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Top 10 tablets of 2022

Although iPads are the most popularThe reality is that tablets are experiencing a second youth and more and more manufacturers are offering alternatives for all budgets.

Indeed, you can find models ranging from just over 100 euros to over 1,000 euros, to give you an idea that there are tablets for all types of users and budgets.

Is it worth investing so much? Probably not. There is virtue in balance: we have compared for you the best tablets in terms of price-performance ratio.

As you can see, there are ambitious tablets that are up to productivity and gaming, but also simpler tablets that are good enough for watching TV shows or surfing the internet. But all the tablets we compared have one thing in common: are a master buy.

What will you find in this guide?

Top 10 tablets with the best value for money

If you’re struggling to decide which tablet is right for you, we’ve analyzed and compared the most interesting models available today, highlighting in particular the experience they offer in terms of screen, performance and graphics. ‘autonomy.

10. CHUWI HiPad Plus

A cheap Chinese tablet with a large screen and long battery life.

Screen size : 11 inches

Resolution :2176 x 1600px

Ideal use: entertainment

If you step out of traditional brands and go for a lesser-known Chinese company, you can get a ideal tablet for entertainment with a small investment.

With simple lines and few details, the design of this tablet leaves no room for doubt: it is a cheap model. In its favor, the chassis is made of aluminum, a sturdy and lightweight material that is suitable for intensive use.

The best thing about this tablet is screen size and resolutionThe 11-inch 2K display is a winning combination if you want to watch videos thanks to its high level of detail.

Unfortunately its solid proposition is more modest:

  • It does not have a 3.5mm jack, so it you won’t be able to connect wired headphones to itwhich is something that mainstream users will likely miss.
  • Unlike other models with 4 speakers, this tablet only has 2 units on each side. They do, however, offer moderately loud sound which will be enough for people who are not very demanding in terms of clarity.

If we talk about hardware, this CHUWI HiPad Plus stands out for its 8 GB RAM memory, which will be very useful for have multiple browser windows open without any issues.

Plus, the 128GB of eMMC storage will come in handy when you need it to save photos and download series without worrying about running out of space. thanks to the size of this disk and its good data transfer speed.

The performance of the processor, a Mediatek MT8183, is rather discreet. In other words, that it will be good for watching videos and internetbut don’t expect more demanding apps to run smoothly. Similarly, the branding layer also seems to need some tweaking to work more smoothly.

We liked that, despite being a relatively light and thin model, it has an autonomy of 15 hours without problema very competent autonomy for a simple use.


    • Affordable price
  • Light
  • Great autonomy
  • Quality screen for its price


    • Customization layer could be improved
  • No 3.5mm jack
  • Modest sound proposal

9. Huawei MatePad 10.4 New Edition

Without Google but with everything else

Screen size : 10.4 inches

Resolution : 2000x1200px

Ideal use: entertainment

For a few years, Huawei’s smartphones and tablets have been without Google services, a handicap that can limit you for certain uses but that the Chinese firm has been able to overcome. by offering attractive features at low prices. And what better proof than this New Edition, a truly affordable model.

The Chinese firm takes the greatest care in its designs and this model is no exception: although it is an affordable tablet, it benefits from a minimalist aesthetic and its construction is impeccable in its simplicity..

This is a well-balanced model for those looking for a relatively compact tablet but with a comfortable screen diagonal to spend hours in front of her:

  • With a nearly borderless design, it is capable of accommodating a 2K panel for images rich in detail, sharpness and contrast.useful for video and text.
  • It features an eBook mode and anti-flicker and blue light technology so it your eyes are less tired when you read.

Your the sound is amazing for what it coststhanks to its 4 loudspeakers tuned by the specialized firm Harman Kardon. Thus, the sound is loud and clear and is particularly appreciated in dialogues or simply for listening to music.

With a Kirin 820 chip, which is also present in the company’s high-end mobile phones, and 4 GB of RAM, it offers a performance suitable for tasks such as browsing, videos and simple taking notes. In this regard, you can get accessories such as a stylus and a keyboard, although these must be purchased separately.

Huawei engages in this type of devices to get to class and work and has therefore implemented multi-screen, file transfer and shortcut functions which are convenient for these activities.

