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The best views in New York. The 5 essentials

You go spend a few days in New Yorkyou want to visit some of his views and you may ask yourself, ¿?What is the bestWhich is worth watching? To this question and many others, we are going to answer you by telling you about the 5 The best viewpoints in New York.

The best viewpoints in New York

New York City has 5 viewpoints, each one better than the other, but with characteristics that make them different from each other.

To make it easier for you to choose which one or ones to choose, we are going to tell you about each of them. New York point of view. What you can see and what you will find in each of them and at the end, we will give you our humble opinion on which one we would choose. 😇

Let’s do it….

Top Of The Rock

The Lookout The top of the rock is one of New York’s most legendary landmarks and will undoubtedly always be one of Viewpoints of New York we recommend you.

It’s located in the Comcast Building, which is part of Rockefeller Center – in fact, that place where they put up a gigantic Christmas tree every year – and although it would make sense to enter through the main door, to go up to the Top of The Rock observation deck, you actually have to go through a side door on 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

After passing the usual security check, you can learn a bit more about the building historywhile you wait for one of its elevators, which will take you to the 67th floor in 42 seconds, no less 😲.

Once you step out of the elevator, you’re already going there. be amazed by the views of the city But don’t stay there, go out on one of the two small terraces and start enjoying the breathtaking views, even if they are also “hidden” behind large glass panels.

top of the rock, one of the best viewpoints in new york

After taking some photos, take the elevator up two more floors and here we promise you are going to be amazed, because although there are also those glass windows in the way, from here you are going to have a great view of the city. 360 degree views of New York and if the weather is clear, you will be able to see in the distance, the Statue of Liberty.

If we have to choose a view from the Top Of The Rock, without a doubt, it is the one we have from the terrace towards another of the Viewpoints of New York: The empire state building. These are on a different level.

Alright, now you’ve seen the city from the heights, you’ve taken millions of photos and you may think you’re ready to continue your tour of New York, but don’t leave just yet, there’s still a floor to go. to visit.

Tucked away on the 69th floor are narrow stairs leading to a slightly smaller floor, which has, or rather doesn’t have, something the others have: glass! From the 70th floor, you really feel like you are in a world of glass. to have New York at your feet and the feeling is indescribable.

TIPS: For your enjoyment, we leave you the video of when we climbed to the Top of the Rock viewpoint and you can see what you will find at the top.

Entrance to Top of the Rock Lookout

One Vanderbilt Summit, one of New York’s best vantage points.

Since one of New York’s best viewpoints We move on to one of the newer ones, which apart from being able to see the city, the tour itself is one hell of an experience, including swimming. Let’s start at the beginning 😉 😉 .

Where to enter the Summit Lookout? Yes, we know the answer is out the door, but it’s not that easy. Right next to One Vanderbilt is one of the entrances to Grand Central Station and that’s where I… you will find access to the observation deck of The Summit One Vanderbilt.. Look for the Vanderbilt passage and you will see the directions to access the entrance.

the top, another of the best viewpoints in new york

As soon as you arrive, you will be asked for the time of your reservation and you will be given a bracelet with a QR code that will give you access to the viewpoint and one of the most curious experiences of the visit. 😊

As with all viewpoints, you have to go through a security check, then go to a room with an introductory video, before putting plastic bags on your feet. Like the bracelet, this has its own explanation which we will tell you about later..

If the bags and the bracelet are not enough, the next step before taking the elevator is to scan your face. It’s getting too weird, you might say… 😎 Don’t worry, we promise there’s a reason for everything.

Of course the elevator is not a normal elevator and when you come out the hallway is not normal either, things we can’t tell you so as not to spoil the surprise. 😇

You have finally arrived on the first floor and we can assure you that it will leave you speechless. Where to start, with the room itself or with the view? In short, in this piece called Transcendence, everything is glass and mirrors. Here, you will therefore have difficulty in distinguishing what it is. real or imaginary. What is real are the views.

Some of the sights you’ll see from this floor include Bryant Park and the Chrysler Building, as well as breathtaking views of the Empire State Building and the rest of Manhattan.

You can spend as much time as you want on each floor, but please note. once you keep going up, you can’t go back..

As you progress, the experiences also change, always in combination with the magnificent views of the city. When you get to the room with the silver balloons, called Affinity, you’ll forget to look out the windows, because you’ll start playing with them and taking some super Instagrammable photos.

Want to see how we had fun? We leave you the full video of the Summit One Vanderbilt observation point tour.

From the balloon room, you will move to a small platform protruding from the facade, where you will experience levitation by “levitating” above New York and if that’s not enough, move on to the next room and you will be in the clouds. Literally.

Remember in the beginning when we said you would get a wristband and your face would be scanned? Well, now is the time to find out why. Next to the model of the Summit, you can scan the bracelet and look for you “in the clouds”.. On the giant screen in the Unity Room, your face will appear in the clouds, and we promise that while it’s a bit “creepy”, it’s seriously cool.

Before going up to the top floor, stop in the restrooms. You will not regret it. You’ve probably never been in a bathroom with such a brutal view 😉.

And now you have reached the top floor, where there is a bar for a drink and also an open-air terrace, where you can enjoy the view of the city in a different way, but through large panels of glass.

