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The 10 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners of 2023

Dyson handheld vacuum test with upholstery fabrics.

Crumbs left on the couch, your dog’s hair when you put him in the car, dust on a shelf… getting rid of them and leaving your house (or car) clean is as quick and easy as doing Household chores. using a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The great advantage of these devices is that they offer moderate power in a small size, which makes them perfect for small cleaning jobs where you can’t even reach breathing machine nor the vacuum broom that takes up so much space in your closet.

For convenience and agility, the most interesting format is the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.

If you are not sure which handheld vacuum to buyWe have analyzed for you the most interesting models on the market so that you can make the right choice.

What will you find in this guide?

Top 10 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners for Good Value

We’ve compared 10 of the most interesting handheld vacuums to help you choose the best one for your needs.

10. Electrolux ZB5003W

Quite practical to replace the classic feather duster

Power : 3.6V

Autonomy: 10 minutes

Deposit : 0.5L

Accessories : 2

Electrolux ZB5003W
See the price

If one duster isn’t enough for you but you don’t need the power or complexity of other models bordering on industrial and you don’t need the power or complexity of other models bordering on industrial. something nimble for quick cleaningkeep an eye on this one Electrolux ZB5003W.

Practical and functional design

What we liked the most was its design:

  • It stands out for its ergonomicsthanks to an easy-to-grip handle and rubber wheels that allowed us to glide it over surfaces in a way that required less arm work, which we thought was ideal for older people, for example.
  • With a moderately large tank for this type of device (half a liter), we did not have to monitor whether it had been filled or not at each cleaning.
  • It includes a very useful retractable nozzle for vacuuming solids even in cracks, and a toothbrush. brush for encrusted solids.

One aspect that we think should be improved is that the power button is not a fire button, so it still wastes a few seconds of battery, which is important considering that its autonomy is very low.

Intuitive use

We love the easy to usewith large physical buttons and LED battery level indicators to make it your home cleaning ally right out of the box.

Although it has 2 speeds, it’s not really a powerful handheld vacuum.. In this regard, it is not up to par for pet hair, but it is good for cleaning dust or crumbs.

Its autonomy is about 10 minutes, it was not useful for cleaning large areas or for a large number of passes at maximum speed, but for occasional cleanings that have not been excessively demanding.

By design, accessories and performance, this device is a hand-held vacuum cleaner. perfect to replace the traditional feather duster..


  • Ergonomic and practical
  • Easy to use
  • With 2 speeds


  • Underpower
  • Short battery life

9. Rowenta Extenso Cyclonic AC476901

A comfortable and practical vacuum cleaner for small apartments.

Power : 7.2V

Autonomy: 16 minutes

Deposit : 0.35L

Accessories : 2

Rowenta Extenso Cyclonic AC476901
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If you need a handheld vacuum cleaner that is practical for simple vacuuming tasksthis Rowenta Extenso Cyclonic AC476901 is a candidate to consider.

What we liked the most was its design, elegant, minimalist and practical, it is comfortable in the handespecially because of its lightness:

  • It is distinguished by its curved ergonomic shape with a handle that allowed us to use it easily even in tight and hard-to-reach places, for example on a cluttered shelf or in hard-to-reach crevices.
  • For its lightness we were pleasantly surprised by the size of its tank.The 0.35 liter tank is sufficient for small cleaning jobs.
  • With 2 versatile accessories we were able to clean our house and our car with one device. On the one hand, it has a narrow and telescopic nozzle, which is suitable for tight and hard-to-reach spaces, and on the other hand, it comes with a brush for cleaning textiles.

Suitable for solids and liquids

Be careful because this vacuum cleaner can be used to vacuum water and other liquids.perfect for household accidents that may occur. Note, however, that this is not a very powerful handheld vacuum.

In our experience, it’s useful for picking up small solids, such as crumbs or dust, but it’s not very powerful. not up to scratch for more demanding taskssuch as picking up dog or cat hair that gets embedded in fabrics such as the sofa or car seats.

