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The 10 Best Treadmills of 2022

home treadmillThe sedentary life weighs you down and you don’t have time to go for a walk or go to the gym? Looking for an extra exercise for your daily workout?

A treadmill can be the solution you are looking for to stay in shape without leaving your home.

And it has an additional advantage over running on dirt or asphalt: your joints are hurting less because these machines are equipped with a damping system of the footprint on the ground.

Furthermore, it is a purchase that that the whole family can use to gain healthbecause it adapts to different speeds. And it is certainly an excellent investment for Use on cold or rainy days.

As it is not easy to sort through the features and particularities of the most remarkable models on the market, we have prepared a comparative guide to help you choose the treadmill that best suits your needs.

What will you find in this guide?

The 10 best treadmills

These are the best treadmills you’ll find on the market today:

10. Fit Force 1600W

An inexpensive treadmill with good cushioning.

Power : 2HP

Tape measures: 110 x 40cm

Maximum speed : 15 km/h

Maximum user weight: 95kg

See the price

The website Fit Force 1600W is, as its name suggests, a treadmill with a powerful engineplus a reduced price.

Its engine was developed by the University of Munich and, although we found that it reaches 15 kilometers per hourOur impression is that it is more suitable for walking than running, as the frame vibrates a bit if you set it to maximum.

But even at top speed, this treadmill is enough silent. The engine does not exceed 68 dB, which, without being 100% discreet, is perceived as a soft purr.

Another strength of the Fit-Force 1600W is that it is a very light treadmill. It weighs 34 kg, which is very maneuverable when folded, although we missed the wheels to move it or change rooms.

Another element to take into account is your own weight, because this treadmill does not allow to exceed 95 kg We therefore do not recommend it for robust people.

It also has 3 levels of recline, which you can either manually select or take advantage of some of its 12 programs to put you to the test.

It has a few extras that we found useful, such as. heart rate monitor, safety stop, speakers or MP3 input.and has space for a drink and a cell phone.

Once you get it home, you’ll soon be ready to use it, because the assembly is very simple.


  • Affordable price
  • Good damping
  • Manageable weight
  • Quick assembly


  • Weight limited to 95 kg
  • More for walking than for running

9. Gearstone WP7-1

Lightweight and foldable, it can be placed almost anywhere.

Power : 2HP

Tape measures: 110 x 40cm

Maximum speed : 15 km/h

Maximum user weight: 120kg

Gearstone WP7-1
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If you have limited space at home to store a treadmill, take a look at the Gearstone WP7-1which is also a good option if you work from home and want to stretch your legs during the day.

The machine is very narrow and the front is folded to form a part that can be slid under the bed. (provided you remove the arms, which are not foldable), or lean against the wall.

It is one of the lightest on the market, thanks to the fact that it Part of the material is steel: it weighs only 38 kg, which makes it quite manageable. To achieve this weight, they sacrificed a few extras, and this Gearstone only includes two programs: a 6 km/h program and a 12 km/h program.

You can also opt for select speed manually on the LCD touch screen or via the remote. In this case, you can mount one by one between between 1 and 15 km/h.

To visualize your exercise, you have two screens, one in the front and the other on the treadmill at floor level. This dual displayWith the remote control, it allows you to use the machine without lifting the front panelThis is appreciated when you don’t have much time to exercise and don’t want to stop to set it up.

However, there’s no incline, no heart rate monitor, no fan, no space for a water bottle or cellphone, and no app connection. There is minimalism and a good engine which performs its function.

Still, it’s not a very basic cassette either, as it has:

  • Security key to avoid accidents if you get out of it while driving.
  • Bluetooth speaker that connects to your cell phone (although we missed a recess to hold the phone).
  • Simple assembly, with tool kit included and English instructions.
  • Three colours to choose.

In summary, the Gearstone WP7-1 treadmill is a good complement for daily exercise without dedicating a fixed space at home or complicating programming.


  • Quick folding
  • Dual screen
  • Remote
  • Simple assembly


  • A few extras
  • Non-folding arms
  • No cell phone pocket

8. Sportstech F10

Good value for money and app connectivity

Power : 1HP

Tape measures: 101 x 34.5cm

Maximum speed : 10 km/h

Maximum user weight: 120kg

Sportstech F10
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The website Sportstech F10 brings together in a compact treadmill all the technology of a reputable brand, at an affordable price. Lower price than the rest of his models.

