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How much does a trip to Copenhagen cost?

Do you want to know what to see in copenhagen there How much can a trip to the capital of Denmark cost you?? We will show you our budget for trip to copenhagen and dispel all your doubts 😉.

Budget for a trip to Copenhagen

Make a Copenhagen travel budget Before setting off to explore the city, we think it is essential to know that this is not one of the cheapest trips you can take to European capitals.

However, to help you organize it, we are going to tell you about it and explain what it is. detailing each expense that we had when we visited the Danish capital.

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And now, on to the budget… 😊


To get to Copenhagen you need to many companies and many schedules to choose fromsome direct and some with stopovers depending on which Spanish city (if applicable) you are departing from and if you allow us we will recommend the following to use the Skyscanner search engine.

The nearest airline to you...

We think there is no other easy and fast like this, to find all the available flights and schedules.

Prices are for the 2 people round trip.

  • Flights London – Copenhagen: 167 pounds / 189€.

Even if you’re not flying from London, we hope this price helps you stick to your budget.


Copenhagen is part of the European Economic Community, so to travel there you just need to bring your passport or identity card.

Travel insurance

We already know that travel insurance is not mandatory for traveling almost anywhere in the world, but as a precautionary measure, we believe that it is not bad, since it is not expensive at all and can save you a lot of troublebefore, during and even after the trip.

In addition to accidents or illnesses that prevent you from traveling or that occur during the trip, travel insurance will also help you cover the following costs baggage loss, trip cancellation and more..

And remember that just by reading this, you get a 5% discount. if you register from this link.

  • Travel insurance for two people: €33.


Copenhagen has a good transport networkand you can save a lot of time to see all the city has to offer.

As good travel budgetwe will detail each of the following the expenses we had for transportationincluding the train between the airport and the center of Copenhagen, as well as transport within the city.

here are the details the price per person and per trip.

  • Train from the airport to the center: 36 DKK /5 €
  • Copenhagen Metro: DKK24 / €3

Total transport for two people: 192 DKK / 26€ / 26€


As a general rule, and provided the price is not too high, we prefer to choose an apartment rather than a hotel when we travel, for the following reasons the convenience and variety of options available to youbut in Copenhagen this was not the case because of what we were saying about the price not meeting our needs. budget for this trip.

After much research, as the price of accommodation in Copenhagen is not very cheap, we decided to stay at the hotel a hostel located close to Copenhagen Central Station..

cheap accommodation in copenhagen for your travel budget

Even though it is a hostel, the room had everything you normally need.We chose a private room, but there are also shared rooms and, for a little more money, you can include a good breakfast to start the day with energy.

Entrance fees to monuments

The city of Copenhagen has several important things to seesome are free, others are paid and worth it.

Here are the sites we visited that are worth seeing you had to buy a ticket.

THE The price is per person..

  • Christiansborg Palace: 175 DKK / 23.50€.
  • Round tower: 40 DKK / 5.50€.

Total tickets for the monument for 2 people: 430 DKK / 58€.


Knowing a city well – at least that’s what we believe – is also to taste it the local cuisine of the place and that’s what we did in some restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen.

expreso house where to have a good breakfast

Burgers different from the ones we usually know, hot dogs that no one would recognize, delicious unrecognizable stews and even local sweets that were unknown until the day we went there. In other words, this We tried a bit of everything.😋

  • Total meals for 2 people: 2118 DKK / 284€.

Budget for trip to Copenhagen: Total

After telling you all we spent on this trip to Copenhagen, let’s do the math and see how much we spent. how much can a trip to copenhagen cost you for two people.

  • Flights: 189€
  • Travel insurance : 33€
  • Transportation : 26€ / 192 DKK
  • Accommodation: 240€ / 1788 DKK
  • Entrance fees to monuments: 58€ / 430 DKK
  • Meal : 284€ / 2118 DKK

Total budget for a 2-day trip to Copenhagen: €828.

We end this post on the budget for trip to copenhagenWe hope that it has been useful to you so that you too can take a trip to this city which, we are convinced, deserves to be visited.

A travel hug.


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