To vacuum, he uses the cyclone technologywhich uses centrifugal force (like washing machines) to separate solids from air surprisingly efficiently and without the need for a tank bag.

Quick and timely cleaning

We see that your autonomy is also not up to parbut that’s not necessarily a problem if you want to use it for quick, spot-on cleaning.

From this point of view, this model is not suitable for households with furry animals, but it can be used for cleaning the house. interesting for small, lightly soiled apartmentsfor example for couples.

In general, it is a good value handheld vacuum cleanerespecially if you are looking for something simple but that works well.


  • Practical and ergonomic design
  • Good value for money
  • tank size


  • Not very powerful
  • Low battery life

8. Aigostar

For allergy sufferers who want to keep their home clean at all times.

Power : 4.5kPa

Autonomy: 20 minutes

Deposit : 0.1L

Accessories : 2

See the price

If you like to keep your home always clean and you are even a little nervous about leaving something dirty behind, having this Aigostar always at hand will be a good idea. It is a suction solution that stands out for its following characteristics to be extremely light and compact and to incorporate a HEPA filter.ideal for people with allergies.

THE design of this handheld vacuum cleaner Aigostar is the most minimalist. So much so that, rather than a vacuum cleaner, it makes us think of a torch weighing around half a kilo. However, it is clear that it is a cheap model, since it is made of rather sturdy plastic and has simple lines.

A handheld vacuum cleaner

We appreciate its lightness, but it comes at a price: the built-in tank is extremely small (0.1L), so we had to be constantly on the lookout to empty it.

To turn it on, there is a single button that you press as if it were a trigger. there is nothing easier to use. Although it is an affordable and basic model, it has a 2-in-1 which we found very practical. for rubbing textiles or accessing cracks.

This is a vacuum cleaner to treat small dirtlike the few crumbs that fall after eating on the sofa or to keep spaces that are not very dirty clean:

  • Your The suction capacity of 4.5 kPa is adjusted and was not sufficient for ground-in dirt such as hair on fabrics. We found it useful for small debris on surfaces.
  • With a autonomy up to 20 minutes we had plenty of time to make several visits for occasional cleanings or to refurbish entire rooms.

Ideal for people with allergies

We like that it has a HEPA filter, which retains allergens such as dust and dust mites the best, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. we recommend it to people with allergies and/or respiratory problems.. It’s also easy to remove and we were able to clean it often so it was ready for use.

If you are looking for a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner for simple cleaning and you are health conscious, this Aigostar is a candidate to consider.


  • Good autonomy
  • With HEPA filter
  • Cheap


  • small tank
  • Underpower


With accessories to clean the whole house

Power : 15.5W

Autonomy: 10 minutes

Deposit : 0.385L

Accessories : 3

See the price

An institution in the industrial world, Black+Decker has several handheld vacuum cleaners in its catalog so that, whatever your search and your budget, you can find your ideal model. If you want something simple and compact for occasional cleaningThis BLACK+DECKER NVC215WA you will find it interesting.

Classic and reliable design

Although it’s all plastic, we love its classic, reliable design. the quality and finish of this handheld vacuum cleaner.. Its design testifies to the industrial vocation of the brand, with a textured handle to improve the grip and a classic shape with only 2 buttons: the power button and the one that opens the most intuitive tank.

For its size we were pleasantly surprised by the size of your tank.We were pleasantly surprised by the size of your tank, which is moderately large and translucent, allowing us to see when it was full and needed to be emptied.

The number of accessories provided is a positive point:

  • AT narrow nozzle which we were able to stretch to better reach cracks and corners.
  • With a brush particularly interesting for rubbing textiles such as sofas, cushions, tablecloths, etc.
  • AT rubber nipple for cleaning delicate surfaces.

So that if it were not equipped with a rather modest battery, it has enough accessories to clean all the objects in our house..

Cleaning against the clock

To start, there is a button that works as long as it is held down, which is interesting for optimizing the battery. is already weak in itselfup to 10 minutes of runtime, enough to get rid of a few crumbs or 4 hairs on the floor, but not much more.