On this occasion, the maximum speeds you will reach on the treadmill are as follows. 10 km/h because his motor is 1 hp. If you are a runner professional will seem slow, but it will be sufficient if all you want to do is a little cardio on a regular basis.

In either case, you could use the chest heart rate monitor which is included to measure heart rate.

Like other more advanced Sportstech models, it features 12 training programsto which you can add another, personalized to your liking.

Besides, the console is compatible with the sports application iFitShow there Kinomap on your mobile or tablet. They give you access to virtual workouts, live videos, or multiplayer features, which is always an incentive to get out there and practice.

This treadmill allows you to 3 levels of inclination up to 18°.but it’s manual. That is, you should fix it at the start of the workout and stop and go down if you need to change it. It’s not very practical, but that’s how it is.

We found the running space a bit cramped (101×34.5cm) although it is set up for users of up to 120 kg weight and present good 5-layer damping on the treadmill. In fact, what you will hear the most are your deaf footsteps, because the motor is very quiet and you don’t even notice it.

Like all other Sportstech treadmills, the F10 also features the self-lubricating system which… makes maintenance much easier.

And don’t worry about space: the Sportstech F10 folds up to take up less space when not in use, and has two wheels so you can pull it around any corner.


  • Calme
  • Good damping
  • Compatible with sports app
  • Easy to fold and move


  • Only up to 10 km/h
  • Manual tilt
  • Narrow space to run

7. Astan X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010

With interesting sports extras to complete your training

Power : 2HP

Tape measures: 110 x 40cm

Maximum speed : 12 km/h

Maximum user weight: 120kg

Astan X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010
See the price

The website Astan X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010 goes a step further than just a treadmill to complete your fitness routine with value for money.

The speed of the treadmill starts from 0.8 km/h and reaches up to 12 km/h, which is suitable for a medium to medium-high intensity exercise. However, if you want to train for speed, it will be a bit short.

Once you have it at home, the most complicated thing is to assemble it, because it arrives without instructions.

But when you get it, you will see that it incorporates a bar with an additional motor to give liporeductive massages, space for a pair of dumbbells (included) and padded supports for push-ups and sit-ups.

And that’s not all :

  • 12 programs varied training programs and 3 levels of inclination for a complete workout.
  • Sensors for heartbeat on the handlebars, so you can monitor the intensity of your ride.
  • The website screen displays speed, time, distance traveled and pulse.
  • Sweat-wicking handles to keep you stable while on the move.
  • You can folding. Even with the extra bar, it’s quite compact. And it has wheels so you can move it around easily.
  • Magnetic security system that stops you dead if you fall or slip off the belt.
  • With space for water bottles or an electronic device.
  • Loudspeakers and socket for connecting an mp3 player, mobile phone or run to the rhythm of your music.
  • Variable damping depending on the belt area.

An all-in-one with very thick steel structure. Our impression is that it is a stable and sturdy treadmill and is suitable for runners of all sizes. up to 120 kg on paper. In practice, its length of 110 cm seems a little short for people with a very long stride.

Apart from this point, the Astan X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010 treadmill will offer you allows you to get a lot of kilometers out of it all its functions at a reasonable price.


  • Good value for money
  • Interesting accessories
  • Massage reducers
  • Variable damping


  • Not enough space for sturdy people
  • No assembly instructions

6. FitFiu Fitness MC-200

Affordable treadmill designed for beginners

Power : 2HP

Tape measures: 110 x 40cm

Maximum speed : 14 km/h

Maximum user weight: 90kg

FitFiu Fitness MC-200
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When you’re looking for a treadmill to start a workout or recover from injury, you don’t need a lot of features and you don’t need to invest a lot… but that doesn’t mean you’re throwing away. money through the windows. The solution could be this treadmill FitFiu Fitness MC-200.

You have 12 preset programs and reaches up to 14 km/hThe 12 pre-established programs, which will allow you to progress until you reach a good rhythm.

But what interests you most is the heart of the machine: the engine. It is powerful, silent and its power consumption is moderate. Although it is only prepared for single track corridors maximum weight of 90 kg run comfortably on the 40 x 110 cm treadmill.