But back to the beginning: no google servicesIn other words, you won’t be able to install Google Drive, Chrome, or YouTube. However, you can access it through its own browser or download alternative and equivalent software from its application store.

It’s a bit like using a Linux computerThis is an alternate environment that will take some getting used to, but in practice you will be able to perform the same tasks, just with different software. However, if you’re not a very tech-savvy person, this could mean a lot of change for you.

Completes the proposal of the Huawei MatePad 10.4 New Edition one good battery with fairly fast charging which will allow you to use the tablet for about 12 hours and recharge it in just under 3 hours.


    • The best features at a low price
  • Incredible sound
  • Compact and minimalist design
  • Good battery life


    • No Google services
  • Accessories to be purchased separately

8.Pad Realme

Perfect for video and the Internet at an affordable price.

Screen size : 10.4 inches

Resolution : 2000x1200px

Ideal use: entertainment

The Chinese company Realme has carved out a place for itself in the smartphone sector thanks to its good value for money and with this model it enters the tablet market, maintaining its formula of success.

It’s a tablet that’s easy on the eyes. It doesn’t have a particularly high-end design, but the fact that it’s made from aluminum and has relatively thin edges makes it lightweight, with good heat dissipation, practical and pretty..

The best of the Realme Pads is the good audiovisual experience it offers for what it costs:

  • It has a 10.4-inch IPS display with 2K resolution that shines for content consumptionVideos, photos, games… In fact, its fidelity and the brightness of its colors are rare among tablets in its segment.
  • This proposal is reinforced by its configuration of 4 speakers arranged in the corners with Dolby Atmos compatibility, achieving a powerful and clear spatial sound which is perfect for series and movies.

Your the material is more modestand is within the proposed price range. Powered by MediaTek’s Helio G80 chip, you can choose between versions with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, the balanced version with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM and the more ambitious version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB ROM.

As the saying goes, “virtue lies in the middle” and that is precisely the case. the recommended configuration in terms of price-performance ratio. An additional function that could be interesting if you plan to use it for traveling is the optional LTE which allows you to have Internet everywhere.

In any case, its components are adequate for tasks such as browsing the Internet, watching videos and streaming series or basic games.. But don’t ask it to run the most demanding titles or open 10 browser windows. Realme’s personalization layer does not yet exploit the advantages of this device, but it does not provide a bad user experience.

With a 7,100 mAh battery that charges at 18W, this tablet offers Battery life of approximately 6 hours with mixed use.which is probably sufficient for its intended use, such as keeping you entertained while you’re on the road.


    • Good design
  • Appropriate display
  • Incredible sound


    • Poor performance in multitasking or gaming
  • Always green software

7. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

Ideal for series and music at an affordable price

Screen size : 11 inches

Resolution : 2000x1200px

Ideal use: entertainment

If you are looking for a quality screen large enough to enjoy series and films wherever you are without costing you an arm and a leg, here is a tablet that might interest you.

Aesthetically, it is a tablet that we appreciated a lot because of its A slim design, with thin edges and a metallic finish.. Despite a slightly larger panel than usual, it is practical and comfortable to carry in your suitcase or backpack.

Precisely One of the main features of this tablet is its screen.both in terms of size and quality, perfect for enjoying videos at an even higher resolution than many TVs. In fact, it is certified to play Netflix in HD.

It completes the screen with its sound offer, with 4 loudspeakers. Compatible with Dolby Atmos for an immersive experience.

The hardware of this device is that of an entry-level or mid-range smartphone, which gives you an idea of ​​what you can do:

  • Browse the Internet by opening a few windowswatching videos and playing simple games. If you try pushing it harder while playing more demanding games, you’ll notice some lag.
  • One point in its favor if you want to use it outside your home is that there is an LTE version so you can have internet where you are.

One of the best things about the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus is your great autonomyYou can spend up to 15 hours watching videos, which is enough when you’re on the go or even for a weekend getaway.