After our tests, we consider that the the suction capacity of this vacuum cleaner is also adjusted. (15.5 AW) but sufficient for this usage scenario. The filter used to retain solids is of the hygienic type, good for improving air quality but insufficient for people with respiratory problems or asthma.

This BLACK+DECKER NVC215WA is a good handheld vacuum cleaner if you don’t intend to do demanding but varied cleanings, thanks to its following features versatility offered by its accessories.


  • Many accessories
  • Good size tank
  • Quality of finish


  • Low battery life
  • Low consumption

6. AEG HX6-30STM

Great autonomy and a very original design

Power : 18V

Autonomy: 30 minutes

Deposit : 0.5L

Accessories : 2

See the price

Handheld vacuum cleaners are usually small and this also has a small consequence: their battery is reduced, which results in a low autonomy. However, there are exceptions, such as this model of AEG with a surprisingly high capacity that allows you to vacuum up to a small apartment.

original model

We particularly appreciate his its robust, functional and very original designto get the most out of this small electrical appliance:

  • In order not to complicate life by changing accessories, it has a water supply system. Convenient Easy Reach retractable nozzle which can be used for normal suction as well as narrow spaces if stretched.
  • Your Half liter tank capacity is big enough that you won’t be overwhelmed if it fills up quickly. We were also able to remove it quickly for easy maintenance and the filter is washable.
  • It has the following features 2 small wheels on the lower part so that it can slide on surfaces and the arm works less, which makes it very easy to handle.

We liked those wheels, as the vacuum weighs over a pound and is very easy to maneuver. is not really light.

Surprising autonomy

It features an ergonomic handle that gave us a comfortable grip, and a dual-trigger power button that toggles between operating modes. 2 suction speeds: a more powerful one, for more suction, and a quieter and softer one, with which you can we were able to extend its battery up to almost half an hour of of the longest.

Your The suction system is of the cyclonic typea well-established, highly efficient and common technology in high-end vacuum cleaners for handling small solids.

One aspect we didn’t appreciate is slow battery chargingIt will take you about 4 hours to get the vacuum back to 100% for a new cleaning mission.

For a portable vacuum cleaner it’s not really cheapespecially if you take into account that it does not include other items for cleaning the house, the car oh special allergies. Indeed, accessory packs are available, but you will have to buy them separately.


  • Great autonomy
  • With 2 speeds
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Versatile tip


  • Not cheap
  • No accessories included
  • Not light

5. Orbegozo AP 1500

Vacuums solids and liquids spending very little money.

Power : 7.4V

Autonomy: 20 minutes

Deposit : 0.4L

Accessories : 3

Orbegozo AP 1500
See the price

If you don’t go for name brands but for attractive specifications, you can save a lot of money with this model. Orbegozo AP 1500Who surprised us in terms of quality and price.

It’s a cheap vacuum cleaner and its plastic finish reflects that. It has unrefined and clunky lines, but in our tests it proved its worth when it comes to maneuverability, thanks to useful features such as a suction handle. 5-position adjustable handle, comfortable in the hand.

Your The translucent 0.4 liter tank is large enough to last the full life of its battery, which from the tests we’ve done is no small feat. And when it’s full, we saw it at a glance and were able to empty it with the press of a button.

Versatility at its best

We liked the the versatility it offers thanks to the 3 accessories provided:

  • An upholstery brush.
  • A corner brush for better access to cracks.
  • A specific element for sucking up liquids, which is very useful, for example, if you spill a glass of water.

Although it’s not the most powerful we’ve tested, in our tests it does the trick. for a wide variety of solid and liquid wasteIt is therefore advisable to keep it handy in case of unforeseen events. The suction system consists of cyclonic typea well-established and effective technology that restores relatively clean air.

Balanced cleaning

For us, one of its strengths is its autonomy of about 20 minutesenough to allow you to make a few passes or even clean small floors. You just have to be patient to recharge it because it took us about 6 hours. Since it comes with a charging stand, we at least picked it up.