And it comes with these extras:

  • heart rate monitor located on the handlebars to monitor your heart rate from time to time (essential if you start training from scratch).
  • LCD display which displays speed, calories burned, exercise time, distance traveled and heart rate.
  • Different levels of damping depending on the belt area for joint care.
  • Emergency brake By means of a clip that attaches to clothing.

As you can see, the technology is simple. No Bluetooth, no ability to connect to fitness apps, but for beginners that’s not necessary either. He understands speakers and a mini-jack input to connect your mobile phone or tablet. and listen through them, but be warned that with footsteps you can hear it very discreetly.

Another thing we love are the materials, especially the thick stainless steel structureas well as the solid horizontal bar that supports the verticals.

And all this without gaining weight, because the FitFiu Fitness is very light, can be folded to take up little space and can be moved thanks to its wheels. If you want to get into the world of running or just want to maintain a gentle exercise routine, this is a good option for you.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to fold and move
  • Emergency braking
  • Different levels of damping


  • A few extras
  • The sound from the speakers is low

5. BH Fitness Slimrun G6320

Spanish quality in a treadmill with a very compact design.

Power : 2.5HP

Tape measures: 121 x 21cm

Maximum speed : 16 km/h

Maximum user weight: 115kg

See the price

The Spanish brand BH is well known for its bikes, and also offers treadmill models like this Fitness Slimrun that solves exercise at home.

The website G6320 is remarkable for space-saving designin which he manages to place a silent 2.5 hp engine and also a large screen from which you can use the options it offers.

BH markets its Slimrun G6320 as a super lightweight treadmill, which needs to be nuanced. It weighs 53 kg, far from the thirty kilos of other competitors. And yet, it seems to us light for all it has to offer.

When you fold it up it measures 160 x 75 cm and is only 20 cm thick.which makes it easy to store if you can lift it. Otherwise, another option is to fold it up and store it under a leg sofa or bed.

The space you have on the treadmill is a generous 51 x 121 cm. It may be too small if you have a long stride.

If you want to go full throttle, you can: it reaches up to 16 km/h. And the damping is goodbut has no inclination.

What else can you find in the BH Fitness Slimrun G6320?

  • ECO mode for reduced energy consumption.
  • Pulse measurement by touch on the console, to control your constants in basic mode.
  • Space to hold a tablet or cell phone and make exercise more enjoyable.
  • Cable to connect your device and listen music through built-in speakers.
  • USB charger that charges your favorite electronic device while you run.
  • Automatic shutdown safety stop.

Thanks to the monitor, you can choose between 9 programs or adjust the speed manually. However, there is no compatibility with fitness apps, which reduces the possibilities for training.

Remember, this isn’t exactly a cheap treadmill. We know you’re paying for the brand, but for that price. one would expect at least Bluetooth for wireless music listening.

If that’s the only thing holding you back from this treadmill, the option is to install a receiver that plugs into the outlet.

What the BH Fitness Slimrun G6320 has is… 10 year warranty on the frame and 2 years on all other components.provided it is intended for household use.


  • Compact folding
  • ECO mode for low power consumption
  • Extended warranty
  • Up to 16 km/h
  • Powerful and silent motor


  • High price
  • No tilt
  • No fitness apps
  • No Bluetooth

4. Cecotec Sprint vibrator

Combine running or walking with lipo-reducing massages

Power : 2HP

Tape measures: 130 x 42cm

Maximum speed : 14 km/h

Maximum user weight: 120kg

Cecotec Sprint vibrator
See the price

The treadmill Cecotec Sprint vibrator on the closest thing to having a home gymwith a massager included.

At first glance, it’s surprising how bulky it is, as it features an added front body that includes a additional motor for lipo-reducing vibrating massages through a group two dumbbells and two foam-covered bars that allow you to do sit-ups and push-ups.

The massage motor is more than few treadmills have and it’s designed for those looking to reduce fat in the abdomen, waist, hips and legs, and control cellulite. Although, with everything included, we’re surprised it doesn’t have a fan.

If we turn to the treadmill itself, it is a simple model for average userswith good damping. Keep in mind, though, if you’re looking for something professional to run for a few hours a day, this one won’t be enough.

