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What to see in the lakes of Covadonga and its surroundings?

If there is one essential visit to Asturias, it is to go to see the lakes of Covadonga. 😍

That’s what we did and the truth is that we had an amazing day seeing the area, despite the chilly weather. 😨

TIPS: The climate of the lakes can change very quickly.we therefore recommend wear warm clothes and suitable shoes.

The lakes of Covadonga

The website Covadonga Lakes are located in the Municipal Council of Cangas de Onís, at an altitude of 1134 meters and in the Picos de Europa National Park.

Now let’s not bog us down any longer and tell you all that to see in Lagos de Covadonga and its surroundings.

What to see in the lakes of Covadonga

The lakes of Covadonga, of glacial origin, are called: Enol and Ercina.

To get a good view of the lakes, you can take a circular route of about 6 kilometers around the lakes.which includes several points of view, such as the Viewpoint of Entrelagoswith incredible views of the lakes and passes through an old mine.

Lake Enol

The first lake you will come across on the way up is Lake Enol, the larger of the two lakes..

At the bottom of this lake lies the Virgin of Covadongawhich is taken out in procession each year on September 8.

Ercina Lake

A little higher, you will see the second of the Covadonga lakes, Lake Ercina. This one is much smaller, but in our opinion just as good looking.

TIPS: If the day is clear, you will be able to see an amazing scene with grazing cows and sheep peacefully.

view of one of the covadonga lakes called ercina lake.

Bricial lake

Did you know that the lakes of Covadonga drop from two to three during the thaw season? If you go there in the spring, you can enjoy the third: Lake Bricial.

TIPS: By being less known, you can enjoy this region with more peace and quiet.

What to see near the lakes of Covadonga

Apart from the lakes themselves Covadonga Lakesyou can also see other beautiful places nearby such as the Sanctuary of Covadongaamong others.

Among the places of the Sanctuary, we are going to tell you which ones we have visited and we recommend you to see.

The sacred cave

The first chapel built in the Cave of Covadonga was by order of Alfonso I in the year 740, in order to commemorate Don Pelayo’s victory over the Muslims.It was destroyed by fire in the 18th century.

After climbing the 103 steps of the “stairway of promises”, you will arrive at the entrance to Santa Cueva, where you will see the current chapel built in the 1940s and, next to it, the Virgin of Covadongaaffectionately called by the Asturians The Santina.

virgin of covadonga in the sanctuary of the same name.

In the Holy Grotto is also the Tomb of Don Pelayoembedded in the right side wall, before reaching the image of the Virgin.

Basilica of Covadonga

After the fire of the Santa Cueva in the 18th century, it was decided to build a new church, but it took almost a century to achieve this. 😓 After some problems, the church was inaugurated in 1901. Basilica of Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga.

basilica of santa maria la real de covadonga.

In neo-Romanesque style, it is made up of dew stone from the mountains of Covadonga.. During your visit, do not miss the painting representing Don Pelayo in Covadonga and the replica of the victoria cross located behind the altar.

The Campanona

Very close to the Santa Cueva tunnel and before entering it, look at the top right, and you will see. La Campanona, a large bell from the 19th century. weighing 5000 kg.😅

lake bellflower

Although it is only decorative, we can see scenes from Dante’s Divine Comedy. and was made in the Asturian blast furnaces of the Compañía Metalúrgica Duro Felguera.

The 3 crosses

This stone monument is located in the tunnel leading to the Holy Grotto and is what remains of an ancient Stations of the Cross.

monument of the 3 crosses in the sanctuary of covadonga

The 3 crosses are in a hollow dug in the wall and from them you have one magnificent view of the basilica.

Fountain of the 7 beaks

After visiting the Santa Cueva, you can go to this fountain, popularly known as the Fountain of Marriagebecause, according to an old song of Asturian folklore, it says: “The Virgin of Covadonga has a very clear fountain, the girl who drinks there in the year marries”..

The fountain is to the left of the pond below the Santa Cueva, called the Pozón and has 7 spouts with very good but also very cold water. 😨

How to get to the Covadonga Lakes from Oviedo

One of the times when we visited Oviedowe decided to go from there to Covadonga lakes.

To do this, we took the A-64 towards Santander and the N-634 towards Cangas de Onís, from where we you can take the bus to the lakes of Covadonga or continue by car to the sanctuary of Covadonga..

cangas de onis near the lakes of covadonga

Access to the lakes is restricted to cars during “high season” times of the year (Easter, summer and some long weekends) so that it is mandatory to get on the bus or if you don’t want to complicate your life, you can book one of these tours that we suggest.

Covadonga Lakes Excursion

Excursion to Covadonga

We think it’s worth it, climbing up to to see the lakes of Covadonga and we hope you can do the same, by telling us about your experience afterwards.

A big hug.

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