One of the advantages of handheld vacuums is their price: they are generally more affordable than handheld vacuums. sled or cordless models. However, as you’ll see throughout this comparison, that’s not always the case. If you’re on a tight budget, this Orbegozo is good, nice, and cheap..


  • It is manageable
  • Good autonomy
  • Capable of sucking up liquids


  • Not very powerful
  • Fairly coarse materials

4. Shark CH950EUT

A powerful vacuum recommended for households with pets

Power : 10.8V/100aW

Autonomy: 10 minutes

Deposit : 0.45L

Accessories : 3

Shark CH950EUT
See the price

Most handheld vacuums are designed for light cleaning, but there are exceptions like this. Shark CH950EUTa shark capable of to deal with something as difficult as pet hair..

Your the design seems bulky to usbut every cloud has its downside: the tank is quite generous, which allowed us to suck up a good amount of dirt every time we used it. To empty it, all you have to do is press a button, which makes it very easy to use.

An ambitious design

This vacuum cleaner is rather imposing and is therefore not the most manageable in our comparison. In his favour, it is made of high quality plastic durable plastic.

One of the points that we liked the most is the number of accessories included:

  • AT perfect narrow nozzle to catch dust and other small solids that creep into cracks and hard-to-reach places.
  • AT dusting brush which we may have used to clean furniture such as shelves, tables or even something as delicate as a keyboard.
  • AT mini motorized brush for pets specially designed to remove encrusted hair from upholstery.

Precisely, hair is a rather difficult material to suck up when it is embedded in textiles, but between the motorized brush and the fact that it is a fairly powerful vacuum cleaner with up to 100aW of suction, two passages are enough to suck them up and leave them fairly clean.. It’s not an industrial model, but the results are surprisingly effective.

Competent in cleaning

Between the number of accessories included and the power, it would lack only one characteristic to be a “beast”: having a great autonomy. This is not the case: in our tests, its battery lasted about 10 minutesenough to deep clean a sofa, but too short if you want to use it all over the house.

Since it only has one speed, you can’t use its battery for more superficial cleaning. This is why this device is a vacuum cleaner recommended for occasional, intensive and demanding cleaning sessions.for example to leave your dog’s favorite cushion spotless.

One aspect that we think needs improvement in this handheld vacuum is the following the battery charging time: it is very much so that it will take you about 4 hours to get it to 100%.


  • Many accessories
  • Powerful
  • Large tank


  • Low battery life
  • High charging time
  • Not very light


A versatile vacuum cleaner balanced in power and autonomy.

Power : 12V / 35aW

Autonomy: 21 minutes

Deposit : 0.7L

Accessories : 2

See the price

If you are looking a versatile handheld vacuum from a reliable manufacturer to pick up crumbs and pet hair, keep an eye out for this one. BLACK+DECKER BHV520BFP because it can become your best ally to keep your home spotless.

Its design is industrial. It is made of quality plastic, its lines are ergonomic and aesthetically reminiscent of the legendary Dyson. We believe this is not a lightweight vacuum cleaner, but a handheld vacuum cleaner. thanks to its shape, we found it moderately manageable..

High performance design

We love the easy and convenient to use:

  • With a large capacity tank with quick releaseeven for very dirty situations, and equipped with a sensor that alerts you when it is full.
  • AT single power button which allows you to choose between 2 speeds.
  • SmartTech technology notifies you when the filters need to be washed so that you always have it on hand.

THE the icing on the cake are her 2 accessoriesa pop-up crevice tool that we used in crevices; and an efficient motorized brush with anti-tangle bristles specifically for pets, which we found useful even for hair stuck in carpets, upholstery, or sofas.

Ambitious in cleaning

Since the power button isn’t a shutter button, you’ll still lose precious seconds of battery life. satisfied with the autonomy of 21 minutes..