    • Large high quality screen
  • Good autonomy
  • Slim design


    • Tight but sufficient hardware for basic use
  • Occasional shift

6. Microsoft Surface Go 3

Tablet body and computer heart

Screen size : 10.5 inches

Resolution : 1920 x 1280px

Ultrabooks tend to be expensive and tablets are “limited” by their operating system. What if you want something as light as a tablet but with a desktop operating system? Microsoft has your candidate: its Surface Go 3, a perfect device to take to class or to the office.

Of course, the photos of this device can be deceiving: you’ll see it with a keyboard sleeve, which is a must if you want it for writing papers, but please note that accessories are purchased separately.. The same goes for the mouse or the stylus. And that raises the price considerably. Of course, you can still use it as a tablet, that is, you can use it with your hands.

Overall this is a quality device suitable for intensive use and its official accessories are not left out. The screen is of adequate size and quality for the job, although if you’re on it for long hours it might be too small.

One thing we found missing for the job is ports.You will see that it only has a USB-C port and an SD card reader, which is a bit short if you want to connect a USB flash drive or other devices to it. We therefore recommend that you get a hub. More things in the backpack and more expenses.

What we liked the most were the hardware and software possibilities.. Without being a beast of burden, it is very pleasant to work with an environment as well known as Windows and to be able to use classics like Word, Excel, etc. However, if you are going to use it with certain requirements, the basic model will probably not be enough for you.

If you’re going to use the Microsoft Surface Go 3 to work on the go, good battery life is important to keep you going all day—you can rest easy because its autonomy is about 10 hours.


    • Windows Capabilities
  • Quality device
  • Good autonomy
  • Own computer equipment


    • Accessories purchased separately
  • Screen can be small for heavy use

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Ideal for the whole family

Screen size : 10.5 inches

Resolution : 1920 x 1280px

Ideal use: Entertainment

If there’s one company that has historically been able to stand up to Apple in the tablet space, it’s Samsung and its Tabs. It is precisely the latest version of the best-selling model for the whole family..

A tablet for surfing the web while watching TV, for watching your favorite TV series while lying in bed, and for children to watch cartoons or download lessons? Samsung’s answer to these three questions is Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

It has a a simple yet attractive and robust designthree qualities that make it pleasing to the eye but also resistant to the wear and tear of everyday use. The edges could be a bit thinner, but every cloud has a good side, and your kids can pick it up with their fingers without messing up the screen.

The website The display is good enough for occasional use without too much fanfare.The display offers a decent level of detail with somewhat saturated color rendition typical of more affordable panels. We have found We were pleasantly surprised by its sound, powerful and spatial.thanks to the 4 Dolby Atmos compatible speakers built into the edges.

Its hardware is basic and sufficient for those who are going to use it to watch videos, surf the Internet or for children’s games, but you’ll notice how sluggish it is if you plan to play demanding games or use it for office work. beyond occasional use.

Unless you don’t use it much, we recommend buying the 64GB model or the 128GB model if you plan to download a lot of videos or apps. We love that there’s an LTE version so you can take it on the road and enjoy Netflix, perfect for keeping the kids entertained when you’re on vacation.

Don’t worry about the charger because Galaxy Tab A8 battery life is one of the best things about this tabletYou will be able to use it for almost 15 hours without needing a power outlet. We don’t like that, despite supporting 15W fast charging, the adapter included in the box is only 7W.


    • Good autonomy
  • LTE Option
  • Quality sound


    • Tight performance
  • Without fast charger

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe

Samsung’s best proposition for multimedia consumption and general use.

Screen size : 12.4 inch

Resolution : 2560 x 1600px

Ideal use: Entertainment and productivity

If you like tablets and are looking for a versatile modelSamsung has a perfect candidate with two aces up its sleeve: a screen with a huge diagonal (for this type of device) and an integrated stylus so you can draw or take notes.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe is a line that puts a spin on its high-end range to offer some of its best features at a lower price. But it is still a model that evolves in the more noble mid-range and you can see it at first glance thanks to its design and quality, but yes: enormous.despite its thin edges.

The screen is one of the protagonists of this tablet:

  • Keep in mind that it has to be to accommodate its large 12.4-inch screen, to give you an idea, 5cm more diagonally than average. This size feels luxury if you watch a lot of TV series, read or work with numbers..
  • It’s not as ambitious in terms of image quality or panel technology as other models, but in size and color fidelitywe liked.

