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10 tips to make them silky and shiny

Moisturize the hairWhether your hair is long or short, straight or curly, colored or natural, it is inevitable that you… be affected by external circumstances such as exposure to the sun, environmental pollution or humidity and the use of hair straighteners or blow dryers, dyes or perms.

All of these factors damage the hair’s natural moisture content. As a result, it becomes dry and brittle, acquiring a sloppy and very unhealthy appearance..

If this is your case, know that there are solutions to this hair problem and in this post, we will tell you about it. Take note !

What will you find in this guide?

The 10 best tips to moisturize your hair

If you want to make your hair look like it’s straight out of the salon, follow the tips below:

1. a healthy and balanced diet

AT a healthy and balanced diet is of paramount importance for the care of your hair. As a result, drink enough water and include it in the Diet foods rich in protein, vegetable fats, vitamin B, iron, folic acid. will help you achieve the correct hydration of your hair.

And a small clarification: even if you think there is no connection, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And not only with your diet, but also with stress and bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, not doing sports or not sleeping enough hours, are factors that also affect your health and, therefore, the appearance of your hair.

2. Choose quality products to moisturize your hair

There are a wide variety of specific products on the market to moisturize your hair. Choose one that is free of sulfates, silicones, dyes, and parabens.

The products you should not do without are:

  • Hydrated hairMoisturizing shampoo: It will give you manageability and shine. Ideally, they should contain vegetable oils and amino acids for hair regeneration.
  • Nourishing creamParticularly recommended for curly or very dry and damaged hair. Helps restore healthy hair without making it greasy or weighed down.
  • Moisturizing mask: Using a mask once a week will provide your hair with deep hydration.
  • Moisturizing conditionerIf you use a moisturizing conditioner after every wash, you’ll find that your hair stays better hydrated and nourished.

3. do not over wash

Daily hair washing can affect the balance of natural oils in the scalp, which can lead to weakening of the hair fibres.. If you have this habit, you can always space out your washes using a dry shampoo.

4. Avoid heat tools

If time allows it, choose to air dry your hair. The goal is to avoid the use of hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons, as they can cause hair loss. contribute to dry and damaged hair.

If you find yourself in the need to use this type of tool, it is advisable to use a good heat shield and choose one quality iron.

5. Apply a moisturizing mask once a week.

Moisturize the hairGive the hair its weekly dose of moisture is a habit that you must take to have healthy hair.

You can use a homemade hair mask (we have several suggestions below) to hydrate and replenish your hair or opt for professional products.

Either way, with persistence, you will see results in no time.

6. Avoid tight hairstyles

Hairstyles that are too tight, such as ponytails or braids, cause the hair to become coarse and brittle.. The ideal is to opt for hairstyles in which the hair is free on a daily basis and to choose hairstyles that tighten the hair for special or occasional occasions.

7. Use products suitable for each season of the year

Just as it is important to choose quality products, it is also necessary to opt for treatments adapted to each season of the year.

Especially in summer, when the sun, heat, chlorine and salt are external agents which, if not treated with products that counteract their undesirable effects, can cause serious damage to the structure of the hair.

8. Massage your scalp often

One of the most natural ways to moisturize your hair is to massage your scalp. This simple action stimulates blood circulation and hair oil secretion.The results will be visible in a short time if you do it regularly.

9. Protect your hair from the sun

Moisturize the hairJust as we care for and protect our skin with sunscreen, our hair also needs protection to avoid hair fiber dryness.

Although there are today sunscreens for hair, for this purpose you can resort to the popular use of hats or caps.

10. Regularly clean the ends of your hair

Although this is one of the most drastic measures, since it involves cutting your hair, a visit to the hairdresser from time to time is almost essential, especially at the end of summer. A visit to your stylist every three months will suffice to heal and eliminate the most damaged parts of your hair.

If you frequently use dyes or other treatments that severely damage the hairit is advisable to reduce the healing time of the extremities to two months.

How do you know if your hair needs hydration?

The most visible symptoms of poor hair hydration are:

  • Split ends
  • Dull hair
  • Rough and inelastic texture
  • Drought
  • Hair prone to tangling
  • Fragile hair with a tendency to fall

Do you recognize these symptoms? If so, you need to moisturize your hair.

You can already use the best treatments to moisturize your hair and not get the desired result. It is possible that the problem lies in the fact that you do not know the porosity of your hair (high, medium or low).. Depending on this porosity, it will be necessary to use specific or other products to provide your hair with the degree of hydration it needs.

The following home trick can help you determine your hair porosity type:

  1. After washing your head, take a hair that has fallen out and, once it is dry, soak it in a glass of water at room temperature.
  2. Wait about 10 minutes and see where the hair is:
    • On the surface: low porosity. The website The cuticle is closed and does not absorb moisture. easily. In this case, it is advisable to apply steam (for example, a hot damp towel), to use shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and products that help close the cuticles.
    • In the middle of the water: medium porosity. Indicates that it maintains correct humidity level.
    • Bottom: high porosity. The website The cuticle is open and does not retain moisture or the active ingredients of the treatments you use.. In this case, the hair is dull, weakened, frizzy and damaged, problems that can be solved by adding protein.

The 3 best homemade hair masks for dry and damaged hair.

If you want deep and natural hydration for your hair, you may find in your kitchen the necessary ingredients to make the 3 masks that we offer below:

Honey and egg mask

Considering that honey deeply cleanses and nourishes hair fibers and egg provides protein, the combination of these two ingredients results in a mask that gives hair an attractive look. bigger, stronger and with extra softness..

To achieve it:

  1. Moisturize the hairBlend one egg with two tablespoons of honey and stir until you get a smooth paste.
  2. Wet your hair and apply the mask with a hairbrush. You can also do this with your hands, but it probably won’t spread as well as with the brush. You have to Distribute it from roots to ends and massage in circular motions.This will activate blood flow as the properties of both ingredients penetrate the scalp.
  3. Tie your hair up in a bun or wear a shower cap to leave the mask in place for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse hair with lukewarm water and wash as usual.

Mask with olive, coconut and almond oils.

This mask is especially recommended for curly hair. With one of these 3 vegetable oils, your hair will receive vitamin E, nutrients and extra hydration..

We explain how to prepare it:

  1. so that it is lukewarm. If you have short hair, use a quarter cup. If you have medium or long hair, use half a cup.
  2. Detangle hair and apply oil. all over the hairincluding the scalp if you have dry hair. If you have oily hair, be very careful not to reach the hairline, as this mask can cause an increase in the serosity of the hair.
  3. Comb gently to facilitate uniformity and oil penetration.
  4. Cover the hair with a bathing cap. and leave the mask in place for 20 minutes.
  5. Finally, wash your hair like you usually do.

Avocado mask

Hydrate hair with avocadoIf you have colored hairthe avocado hair mask is perfect to regenerate the hair fiber and hydrate damaged ends..

Here’s how to prepare and apply it:

  1. Mash half an avocado, add half a natural yoghurt and mix everything until smooth. a homogeneous mass.
  2. Apply the mask all over the hair and let it act. for 20 minutes.
  3. wash your hair in the usual way.

We hope you find these tips useful for keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. If you have any other tips that worked well for you, feel free to share them with us in the comments 🙂 .

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