How to buy tickets for the summit? The best way to do this is before you go to New York and in proper timebecause, being a very famous viewpoint, tickets are sold out.. We recommend that you choose the earliest time you can so you can enjoy the rooms at your leisure. 😊

Entrance Mirador Summit

TIPS: To the normal entry, you can add the experiment called Ascent, which is a glass elevator that emerges from the facade of the Summit..

Empire State Building

THE Empire State is one of the most famous buildings in the world and also one of the most famous best viewpoints in new yorkIt is therefore the ideal place to include in your visit to the city.

Located on 5th Avenue at the corner of 34th Street, you’ll find the entrance to the gazebo, which opened in 1931 and was completed in just 410 days.

Once past the security check, in the first room you will find a panoramic photograph of New York in the 1920s. with the former Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which stood where the Empire State Building stands today. Look through the small telescopes and be transported back to that time with color images.

Continuing the visit, before going up to the observation deck, you can see the history of the Empire State Building and how it was built.

We really liked the part where they show you all the movies in which this mythical skyscraper appears, but without a doubt our favorite part was the meeting with King Kong who is outside and “grabs” you with one of his hands which broke one of the windows. It’s so well done that it looks like it’s going to go through the windows.

empire state one of the most famous buildings in the world

After seeing the whole exhibition, it’s time to take an elevator with which you can you will climb 80 floors in 60 seconds and during the trip you will travel back in time to the time of its construction.Watch out for cranes and beams! 😄

The first views of the city are on the 80th floor, and even if only through windows, they are already fantastic. Once you’ve seen them, continue your visit downstairs to the 86th floor. and enjoy the city in all its glory..

If you want to go higher, you have the option of adding the 102nd floor to your ticket for an additional fee. The elevator is pretty average compared to the first, but the views are still cool. Be warned, however, that this floor is completely closed.

General admission includes the exhibits and viewing platforms on the 80th and 86th floors. Since this is such a popular viewing platform, it is highly recommended to buy it in advance.

Entrance to the Empire State Building

The Edge Observation Deck, another of New York City’s best vantage points

THE Edge of the Mirador is another of The best viewpoints in New York which we recommend you climb.

You need to go up to the 4th floor of The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards located in the Hudson Yards area.

Once you are upstairs and take the elevator which will take you to the 100th floor observation deck in 52 secondsYou have an almost dark path, decorated with lights.

When you get in the elevator, everything around you the silhouette of the city is emergingand then “break through the clouds” and start seeing the Manhattan skyline.

Exit the elevator and head to the terrace, which is obviously suspended in the air. Despite the large windows, the views are breathtaking and the fact that the glass is tilted makes it even more special.

The name Edge (which means corner) comes from the corner of the terrace where two glass windows meet, leaving a gapPut your hands together, bend over and hallucinate with sight!

edge lookout, a lovely lookout in the hudson yards area

If you haven’t been dizzy, be sure to stop at another spectacular spot on the terrace, the piece of glass floor that sits more or less in the middle. Impressive is an understatement and literally you have New York under your feet.

TIPS: If you want a slightly higher view, just go up the stairs on the side of the terrace.

There is also a champagne bar for a drink, which offers different kinds of drinks and snacks. Next to it, you can buy some souvenirs and why not, see the views through the windows which are also cool.

After taking a thousand and one photos, it’s time to take the elevator back. If the trip to the top was magnificent, this one is spectacular, and so as not to spoil the surprise, we will simply tell you that you are going to fly… 😊

If you can’t get enough of the heights and want more adrenaline, book this experience. City Climb where you will climb to the tallest point of the skyscraper.and then you’ll hang in the air over New York.

Have we managed to convince you to visit this observation deck during your trip to New York? Book your ticket below.

Entrance to The Edge observation deck

Observatory around the world

Inaugurated in 2015, the observatory One World Observatory is located at Ground Zero, atop the One World Trade Center building.

The entrance to the observation deck is on one side of the building. After passing the security check, you will meet in the first room the history of its construction and he will lead you to the elevators.

Of course, like other Viewpoints of New YorkThe trip to the observation deck is special and on this one you can watch the history of New York, from its origins to the present day.. Before you know it, you’ll be on the 102nd floor.

one world observatory, observatory at ground zero

Here you won’t see the sights as you leave, but a short video about the city which, when finished, will disappear from the screen to make way for breathtaking views of New York.

Don’t stay here, go down the stairs to reach the observatory area where the 360 ​​degree views are. They are all through large windows and there are no open-air areas, but, despite everything, we promise that you will not be left indifferent, because from here you will have an uninterrupted view of the city and of its surroundings. A fairly comprehensive view of Manhattan and also of Brooklyn bridgeamong other places.

Once you’ve taken as many pictures and more… it’s time to take the elevator back and explore the city.

TIP: Next to this vantage point is the 9/11 Museumone of the most New York’s most famous attractions.

Entrance to the One World Observatory

Are New York’s Observation Decks Worth Visiting?

The time has come to answer the million dollar question: is it worth visiting either of the Viewpoints of New York? Yes of course.

¿What is the best and which would we choose? They are all different, with different points of view and different experience, so in our humble opinion we would go so far as one of the legendary and to one of the most modern.

After showing you the The best viewpoints in New YorkWe hope you are as excited as we are to return to the city that never sleeps to continue discovering all of its nooks and crannies.

Greetings travelers.


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