Given the impressive screen, we would have liked to find 4 speakers, one on each side, but it only has 2, so spatial sound limps. That said, they sound good and the sound is clear.. However, they were developed by the specialized firm AKG.

The hardware is typical of a mid-range mobile phone, which in practice will allow you to perform a large number of tasksfrom the simplest, like watching videos or surfing the Internet, to the most demanding, like office work or gaming.

Not a tablet for demanding productivitybut if you like to draw or want to take notes for class, it’s more than adequate. However, for this use, we recommend the more ambitious configuration with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB.

Unlike other models with separate accessories, on this tablet, the stylus comes standardSo you don’t need to spend extra money to draw or write by hand.

If you plan to use it outside the home, you’ll appreciate the LTE version so that you are not without an Internet connection..

With such a large body, this tablet has room to accommodate a large capacity battery, and it certainly does: 8 hours of battery life in mixed usewhich isn’t bad for its specs. Although it supports fast charging at 45W, it comes with a very slow charger that can take up to 8 hours to get it from 0 to 100%.


    • Big screen
  • Stylus included
  • Premium design
  • Good autonomy


    • Not a cheap tablet
  • Only 2 speakers
  • very slow charger

3. iPad Air

A premium tablet in design and power for foodies

Screen size : 10.9 inches

Resolution : 2360 x 1640px

Ideal use: Entertainment and productivity

Apple products aren’t cheap, but Bitten Apple has managed to find a balance in its catalog to offer a top-of-the-range product in terms of power and design. but saving you a few hundred dollars compared to the very expensive iPad Pro.

Apple stands out for the quality of its materials and its minimalist design and this iPad Air is a good example: it is slim, nearly borderless, and featuring a sleek aluminum chassis.making it a truly stunning tablet.

Apple had to compromise on the screen: it is 10.9 inches and is notable for its brightness, sharpness and color reproduction, but it is not an OLED. And for what it costs, one would expect the contrast of this display technology and a refresh rate higher than a paltry 60Hz.

In sum, the experience is good and for watching videos, it’s great and its The speakers match the screen in terms of clarity and power.. But once again, Apple is cutting corners by placing only 2 speakers, thus offering a stereo experience.

What we like most about this tablet is its power.It’s like a computer, thanks to Apple’s M1 chip. You can do everything with this device, whether it’s playing the most demanding games, opening numerous applications or working in word processing.

The only limitation you have is that its operating systemAlthough fluid and intuitive, it is not a desktop system. In other words, you don’t need heavy programs like AutoCAD or Photoshop to enjoy it.

Since it also has a 5G option, not only will you be able to connect to the internet everywhere, but you can do so at high speed wherever this band is deployed. Ideal for working in big cities. Please note, however, that official accessories will need to be purchased separately.

With an autonomy of almost 10 hours working all day will not be a problem. It also charges quite quickly, so you can have it ready in a matter of hours.


    • He is very powerful
  • Premium design
  • Good display and good sound
  • Long battery life


    • No accessories
  • Limited by software

2.Xiaomi Pad 5

The best value for money tablet in the Android ecosystem

Screen size : 11 inches

Resolution : 2560 x 1600px

Ideal use: Entertainment and productivity

XiaomiPad 5
See the price

Xiaomi has won its success (and our hearts) with its value-for-money mobile phones, and with its Pad 5 it has repeated its success formula in tablet form. The result can hardly be bettered: a tablet versatile at a very reasonable price for his performance.

We were pleasantly surprised by its design. So much so that it combines a high-end minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of the best iPads and at the same time the lines of its high-end phones. It is a slim tablet, with an aluminum chassis and a good finish, which could goes perfectly for a model that doubles or even triples its price..

What we liked the most about the Xiaomi Pad 5 screen on the diagonal it has and its refresh rateThe 11-inch and 120Hz refresh rate provide a good experience especially in games and videos as you will get the smooth feeling. However, it’s not an OLED panel, so contrast and colors aren’t as vivid as the top-end ones.

But you are also going to enjoy the sound thanks to its 4 speakers with high-resolution sound compatible with Dolby Atmos, which means that you will be able to enjoy the sound in the best possible way. The sound is clear, powerful and loud.ideal both for dialogue and for a shootout in your shooter favorite.

