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How to do a mortgage loan simulation?

Perform an online home loan simulation

Remember that the loan amount and monthly payments depend on your monthly income. That’s why it’s important to know what the maximum amount you can afford is. Indeed, this will give you an idea of ​​the total budget to prepare for the purchase of your property. A real estate loan simulation with Cafpi is the best way to get a quick, free and completely online assessment.

You have a special tool for this: the home loan calculator. Calculate:

Attention! It is important to clarify that these are only estimates. This means that the values ​​obtained are approximate and subject to a certain margin of error. However, the results obtained from the simulation already allow you to plan the purchase of your dream property.

Using the home loan calculator is simple. Simply enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

Once the information is entered, it only takes a few clicks to get the desired results.

Why do a mortgage loan simulation?

Buying a property is never an easy task. Although becoming a homeowner is a dream that remains achievable, there are several steps to take to achieve this goal. The biggest issue when buying a property is undoubtedly the budget. House, apartment, land, real estate or building, real estate prices increase every year. It is therefore recommended to take out a home loan to make your job easier.

A home loan works like any other type of loan. The institution lends you a sum that you must repay in monthly installments, with more or less high interest and within a predetermined period upon signing the contract. You should know that the amount of the loan as well as the monthly payments largely depend on your household income. Therefore, before taking out a loan, it is necessary to check all the information on this topic.

A home loan can be granted by a bank or an independent company.


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In order to carry out a credit simulation, you must generally indicate: the nature of your project (works, car purchase, etc.); the amount you wish to borrow to carry out your project; duration of the loan or amount of the monthly payments…

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