The engine gives you from 0.8 to 14 km/h speedbut its 2CV power is not intended for high intensity training, nor to be used for more than 120 kg weight on the machine.

It doesn’t connect to any apps either. All it can do is what you manage from its console:

  • 12 preset programs with different cardiovascular profiles and demands.
  • 5 speed levelswhich you can activate manually.
  • 3 levels of inclination simulation of slopes.

On the LED screen, you can clearly see your speed, exercise time, distance, calories burned and heart rate.

The website The pulse sensors are integrated into the arms of the handle.They are discreet and allow you to better monitor your heart rate and regulate the intensity of your training.

Also includes magnetic security system that you attach to your clothes and that allows the treadmill to stop if the cord becomes tight.

If the excuse is that you don’t have enough room to accommodate it… That’s foldable thanks to a hydraulic system and it has wheels to move it. But with everything on the front of Cecotec’s Sprint vibrator, it’s bulky even when you pick it up and needs its own space at home.


  • Give a liporeductive massage
  • Carries dumbbells and an exercise bar.
  • With heart rate monitor


  • Does not connect to apps
  • No fan included
  • bulky items

3. NordicTrack S20i

A treadmill for heavy people with good connectivity.

Power : 3HP

Tape measures: 140 x 51cm

Maximum speed : 18 km/h

Max weight of the user 135kg

NordicTrack S20i
See the price

If you’re a tall or bulky person, standard treadmills might not be right for you, but this one is the perfect fit for you. NordicTrack S20i may be the solution.

Supports up to 135 kg and everything about it is designed around that concept. To begin with, he has 3 hp at full powermore than the other models in the guide.

The materials are robust, the The tread allows you to take a good stride. thanks to its length of 140 cm, and the damping has a FlexSelect system which makes your stride much more flexible.

The whole makes it a domestic machine that responds very well to heavy goods vehicles.

But it’s big it is possible to lift it because it has a powerful hydraulic system.. Our experience is that as it is bulky and a bit heavy we only lift it when we want to clean underneath and have always mounted it. But if you want, you can fold it up every day.

When you start training, his digital speed control allows you to go from 0 to 18 km/h in no time.

And the same goes for the inclination. It also has a quick digital control to switch from the horizontal position to the 10% incline at his disposal.

It has space to accommodate a tablet, and you also get free. one month subscription iFit app. To activate it, you must have WiFi access. With the app you can run different scenarios, vary your workouts or compete against other connected people.

It also has other extras:

  • Extensive 5 inch LCD screen from which you can control simple parameters such as time, speed, incline and the selected program.
  • 18 training requestsif you don’t want to connect to iFit and just use the presets.
  • Dual speakers compatible with iPod to listen to music or podcasts while you exercise.
  • Bluetooth Smart (BLE) to connect to your tablet and sync with iFit.
  • Accessory Tray integrated in which you can leave your bottle of water or your smartphone.
  • Instructions in Englishthat allow you to take advantage of all its features.

We consider the NordicTrack S20i to be a complete and robust treadmillThe only thing missing is the front fan which helps reduce the feeling of hot flashes during intense exercise.


  • For users up to 135 kg
  • Good damping system
  • A powerful engine
  • One month free for the iFit app


  • Heavy for everyday folding
  • Without front fan

2. Reebok ZR8

Multiple incline levels for speed and strength training

Power : 2HP

Tape measures: 165 x 74cm

Maximum speed : 16 km/h

Maximum user weight: 110kg

See the price

If you want to train for all types of races, with more or less speed or more or less inclination, the Reebok ZR8 is an option to consider.

And it reaches a maximum speed of 16 km/h and 12 incline levelsso you can prepare for short, high-intensity runs as well as long endurance runs.

Thanks to its ZigTech cushioning, impact energy is well dispersed when running on the treadmill platform, which better protect your joints.

If you are tired of always training in the same way, you will be convinced by its console with up to 24 training programs a variety of professionally designed workouts, from gentle jogging to climbing mountains. Also, you can motivate yourself by connecting your phone to the built-in speakers to play your favorite songs.

One detail we like is that it offers detailed information on calories burned, workout duration and distance, current speed, incline and heart rate through the device’s display. Pulse sensor integrated in the palm rest..