This device is equipped with high-end telephone equipment, so you will be able to Run demanding apps and play all the games you can find.Do you want it for work?

  • You will be able to use applications such as word processors (Word or Google Docs, for example) fluently.
  • Xiaomi is selling a stylus so you can handwrite or draw on itbut you will have to buy it separately.
  • We missed it including a 4G version. to have the Internet everywhere, which is ideal for sending e-mails or working in the cloud.

Although the battery is not as big as that of other models (this is the problem of its thinness), the optimization work of the Chinese firm is very good, reaching up to 8 hours of battery life with mixed use.. It also has a quick charge function that allows you to have it 100% in about 2 hours.


    • Good value for money
  • Premium design
  • Very powerful
  • Quality sound


    • separate stylus
  • No 4G version
  • The screen is not AMOLED

1.iPad 2021 9gen

Apple’s best value tablet

Screen size : 10.2 inches

Resolution : 2160 x 1620px

Ideal use: Entertainment

iPad 2021 9gen
See the price

It’s not the most modernly designed tablet, nor the one with the biggest screen. However, Apple’s best value iPad is also the best value for money. one of the most interesting and well-balanced tablets on the market..

The website The 2021 iPad design is a bit datedThe design of the iPad 2021 is a bit old-fashioned: with thick edges and the Home button that has been on Apple devices for many years. Sure, one would expect a more contemporary aesthetic, but it’s a well-established design that works. If you’re not a tech enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the more traditional handling.

The screen of this tablet looks good in terms of intensity, sharpness and colors.. It’s not AMOLED, but Apple’s Retina technology is popular for videos, photos, or even reading text.

What we like the most about the iPad 2021 9 gen is its fluidity:

  • While surfing, typing, or gaming, you’ll notice the power. of the A13 chip and the 64 GB memory is a good figure for storing applications, videos and photos.
  • The website The big contributor to the good experience of this tablet is iOS, an optimized, intuitive and, above all, scalable system for several years.

If you also plan to use it outdoors and you need internet wherever you areyou can still buy the LTE version.

It’s a good tablet for workIt has a USB-C port that’s great for connecting peripherals, a selfie camera that’s good for video calling, and it’s compatible with the Apple Keyboard and Stylus.

With mixed use, its The battery is capable of lasting more than 10 hours.enough for a day of work, watching multiple movies, or a weekend getaway without having to pack the charger.

Although being a “cheap” tablet for an Apple tablet, it’s not that cheap compared to other manufacturers.which, for this price, offer devices with more striking technical specifications. However, the good thing is that you will have a quality tablet for many years, which makes the investment more profitable.


    • Good performance
  • Good value for money at Apple
  • Sustainable
  • Correct autonomy


    • Classic design
  • Expensive compared to others

Comparison of tablets with the best value for money of 2022

In this table, you can compare the best rated tablets, to decide according to your needs.

Note : if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Our recommendations

Finally, here are the models we recommend based on your needs and budget so that you can buy the tablet that perfectly matches what you are looking for.

Best Value Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
See the price

Samsung is an authority in the world of tablets, with some of the most creditworthy alternatives in high-end, mid-range and also the most reliable models on the market. shine among the cheapest, like this Galaxy Tab A8.

If you’re looking for a tablet for basic use, for the whole family to use, or if you’re just not sure you’ll get much out of it, this is a great buy.

It’s not because it’s a cheap tablet that its design isn’t well thought out, that it’s a gimmick or that the screen is of poor quality: the Korean firm hit the mark to get a device with good features and good details, but without having to spend too much..

Thus, this tablet is ideal for entertaining children, following your favorite series, surfing the Internet or even revising your notes, all at a low price.

We love its aluminum finish, its combination of screen and speakers to enjoy the videos, its good battery, its adequate performance and the best thing is that you won’t spend a lot of money to get a good tablet for your everyday life.

Best value for an iOS tablet: iPad 2021 9th generation

iPad 2021 9th Generation
See the price

Don’t say tablet, call it iPad. Apple tablets have led the industry for years with a combination of hardware and software optimized for an exceptional experience and quality that will last you for years. But of all, the most interesting is the iPad 2021 9th generation.Interestingly, this is the cheapest device in its class.