What we like most about this vacuum cleaner is its versatility and balance:

  • For cleaning surfacesWe activated the slow speed and we had plenty of time to clean a room or even a small apartment.
  • When we needed powerwe turned on the maximum speed to catch the biggest and heaviest solids or those that are embedded. However, the duration of use has been reduced considerably. Although it wasn’t as powerful as a stick vacuum in our tests, it is effective for demanding cleaning of small areas.

It is not a cheap model, but if you are looking for something quality and versatileWith this Black+Decker, you’ll have a handheld vacuum for years to come.


  • Special accessory for pets
  • Good autonomy
  • Relatively powerful
  • Large tank

2. Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner

A small, lightweight vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning.

Power : 13kPa

Autonomy: 30 minutes

Deposit : 0.1L

Accessories : 2

Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner
See the price

If Xiaomi is one of your favorite brands because of the good price-performance ratio of its products, you’re in luck: it also offers a handheld vacuum cleaner that will surprise you with its lightness and low cost..

Minimalist design

It is probably the portable vacuum cleaner that surprised us the most from an aesthetic point of view. It looks like a bottle. The Chinese company has opted for a very original design that seeks to minimalist and lightand he succeeds.

What we liked the most about the Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner it is its maneuverability: fits everywherefor storage and use in tight spaces.

With such small dimensions, it is not surprising that it was used for the manufacture of wooden objects. such a small tank of only 0.1LSo it served us well for small maintenance cleanings, but not for large solids or a large amount of dirt. The advantage is that it is made of transparent plastic, which allows us to see at a glance when it is full.

The only thing we didn’t like about the design of the device is that there is only one button to do everything and it is so discreet that it can go unnoticed.. Such minimalism can be confusing for people who are not very tech-savvy or who are of a certain age.

It comes with two very useful interchangeable accessories: a very narrow corner for vacuuming tight places and a small scrubbing brush. The vacuum cleaner and accessories are made of stainless steel. quality plastic, very resistant.

After our tests, we came to the conclusion that is not a particularly powerful vacuum cleanerbut it does the job for a stained cushion, a table full of crumbs, a dusty shelf… but it didn’t help us when we wanted to remove our cat’s hair from the sofa. It removes a few hairs, but most remain encrusted even after several passes.

Surprising performance

We appreciate the fact that he has 2 operating modesThe standard mode, for dust and such, and the turbo mode, if you need to vacuum larger solids such as crumbs or sand. Beware, however, of autonomy:

  • In Turbo mode, the battery lasts less than 10 minutes.
  • In standard mode, the battery lasts more than 20 minutes.

In this regard, we were surprised that such a compact device is able to optimize its battery so well..

If you are looking a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner for easy cleaningThe Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini is an interesting solution at an affordable price.


  • Very light
  • Surprising autonomy
  • Good value for money


  • small tank
  • Too minimalist

1. Conga Immortal Extreme Suction

Incredible power and range for the price

Power : 22.2V /10kPa

Autonomy: 25 minutes

Deposit : 0.5L

Accessories : 5

Conga Immortal Extreme Suction
Prices at Cecotec Price on Amazon

If there is a brand that has a wide catalog of vacuum cleaners, it is Cecotec. And in all its categories there are models that stand out for their quality and price, like this one. Conga Immortal Extreme Suctiona hand-held vacuum cleaner which surprised us for its price..

Balance between power and autonomy

What we liked the most about this handheld vacuum is its battery life. the balance between power and autonomyThis combination will be useful not only for occasional small cleaning jobs, but also for effortlessly dusting the entire living room.

  • Its 10kPa suction capacity makes it one of the most powerful handheld vacuums we tested.
  • He is capable of sucking up both small solids and liquidsThis means that in addition to classic dirt such as crumbs or sand, it can also suck up drops that spill onto surfaces to keep them clean.

In short, it is very practical to have on hand to clean almost everything.

designer trotter

What we liked the least was its design: although it is robust, the and the plastic used to make it feel clumsy in the hand.. And with its weight of 1 kg, it is not the lightest nor the most manageable in comparison.

However, any cloud has a good side: the fact that it is slightly larger helps it to fit into the environment. a larger capacity tank and a larger battery.perfect for more intensive cleaning.