Other interesting features are that it is quite silent and that it is foldableThe folding table, although very heavy, it requires a little more strength to achieve and is a bit bulky.

The Reebok ZR8 gives you a lot, but it’s also one of the more expensive treadmills on this list. From our point of view, it is a good investment if you plan to use it oftenas it should last you many years in perfect condition.


  • Built to last
  • Many programs and incline levels
  • Calme
  • fast speed


  • High price
  • Quite heavy

1. Sportstech F37

For professionals looking for an intense workout and a durable machine.

Power : 7HP

Tape measures: 130 x 50cm

Maximum speed : 20 km/h

Max weight of the user 150kg

Sportstech F37
See the price

When your goal is to achieve demanding workouts at gym levelChoosing a treadmill should include a good motor and multiple features. And that’s what you find in the Sportstech F37.

The engine stands out with its 7 hp (note that most treadmills on this list are around 2 hp).

What does that mean ? In what it achieves 20 km per hour and up to 15° adjustable inclination.. Also, it can withstand up to Weight of 150 kg. And without too much noise: it manages to stay below 75 dB at maximum speed.

What it doesn’t have is declination, something you can find in “gym” machines, useful for working different muscles and toning your lower body.

These 7 hp are managed by a ECO motor that ensures efficient use of that you don’t suffer too much from your electricity bill.

The website the cushioning of the belt is impeccableFor this reason, the mat is made up of 5 layers and an articulation system with 8 different zones that absorb impacts. This helps reduce knee injuries and we also feel less tired joints at the end of the session.

The mechanical extra that we particularly appreciate is the automatic lubrication system. This greatly facilitates maintenance, as it is enough to fill the oil tank to avoid annoying grinding noises.

The Sportstech F37 is a bulky and heavy treadmill, which nevertheless can be folded thanks to its quick folding system. But expect it to take up quite a bit of space anyway, so you’ll most likely keep it in a fixed spot and only move it around to clean underneath. In this case, you will be grateful for the wheels.

This belt is designed for to spend many hours on itand therefore includes extras to make it easier for you:

  • 7.5 inch screen to control your 24 training modes.
  • Fan powerful in bringing down your body temperature.
  • Connectivity Bluetooth, MP3 and a USB port.
  • Compatible with the Kinomap App through Smart TV.
  • Dual Heart Rate Monitor: on the handlebars and the pulse belt, the latter being more precise.

When the belt arrives at your home, assembly is not quick but easy thanks to the assembly video which you access by scanning a QR code.

Overall, this Sportstech model is a high quality treadmill designed for high level training and backed by German certifications. The price is right, but if you are serious about your sporting activity, it is an option to consider.


  • professional performance
  • energy efficient motor
  • Dual heart rate monitor
  • Very good damping
  • Video for assembly


  • High price
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • He’s heavy

Comparison of the best treadmills

Here is the comparison table of the best treadmills reviewed, so you can evaluate them at a glance. Any treadmill is a good buy, as long as you choose based on what you are going to use it for.

Note : if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Our recommendations

The best treadmill for beginners: FitFiu Fitness MC-200

FitFiu Fitness MC-200
See the price

The FitFiu Fitness MC-200 is a great choice when you’re starting to exercise but aren’t sure how far you’ll go.

It is one of our best sellers precisely because, without investing muchit allows you to evolve from walking at a good pace to running at 14 km/h.

With its 12 predefined programs, you have enough to do different workouts, accompanied by your favorite music. You just need to connect your mobile phone to the console using a plug.

Its damping system at different levels is good to start without getting hurt.

And if you go days without getting on the treadmill, you fold it up and reclaim the space. for another activity.

The best treadmill for professionals: Sportstech F37

Sportstech F37
See the price

The Sportstech F37 is one of the most complete and resistant treadmills you can find, thanks to the German technology incorporated into the engine and design..

Designed for demanding athletes who train every day, it is capable of making you run up to 20 km per hour. A speed that few home treadmills have..

Add to that something very important: is wide. A must for running comfortably at high speed.

On it you will feel almost better than if you were running outdoors, as far as your stride is concerned, because cushions your steps and prevents injuries. And you also have the option of connecting to fitness apps to keep you entertained and motivated.