Why exactly the iPad 2021 9th generation? Because price is also a factor and its performance is so good that you can use it for leisure and entertainment as well as simple office and other productivity tasks.

By quite reasonably priced for Apple you get a well-established (even if it’s not the latest fashion and its edges are generous) and manageable design, a screen that looks great, good performance in any task and compatibility with a multitude of accessories so you can get the most out of it.

We know that Apple products are not cheap, but with its up-to-date software and the durability this device offers, you will have a tablet for a while.

Best value for an Android tablet: Xiaomi Pad 5

XiaomiPad 5
See the price

If you’re one of those people who takes advantage of offers, dutifully studies the state of the market before making a purchase, or just doesn’t like to overpay, you probably own more than one Xiaomi product. Well then, If you are looking for a tablet, keep your eyes open because the Xiaomi Pad 5 is your best option..

This device has everything you expect from a tablet And it does so at a very attractive price:

  • With one that stands out for its size and fluidity.
  • Plenty of performance for all taskseven if you aspire to play ambitious titles.
  • AT premium design modern and elegant.
  • AT good battery and fast charging so you can put it through its paces without having to worry about being tied to the plug.

It’s not the cheapest tablet, but considering its features and what you can do with it, rivals models that exceed a thousand the best value for money tablet in the Android ecosystem.

Tablet buying guide

Straddling PCs and phones, tablets are a most versatile device which can be useful for both entertainment and work.

If you are not sure which tablet you need and what you should expect from such a deviceIn this buying guide, we help you make the right choice.

The protagonist: the screen

The screen is one of the key elements when choosing a tablet, especially if our idea is to use it intensively for tasks that involve a minimum of image quality, for example viewing content such as series or reading.

Diagonal and resolution

As with televisions or monitors, the The size of a tablet is measured by its diagonal in pixels.where a pixel is approximately 2.5 centimeters. The diagonal of a tablet is between 8 and 12 inches, although most are around 10-11 inches.

Ideally If you plan to spend many hours in front of your screen, it should be as large as possible.But of course, do not forget that these devices are moderately handy and light so that you can move them, a large tablet is always less comfortable.

The size and the number of pixels that a screen can display are two parameters that go hand in hand. The idea is to find a balance between the diagonal and the resolution.

Thus, an HD resolution that may be sufficient on a smartwatch, falls through on a TV and vice versa: it is pointless to reach 4K on a small device because you will not appreciate it. And what resolution is good for a 10-11 inch tablet? Between Full HD and 2Kor 1920 x 1080 px and 2560 x 1440 px.

As you can see, the resolution is also expressed as a multiplication of the points that fit on a horizontal line by the points on a vertical line, which may be messy due to screen formats..

And while iPads have a 4:3 aspect ratio, most tablets are more landscape type, with an approximate aspect ratio of 16:10.

So how do you know how to relate size to resolution? Look at the vertical dots per inch: Full HD is 1080 pixels and 2K is 1440 pixels.

Refresh rate

The website The frequency or refresh rate of a panel is measured in hertz. and is the number of times the screen turns off and on in one second to change the image displayed on the screen.

Until relatively recently, the screens of mobile phones and tablets had a refresh rate of 60 Hz, i.e. they turned off and on 60 times in one second, but this figure increased to 90 Hz or even up to 120 Hz..

Is it noticeable? Although the human eye is not able to appreciate such a level of detail, the feeling is that the experience is smoother.especially when watching videos or playing games, where a split second can mean being alive or dead.

Panel technology

Although manufacturers tend to call their panels with bombastic names to make them sound more sophisticated, the reality is that tablet screens are divided into LCD and OLED and others.

The vast majority of entry-level and mid-range models you’re likely to find are LCD. The most modest will be called TFT LCDs and the others will be called IPS LCDs.improved technology in terms of power consumption and viewing angle.

In general LCD screens are distinguished by their good price-performance ratio.They have uniform brightness, good visibility even in brightly lit places (eg outdoors) and a long service life.

