Ljubljana has several that might interest you:

  • National Gallery of Slovenia: Near Tivoli Park, you have this gallery with works of art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

ljubljana national museum

  • National Museum of SloveniaIf you prefer history, then this museum is for you, because you can see curious objects such as the oldest musical instrument in the world.
  • Modern Art MuseumRight next to Metelkova, this original building exhibits works by European artists.

Metelkova Mesto, a must in Ljubljana

One of the things to see in Ljubljana she is, without a doubt, Metelkova Mesto.

The origins of this part of Ljubljana date back to the 19th century, when it was a military barracks belonging to the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later became the Slovenian headquarters of the Yugoslav Home Army.

general photo of metelkova-mesto

Today is a alternative cultural centerThe nightlife district, especially on weekends, is one of the city’s nightlife hotspots.

district metelkova-mesto

During the day it is a quiet place, in which we recommend you to stroll if you are urban art loverThe works of art, sculptures and graffiti you will see will leave you speechless.

works-and-sculptures in metelkova-mesto

TIPSIf you are looking for an original accommodation, you have Celica guesthouse which was the prison of the military barracks and some of his pieces are made in actual prison cells..

Map of places to see in Ljubljana

We leave you a card with all the places to see in Ljubljana.

Places to see near Ljubljana

If during your visit to Slovenia you do not want to stay only in the capital Ljubljana, we will give you some ideas of the best places to visit. beautiful places to see and who are near the capital:

  • What do you think ? see the city of Bled? You can spend a day there to see its magnificent castle or by giving a boat trip.
  • Do you like caves? If so, we assure you that the Postojna Cave will surprise you.
  • And the castles? The website Predjama Castle who is the largest in the world inside a cavewill leave you speechless. 😍

You can get to each of these places on your own or with an organized tour. If you don’t want to worry about anything, here are a few. Guided tours that might be of interest to you.

Excursion to Bled

Excursion to Bled, Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle.

Excursion to Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle.

We hope you found this post on what to see in Ljubljana and that you can go in a short time to see the so-called city of the dragon 😉 .

Thank you very much for always being there and see you soon.


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