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Dreame D10 Plus – test and opinion

Self-draining docking stations aren’t the preserve of big industry brands or high-end models. This is the case for example of this Dreame D10 Plus, which has already surprised us with its quality-price ratio.

Technical characteristics of the Dreame D10 Plus

What we liked the most

  • Recommended for pets
  • The app is one of the best on the market
  • iRobot Standard Bag Base
  • Good value for a Roomba

What could be improved

  • Can jam and get lost
  • Autonomy a bit short
  • Price a bit high

Analysis and testing

We tested the Dreame D10 Plus robot vacuum thoroughly by cleaning several rooms in the house and here are our findings.


The design of this robot vacuum is reminiscent of legendary Xiaomi models, and for good reason: Dreame is a Xiaomi ecosystem brand.which always provides added peace of mind and confidence.

dream 10 plus base It therefore has an all-white glossy plastic surface that is pleasing to the eye, modern and holds up well to everyday use. A little a little rougher, the base looks like cheap plastic..

In his favor it is one of the most compact bases we’ve seen.ideal for small apartments where space is at a premium. However, after several weeks of testing this robot with its respective base, we found that the bag fills up in about a month and a half, much less than the average of the models we tested, and therefore it takes more vigilant to make the change.

THE has a normal to large sizeThis allows it to climb thick carpets with ease, but it is out of place in tighter places.

The brush configuration consists of a side brush and a central rubber roller. a little basic to deal with a lot of dirt or hair..


The Dreame D10 Plus moves around the house thanks to an array of sensors directed by laser aiming, a fairly effective combination in most scenarios. Two aspects caught our attention:

  • If you have a small apartment like ours, it is surprising that in less than half an hour it cleans it completely, optimizing its use time thanks to the cleaning function of the device. logical path tracing.
  • He is rarely lost or confused. moves around the house, day and night.

However, occasionally it crashesswallowing the falling curtains and the occasional cable. But if you are careful and remove the objects on the ground that are in danger of being crushed, it will always return to the base.


cleaning dreame d10 plus After several weeks of cleaning our apartment with the Dreame D10 Plus, we have bittersweet feelings about its cleaning qualities.. Although it is generally good, we believe that, as the saying goes, “he who wants too much, does not want enough”.

We liked its versatility, as you can vacuum and scrub at the same time. In addition, you can adjust the vacuuming and cleaning modes to 3 levels, which makes it a good choice. a robot that adapts to our cleaning needs.

As is also the case capable of reaching a suction capacity of 4,000 pascals.Whether the floor is very dirty or you have to deal with dusty carpets, this model is powerful and it shows.

However, we believe that its performance can be improved:

  • We have a cat at home who loses a lot of hair, which tends to to get tangled in its brush with central bristles.which would not happen if it was made of rubber.
  • We have not taken into account the fact that in addition to scrub the floor with a damp mop in the cleaning process.This vibration improves friction and thus eliminates dried stains.


One of the things we liked the most about the Dreame D10 Plus was its battery life. large 5200 mAh batterya real monster when it comes to treating large areas. It’s worth noting, however, that while it’s capable of vacuuming up to 170 minutes on paper, that’s when it’s running on minimum power.

dream 10 plus floor base But the vacuum cleaner is normally used in medium mode, so its autonomy is a little lower. Nevertheless, he was able to clean our 50m2 apartment about 4 times, which means he was able to clean our 50m2 apartment about 4 times. It is a good device for medium to large sized homes.

As it has smart navigation, if there is no battery at some point, it is able to “remember” where it was left to resume cleaning later when its battery is fully charged, so it’s no problem staying half full.


Although it is enough to press the button located on its surface to start cleaning, the best thing to do to enjoy all the virtues of the Dreame D10 Plus is to install its application on your phone.

We found good and bad things about the app:

  • We like it all you can do with itThe robot vacuum cleaner can do everything you can do with it: schedule, partial cleaning, forbidden areas and cleaning modes. In this sense, it will appeal to those looking for a robot vacuum cleaner with many adjustment possibilities.
  • Interface isn’t particularly polished and there are even screens with cut off and poorly translated text, which people who aren’t very tech savvy will suffer from. Although I had no trouble learning to use it, I think it could be better designed.

If tech isn’t your thingIf you’re not a fan of technology, between the lack of a remote control and the improved functionality of the app, sometimes it’s better to use the central button, but then you miss out on its full potential. But there’s always another option: set it up to work with Alexa and Google Assistant and control it by voice.

Our opinion

After several weeks of testing the Dreame D10 Plus in our small apartment with a pet, we can conclude that it is a robot vacuum cleaner for those who want a self-draining model with a good quality/price ratio..

dreame d10 emptier In this sense, it has top-of-the-range qualities, such as its good smart navigation system and its autonomy, a combination that makes it suitable for medium and large sized households to deal with common soils such as dust, crumbs, sand and others.

And the hair ? Although it is powerful, the fact that it has only one central roller of hair limits its ability to capture them better. In this sense, we believe that there are models more suitable for people with pets or allergy problems.

If you’re put off by the bulky base of this type of robot vacuumwe think you might like this Dreame, as its base is quite small. The downside is that the bag replacement frequency will be higher.

If you are a tech savvyIf you’re a tech-savvy person, you’ll definitely be drawn to all the app has to offer, but if you’re not super comfortable with modernity, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the density of the app. ‘interface.

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