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of accessories included in the box. a very versatile vacuum cleaner which allowed us to use it in many cases: from delicate surfaces to fabrics and interstices.

Although is not as exhaustive as HEPA filters, it remains very therefore has the ability to retain a large amount of particles, dust mites and dust before returning the air to the room, so it is interesting if you have slight allergy problems.

Correct autonomy

Finally, its autonomy exceeds 20 minuteswhich is more than enough to dust, for example, small apartments or large rooms. Although its design is somewhat clunky, the fact that it has a trigger-operated power button helps maximize battery life.

If you are looking for a handheld vacuum that excels in the following areas power and autonomy but you don’t want to spend a lot of moneythe Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction is one of the most reliable you can find.


  • Good value for money
  • Great autonomy
  • Powerful
  • Many accessories


  • Its filter is not HEPA
  • A raw design
  • Not the lightest or the most maneuverable

Comparison of the best handheld vacuum cleaners of 2023.

After our tests, we have compared the best rated handheld vacuum cleaners in this table, so that you can decide according to your needs.

Noticed : if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Our recommendations

Still don’t know what you need? Here are our favorite and recommended models for different profiles.

The best value for a handheld vacuum: Conga Immortal Extreme Suction

Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction
Prices at Cecotec Price on Amazon

It doesn’t particularly stand out, but the fact remains that there is no problem. performs very well for everything you would expect from a handheld vacuum.Decent power, sufficient battery life, plenty of accessories, a comfortable and nimble design… it has it all and at a good price.

It offers a interesting balance between power and autonomyThe device was so useful that we were able to use it for a few minutes for a more demanding cleaning or even to allow us to dust the whole apartment.

The icing on the cake, the device comes with a surprisingly large number of accessories that allow it to this vacuum cleaner is versatilePet brush, delicate surface brush, corner brush, extension brush…it can be used to clean computer keys, sofa, dust on the shelf or furniture.

If you want a balanced handheld vacuum cleaner in terms of performance and priceCecotec has found the key to offer the most functional without skimping on details.

The Best Handheld Vacuum for Pets: BLACK+DECKER BHV520BFP

See the price

When you have a furry pet, you can’t skip cleanliness, unless you don’t care that your home looks like a farm.

But hair is one of the toughest enemies you’ll ever face. For that, you need power and the right accessories, and this Black+Decker model has it..

Because the BLACK+DECKER BHHV520BFP is presented as a a practical handheld vacuum cleaner, but its ambitions are higher.

Thus, in our tests, their power, autonomy and this motorized brush made it possible to suck up stubborn hairs. that become embedded in fabrics such as the seat of your car or your sofa.

We know that it’s not a cheap vacuum cleaner and it’s not light eitherbut if you are looking for a device capable of dealing with “hair rebellion” at all times, this will be your ally.

The best cheap handheld vacuum cleaner: Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner
See the price

Xiaomi is almost a guarantee of value for money, but with its handheld vacuum cleaner, it goes even further by cutting costs to an extreme. If you want to spend little money, the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini is the best option you can buy.. In fact, it’s so inexpensive that even if you keep it in the glove box (yes, it does fit) and use it occasionally, it will pay for itself.

What we liked the most about this vacuum cleaner is that it is a real pocket model. Its very small size allows it to slip everywhere, but it is in no way a toy.

With 2 speeds and up to half an hour of autonomyIf you use it at the lowest power, you can clean “easy” messes like crumbs on a tablecloth or dust on a shelf. It’s not enough to clean your car and your pet, but you can give their cushion a quick wipe down.

In all cases, there are more competent options for those who live with their pets because, in addition, this vacuum cleaner is so small that its tank fills up in no time if there is a lot of dirt, such as hair, dirt and grass that falls after a walk with your best furry friend .

Handheld vacuum cleaner buying guide

Still not sure which handheld vacuum to buy? Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the model that’s right for you with our handheld vacuum cleaner buying guide, where you’ll find out which features are most important.


