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Ready to go: to stay warm this winter, what helps when you live in an energy filter?

Faced with rising energy prices, many households are preparing to hedge as the winter season approaches. To stay warm without blowing up your electricity bill, there are solutions.

The fight against energy-intensive housing

As the price of energy continues to rise, energy renovation is becoming a crucial issue for old houses. Moreover, the increase in electricity will not only cover the deployment of renewable energy sources, but also the extension of the life of nuclear power plants.

The trend is the same for gas. In this context, the climate law has moved from the advisory phase to the prohibition phase in order to encourage owners and lessors of energy-intensive housing to renovate. Indeed, between rent ban and energy audit obligation, the government has declared war on energy seven.

Initiate energy renovation works

According to the latest estimates, the number of energy-intensive dwellings classified F and G according to the energy performance diagnosis represents more than 17% of the stock of main residences in France, or 5.2 million dwellings, according to the National Observatory for Renovation. . The National Federation of Estate Agents (FNAIM) estimates the number of these thermal strainers at between 7 and 8 million.

The French are well aware of the climatic and economic problems linked to the thermal performance of their homes. 47% of them believe that energy work is necessary, according to a survey carried out by OpinionWay.

From intention to action, there is only one step, but more or less difficult to cross. Thus, as revealed by the Odoxa polling institute, the French are ready to undertake work amounting to €3,400 per year to improve their thermal comfort and reduce their energy consumption.

Optimize a renovation budget with a work credit

To carry out thermal renovation work, it is generally necessary to plan between 400 € and 600 € per square meter. To minimize a construction budget there are energy renovation tools.

Some are accessible to all households, such as MaPrimeRénov’ or the ‘Coup d’économie d’énergie’. You can also use eco-PTZ or various local resources.

In addition, to optimize your budget as well as possible and improve the energy performance of the accommodation, it is possible to apply for a work credit. The latter makes it possible to level the amount necessary to carry out the work over several months. For example, for the replacement of windows and frames, which would require a budget of €7,500, a household can benefit from energy savings certificates (CEE) and assistance from the National Housing Agency ( Anah) for a total of €3,500. This leaves $3,500 to pay, which can be authorized by taking out, for example, a 24-month works loan with monthly payments of $152, according to a loan simulation.

Find the best price for your work!

from 0.50% over 12 months(3)

How do I know if I am entitled to my Renov bonus?

The bonus is awarded without any income condition. Your income counts to determine the amount of the premium to which you are entitled and the work for which you are eligible. It is the reference taxable income (RFR) that is taken into account. This is indicated on your tax notice.

Is everyone entitled to the Renov bonus? In 2021, everyone is eligible for Prime Renov, owners of main residences and landlords. And this, without any condition of means. The amount of the premium always takes into account the income of the tax household.

What tax income for my Renov premium? As for the other scale of Ma Prime Renov, here is what you need to know. The purple scale concerns intermediate households, with a reference tax income of between €29,148 (excluding IDF) or €38,184 (IDF) for one person and €69,081 (excluding IDF) or €90,496 (IDF) for 5 people.

What tax income Prime Renovation 2022?

How do I know if I am eligible for the Renov bonus?

MaPrimeRénov’: who can benefit from it? MaPrimeRénov’ is open to all owners, whatever their income, whether they live in or rent the property to be renovated. The house must be built for at least 15 years or at least 2 years in the event of replacement of an oil-fired boiler.


What work is supported by ANAH 2022?

In short: They make it possible to take charge of the insulation, the change of heating, the ventilation and the overall renovation, generating an energy gain of at least 35%. They can be combined with the zero-rate eco-loan, the energy check and the reduced rate of VAT.

How is Ana’s help? The payment of aid from Anah is not automatic. The amount of aid depends on many factors, such as the nature of the work planned, its amount, your resources. Anah also appreciates the interest in your work project.

What is the difference between my Renov and Anah premium? When it was created in January 2020, MaPrimeRénov’ was exclusively intended for French households with the lowest incomes. But as of October 2020, Anah opened its system to all owners, whether owners or residents. The subtlety lies in the amount and the calculation of the premium.

When should we repay Ana’s help? Reimbursement is made after sending your invoices. Once your work is finished, you (or the syndicate of co-ownership) must send all invoices to the Office National de l’Habitat. The latter then proceeds to the full payment of the financial assistance granted to the union.

How do I declare Anah aid for taxes?

If you have received financial aid, such as subsidies from your department or region or aid from Anah, you must deduct them from the amount of expenses to be declared. Only the amount you actually paid needs to be declared.

How do I declare my Renov premium to the tax authorities? Connect to your private space on impots.gouv.fr. Start your tax return. When you get to step 3 “Income and Expenses”, click on the “Expenses” category. Check the “Energy transition in the main house” box.

What tax notice for Anah?

To prove their income, the grant applicant must submit a copy of their 2020 tax notice or, for non-taxable persons, a 2020 income tax return (concerning income received in 2019).

Is the Renov premium taxable?

In the old version, the CITE tax credit was accessible to all French households, taxable or not, regardless of their level of income. But this is not the case with Ma Prime Rénov.

Can I combine my Renov and Anah premium?

The energy transition bonus paid by the National Agency for the Improvement of Housing (ANAH) from 1 January 2020 can never be combined with the CITE.

What aid can be combined with the Renov bonus? My primeRénov’ can be combined with other energy renovation tools such as Energy Savings Certificates (CEE), or assistance from local authorities or Action Logement. In addition, your work benefits from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5%.

What bounty can be accumulated with the Anah? The MaPrimeRénov’ and MaPrimeRénov Sérénité combination formulas can be combined with CEEs (energy savings certificates), energy checks and a reduced VAT rate. The zero-rate Eco-loan (Eco-PTZ) can also finance the outstanding amount.

What are the cumulative aids?

Help that can be combined with loan solutions

  • a zero-rate eco-loan;
  • a housing savings loan;
  • a home equity loan;
  • an additional loan for French nationals repatriated from abroad with a compensation document;
  • a loan for civil servants;

Is it possible to combine certain government aids to improve housing? The financial support that Anah provides for carrying out energy-saving work can be combined with many other aids and subsidies, such as: Aid from local authorities. The APL (Personalised Housing Assistance) paid by the CAF.

What accumulations of financial aid are possible for the same renovation project?

It is possible to combine several renovation grants, for a maximum amount of 20,000 euros over 5 years. The CEE energy bonus can be combined with the energy check and Ma Premium Renov Sérénité or MPR. It is also possible to accumulate several EEG energy bonuses for different renovation works.

What are the cumulative energy bonuses?

The accumulation of the energy bonus is possible with MaPrimeRénov’, the eco-PTZ and the reduced rate of VAT. You can benefit from different energy bonuses for different works. However, the same project cannot benefit from the accumulation of several energy bonuses.

What is the most interesting energy bonus? 1. The Auchan eco-energy bonus, the most attractive voucher offer. Auchan, a central player in mass distribution, offers an energy bonus called “Auchan eco-energy bonus”, the amount of which can reach €4,000.

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