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New York with children. Places to see absolutely

A trip to New York with kids is always a good idea, because the city is full of places where the little ones can have maximum fun 😉 .

New York with kids

We will show you the places to visit in new york with kidsso they don’t want to go home 😄.

TIPSIf you want to enjoy a musical in New York and at the same time you can the little ones will love itwe recommend two: The Lion King musical and the Aladdin musical.

Ticket to the musical The Lion King

Aladdin Musical Ticket

Disney Store

Located at 1540 Broadway, in the heart of the Disney Store Times Squareyou will find the Disney Storea nice shop that kids will love it.


You can find the princess castle and all kinds of merchandising of Disney films and well as exclusive New York-related products, for example, Minnie “dressed” as the Statue of Liberty 😊.

FAO Schwarz Toy Shop

The toy store CAM Schwarz is one of most famous in town. It is located in Rockefeller Center and is New York’s largest toy store.

It is divided into several sections, in which you can find all kinds of stuffed animals, magic instruments, dolls, science, a candy and sweets section… of all imaginable sizes, etc.

fao mythical new york toy store

But if this toy store is known for anything, it’s that you can play a giant piano…with your feet, which you’ll remember from the movie Big from a few years ago.

If you are caught on a cold day in New York, you can be a good place for kids to have fun in New York..


Very close to the FAO you will find the toy store LEGO for fans of colored blocks.

As you enter, you will see the Statue of Liberty, made entirely out of Lego, of course. But, in our humble opinion, what you really need to see is the life-size yellow taxi that you will find next, in which you can climb and take thousands of photos.

lego shop essentials for a trip to new york with kids

You can also see, among others, the Empire State Building, the Big Apple and the Brooklyn Bridge.

And don’t forget the zone, where you’ll find thousands of different pieces to let your imagination run wild 😉 .

Hershey’s Chocolate World

We know that visiting the Hershey’s Chocolate Shop can be a “dangerous” part of a trip to New York with kidsbut it is worth visiting, and not only because you get a small chocolate or a candy when entering… but also 😋.

Founded by Milton S. Hershey in the 19th century, it is one of the oldest companies in the United States and one of the oldest in the world. has become one of the most famous brands in the country..

The children will go “crazy” with all the chocolate bars with unimaginable flavors you will see there, but also with the chocolate syrup and the Twizzlers, which are a real treat.

As you know, sizes in America are big, and to prove it, you can buy this… 2.26 kg chocolate bar!

the best chocolate shop in new york

Inside the shop they have their own bakery, where of course you can have delicious hot chocolate and buy chocolate bars with custom packaging designed by you..

TIPS: It is located in Times Square at 701 7th Avenue.

Dylan’s candy bar

And from the paradise of chocolate, we send you to the paradise of candies and sweets, in Dylan’s Candy Bar, one of New York’s favorite children’s stores..

In addition to a wide variety of sweets, you also have all kinds of merchandise such as clothes, mugs and travel items.


TIPS: On their website you can see all the products which are sold in the shop.

Krispy Kreme

Do you like donuts? If so, go to Krispy Kreme and you won’t know which one to choose, between the great variety they have.

Chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cheesecake, cinnamon, with filling, without filling…😋

TIPS: We leave you their website so that you can “fall in love” with them and buy them for the whole family.

The world of M&Ms

The little ones probably know the famous chocolates all too well M&Ms and the store, located in Times Square, is a place to visit with kids in New York..

On its three floors, with a fantastic decoration, kids have all the varieties of M&Ms they can imagine at their well as all brand merchandising.

mm-world in-the-times-square shop

If you want to buy really original M&Ms, there is a printer with which you can engrave your message on them.

TRICK: You will find the shop immediately, because its facade is incredibly eye-catching.

American Museum of Natural History

This museum was opened in 1869 and is one of the best museums to visit with children in New York..

It has four floors, it is divided into 6 areas and although the whole museum is worth it, especially if you have little time to see everything, we recommend the Planetarium and the dinosaur rooms that you will find on the 4th floor. floor and which will surely be one of the most interesting places to visit. Favorites for children.


TIPS: Today, there is no longer a “pay as you wish” option for tourists, which used to mean that you pay what you want for each ticket. Therefore, there is no choice but to pay the full entrance fee or have one of New York Sightseeing Passesto include it.

Bryant Park

This beautiful park, located right next to the New York Public Library, is the ideal place to spend a pleasant day with the children. and take advantage of the activities offered throughout the year.

The little ones in the house can enjoy reading outdoors, playing ping-pong like the grown-ups or participating in different board games, while you relax with free yoga, tai-chi and fencing lessons. 😊.

Inside Bryant Park, we also recommend taking the kids to the beautiful carousel located on one side of the park. It has hand-painted horses and French cabaret music.


If you visit New York with kids during the summer months there are storytellers in the reading room and a puppet show on the carousel.

In and around the park there are several restaurants and food stalls, but you can also have a picnic on the lawns or use the free tables and chairs found throughout the park..

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

This Navy, Air and Space Museum in New York is housed on an aircraft carrier, the USS Intrepid, which was decommissioned and turned into a museum in 1982.

Inside you can visit the engine room, the cabins and the kitchen, among others. learn what life was like inside.

Children will certainly be amazed to see various fighter jets and helicopters, as well as the Concorde aircraft and the USS Growler submarine.

Others from the attractions you can enjoy at the museumare the 2 simulators G-Force Encounter and Transporter FX and the 4D movie, Stories of Intrepid.

TIPS: Located on the Hudson River at Pier 86, at the end of 46th Street.

National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey

This aquarium is another of New York attractions that kids will love..

It is characterized by the fact that it is not a conventional aquarium, since it does not haveno animals or fishbut you are embarking on a virtual underwater trip across the Pacific Ocean, discovering marine flora and fauna.

You can “swim” at the bottom of the ocean and see, for example, great white sharks, humpback whales or sea lions. Just don’t get wet 😄.

ocean-odyssey entrance

This experience created by National Geographicis located on 44th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenue, very close to Times Square.

Central Park

If you visit New York with kidsWe can only recommend the activities and areas for children in this wonderful park.

It has more than 15 areas dedicated to children with different themes and play areas divided by age.

general view of the central park

If you like, you you can download this mapso you can find them more easily.

One of the most famous attractions is its antique carousel from 1908.which operates every day of the year.

french carousel in-central-park

Of course, you can also rent a bike or a boat, go on carousel rides at Victoria Gardens park during the summer season and go ice skating during the winter season at Wollman Ice Rink.

Wollman Rink

From mid-October to early April you have Central Park, one of the most popular and popular New York’s most famous skating rinks. and has served as the setting for several films.

It is named after the Wollman family who donated the money for its construction.

We hope and wish that if you wish New York with kidsThis post can help you make your trip the best it can be. 😄

A huggable traveler.

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