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The top 10 benefits of running

If you want to start taking care of yourself, you’ve probably thought about running. It’s a sport that almost anyone can do, you don’t need a lot of equipment (although we recommend good running shoes) and you can do it in lots of different places.

But, do you know what the benefits are? I assure you that once you read this article, you will have no doubt that running is the sport for you and you’ll want to get out now and take your first strides, although if it’s too cold or too hot and you’re too lazy to go out, you can always consider getting a home treadmill.

What will you find in this guide?

The 10 benefits of running for your health

Running is a good aerobic sport and it helps you improve your physical and mental fitness. These are the main benefits of running:

  1. It makes you feel better: Although you may feel tired and achy at first, over time you will become fitter and when you finish your workouts you will feel much better than before.
  2. It reduces stress and is a natural antidepressant: There are several studies that have shown that running stimulates the BGF gene, which is strongly linked to positive moods and also contributes to the secretion of endorphins, the famous happiness hormones.
  3. It improves the immune system: As some research shows, working out will strengthen your immune system by stimulating infection-fighting cells.
  4. Improves self-confidence: Completing any race, or simply surpassing your goals and surpassing them, will boost your self-esteem and confidence, which will help you face your daily life in a more positive way.
  5. Encourages rest: Running stimulates the release of endorphins, which help you relax, and melatonin, which promotes rest.
  6. It helps fight addictions: According to this study, patients in addiction treatment achieved a greater sense of well-being through the practice of this sport. Running works like a natural tranquilizer.
  7. It increases your life expectancy: Not only will you improve your quality of life, but you might even live longer. That’s right, according to a study published in Advances in Cardiovascular Disease, if you run regularly, you can extend your life by up to 3 years.
  8. Strengthen your bones: Although it is an impact sport, running helps to strengthen your bone tissue and reduce the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, as this article indicates. study University of Exeter.
  9. Reduces headaches: Especially for those who suffer from migraines, running is highly recommended. A study was done to study getting a reduction in the average frequency of migraine attacks.
  10. Helps to lose weight: There are studies that confirm that running is a good sport to stay in shape and lose excess pounds if you practice it on a regular basis, obtaining results a few weeks after starting.

How long should you run?

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably not very clear about how long your run will be. This is something to keep in mind so that get the most out of your workouts and you can enjoy all its advantages.

There are a myriad of criteria for judging how long you should run in your workout, but Much will depend on your goals and physical ability.. Starting to run is not the same as being a very fit person, just as you won’t need the same training if you want to run a marathon as if you’re just looking to get your body moving a bit. to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

From the University of Copenhagen, a group of scientists demonstrated that with 30 minutes of daily running you can get the same benefits in an hour of training. So that’s our recommendation if you decide to start and your goal is to improve your physical health.

Keep in mind that to enjoy exercise, you don’t need to be exhausted or going full speed from the start. It’s better to find your own rhythmthat allows you to run for as long as you choose without getting stopped, that doesn’t tire you out or get out of breath and, moreover, that you have the patience to see the results.

If you want to start running, we suggest this 10 week plan to help you get the most out of your workouts.

When do you notice the benefits of running?

Again, this will depend on your previous physical condition and your goals, but from day one you will notice that your body is different. Maybe in the beginning you will have a lot of rigidity but if you are consistent and respect your journey and your development in training, you will see results in a few weeks after starting to run.

The first benefits you usually notice are on your physical condition. You’ll be able to hold your workouts better and you won’t drown like you did when you started. Subsequently, you will see changes in your body, you will lose a few pounds and gain strength, especially in your legs.

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