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Ikohs Netbot S15 – test and opinion

If you want to do less cleaning in your home but aren’t ready to make a big investment, this Create template will change your mind. a helping hand in your cleaning tasks at a very reasonable price..

Technical sheet IKOHS NETBOT S15

What we liked the most

  • Versatile: vacuums, sweeps, mops and wipes.
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Double HEPA filter
  • Good value for money
  • For all types of users: from techno to classics

What could be improved

  • Could be more powerful
  • Navigation could be improved: sometimes you get lost and get stuck.
  • No partial cleaning

Analysis and testing

For several weeks we have been using the IKOHS NETBOT S15 as the only vacuum cleaner for our house, both for daily cleaning and for our tests. Here are our conclusions.


This robot vacuum features a classic cylindrical design and a sleek black plastic finish. However, as it is brilliant, as soon as you take it in hand, our fingerprints have left their mark because of greasy fingers.

Otherwise, we face a relatively compact vacuum cleanerwhich is an advantage for sneaking into small spaces or under spaces like the sofa. What is less good is that it did not manage to pass on our thick carpet.

What we love the most about its design is solids tank size (600 ml), which is ideal to prevent it from filling up quickly. So even if you don’t empty it after every cleaning as recommended, it’s unlikely to fill up in one sitting.

If we turn it over we find two side brushes that attract dirt to the suction area and a central roller with bristles, a winning combination. for standard dirt but we think it’s not the best solution if you have to deal with a lot of hair.


This is an entry-level robot vacuum cleaner and this is noticeable in terms of navigation. So its sensor system helps it move with some logic, but in our experience it can get lost or get stuck in cluttered homes..

Our recommendation is that before implementing it, eliminate potential obstacles by clearing the floor of objects such as wires and cables. If you do, its navigation algorithm allows it to move moderately efficiently, even if it takes a few extra turns.

We were surprised to find that the IKOHS NETBOT S15, despite not having “smart” navigation, is… able to map our home in a relatively precise way, so that we can see the areas it has already gone through, those that are pending and those that have not been cleaned.


If you don’t like to complicate your life with many options, this vacuum cleaner will be useful for you. It only has two power levels that you can change depending on how dirty the floor is. We think that’s enough for those looking for simplicity.

It is not a vacuum cleaner that stands out for its power, but if, for example, you do a big cleaning on the weekends and want to keep the house clean with the help of a robot, it is quite capable of removing a fair amount of dust, hair, grit and dirt. and other small solids.

Be careful, if your house is very dirty or if you have a pet that loses its hair, you risk its suction capacity and its central brush may not be enough for you.. We also don’t think it’s best for carpets beyond a light clean.

We like that, although it is an inexpensive model, it is versatile.. It is suitable not only for vacuuming, but also for mopping and scrubbing the floor. To do this, simply attach the cleaning accessory and, if desired, fill the water tank.

In this way it is not a robot that will replace the mop.but it leaves the floor a little cleaner and shiny, for example if there is dust. However, don’t expect miracles with dry stains: after our tests, we found that it is not foolproof with dry stains.

Besides, the fact that it is not a powerful vacuum cleaner also has its advantages. we found it moderately quietwhich allows us to read or work while it cleans.

Another point that pleasantly surprised us is the fact that it has a dual HEPA filtration systemThis means that dust and other allergens captured by the vacuum cleaner are likely to be retained in the tank and not released into the environment, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. especially useful for allergy sufferers.


If it is true that, on paper, the IKOHS Netbot S15 promises up to 2 hours of battery lifeIn our experience, this is only true at the best of times, i.e. at minimum power and without cleaning.

But since it’s not very powerful, we normally used it in its most ambitious mode, its autonomy is noticeably reduced to around an hour and a half of use.It should also be noted that batteries degrade over time.

That said, between the fact that its navigation isn’t the most accurate and polished in the world and that its battery isn’t particularly large, This robot vacuum is ideal for small to medium-sized households.For our 55 m2 studio, for example, it has great autonomy.


What we liked most about the IKOHS Netbot S15 is that can be controlled by mobile phonea feature found in more expensive models that provides a more convenient experience.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone and configured it with your home router:

  • You can start it, choose the power levels or program it. without leaving your couch or even when you’re away from home..
  • If you have an Echo speaker or a Google Home, be careful because you can also . control it using voice commands.

The application, without having a particularly neat interface, we think itis not very difficult to use. However, since it lacks smart navigation, we missed options such as the ability to choose room cleanliness.

Technology does not suit you and you prefer something more classic? In that case, you’re in luck, because it comes with an old-school remote control. It allows you to turn it on and telematically send it to the base or program it once you have set the built-in clock.

Our opinion

This IKOHS Netbot S15 is an ideal robot vacuum for people who want to spend little money but who do not want to give up advantages such as cleaning and flexibility of use.

Although it does not shine in terms of autonomy, power or navigation, we think that the combo is competent to lighten your daily household chores. like sweeping, mopping and scrubbing, but it won’t stop you from getting to work.

Although it’s a basic robot vacuum, we think it’s up to the task. for small to medium sized homes that don’t have heavy cleaning needs. and who, among their family members, do not have a dog or a cat. But if you have a furry animal, as we do, that’s not enough.

The positive point is that, thanks to its compatibility with voice assistants and the application, it will be useful for technicians. But if tech isn’t your thing, you can always turn to remote control. In other words has an alternative for everyone.

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