Finally, maintenance is minimal because it includes a self-lubricating system, so you only have to worry about exercising.

The best foldable treadmill: Gearstone WP7-1

Gearstone WP7-1
See the price

If you’re short on space in your home and don’t think you could fit a treadmill, the Gearstone WP7-1 leaves you with no excuses.

It is so compact that if you remove the arms, you can leave it under the bed or under a sofa with legs. Thanks to its 38 kg, you will have no difficulty in carrying out this work on a daily basis. Another option is to lean it against a wall, for example behind a door.

For this to work, you don’t even need to unfold the whole structure, if you don’t want to. You simply leave your arms crossed and start running or walking.

With the help of the remote you increase the speed until you choose the speed you need. And on the base of the treadmill, you can see the parameters of distance, time, speed and calories.

And it’s not lacking in capacity. With this treadmill you can reach up to 15 km/h thanks to its engine, which can accommodate users weighing up to 120 kilos.

The Best Inexpensive Treadmill: Astan X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010

Astan X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010
See the price

If your goal is a treadmill that works for you, at a reasonable priceCheck out the Astan X-Treme Runny AH-FT1010.

It has a bit of everything, starting with a speed range that starts at 0.8 km/h and reaches 12 km/hthat you can reach manually or through their 12 training programs.

And on top of that, he has 3 levels of inclination difficult to find in machines of this price.

Features a second front engine that offers you lipid-reducing massages. And space for dumbbells and an exercise bar, so you can have a mini gym in your home.

Thanks to its characteristics, it is suitable for intense walks and light workouts. Sufficient if you are looking for an effective workout to keep in shape.

Best treadmill buying guide

The use of home treadmills has skyrocketed in the wake of the pandemic, with some variety of features and prices.

Buying a fitness machine is a big investment, which also comes at a high price. conditioned by the available space and your objectives.

Here are all the points you need to consider before making your decision.

Why do you want a treadmill?

This is a point on which you must be very clear. For example, it makes sense to keep in mind that training for an ironman is not the same as doing maintenance drills.

Nor if you are going to use it every day or only occasionally, if you have to fold it or if you have a fixed space for the treadmill.

Basically, consider these two aspects:

What you will use it for

woman home treadmillIs this serious training? If you want to do intense cardio and your workout plan is dailydon’t skimp on the treadmill: you want it to be sturdy and the materials to hold up to wear and tear.

In this case, the treadmill you are looking for should have at least 2.5 HP and a wide running surface over 35 cm wide.

Also consider whether only you or several members of your household will use it.because this means more time per day, and therefore more wear and tear on the machine.

If you are not a professional athlete and just want a treadmill for a maximum of one hour a day, Whether it’s for a brisk walk or a gentle jog, if it reaches about 12-15 km/hour (about 2 HP of power), it will be enough.

And if your idea is right walk sporadicallyyou might be more interested in a treadmill. It is simpler and there are cheaper models.

The space available

It’s common that if you don’t have a garage or an extra room, you don’t have a lot of space available to put a treadmill on.

So, before evaluating the models, measure well the place where you are going to place it. Y decide if you need to fold it every day to store it under the bed or against a wall, because then it must be light.

Keep in mind that the smaller it is, the simpler the motor will be and the more limited the use it will give you.

In fact, although there are professional folding tapesEven folded up, they take up a lot of space.

Key Features to Consider

Are you lost when reading the technical specifications of a treadmill? Let’s take a look at the most important features, why they matter to you, and what to look out for when making your choice.

Engine and power

For long or high-speed workouts, the treadmill needs more power. The same is true if you weigh a lot.

That is why, the motor is the central point of a treadmillwhich will determine the life of the machine according to its frequency of use and your physical characteristics.

man leg treadmillThe power of a treadmill is generally expressed in:

  • Continuous working power: this is the power supplied by the motor in regular use.
  • Peak power: this is the maximum power reached by the motor when working at maximum demand.

The problem you are having is that the power supply can be expressed in kW (official unit of power according to the international system of units), in HP or horsepower (Anglo-Saxon measure of power) or in hp or horsepower (a unit of power derived from the European decimal metric system).

