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Xiaomi Roborock S7: test and opinion

Roborock may not tell you anything, but if we tell you that it is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, you know what to expect. a competent robot vacuum cleaner at an affordable price.. We tested the Roborock S7 at home for a few weeks and here are the results.

roborock s7

Xiaomi Roborock S7 data sheet

What we liked the most

  • A very effective scrub
  • A smart mat mode
  • Fairly accurate mapping
  • Your application is distinguished by its many options

What could be improved

  • Application can be complex
  • A little noisy in maximum mode

Analysis and testing

During these weeks, the Xiaomi Roborock S7 has been tasked with cleaning the floors of our apartment, which has allowed us to evaluate aspects such as its power, autonomy, control and much more.


Whether you choose it in black or white, the Roborock S7 is an impressive vacuum to look at. slightly heavier than standard.. However, as the base is small, we had no trouble finding a place for it.

Its matte finish gives it a modern and functional look that also allows it to adapt to the environment. resists smudges on contact with fingers. So we took it with our hands to carry it and the surface remained clean.

What we liked most about its design is mixed tank size:

  • With 300ml water storage capacity, it is able to clean larger area.
  • With 470ml to store solids from suction.

As we saw in our testing, it allowed us to vacuum and mop multiple times without having to worry about emptying or refilling it.

When we put it upside down, we found the following. a side brush to attract dirt and a central rubber roller.. This combination, without being the most ambitious that we have been able to analyze, we believe that it is moderately solvent in attracting the solids present on the ground towards the suction zone.


The Roborock S7 is equipped with a LiDAR Viewer for smart navigation with mapping, and after several weeks of testing, we clearly know what we like best and least about the way it moves:

  • It is one of the fastest robot vacuums capable of traversing our house. Here we highlight the good performance of the laser and its refined algorithm, capable of interpreting the environment and plotting the optimal trajectory..
  • Though little is lost, small objects on the floor can cause you problems. For example, when he crawled under our bed, he grabbed a sock and dragged it around the house.

We were surprised at how much his intelligent carpet detection mode which allows him to detect them and act accordingly.

If he’s just vacuuming, he can either dodge it or get on it and clean it up. If it is also mopping, you can set it to avoid it or climb on top of it by lifting the mopping attachment to avoid staining it.


After testing the Roborock S7, we can conclude that it is a vacuum robot. The most versatile robot vacuum we’ve tested. We liked that it has 4 levels of suction and 4 levels of scrubbing, as this allows you to adjust the intensity to suit your needs.

With a cat in the house, it’s important that our vacuum robot has enough power to catch all the hairs it sheds during the day and, although this Xiaomi model considerably reduces its presence on the floors, it does not the fact remains that the robot vacuum cleaner is very efficient. there are still hairs.

In this sense, we believe that, if it had another side brush or another central rollerthe effect would be a little better. All in all, there is a big difference from the broom. The rubber brush is handy for removing hairballs that form.

What we liked the most about the way it cleans are two features:

  • Her sonic cleaning systemwhich means that the mop vibrates on contact with the floor to remove dry stains. He was thus able to eliminate small and medium-sized stains.
  • Power configure the vacuum cleaner so that it avoids the thick carpet of our bedroom but that it passes on the thin carpet of the living room.

Although we think that cleans carpets well but only superficiallyThe results are lower than those obtained with our canister vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, it is a good solution to keep carpets effortlessly clean during the week.


One of the benefits of the Roborock S7’s larger than usual size is that it has room to also house a good battery which, as it is, has a battery life of up to 3 hours of use.

Admittedly, according to our tests, these figures are only achieved with the lightest suction, but still, has a long battery lifeIt was able to clean our small apartment over 3 times on a single charge.

As the most intensive mode is not always necessary and it navigates very well, we were able to use its battery considerably. We therefore think that is a good candidate for large apartments.


Xiaomi is one of the go-to brands for tech lovers and this Roborock S7 is no exception. We’ve already seen some of the vacuuming, mopping and carpet management options because, in fact, that’s what it does. its application stands out for its customization possibilities.

The downside is its interfaceIt is relatively cluttered and not really intuitive. But for an app from a brand in the Xiaomi ecosystem, we think it should have a neater look and better translation.

And if you have smart speakers in your home for automating tasks and voice control, good news: it’s compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.the three main assistants on the market.

Our opinion

What stands out most about Roborock S7 is its adaptability. great autonomy, the quality of cleaning and the number of options. integrated into the app.

In this sense, we think it is a good candidate for the application anyone with a medium-sized apartment looking for a versatile device.. The fact that it is a large model means that it has great autonomy and a good tank to store the dirt generated in large spaces.

However, while it does a pretty good job of sucking, we preferred the floor and carpet cleaning options.. It’s not the most powerful model or the one with the best brush configuration. We therefore believe that people with pets and/or allergy problems will find other models more interesting.

After testing it, we are convinced that the Roborock S7 is a very interesting model. for technology loversbut if you’re looking for a simple and clear experience, we think you’ll have a hard time finding it.

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