It’s not called “portable” for nothing.. If you dread the thought of pulling out the canister vacuum, plugging it in, and lugging it around the house, we get it. You may also be too lazy to get the canister vacuum out. vacuum broom (or quite simply, you don’t have one). And the breathing machine remains on the floor, not suitable for cleaning the sofa, furniture, etc.

Peace of mind: just pull the hand vacuum out of a corner, turn it on and you’ll be done with the dirt in no time. The key to a handheld vacuum cleaner is that it is small, light and easy to handle.. So you can always have it at hand and it requires little physical effort to use.

As it is usually used with one hand, it is important that it has a handle. ergonomic with handle, shaft or grip (such as a hair dryer or a drill) to make it easier to grip and prevent weight from putting weight on the wrist joint.

The fact that it has more or less reduced dimensions has a downside: it barely has enough space to house essential elements for its operation, such as the engine, the filter or the tank.

With little space to integrate powerful components and reduced fuel tanks, you can imagine that are not vacuum cleaners for demanding and tedious cleaning..

For these scenarios, it is better to use another format. The ideal usage scenario for a handheld vacuum cleaner is: light, simple and occasional cleaning. But there are also larger and more ambitious models.

tank size

As stated above, it is normal for integrate small tanks. This means two things: it confirms that they are not designed to suck up a lot of dirt and that you will have to be careful to empty them.

Empty a handheld vacuum cleaner

A very interesting design point is that there are models whose reservoir is translucent or even transparentso you can see when it’s full.

Fortunately emptying and cleaning the vacuum-style tank couldn’t be easier.It usually just takes a push of a button and flips it under the trash can and it’s ready to go.

For added convenience and unlike many sled models, you don’t have to worry about finding spare bags.The bags are usually integrated with cyclonic technology and work without a bag, which is more convenient and faster.


Furniture, upholstery, computer, car interior… a handheld vacuum cleaner. can be used to clean a large number of objects in your home. thanks to the included accessories.

The most basic models are limited to a simple tip that serves a bit of everything, but be careful if you are looking for a versatile model because you can find accessories such as:

  • A narrow mouth or cornerperfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places or places where space is limited.
  • AT brush with bristlesparticularly interesting for dirt embedded in fabrics, even hair can be removed.
  • AT motorized brush. The most complete and ambitious models incorporate a brush that combines bristles and movement, ideal for homes with pets.

Finally, and although it is not per se a cleaning accessory, it is relatively common for include charging cradlewhere to place it to have it collected, at hand and, in addition, charging.

Suction capacity

For a vacuum cleaner to be good, it must be For a vacuum cleaner to be good, it must have a high suction capacity.that is, it must be able to suck up and hold everything from microparticles to larger particles like sand or crumbs.

THE is directly related to power. and, as you might guess, the more powerful a handheld vacuum, the greater its suction capacity.

Keep in mind that, by definition and with few exceptions, handheld vacuums are generally not very powerful.They don’t have the space to house ambitious motors, a large battery to power them, or a large reservoir to collect bulky dirt.

Besides these are relatively cheap vacuum cleanersit is therefore not common to find the most advanced components.

This is why manufacturers “mislead us by mixing the data relating to power and suction capacity.. Let’s explain: Ideally, suction capacity data should be expressed in watts or air pascals, but in practice you will find that the power of most handheld vacuum cleaners is expressed in watts.

What are the differences between these three parameters?

  • THE air watt (aW) is the power required to draw a unit of air from the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to its reservoir.
  • There pascals (or more commonly a multiple such as kilopascal) is the pressure exerted by a force of 1 Newton on one square meter. This is a unit of pressure that you will often see in Time.
  • Finally, the watts refers to the energy consumption of the motor. Although the more watts the motor has, the more powerful it is likely to be, it also depends on its efficiency, and its value does not help us know the actual suction performance.

With 3 different parameters, it’s complex compare the vacuum cleaner with the greatest suction capacityBut here’s a tip: if a brand offers data in Pascals or Air Watts, that’s a good sign. To give you an idea, the cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Dyson Micro has a suction capacity of 50 aW.