And each brand chooses one of the three systems, which confuses the potential buyer and makes comparison more difficult.

For this reason, in this guide we have converted all powers to CV measurementbecause it is one of the most used in Europe.

For reference, for non-intensive use, starts from a minimum of 2CV. From there, the more the better.

The most powerful treadmill

Winner: Sportstech F37

With a power of 7 hp, the F37 far beats the rest of our list. Thanks to this, it reaches 20 km/h and allows you to adjust the inclination up to 15°. If you are looking for vocational training, this is a good choice.

Second place: NordicTrack

3 hp is enough to reach 18 km/h on this treadmill, which is enough to train at an intense pace. Furthermore, the NordicTrack has excellent cushioning and allows WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to enhance your workout.


Whether you’re looking to improve your jogging speed or have sensitive knees, this feature is important to prevent damage to your joints.

Between a mediocre treadmill and a good treadmill, One of the differentiators is damping.. This is possible thanks to the thickness of the tape, the layers and the system of each brand, which sometimes distributes the imprint by zones.

Obviously, it will show in the price. But also on your health if you use it a lot.

The treadmill with the best cushioning

Winner: Reebok ZR8

The feeling when you step on this Reebok is even cushioned, thanks to a shock absorption system that works surprisingly well. Maybe that’s why it’s so quiet, which is appreciated during workouts.

Finalist: FitFiu Fitness MC-200

It’s not a fancy treadmill, but if you’re concerned about low-impact training, the FitFiu has different levels of cushioning in the treadmill, to help regulate your stride and prevent joint injury.


For users who who seeks professional training (or close to it), this point is fundamental. It is less so for those amateurswho can have their needs covered with a more basic treadmill:

  • In the first case, For endurance, interval or sprint training, the treadmill should give you between 18 and 20 km/h..
  • In the second, a maximum speed of 14 km/h is enough.

The fastest treadmill

Winner: Sportstech F37

20 km/h is an intense rhythm, which even allows you to work in series or to create peaks of intensity in your workouts. A speed that is only affordable for people who are already in good shape and using this machine. Sportstech F37.

Second place: NordicTrack

The website NordicTrack reaches a maximum of 18 km/h and supports up to 135 kg of weight. So you can run very, very fast, even if you are a strong person.


For to exercise more and activate other muscle groupsSome treadmills have an incline feature, meaning they allow you to run uphill.

This inclination goes up to a maximum of 35% on professional models. The most common is that Domestic models reach 15%..

This characteristic is a plus when it comes to exercise, but it is not decisive.

There are also those with declination, designed to prepare for the downhill race. They are very specific – and expensive – and reach -3° of declination.

Band size

This is the actual surface that you will be running on, where the moving strip is moving.

When is it important? If used by tall people, they should be long enough for their stride. Likewise, if your goal is to run at high speeds, you’ll be more comfortable on a wide treadmill.

If you’re just going for a light jog or brisk walk, the running surface doesn’t have to be too wide because you won’t notice it.

In general, count on the fact that the treadmills that bend the most are usually smaller and this is noticeable in the size of the band.

The widest treadmill

Winner: NordicTrack

Not only is it the biggest on our list, with a running surface of 140 x 51cm. The website NordicTrack is also the most load-bearing, so it responds well to people with high weight and volume.

Second place: Reebok ZR8

With measurements very similar to those of the NordicTrack (this one is a bit narrower), the Reebok allows you to take big steps, which we appreciate in a very complete machine: fast, with connectivity options and extras that we appreciate, such as the integrated fan.

Maximum weight supported

Each treadmill indicates the weight limit of the user.

When is it important to take this into account? If you are very heavy and use the treadmill often, consider this ok. overloads the structure and the motor.

Most bands support from a weight of 90 kgbut if you are looking for something very durable, you should opt for a machine designed for weights of 130-150 kg. It also allows you to increase the intensity of your workout, as it will hold your jumps better.

Console and connectivity

Treadmill functions are controlled from a console or touch screen.

Here you select the weight, workout time, incline, or one of the available programs. Then it tells you the distance traveled, the calories burned, the statistics, the heart rate…

How much The larger the screen, the more data you can display at once.the easier it is to read, the higher the price.

Keep this in mind if you have vision problems or if you are interested in a thorough check-up. of the exercise you do.

