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What to see in Tenerife in 5 days. Complete guide + videos and maps

¿What to see in Tenerife in 5 days? We will answer this question with this Guide to Tenerifewhich comes with a daily map so you have all the important sights at your fingertips and can see the most important places in Tenerife. several videos so you can see the town before you go, just like we did before our trip around the island.

The island of Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. with an extension of 2,034 Km2 so, if you want to see the most interesting things about it, you will need several days.

Although the distances are not very long, it takes quite a long time to get from one point to another, since some roads are very winding, there are ravines, many small villages in between, etc.

Anyway, this island is well worth spending several days visiting it from all four sides, and for this there is no better choice than renting a car to get lost in all its corners and corners..

If you only have a few days or don’t feel like driving, we recommend these tours to go around the islandstarting from from the north or south of Tenerife.

Tour of the island from the north

Tour of the island from the south

So, take your map (or your gps), we are going to visit it. 😊

What to see in Tenerife in 5 days. Day 1

On this first day of the five days that we are going to spend visiting Tenerifewe are going to show you one of the cities with the most history: San Cristobal de la Lagunawe will take you to forest of three senses and we will refresh ourselves in one of the best known beaches in the north of Tenerife..

San Cristobal De La Laguna

To get to know the island, there is nothing better than visiting its oldest town: San Cristóbal de La Laguna. It was the first capital of Tenerife and walking through its streets is… to take a walk in history.

Of the Plaza del Adelantado until the Conception Churchyou can admire old houses and palaces that belonged to noble families and great merchants..

The city can easily be seen in a morning and the best way to do it, other than on your own, is to do it by doing one of the best free tours in Tenerife where you will discover all the secrets of this city. world heritage site.

Self-guided tour of La Laguna

Anaga Rural Park

Anaga Rural Park is a Biosphere Reserve since 2015 and where you can find one of the largest laurel forests on the island..

Despite its winding roads, the spectacular scenery will amaze you so much so that you will come to the conclusion that it is one of the The best things to see in Tenerife and that it was worth the drive to see this wonderful park.

TIPSIf you are a hiking enthusiast, this is a good place for you and we recommend this three-hour guided route and low difficulty in which you will enter these marvelous forests.

We did one of the routes of the The way of the senses who pass by an old road that connected the villages of Anaga to the town of La Laguna..

So you can see the beauty of the placeWe leave you the video that we shot in the area. 😊

Las Teresitas Beach

And to end the day, we go to the Las Teresitas Beachone of the best beaches to visit (and swim) in Tenerife 😄. Sahara desert white sand beach.Almost 2 kilometers long, perfect for a dip in the sea, sunbathing or relaxing in the shade of one of the palm trees.

Map of the best places to see in Tenerife. Day 1

What to see in Tenerife in 5 days. Day 2

Today we are going to discover the city where you will find the patron saint of Tenerife and the Canary Islands and to know the capital of the island.


Candelaria is a small town that was originally a fishing village and stands out for its location, the Basilica of Nuestra Senora de Candelaria.

In the square in front of the basilica you will see 9 bronze statues representing the 9 kings of the Guanche people.former inhabitants of the island.

TIPS: If you are interested in getting to know the city better, this walking tour might be a good idea. 😊

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Capital of the island of Tenerife since the 17th century, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been an easy-to-navigate city, where you can easily spend a whole day strolling through its streets, visiting the Garcia Sanabria Park or some of its museums such as the Museum of Nature and Archeology.

Of course you can also go shopping at the famous Calle del Castillo and eat at one of its many restaurants or grab a bite to eat at Our Lady of Africa Market.

And then, to pass the meal, nothing like a walk in the famous Plaza de Espana.😇

If you want to do a guided walking tour of the citywe recommend this free tour.

Self-guided tour of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Map of the best places to see in Tenerife. Day 2

What to see in Tenerife in 5 days. Day 3

On this third day watch Tenerifewe will get to know some of the The most important places to see in the North of Tenerifewhere you can be amazed by one of the oldest plants on the island and bathe in natural poolsamong other things.

Puerto De La Cruz

The city of Puerto de la Cruzis, together with Playa de las Américas in the south of the island, one of the most important the most popular places where to stay in Tenerife. You have several places to visit such as the Botanical Garden or the center Plaza del Charco.

Another good option is to sunbathe on one of the black sand beaches or in the swimming pools of the Lago Martianez complex, a work by the Canarian artist Cesar Manrique.

TIPS: Getting to know the city visit the best places accompanied by a guide, this free visit will be very useful.

La Orotava

Very close to Puerto de la Cruz is the town of La Orotava. Its steep streets, the large houses with their typical balconiessome of which can still be visited, and places such as the Town Hall SquareThe website Conception Church or the Casa de los Balcones museum are interesting places to visit in Tenerife.

If you like gofio, -one of the most typical products of the island-, -gofio is one of the most typical products of the island-.You will have the opportunity to buy it in one of the mills of La Orotava, and if you want to see all these places, we can only recommend this one free guided tour in which you will cross the old quarter of the city.

