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Laresar L6 Pro: test and opinion

More and more brands are getting into the design of self-draining robot vacuum cleaners, and this is the case of this Chinese company that surprised us with its personality and high-end features at a much more affordable price.

Technical characteristics of the Laresar L6 Pro

What we liked the most

  • A good price-performance ratio
  • Versatile
  • Base with information LED
  • For large households

What could be improved

  • The app could be improved
  • It lacks a rubber pet brush.

Analysis and testing

After using the Laresar L6 Pro to clean our house, here are the conclusions we came to.


Base Laresar L6 Pro

One of the aspects for which the Laresar L6 Pro surprised us the most is its design. Without being perfect, we consider it one of the most ambitious, not so much for the finishes as for the details, such as the fact that its base has an LED that displays the filling status of the bag.

THE The robot vacuum cleaner has a very elegant designIt has a sleek, matte black plastic chassis that’s pleasing to the eye, although fingerprints are left on the surface. It’s a full-sized robot vacuum that’s great for climbing up carpets, though it can struggle to get under some objects.

We think that the base is one of the most useful we’ve tested.although it could be improved:

  • That he has some Informative colored LEDs is the most intuitive way to get information such as the status of the robot, if it’s time to change the bag or the battery level.
  • By design more like a wastebasketand can therefore go unnoticed.
  • We believe that the plastic used to make it is a little coarse, which detracts from the appearance of the robot.

The capacity of the bag is around 2 months of use, but in our experience, thanks to the data visible on the LED displayWe took advantage of it for a few more days.

We were disappointed with the configuration of the brushesIt only has a central roller with bristles and a side brush, a typical combination of the most basic models.


One of the great assets of this robot vacuum cleaner is its navigation system: not only is it smart, but it is also one of the finest on the marketAt least on paper. Thanks to the combination of the laser and a ToF sensor, it makes it possible to orient oneself, to trace optimized trajectories and to recreate space in 3 dimensions for better orientation.

Laresar L6 Pro detail Is it noticeable? Well, yes: normally, with a simple laser sight, the robots already navigate well, but thanks to ToF he can better “see the obstacles”so that in our house he was able to recognize the dog bowl, although he could resist the occasional wire.

It’s not the most advanced navigation we’ve tried, but what’s nice is that it’s a navigational aid. almost never got stuck during our weeks of testing..

The advantage of your navigation system is that it not only works as long as it needs to and does not run in circles, but is also… we no longer have to worry about tidying up the house before cleaning.


The Laresar L6 Pro is a very useful robot vacuum cleaner to avoid sweeping almost every day in our apartment, but also to make the floors shiner thanks to its mop and even to remove some dry stains. However, we warn you that what it does best is vacuuming, but versatility is a plus..

We liked its suction power, which is noticeable when the floor is quite dirty, as it sucks up small solids, such as dust, and larger ones, such as gravel or crumbs.

However, is not foolproof with hair: As it only has two bristle brushes, the bristles get tangled easily and reduce its effectiveness. It’s not that it doesn’t catch hair, it’s just that it’s not designed to handle the amount of hair my dog ​​sheds.

Regarding his on carpets, it resists superficial dirt quite well.which saves us from having to vacuum as often. However, it didn’t save us from having to scrub at least twice a week, as most stains on floors are insensitive to scrubbing.


What we liked most about the Laresar L6 Pro was the battery life.. Our house is 100m2 and it was more than enough, even though we put it on strong suction and scrubbing mode.

Although the Chinese company claims that its autonomy exceeds 4 hours of useThis figure is misleading, as it only comes close when only vacuuming an open area, which is not very common in everyday life.

However, as we have seen, has great autonomy for large apartments like ours, so it could vacuum multi-storey houses without any problem.

It also navigates very well and is able to remember where it stayed in case it runs out of battery, if you have a large house and are looking for a model that does not break your budget.he could be your ideal candidate.


After our experience, we believe that the most perfectible point of the Laresar L6 Pro is its application. Although it stands out for the customization it offers, its design is somewhat confusing, with some words cut off and mistranslated.

In its favor, the options you will find there, but as we have been able to verify, needs a good facelift. If technology isn’t your cup of tea, its interface might put you off.

In this case, you can always start it with the button (although you won’t benefit from all the options available) or control it by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Our opinion

When a robot has a self-draining base, average power and great autonomy, it is normal that we are dealing with a top-of-the-range model and what that implies: having to make a substantial investment. Precisely, the great advantage of this L6 Pro is that does virtually the same thing as many high-end models, but for less..

As we have seen, the most of this robot vacuum cleaner is its versatility, its good power, its refined navigation and, above all, its autonomy so high that we recommend it to you. for large householdsfor example detached or semi-detached houses.

If you are looking for a model capable of vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing, and you don’t have high cleaning demands (e.g. you are not allergic and you don’t have pets) this is a very reliable candidate. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t even think about it because there’s nothing else quite so complete.

One important limitation: we like all the options we’ve seen in its application, but given its density, we think it’s not possible to use it. suitable for people who love technology..

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