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22 tips for traveling to London for the first time

After several years in London, we want to share with you our top 22 tips for visiting London for the first time. tips for traveling to london for the first time and make your trip unforgettable.

Tips for traveling to London

Both Whether it is your first trip to London or you have already visited the British capital, you will certainly find the place that suits you!We hope you find these travel tips helpful.

Take note of all this and prepare your trip!

Budget your trip to London

A good way to start your travel plansis to make a budget for trip to london with all the expenses you may have. The English capital can be expensive, but these tips will help you you not that much. 😊

Change your euros into pounds

Before you go to London, you’ll probably want exchange your euros for pounds. This is the best option.

Get the best return for your money

If you are already in London – and NEVER in an airport – We advise you to look for exchange offices inside some souvenir shops, on Oxford Street and other central streets, as this is where you can change money. the best currency you can get.

Don’t forget the adapter for the sockets.

English plugs are different from Spanish that you will need an adapter to connect your electronic devices.

TIPS: It seems obvious, but if you have purchased a universalyou already have it for all the countries you visit 😉.

Buy a portable charger

Others London travel tips is to buy a portable charger or also called power bankso your cell phone, tablet or laptop never runs out of battery and you can show your journey live on social media 😄.

Bring warm clothes

If you are traveling in winter (and summer too), don’t forget an umbrella and a jacket.. THE London weather is unpredictableso much so that on the same day, it can be cloudy, then sunny and finally rainy, all accompanied by air…😏

ADVICE: It’s good check the weather forecast before you comebut always take them “with a grain of salt”.

Choose the best airport for your trip

When buying your plane ticket, keep in mind that London airports are 6 in numberYes ! 6 airports.

The biggest are Heathrow there gatwickwhich are closer to town and have slightly more expensive tickets, and if you’re flying low you’ll probably pass by Stansted, Luton oh Southend which are furthest from the center.

Come with your passport and NOT with your identity card.

Another very important piece of advice is that since the UK left the European Union, you can only enter the country if you have a passport..

TIPSIf you have a European passport, you can go through the vending machines and avoid the queues..

Travel insurance is good advice for traveling to London.

Travel insurance can save you a lot of trouble. 😇

It is true that the European health insurance card is enough to be treated in a medical center for a minor emergency, but… when you are insured you have much more included and we don’t think it’s that expensive to exclude it.

In addition, for being our reader, we offer you a 5% discount on your travel insurance.

tips for london attractions

Find out what to see in London

If you want to know what you can see in london by the people who tell you about it, book a free visit. You will probably know a lot more about the city.

Free tour of London’s must-see sites

free site to see in london this is a tip to visit london

Book your hotel in the best area of ​​London

Hotels in London are plentiful and so are neighborhoods, so it’s hard to find a hotel in the best area of ​​London. good, nice and cheap.

To help you find the ideal hotel, we offer you this comprehensive guide divided into areas concerning where to stay in london.

Use public transport

The best way to get around London is to use public transport when your feet can’t take it. In order to use the typical tube and the red double-decker bus (you might see it advertised), we’ll show you what we think are the two best options:

  1. Use a contactless debit or credit card if your bank does not charge you any fees to use it outside your country.
  2. The first option didn’t work for you? Afterwards buy an Oyster cardwhich was until recently (but less and less) the most used card in all countries of the world. Public transport in London.

Download the best travel apps

London is a big city and to help you find attractions, restaurants, etc., you can download some of the best travel apps. best travel apps which you will find in your application store.

Traveling to London without knowing English is not a problem

Many people ask us how to travel to London without knowing English. No problem… learn these three simple words: Please, sorry and thank you that can save you a lot of trouble.

Another practical travel tips is to use the apps mentioned above to learn short phrases to ask where is the restaurant where I want to go to dinner, or what time the London Eye is open, etc.

Be careful when crossing the road. Here you drive on the left

Crossing the streets of London can be tricky because, as you may know, it’s ‘upside down’. To help you, many streets have these handy signs: Look left (look left), look right (look right) or look both sides (look both ways).

Also don’t panic if, when you take a bus, taxi, etc., you find that they are going “in the wrong direction”. It may feel strange the first time and you may have to hold on to the seat more than usual, but you’ll get used to it soon 😓.

Find places to visit for free

Did you know that in London there are also many places to visit for free? Include them in your trip and you will save a lot of moneyor rather, it won’t cost you anything. 😄

free sites in london

For example, London’s most important museums, such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum, among many others, are free..

Enjoy London attractions

THE London attractions are one essential during a trip to the English capital. Enjoy and live unforgettable experiences.

Book London’s Top Attractions

Visiting London with children

AT tips for your trip To London with kids is to take them to see Hamleys, Lego, M&M World or the Science Museum. They’ll love it…and you will too. 😇

mm to visit london with children

Save money with London Sightseeing Cards

THE London Tourist Maps can save you a lot of money on your trip. Check which ones suit you best, depending on what you want to see or how many days you are going to spend in the city..

Shopping in London

Do not miss to stroll through the most famous streets of London for shopping. shopping in london like Oxford Street or Regent Street, among others. Here you will find all kinds of shops, perfect for shopping and gifts.

Travel to London for Christmas

A word of advice if you are traveling Christmas in Londonis that you were going to see the illumination of its streets, Christmas marketsice rinks or Windows which are decorated differently each year.

Eat cheap in London

Although London is a relatively expensive city, it is not necessary to eat there. where you can eat well without spending a lot of money.

Important advice for traveling to London: what number to call in case of emergency?

We hope you never have to use it tips for your trip to Londonbut in case of emergencypolice, fire brigade, ambulance… you must call 999 there NO to 112 which is the number you may know.

TIPS: In case you need to speak to a doctor and that it is not very urgentSO call 111.

We probably forgot some London travel tipsbut we hope that these tips will be enough to make your visit to the “island” a fantastic one and that you will keep us informed of your return.

A big hug.

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