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Best Free Tours in Cuenca

Cuenca is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, with an old town declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and there is no better way to discover the city than with one of the best tours free from Cuenca. free tours of Cuenca that we offer you in this post 😉.

Best Free Tours in Cuenca

The whole history of the city, as well as all the most important corners and places. sights to see in Cuenca you can try to figure them out on your own, but with one of the free guided tours you are sure to get much more information and to know all the stories, legends and secrets..

And without further ado, let’s start showing you and detailing the best free tours in Cuenca.

Self-guided tour of Cuenca, the most classic

THE self-guided tour of Cuenca is the the most classic free visitwhere you will get to know all the history of the city and more particularly of the historical Center thanks to a local guide.

To begin this guided walk, you will cross the Bezudo Bow and you will get acquainted with the seat of the ancient Inquisition, then you will see and discover the whole history of the Church of San Pedro.

cuenca cathedral a must see on cuenca free tours

After admiring spectacular views from the Florencio Cañas viewpoint and passing the former home of a famous singer, among other beautiful streets, you will arrive at Cuenca Cathedral. Cathedral of Cuencaor rather his full name which is Cathedral of Saint Mary and Saint-Julienwhere we will tell you its history and marvel at its beauty..

After completing the free tour, we recommend going inside to see it. You will not be disappointed.

At this point, you have already arrived at the Town Hall. Plaza Mayor of Cuenca or main square of the city of La Mancha, whose history you will also learn, and then you will arrive at the highlight of this free tour, which are the hanging houses and the bridge of San PabloI am sure that one of the most beautiful and most photographed panoramic views in Spain..

Some of the of this free Cuenca tour are :

  • Bezudo Arch
  • Headquarters of the former Inquisition
  • Florencio Cañas Viewpoint
  • Cathedral of Cuenca
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Hanging houses
  • San Pablo Bridge

Self-guided tour of Cuenca

Free Cuenca Night Tour

This free tour is really special, because although it is similar to the previous one, the fact that it took place in Cuenca is a bit different. see the city of Cuenca by night you are sure to find it spectacular. 😊

You will start this tour passing by the arch of Bezudo and entering the city. discovering the story of Fray Luis de León with the ancient seat of the Holy Inquisition up to the Church of San Pedro.

You will continue down Julián Romero Street until you arrive at the entrance to San Pedro Church. Florencio Cañas Viewpointwhich, if you liked the views during the day, you will find the night views amazing.


Little by little you will get closer to Cuenca Cathedral or the city church. Cathedral of Santa María and San Julianwhich will leave you speechless at the sight of its facade and façade. knowing all its secretsand continue through several streets to the famous Casas Colgadas and the San Pablo Bridge.where you will get beautiful views of the Monastery of San Pablowho is the the current Parador Nacional and where the tour ends.

Here are some of the the most important sites you will pass through on this free night tour of Cuenca:

  • Bezudo Arch
  • Church of San Pedro
  • Florencio Cañas Viewpoint
  • Posada de San Jose
  • Cuenca Cathedral and Plaza Mayor
  • Hanging houses
  • Bridge of San Pablo
  • Monastery of San Pablo (National Parador of Cuenca)

Free at night in Cuenca

Free Cuenca Mysteries and Legends Tour

Do you want to know the hidden side of the historic center of Cuenca? In this guided tour you will discover all mysteries and legends of the city.

After meeting the guide and night is already falling 😎you will go to Plaza Torre de Mangana where it is said that witches organized their spells.

torre de mangana start of one of the best free tours in cuenca

Important sites of Cuenca such as the Plaza Mayor and the skyscrapers of San Martín or less known as the house of the mermaid (one of the hanging houses), which also have their own legends, will be your next steps.

Later you will pass by Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral of Santa María and San Juliá know Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Cuenca is full of legends and secrets, like the one that will be told to you in front of the Church of San Pedro.

Before you finish, you will learn where the Holy Inquisition threw people who had fallen “into its nets”. and finally you will see Devil’s Cross and you will know Cuenca’s most famous legend… that they will only tell you about during this free visit 😉.

Some of the most significant places that you will cross in this self-guided tour of mysteries and legends are :

  • Mangana Tower
  • Skyscrapers of San Martin
  • mermaid house
  • Cathedral of Cuenca
  • Church of San Pantaleon
  • Church of San Pedro
  • Devil’s Cross

Free Mysteries and Legends Tour

What is a free Cuenca tour and how does it work?

AT Cuenca self-guided tour is a guided tour of Cuenca (usually on foot) during which someone who knows the cityaccompanies you and goes with you telling you all the history, curiosities, anecdotes and legends of the places you pass through..

How much does a free Cuenca tour cost?

A free visit can be translated as “free visit”, that is, you go there because you want to be told a lot more things and stories, but in fact, you go there because you want to be told a lot more things and stories, but really… is a guided tour during which the guide does his job. and for which, at the end of the visit, the logic is to reward him with a financial amount as you deem appropriate based on your level of satisfaction with the visit.

We can’t tell you the exact amount you have to pay, as it’s a personal thing, but we can give you an idea and we think €10 per person is enough, going up to €15 or €20 (or whatever…) if you really enjoyed the tour and got a lot of extra information that only the person who lives there knows and that otherwise you might never know or it would cost you much more expensive to find them.

After getting to know the best free tours in CuencaWe hope you will book the ones you like the most and help you discover this wonderful city.


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