Finally, an interesting point is that there are models that offer 2 modes of operationone standard and the other Turbo, where it reaches maximum power. This is interesting because you can adapt it to your needs, because it is not the same thing to vacuum a few crumbs on a tablecloth than to vacuum pet hair embedded in the sofa.


Forewarned is forewarned: a sleek, compact design means you’re ready to use information technology. there is no room for a huge battery that allows you to vacuum the whole house (unless you have a small apartment), but that’s not the point of a handheld vacuum.

Rather than looking at battery characteristics, such as capacity or voltage, it is better to pay attention to the data relating to the theoretical autonomy.. However, keep in mind that most manufacturers will always err on the side of optimism with this figure and that batteries will degrade over time, reducing their range.

The fact that he has 2 working modes is good news for battery optimization.but be very careful with the data from the technical sheet, because you can compare the range data with the Turbo mode of a model with another standard model.

Since the battery is probably small, the best thing to do is get the most out of it. operated by push button or trigger systemso it only sucks when you press the button and only consumes power when needed.

Finally, we would like to point out that most portable vacuum cleaners incorporate lithium-ion batteries with satisfactory performance, but which are far from being the most advanced on the market. This is why it is common that charging times are high. So be patient until the vacuum goes from 0 to 100%, as it can take up to 6 hours.


Having a clean home is something most people want, but if you have allergies or respiratory issues, it’s in your best interest to have a clean home as well as a clean one. the fewer dust mites, pollen, dust and other allergens, the better..

Hand-held vacuum cleaners, like all other vacuum cleaners, draw in air containing solids of various sizes and then return considerably cleaner air, both at the macro level (sand, crumbs, grass) and at the micro level (dust, pollen). That is why it is interesting to get a model with a high-efficiency filter, and if it’s HEPA-type, even better..

What is a HEPA filter? A type of high efficiency filter that has passed certified laboratory tests showing it is capable of removing particles 0.3 microns or larger with 99.97% efficiency.

This doesn’t mean that ordinary “high efficiency” models don’t do it or are worse, just that the lab where the tests were done (probably the manufacturer’s) doesn’t have the necessary certification to approve them or that the standards are not those of the official laboratories.

In any case, and due to their rather affordable proposal and for small cleanings, most handheld vacuum cleaners are limited to standard washable filters or, at most, to high efficiency filters. But if you find one with HEPA and you suffer from allergies, don’t think twice..

Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful should a handheld vacuum be?

The power required of a handheld vacuum cleaner depends on the intended use and the type of dirt to be vacuumed. A minimum of 100W is needed for daily cleaning, but if you want to clean upholstery, the power should be more than 200W.

How does the hand vacuum work?

The portable vacuum cleaner works thanks to a motor which, when turned on, activates a fan which reduces the air pressure inside the device. This results in a vacuum that pushes the air in and pushes the dirt out.

What can you vacuum with a handheld vacuum?

The handheld vacuum is often used to clean small areas of the house or car that require fast and precise vacuuming. Most commonly these are pet hair, food debris, dust and dirt in hard to reach places such as corners, cracks and crevices or, if the model allows, spilled liquids .

Which is the best vacuum cleaner, corded or cordless?

If you’re looking for convenience, it’s best to opt for a cordless handheld vacuum so you can get around tight spaces without worrying about the power outlet. But you’ll need to make sure its battery life gives you plenty of time to clean up. If it has a powerful motor, the autonomy of a handheld vacuum cleaner is generally low.

In contrast, corded handheld vacuums do not have this battery issue. It is therefore easier to find compact and powerful models for demanding cleaning tasks, but you will need to have a power outlet nearby.

What are the best handheld vacuum cleaner brands?

We recommend that you go for manufacturers with a lot of experience in the sector, such as Black+Decker, AEG or Rowenta, as well as other technological manufacturers with a great reputation and reputation, such as Xiaomi or Cecotec.

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