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Cecotec Conga 3390 – Rating and opinion

Cecotec’s catalog is so vast that it is sometimes difficult to know which vacuum cleaner best suits your needs or which is the best value for money. But don’t panic: we have reviewed all the brand’s models to find the one that offers the best value for money. one of the most interesting for tight budgetsthe Conga 3390.

Conga 3390

Technical sheet Cecotec Conga 3390

What we liked the most

  • 3 brushes for all floor types
  • Most comprehensive app
  • The best value for money
  • Good autonomy

What could be improved

  • No remote control
  • The application is a little difficult at first
  • Can jam with small objects

Analysis and testing

We’ve been using the Conga 3390 as our only vacuum for several weeks and here are the results we got.


Cecotec pays attention to the aesthetics of its products. robot vacuum cleaners Whatever the price, and this is the best proof. The Conga 3390 has a premium appearance, with a sleek black two-texture finish that is attractive and resistant.In our experience, it suffers from finger contact or possible knocks and scratches.

Although the robot has a fairly standard size and format, as its base is compact, the set is ideal for small apartments where every centimeter counts, like with us.

What we liked the most about this robot vacuum cleaner is that it is equipped with 3 interchangeable central brusheswhich means in practice that it can be used for for all floor types and also for households with pets.:

  • THE The Jalisco brush is microfiber. Thanks to its shape and materials, it is particularly effective on hard floors and takes care of delicate floors.
  • THE bristle brush is the basic brush and is suitable for general dirt and all types of floors.
  • The brush rubber brush is designed to catch hair.


There Conga 3390 has a laser sight to move around the house.a type of intelligent navigation system with established mapping that is found in upper mid-range models due to its good results. Indeed, from what we have seen, it sails as well as much more expensive models:

  • The advantage of this technology is that it works just as well regardless of the ambient light, and that it makes it possible to obtain very satisfactory results. she is able to avoid tall obstaclesmove around in the available space of our house.
  • What is less good is that small and low obstacles on the ground can resist it.. In our house, for example, he swallowed a slipper under the bed and some electrical wires hanging on the floor.

What we like most about your LiDAR Viewer is that it allows you to area cleaning. So when the kitchen got dirty after dinner, we were able to put it in this room only, which is very convenient for occasional cleaning.


After several weeks of testing, we can conclude that this is the case. one of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners that cleans the best thanks to its combination of versatility and accessories.

From our experience, 2,300 Pascals of suction power was enough for most cases.But when our dog comes home after a walk in the countryside, he sometimes fails to catch the blades of grass or the earth.

When the Conga 3390 climbed on our thick wool carpet we lacked a bit more power. So while it does a decent job of keeping it clean, we still have to clean it from time to time with our canister vacuum cleaner.

These are isolated cases, but it is usual that the suction capacity is sufficient for everyday dirt.. Although it has three cleaning levels (eco, normal and turbo), we usually use the normal level or the most ambitious level.

As for the brushes, we were surprised by how effective the Jalisco was with small solids and how well the rubber brush performed with our dog’s bristles.

The icing on the cake of this Conga 3390 is that it can sweep, vacuum, mop and even sweep. And be careful, because according to our tests, is one of the most effective in removing dry spots.. So when we spilled a few drops of soda that left a little dark stain, he was able to remove it.

The cleaning mechanism has a key point to obtain such good results: cleaning. This means that it not only wets the mop in contact with the floor, but moves vertically back and forth to scrub the floor gently.


As you can see in the Conga 3390 datasheet, autonomy according to the manufacturer is 150 minutes. per charge, although after testing it thoroughly we can conclude that these figures are only achieved when we put it in Eco mode.

Knowing that we normally used it in standard and Turbo mode, the autonomy is reduced. But in any case, with just one charge we had more than enough to clean our small apartment. 2 and even 3 times. In this sense, the battery power is sufficient to easily clean houses of 100 m2.

The main thing is not only that it incorporates a large capacity battery, but also that it sails well. In our experience running out of battery is not a problem.The device returns to base, fully charges and resumes cleaning where it left off.


Although you just need to press the power button at the top of the screen to start it up, we think it’s worth installing the app to get the most out of its features.

After several weeks of use, we think one of its strengths is its application. As technicians that we are, we think it is important to install the application to take full advantage of its features, we liked that there were so many options to choose from.The interface is easy on the eye and smooth, and we love that there are so many options to choose from: passages, suction and scrub levels, cleaning mode, scheduling, and more.

It’s true, if tech isn’t your thing, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of menus on offer.. In this case, we have 2 recommendations: either use it directly with the button, or choose to configure it with Alexa or Google Assistant and control it by voice.

Our opinion

After testing the Conga 3390, it’s clear that while it’s not the best, it’s a great workhorse. It gets very good marks in all the areas you would expect from a robot vacuum.. And, best of all, it does so at a low price, which will appeal to those looking to make a high-profile purchase.

We think the combination of its suction power and 3 brushes are sufficient for most households. It is true that if you have a dog at home, as we do, or a lot of rugs, a little more power is needed.

The navigation and autonomy combo also proved to be sufficient for our 50 m2 apartment. In fact, from our experience, we consider that is quite suitable for much larger apartments..

The lack of a remote might be a problem for people who are technophobic, but if you live connected, we think you’ll love the app and all you can do with it. We therefore recommend it to people techies.

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