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iRobot Roomba j7+: test and opinion

If you’re looking for the best and are ready to put your hands in your pocket, we’ve tested one of iRobot’s most premium models, both inside and out. : the Roomba j7+.

roomba j7+

iRobot Roomba j7+ Data Sheet

What we preferred

  • Premium design
  • Double central brush special for pets
  • Optimized and barrier-free navigation

What could be improved

  • Don’t mop the floor
  • In low light, it may crash
  • High price

Analysis and testing

After testing the Roomba j7+ for several weeks, here are our conclusions on its performance.


roomba j7+ upside downFew brands pay as much attention to design as iRobot and, if we stick to the high end, the proposal is as well thought out as few others. So this Roomba j7+ surprised us with its matte black finish with metallic details that are nice to look at and stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

Also, the base is aesthetically elegantvisually, it doesn’t seem as big as the others thanks to its shape and has aesthetic elements like a leather tab to lift the lid. As for the bags, these are the standard bags compatible with the entire iRobot family and they last about 2 months of use.

But the best thing is not its appearance, but its brush configuration.It consists of a side brush to attract dirt and two central rubber rollers, a combination that provides good performance in any scenario of use, even if it is demanding, since the rubber is resistant to tangling resulting from the suction of a large amount of hair.


Another of its strengths is the way it navigates. Thus, it has a camera installed in the front part which allows it to “see” the environmentwhich gives it 2 advantages:

  • It is able to orient itself around the house to navigate it in an optimized way, without leaving parts of the house uncleaned.
  • Since the camera is at ground level, it is able to recognize objects and avoid them.

From our experience, Avoid socks, ropes, cables and even animal droppings.If you have a dog or cat, you know this can happen from time to time.

During our test weeks, barely crashed onceWhat exactly happened? The camera he uses to view the environment needs lighting to function properly. This is the only “but” we have in this section.

As he is not particularly tall, he was able go under the bed and under the wardrobewhich we appreciated to clean these nooks. However, since it is quite wide, it can cause problems in narrow spaces.


All iRobot models have two things in common: we don’t know their suction capacity and they don’t have different powers, so the quality of their cleaning can only be assessed by looking at the results. As we have seen, the Roomba j7+ is one of the best cleaning vacuums.

If we take into account that it is a bit noisy and leaves the floor clean, we can deduce that we are in the presence of a powerful model. However, since it also has a double central rubber brush, it is also particularly effective for animal hair and other solid materials..

In our family, we have a dog that loses its hair, throws its food, brings back grass and dirt during its walks… but when it… we ran the Roomba j7+ on it, the floor was quite clean..

Also We were pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness on carpets: thick wools are quite clean, but it is most effective on large, thin carpets.

Given that it is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner and for the price it displays, we did not notice that don’t clean the floor.


The theoretical autonomy of this robot vacuum cleaner is approximately 2 hours of use and during our weeks of testing we were able to verify that the manufacturer’s estimates are very close to reality.

Because it navigates very well and hardly gets lost, it is able to clean our 100 m2 apartment using about a third of its battery, which gives you an idea of ​​its capacity: the Roomba j7+ is up to the task of the task. for medium to large homes.
Besides, has memory and navigate effectively. In the event of battery depletion, it is able to resume cleaning once it has been fully recharged.


Controlling the Roomba j7+ involves installing the iRobot app on the phone, which we did without issue thanks to to its ease of use and good synchronization with the router..

We would like to emphasize the quality, the clarity of the interface and the design of the application.It’s visual, with clear, well-translated messages, so even if you’re not a tech savvy, you’ll know how to use it.

I actually asked my mom to install the app and she did it with no problem. One of the keys is that there are no power levels, nor is there any scrubbing, which makes it less versatile, there are fewer options and therefore easier to navigate..

It is true that she would have preferred it to be remote controlled, but the learning curve was minimal. The icing on the cake, you can use it by voice command with the three main assistants on the market: Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Our opinion

After testing the Roomba j7+, it is clear to us that this is a robot vacuum that will satisfy people looking for a quality device. a premium experience in terms of handling and performance. But you also have to be prepared to pay for it.

For his power, suction quality and configuration of the brushesit is an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for households with pets or with a lot of carpets, because it is of those who retain the most dirt. It also has a high-efficiency filter that returns cleaner air to the room, which is why we recommend it. for allergy sufferers.

Although it is treated with due diligence, we consider it to be designed so well and its interface is so intuitive.that it is suitable for virtually all audiences.

If you have a design house and care about aestheticsyou will find few models as ambitious as this one.

Who wouldn’t want this vacuum cleaner? Someone on a tight budget or just someone looking for a robot that also cleans the floor, its main absence.

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