That said, if you want a tablet for watching videos and can afford a model with an OLED panelusually framed in the high-end range, then you’ll experience the most striking and vibrant color, brightness and contrast.

Performance: what you want to do with it

We don’t want to complicate your life with processor architectures and instead focus on their application, in other words, what you expect from your future tablet.

With few exceptions, with a desktop operating system and clean computer hardware, Most tablets on the market have components that are commonly found in cell phones..

This means that tablets with basic hardware, typical of entry-level phones, will serve as simple tasks such as browsing the Internet and watching videos..

Tablets with high-end hardware will be used for gaming and workfor example projects with word processors or spreadsheets. Or to open several applications at the same time.

A quick overview of the main hardware and how it affects your user experience:

  • RAM allows you to run multiple processes at the same time, such as having multiple browser tabs running simultaneously or having multiple applications open. We recommend that you choose models with 4 GB of RAM or more.
  • Storage lets you store photos, videos, and download apps on your device. Unless you’re a basic user, go for tablets that are 64GB or larger..
  • The more powerful a processor, the more demanding the task you can perform. Games and productivity programs are the most demanding these days. Are you looking for power? Then Get a model with Snapdragon 800-series processors or Apple chips.

Operating system

As explained above, the tablets are devices that offer a bit of both worldsThey are almost as light as cell phones and offer a more comfortable viewing experience, closer to that of a laptop.

One of their limiting factors is their operating system.A mobile interface, such as Android or iOS, is more limited than desktop software such as Windows.

However, there are also Windows tabletsbut if you calculate the cost of a sufficiently powerful model and get a separate keyboard, you will find that it is probably better to buy a laptop.

But Most run on iOS or Android, which is better? It depends on your tastes and your budget: Android offers a more open experience and there are models from just over 100 euros and iOS offers a neat and pleasant environment and updates for years, although tend to cost more.

With or without LTE?

In the specifications of some tablets you will find that there are versions with LTE or 4G, what does this mean? This means that they have a slot to insert a SIM card like in your mobile phone and, thanks to a data tariff, you can enjoy internet everywhereon the street, at the beach, on vacation, on the train…

However, keep in mind that not all tablets have this option, which makes the price higher, and your data rate will be either monthly or prepaid, but you will regularly have to pay it separately. Also, if you need internet occasionally, you can always use your mobile phone as a hotspot.

If, on the other hand, your tablet must always be insidefor example at home, at work or in a hotel, then you will probably settle for the nearest Wi-Fi network.


The usefulness and versatility of tablets is underestimated. Actually, If you choose a good tablet, you might even forget about your computer. and use it as your all-purpose device. One of the keys lies in the accessories: cases, keyboards, mice, pens… that maximize its usefulness.

  • With a holster you can protect it and use it as a lectern, in order to read more comfortably or transport it more safely.
  • AT keyboard allows you to enter text faster and easier than using the touch screen.
  • With a mouse you’ll be able to mark and point more accurately and quickly than with your finger.
  • AT stylus is ideal for taking handwritten (but scanned) notes or drawing.

Although you can use generic accessories such as a mouse or keyboard by connecting them via Bluetooth, it is worth getting a a tablet whose accessories are designed specifically for itThis will ensure the best experience and compatibility.

Generally these accessories are sold separatelywhich will make your investment more expensive. However, there are also packs or devices that include certain accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tablet and what is it used for?

A tablet is a portable device with a touch screen. So you don’t need a keyboard or mouse to use it. Its operation and interface are similar to those of a smartphone, but the main difference is in the size of its screen, which is larger in the case of a tablet.

Which tablet is nice and cheap?

In our comparative shopping guide you will find models that meet this description, such as the Realme Pad, the CHUWI HiPad Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, models that, for less than 200 euros, offer a solid experience for a user. basic general at an affordable price.

What is the difference between a tablet and an iPad?

While iPads originate from Apple, tablets are the devices in general, which can come from Apple or other manufacturers such as Samsung, Realme or Xiaomi.

However, the main difference between iPads and other tablets is the operating system: all Apple tablets run on iOS, an Apple-designed interface that stands out for its sleek design, intuitive experience and greater security thanks to a more closed ecosystem.

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