Self-guided tour of La Orotava

TIPSIf, before going to Tenerife, you are curious about the The most important sites of La OrotavaWe leave you the video that we filmed in the city.

Icod of Los Vinos

In the old town you can visit the Church of San Marcosthe site Constitution Square or Plaza de la Pila and of course the star of the city: The Millennium Dragon Tree.

At first glance, it may seem like a very curious tree, but, we correct ourselves and change the word tree to plant, because it really is a tree. a tree plant.

Declared a national monument in 1917It is called millennial, although according to experts, it is between 600 and 800 years old.

It is located in Parque del Drago, you can buy a ticket to see it up close and wander around the rest of the park, where you will also see some botanical species endemic to the islands.

Of course, since you went so far Icod de los VinosBe sure to visit one of the bodega-shops, where you can taste and buy some of Tenerife’s most popular wines accompanied by a tapa of a local cheese 😋.

How about a special experience? Do not miss the Cueva del Viento, the fifth largest volcanic tube in the world and which can only be visited during an organized and pre-booked visit. which includes, among other things, transportation, a guided visit to La Orotava and another to Garachico.

TIPS: Would you like to take a virtual tour of Icod de los Vinos? We show it to you below. 😊


To end the third day watch Tenerifewe will see the beautiful village of Garachico.

The old town is small, but it is full of interesting places steeped in history as the Castle-Fortress of San Miguel where the Old Earth Gate Park where you can still see today the remains of the old port.

In the main square of Garachico is the old Convent of San Franciscothe site House of the Counts of La Gomera and the House of the Marquis of La Quinta Rojanow converted into a rural hotel.

If you visit the city in good weather and feel like swimming, do it in the natural pools of El Caletón, formed thanks to the lava of the Trevejo volcano which destroyed a large part of the city in 1706..

Map of the best places to visit in Tenerife. Day 3

What to see in Tenerife in 5 days. Day 4

Today we are going to dedicate the whole day to a destination with several places to see, because it is possible that… the most visited site of the island because it is there, the highest mountain in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world..

Teide National Park

If you wonderWhat to see in 5 days in TenerifeIt must be one of your must-haves.

Located practically in the center of the island of Tenerife, the Teide National Park was declared a national park in 1954 and is the most visited in Spain.

We recommend that you stop at the viewpoints you find along the way to enjoy the view. dramatic landscape of volcanic lava and also, that you enter the visitor center where there is a small free museum.

Of course, don’t forget to see the famous Roques de García and what better way to than with this free tour in which you will also get to know Llanos de Ucanca or Roque Cinchadoamong other natural monuments.

The other activities you can do, besides eating well 😋, are . hiking trails or climbing Teide with the cable car. if you don’t want to worry about anything, book one day out of the five days we’ll be staying, -according to the schedule in this post- and do this excursion which includes entry to the cable car or a climb to the top of Teide..

Excursion to Teide + Entrance to the cable car from the north

Excursion to Teide + Entrance to the cable car from the South

Entrance to the Teide cable car + Hike to the peak

Map of the best things to do in Tenerife. Day 4

What to see in Tenerife in 5 days. Day 5

Today, it’s time to take it easy in the car, because we have in front of us winding roadsbut, we are sure that you will thank us for the the wonderful landscapes you will see and to end the day, a refreshing swim in one of the the best water parks in the world.


This hamlet, located in the Teno Rural Park northwest of the island, is one of the places that must see in Tenerife.

AT Chew It can be reached from the north of the island via Buenavista del Norte and from the south via Santiago del Teide. The roads are a bit narrow and winding, but if you go to the north of the island it is possible to reach slowly and carefullyyou can “savor”. landscapes that are truly spectacular.

Once there, take a walk to the end of the road, past its 18th century church and have a drink in one of the restaurants overlooking the valley or the sea.

Cliff of Los Gigantes

About 18 kilometers towards the tourist area of ​​Adeje and Arona, you will find these marvelous cliffs, whose vertical walls measure 300 to 600 meters high.

From Archipenque viewpoint in the village of Los Gigantes you will have one of the best views, but without a doubt, the most spectacular are those of the sea.

If you want, you can Take a ride on one of the boats that depart from Puerto Coló Playa de las Américas, where, in addition to the incredible views, you will discover the marine life of the coast of Tenerife..

Catamaran trip with whale watching and listening to whales and dolphins

Siam Park Water Park

In the upper part of Playa de Las Américas you have this water park located in Thailandwhich open every day of the year at 10 o’clock.

Adrenaline lover? This park is perfect for you, because you can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour on some of its slides. and experience vertical falls.😎

You also have several restaurants, relaxation areas, children’s areas and the possibility of enjoying the artificial wave pool with the biggest wave in the world (3 meters high)..

Map of the best places to go in Tenerife. Day 5

After these 5 days to see TenerifeWe’re guessing you can’t wait to get away, so we hope you’re planning your trip and telling us about it in the comments when you get back to make us envious. 😊

See you soon…

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