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How to get from Charleroi airport to the city center?

If you are planning a trip to Belgium and want to know how to get from Charleroi airport to the city center how to get from Charleroi airport to the center of Brusselswe will explain to you all the to get to the city center from this airport. which you are sure to reach if you fly low.

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How to get from Charleroi airport to the city center?

Charleroi Airport Charleroi Airportalso called Brussels Souththat’s where they fly low cost airlinesis located about 55 kilometers from Brussels and from which you have the possibility to go to Brussels airport. several transport options to easily get to your accommodation..

TIPS: If your plane arrives at Brussels Zaventem Airporthere you have all the necessary information.

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Accommodation in Brussels

Shuttle Bus, one of the best ways to get from Charleroi airport to the city center.

This bus is one of best way to get to the center. You will find the stop right in front of the airport exit.

In a cheap optionevery half hour you have a bus and in about 55 minutes you arrived at the airport. Midi station in Brussels.THE the biggest train station in the city– so you can enjoy all the city has to offer. what to see in brussels.

If, upon arrival at the station you need another means of transportfrom here you will have no problem by logging in to metro, tram or other bus.

TIPS: On their official website, you can check timetables and buy your ticket.


This is another more convenient to get to the center of Brussels from Charleroi airport..

A little bus shared with other people going to the same area.will pick you up directly at the airport (you can also choose this option for the return) and take you to the airport (you can also choose this option for the return) and take you to the airport. drop you off directly at your hotel or accommodation.

If you are traveling alone, want more comfort or, above all, want your flight arrive or leave very early or very latehe can be a very good option.

You have more information on this sitewhich belongs to the same company as the previous bus.

Train and bus, least recommended option.

From Charleroi airport, you can also take a to Charleroi station. and some a train to Brussels.

We think this is not the best optionunless you cannot find a seat on the previous buses, or if private transport is not a good option for you.

Either way, here’s how to get there another way to reach your destination. 😊

Private transport, the most comfortable service

THE the easiest way to get to your accommodationthere is no doubt that it is with private transport.

You know the price in advance and it will not can take it reserved for individualsyou are taken care of DEPARTURES AREAwhere someone will tell you your name and you won’t have any more problems. you will be dropped off at the door of your accommodation.

Do you want to get to your accommodation without having to look for trains or buses? You travel… in a group or with a lot of luggage? If so, “there is no color” 😉?

Private transfer to Brussels

We hope that with this article on how to get from Charleroi airport to the city centerIf you want to go from the airport to the city center, you will have no trouble getting there and enjoying this beautiful city.

Hello travelers.


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