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iRobot Roomba 692 – test and review

If you don’t want a robot vacuum, you want a Roomba. If you don’t want to mess with lesser-known brands at a reasonable price, this is the model for you: a basic Roomba but with iRobot’s warranty and know-how.

iRobot Roomba 692 data sheet

What we preferred

  • Intuitive and functional application
  • Well designed and high quality
  • Highly efficient double central brush
  • Compatible with major voice assistants

What could be improved

  • Further optimize navigation
  • no cards
  • Don’t mop the floor

Analysis and testing

We used the Roomba 692 in our apartment for several weeks to clean floors and carpets and here are our findings.


Rare are the brands that pay as much attention to the aesthetics of their products. their robot vacuum cleaners such as iRoboteven if you opt for an entry-level model like this.

It therefore has an elegant matte black finish, ideal for design interiors, and resists well to handling with the fingers.. In fact, ours is as beautiful as the first day.

The Roomba 692 is medium in size, so it is can climb on thick carpets without problem like the one in our bedroom. However, as it is nearly 10cm tall, it may not be able to fit under low beds.

The best aspect of this robot is its design. double central brush, which combines bristles and rubber.. Normally, budget models only have one bristle roller, but iRobot always uses two, and it shows: we’ve found that one pass picks up more dirt.

We also liked What is the size of your tank?This means that we are not always on the lookout for an oil change.


Roomba 692 navigation is supported by a set of sensorswhich has its good and bad sides roomba 692 navigationagain not terrible:

  • because it does not have smart mapping, it goes through some places more than others. In other words, your navigation is not optimized to choose the best path.
  • Thanks to iRobot’s refined algorithm, we believe thatclogs up less than you think. and less than other models with similar navigation. However, we recommend removing cables and cords from the floor.

For no smart navigation, no map available. to be able to see the areas he has cleaned, those he has not cleaned, or simply to be able to ask him to clean a particular room.

After several weeks of testing, we know that if you want to clean a specific area, you have to lock it in the room or buy an accessory called a virtual wall that acts as a barrier. Otherwise, you will have to clean the whole house.


iRobot never provides numerical data on suction capacity.It is therefore not possible to quantify or compare with other manufacturers, at least with numbers. But we were able to examine aspects such as noise and the visual appearance of the floor.

While it is true that a powerful motor can suck more and make more noise, this is not an exact rule, because it also depends on how much discomfort it causes to our ears and how its structure cushions it. Considering only the noise, we think that The Roomba 692 is moderately powerful.

We were pleasantly surprised by the combination of its power and the double central brush system with the side brush, leaving the floors very clean even if they were quite dirty. initially. The combination of pile and rubber is suitable for all types of floors, from tiles to parquet to carpet.

Please note that bristles tend to curl up in bristle brushes, which is why bristle brushes are easier to clean than bristle brushes. if you have furry pets love usthis is not the best robot vacuum cleaner for your homeThe brushes will eventually need to be replaced due to clogging.

In fact, the main problem we discovered after testing it is that there is no smart navigation, there are areas it does not cross, so logically it does not suck them..

As well as most robot vacuum cleaners also scrub the floor, which is not the case with most Roomba robots, which only vacuum. So the vacuum cleaner with this Roomba 692 you will always have to use the mop.. However, if you have a lot of rugs or carpets, this won’t be a problem for you.


THE The theoretical autonomy of this robot vacuum cleaner is about an hour and a half.and in our experience, this figure is very close to reality.

Like the other models in the iRobot catalog, this Roomba does not have power levels, so it always sucks with the same strength and uses the same battery. The advantage is that it is easy to use, but on the other hand, there is no choice but to use the same battery. I risk wasting power and battery on floors that aren’t very dirty..

Between the Roomba 692’s battery not being very large on the one hand, and the fact that it runs in circles until it cleans everything or runs dry trying, the reality is that … is designed for small to medium-sized homes. If you have a 100m2 or multi-storey house, we think your battery is too small.


One of the things we liked the most about this Roomba 692 is that it has connectivity and a control system. iRobot takes the smart home experience to the extreme.. As such, it has the simplest and most intuitive interface we’ve tested, so even someone unfamiliar with technology can use it.

So, although you can turn it on by touching the button on its surface, by installing the application on your mobile phone, you can also do it remotely.for example when you are in bed, cooking or even away from home.

And if you have a smart speaker in your home, good news: it’s compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri voice assistants. you can start it with a simple sentence. With multiple smart home speakers like us, it’s convenient and practical.

What is the improvement over the previous model?

The Roomba 692 is the successor to the Roomba 650, the simplest vacuum cleaner in its catalog. It also benefits from a more modern and elegant design, the most important difference of this new generation is connectivity..

In other words, you can control it using your cell phone or a voice assistant, whereas with the veteran the only way to operate it was by using the buttons.

Our opinion

The Roomba 692 is a simple robot but one that we think is the best. works well and does its job to pass the hoover or the broom. However, if mopping is important to you or if you have a pet, this model will not meet your expectations.

After testing it for several weeks, we know that, both for its random navigation and for its autonomy, we are facing security problems. a model recommended for small or medium-sized apartments. If your house is large or you own a villa, it is better to opt for more advanced models.

Although it is not equipped with a remote control, we consider that the app is simple enough to be used by almost anyone.. It also offers the option of voice or remote control.

For a Roomba it’s cheap, but compared to other manufacturers you’ll find models with better tech specs for less money. Is the game worth the candle? It depends on how much importance you place on the reliability of the brand and its expertise, which is manifested in both its navigation algorithm and its application.

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