Another of the options to evaluate in the consoles is the connectivity with smartphones and tablets, either to listen to music or watch videos while you exercise, or to integrate a fitness app.

type of guarantee

A treadmill “suffers” over time. It bears strong shocks, frictions, and you can fold and unfold it often…all this is a wear of parts, So you want them to be quality and guaranteed.

To the three-year standard warranty which is required by Spanish law from 2022 (2 years if you buy it before) for any type of product -and ten years for the stock of spare parts-, some providers add separate warranties.

That means they have differentiated warranties for engine, parts, electronics, frame, and labor. The more area it covers, the more expensive the tape.

However, to activate it, it is usually necessary to register the product a few days after purchase. So read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any surprises later.

Machine weight

Keep this in mind if you have to fold it daily, because you must be able to lift the base weight by hand.. The design allows the belt to be picked up vertically, and is assisted by hydraulics to reduce effort.

Folding treadmills have simpler materials and motors. It is therefore difficult to find a professional model – of the gym type – that folds up and fits, for example, under the bed. This type of treadmill tends to be used rather sporadically.

If you need to move it around the room, make sure it has wheels to make your job easier.

NOTE: If you are purchasing online, please note that almost no carrier delivers this type of package to your home.. If you don’t have a lift, you will need help lifting the box..


Although most brands already take care of usability, sometimes this step can get tricky. The best way to find out is to check the comments of other users, who often report the problems they have encountered.

Control cable, handles, the base with the ribbon… Putting everything together can take up to two hours of work.especially if your running machine is bulky and you need to move it in the process.

To make it easier for you, check if the instructions are in English or translate them before starting the task.

Accessories and extras

A treadmill has other accessories to look out for:

  • One of the most interesting is the heart rate monitorespecially when you are testing yourself and need to monitor your heart rate. They can be tactile, on the arm of the treadmill, or with an external belt that you wear at chest level. The latter are the most reliable if you want accurate data.
  • The website speakers are also appreciated if you like to train to music. Check the connectivity because many treadmills do not integrate Bluetooth technology and in this case you will have to connect your player with a cable.
  • The most advanced treadmills include a fan. If you sweat a lot or live in a hot or humid climate, this supplement is a must.
  • Other accessories are the bottle holder and your mobile phone or tablet. They are not essential, but they will greatly facilitate your workout.

Treadmill or Treadmill: Which Should I Buy?

It is a question that arises when you want to do moderate exercise and you’re not sure if you want to invest in a treadmill or if you need something simpler.

A treadmill designed for walking is more compact than for walking and usually has the data display on the floor, at the height of the treadmill.

The handlebar – when mounted – often folds down to the ground for convenient storage, and the The speed range is 1-6 km/h, while on treadmills the range extends to over 20 km/h..

The treadmill is widely used for recovering from injury and lately it has been used for are the boom due to telecommuting. They allow you to work standing up, while moving a little.

So if your goal is to walk every day, both options are valid. If it’s a question of price, treadmills are generally a bit cheaper than treadmills.

But if you really want you really want to jog or runor are you looking for more functions on your treadmill, the choice is clear: buy a treadmill.

They have a more powerful motor (there are treadmills that don’t even have a motor), they reach higher speeds, and they take more care with the padding to prevent injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to consider when buying a treadmill?

As you’ve seen in this guide, the first thing to do is decide what you’re going to use it for and measure the space available.

In terms of technical characteristics, look especially at the engine power, running surface and top speed.. If you are ready to pay a little more, the connectivity is interesting to enhance the exercise.

How long should you stay on the treadmill?

It depends on your level of fitness: starting from scratch is not the same as having a certain sporting habit.

To warm up before another exercise, 10 minutes of cardio can be enough. If it’s a one-off exercise, at least try running for a few minutes. 40 minutes three times a week.

Which is better, an electric or magnetic treadmill?

Our vote is clear: electric. It gives you more programming options and reduces the initial effort of getting the treadmill started.

Magnetics have no motorso it’s up to you to decide. We only recommend these if you are going to use them very, very occasionally, just for walking and best on a flat surface.

Are you already sure you want a treadmill for your home? We hope to have helped you choose the model that suits you.

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