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Where to eat cheap in New York. The best places to eat

Today we are going to show you several places where eat cheap in New Yorkdon’t go hungry and don’t spend too much.

And you wonder… Is that possible in a city as expensive as New York? The answer is YES, in capital letters. Read on and we’ll tell you about it.

TIPSBefore going to lunch (or after), we recommend that you do this free visitwhere you will see iconic locations such as Wall Street or the 9/11 Memorial.among others.

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Where to eat cheaply in New York

We will show you, one by one, the cheap places to eat in the so-called city that never sleeps, when you go to spend a few days in New York.

Shake Shack, one of the best places to eat cheaply in New York City

Shake Shack is a legendary burger chain you’ll find all over town.

Among all the burgers they offer, we can highlight the Angus beef burger and the Shroom Burger, the latter without meat and with mushrooms. Both are very good, for a reasonable price..

You also have options for breakfast and delicious smoothies.

new york shake shack

  • Address: Square Park, 23rd Street and Madison Ave Madison

The Great American Bagel Bakery

It’s not just burgers in New York and if there’s something typical and inexpensive are the bagels.

Our favorite place to try them was America’s Great Bagel Bakeryinside the Fulton Center shopping mall, which can be reached by walking from inside the Oculus on the ground zero.

Founded in 1987, they stand out for their fresh steamed bagels.

First you choose the type of bagel, then the filling. They are quite large, they are served hot and the most famous and typical are with cream cheese.

the-big-american-bagel-bakery in new-york

99 Cent Pizza

The website 99 cent pizza is a well-known pizzeria, where you can order slices or whole pizzas.

Apart from fresh and incredibly cheap enough to be in New YorkThe variety of pizzas is great and the portions are generous, so you won’t go hungry. To drink, you have several types of soft drinks and water.

  • Address: 167 7th Avenue

2 bros pizza

Another good option and similar to the previous one is 2bros Pizza.

You have quite good quality slices of pizza and since this is a very famous fast food joint they are constantly releasing new pizzas so you will have the best pizza in the world. freshly prepared and still warm.

2bros pizza cheap pizzeria pizza in new york city

It’s a quick way to eat well and cheap and continue to see the city.

Hot dog carts

If there’s one thing that’s typical of New York, it’s a hot dog from one of the hot dog stands you’ll find all over town and on almost every street corner.

They not only offer hot dogs for sale, but also pretzels, which are buns wrapped in grains of salt.

It’s a cheap way to eat something and quick, sitting in one of the city parks.


PotBelly Sandwich Shop

Even though it’s called a “sandwich”, we assure you that PotBelly Sandwich Shop is a restaurant specializing in sandwiches – and what sandwiches! 😋

They also call them submarine sandwiches

First you need to choose the type of bread, the size (we recommend medium) and finally the filling.

We ordered two sandwiches”chicken club“made with grilled chicken, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese. They were delicious and not at all expensive.

One of the most central locations is inside Rockefeller Center, very close to the Top of the Rock entrance.

  • Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza


If you’re staying in Queens, Harlem, or Brooklyn, you’re sure to find a ladies close.

It is a chain of fast-food restaurants, best known for its beef burgers and hot dogs.but you can also order chicken in many varieties, as well as sides of fries and various drinks.

ladies in new york city

TIPS: Be sure to try the ice cream cones.

  • Address: 77 Chambers Street

Five Guys

With Shake Shack, Five Guys is one of the Big Apple’s most famous restaurants.

What sets it apart from other restaurants is that you can order the made-to-order burgers.

Choose if you want it single or double, and from a list of more than 15 ingredientschoose the ones you like the most, because there is no limit and they are all included in the price.

The drink is “recharge“, which means you can fill it as many times as you want and they offer free peanuts.

  • Address: 343 7th Avenue

Bubba Gump

Another of the best known restaurants is the Bubba Gump, specializing in fried and breaded prawnsbut they also offer burgers and salads.

ADVICEIf you are a fan of the Forrest Gump movie, you will like this restaurant.

bubba gump

  • Address: 1501 Broadway


Delis are supermarkets where you can find “a bit of everything” at good prices.

You have a buffet area where you can buy ready meals to take away or eat in and also in the deli they prepare sandwiches and snacks on the spot.

  • Address: 205 E Houston Street


And to finish this list of places where you can eat cheap in New Yorkwe recommend one for drinking the most famous dessert in town: THE cheesecake or cheesecake.

The restaurant chain Junior’s offers a wide variety of cheesecakes on its dessert menu.

The pieces are quite large and although they are all very tasty, we recommend the strawberry one and the one called Devil’s food, perfect for chocolate lovers. 😋

juniors cheesecake bakery in new york city

  • Address: 1515 Broadway

Tips for choosing a good restaurant for cheap dining in New York.

To make your dining experience in New York the best it can be, here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the restaurant that’s right for you:

  • Restaurants are sorted by lettersfrom A (best grade) to C (worst), indicating quality and cleanliness, among other things, as well as cooking temperature. This mandatory rating, created by New York State in 2010, is assigned by the Department of Health after a surprise inspection of each establishment and must be visible at the entrance.
  • If the restaurant has table serviceDon’t forget that it is “obligatory” to leave a tip. Between 10% if the service was normal and 20% or whatever if it was excellent.
  • In some restaurants you can refill your coffee or drinks as many times as you want, paying only once.
  • If you order water with your meal, you can ask for it at the tap (tap water) instead of mineral water. It’s free and we recommend it because the water in New York is very good.
  • To all the prices indicated on the menu, it is necessary to add New York local tax.

We hope that with this compilation of sites you have been able to eat cheap in new york and if you think we missed one that should be on this list, leave us a comment and we’ll visit it the next time we go.

Greetings travelers.

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