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Cecotec Conga 6090 Ultra: test and opinion

What makes a mid-range robot vacuum top-of-the-line? Essentially above-average power, battery life that stands the test of big houses, or even a particularly refined navigation system, capable of seeing obstacles. Precisely the Conga 6090 Ultra meets two of these requirements at a very competitive price..

Cecotec Conga 6090 Ultra

Technical sheet Cecotec Conga 6090 Ultra

What we liked the most

  • 3 brushes for all floor types
  • One of the most complete applications in terms of options
  • High power for the suction of all types of small solids.
  • Great autonomy

What could be improved

  • Can be noisy
  • The application is a little difficult at first
  • Can jam with small objects

Analysis and testing

After testing the 6090 Ultra for several weeks and subjecting it to various tests, here are our conclusions.


In reality, Cecotec does not change the design of its vacuum cleaners much, whatever the range, which has its good and bad sides. In other words, it’s a shiny plastic that’s both tough and functional:

  • We enjoyed how laid back it was, although we were expecting something more upscale.
  • The mirror finish is a real smudge magnet, like those of our fingers when we hold it in our hands.

The fact that it comes with two tanks seemed to us to be the most convenient decision.. So if you only want to vacuum, there will be more space to accumulate dirt. On the other hand, if you want to vacuum and scrub at the same time, you switch to the mixed tank and you lose capacity in exchange for greater versatility.

Knowing that this is a high-end model, we expected to find a more advanced baselike the Home Base with automatic emptying system. But every cloud has its downside: if your apartment is small, you will appreciate its compactness.

The plus of the Conga 6090 Ultra in terms of design is that it comes with 3 interchangeable brushes which we appreciated. when you have different types of floors at home:

  • THE bristle brush is the standard brush and is suitable for both parquet and tiles.
  • We have a dog that is losing a lot of hair. special rubber brush for animals allowed us to catch it.
  • THE The Jalisco brush is a Cecotec exclusivity.It is made of microfiber and is designed to hold small solids such as sand.


The least interesting element of the Conga 6090 Ultra is its navigation. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that she’s bad, it’s just that she has a laser mapping system which, although effective, is not very present in the mid-range models and still causes some problems with cables and curtains.

After several weeks of use, we could see how it moved around the house. tracing intelligent trajectories to optimize his work. and don’t overdo it. If, like us, you have a big house, you’ll be grateful: you won’t listen to it any longer than necessary.

But if the laser helps you not get lost, it can also get in the way of the phone charger cable lying on the floor or the long curtains in the living room. From experience, we therefore recommendto leave the cleaning space clear.

What we liked most about this system is that you can see what cleans and what doesn’t clean from the app and clean by zones and rooms.ideal for spinning the Conga in the bathroom after doing your hair, for example.


The first area where the Conga 6090 Ultra shines is cleaning: not only is it versatile, but it’s also one of the most efficient we’ve tested.which will be of interest to people whose house is subject to heavy soiling, for example because they have pets or children.

Because cleaning the floor when it just accumulates dust and a few lint is not complicated. But when you have a dog like ours, who comes back from a walk with mud on his paws, blades of grass and a falling coat, things change. In this complicated scenario, the big power and the rubber brush have been effective in keeping dirt at bay.

After our tests, here are some conclusions on the modes of use:

  • To clean the kitchen floor after cooking, we were able to use only standard mode and the bristle brush.
  • THE the extra power of the Turbo We also liked it for vacuuming carpets, and while it doesn’t keep them as clean as our canister vacuum, we think it does a good job of keeping them clean. But be careful, you won’t be able to take a nap next to him in this mode, because he’s a bit noisy.

The fact that it comes with the Jalisco is an asset that we appreciated. Parquet should be given special care because of its flexibility.. Since it is also a large and powerful robot vacuum, it can easily climb over our thick wool carpet.

Completes its complete cleaning offer rub with ruba system that rubs the floor by vibration to be more effective on stains. After a few weeks of use, we’ve found that it works well for removing small, dry stains, such as when you spill a few drops of coffee on the kitchen floor.


We We have a big apartment, so not just any vacuum cleaner will do.Those with poor navigation tend to get lost quickly, and those with low battery don’t last until the end. That’s why we were surprised to find that with this Conga 6090 Ultra we can clean our whole house many times.

It goes without saying that even if his the maximum autonomy is about 4 hoursThis figure is obtained by vacuuming in the gentlest mode on hard floors and without many obstacles, but in practice we mostly used the standard mode and that was sufficient. In this sense, we recommend it for multi-storey houses and large houses.

Do you have a very dirty floor, there are many obstacles and your house is huge? In this case, perhaps this model, despite having one of the largest batteries of those we tested, needs to return to base to recharge. Once charging is complete, it will return to finish cleaning where it left off.


Cecotec didn’t skimp on control options with this Conga 6090 Ultra, so in practice. The Conga 6090 Ultra will satisfy both technical users and people who buy it from their grandmother.because you can control it with voice assistants as well as the traditional remote control.

Needless to say, the remote does the job, and while it won’t let you use all of its options, it’s enough to vacuum and mop without leaving the sofa. But the app can be overwhelming due to the number of possibilities it offers. If you are demanding and you like personalized things, it will fit you like a glove..

We love technology and we want point out how well-designed and well-functioning the interface is.quickly communicate with the robot.

Our opinion

After several weeks of use in our household, the Conga 6090 Ultra surprised us with its cleaning performance, exceptional battery life and control options, so in practice it is… a model that has the potential to please everyone..

However, considering that it is not a cheap model, we highly recommend it after our tests:

  • Large apartments or two-storey houses thanks to the combination of a large capacity battery and good navigation.
  • If you also have a petIf you also have a pet, you’ll appreciate the high power and generously sized rubber brush for picking up hair and other messes.
  • If you have carpet or lots of rugsIf you have carpets or a lot of carpets, an automatic mode for carpets, a special brush and great suction power are a real plus.
  • For classic users thanks to the remote control and also for technology users who are looking for a personalized experience.

Although it’s not a low-cost model, we consider it to offer, in the upper mid-range, excellent value for money. A good price-performance ratio.

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