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Top 7 FREE TOURS around Venice in English and Spanish

Without a doubt, Venice is a destination that you must visit at least once in your life and one of the best ways to really get to know this wonderful city is to join one of the 7 free Venice tours. best free venice tours we bring to you today.

Best Free Tours in Venice

Add one or more free tours in englishl at your visit to a few days in Veniceis always a good idea, because being accompanied by a guide who knows the city like the back of his hand will make your trip even better 😉.

Which one to choose ? To help you, read on and find out what are the 7 best free guided tours in venice.

Free tour of Venice, the most popular

Have you just arrived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you don’t know where to start? This free tour of the streets of Veniceis ideal for a first contact with the city.

Begins to Dorsoduro districtnear the Grand Canal and during the tour you will pass through La Fenice theatre, one of the most important opera houses in the world.and then you can go to Piazza San Marco.

From there you will get to know the whole history of St. Mark’s Basilicaits bell tower and the Doge’s Palace.

The guided walk continues along the Grand Canal of Venice, from where you can admire palaces and churches, such as the the impressive Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.

Self-guided tour of Venice

Free visit to the unknown Venice

If you want to know the less touristy Venice discovering the “secret” corners of the east free visit is for you. 😎

You will walk through neighborhoods such as Santa Croceone of the the best places to stay in Venicethat of San Paolo and that of Dorsodurolocated along the Grand Canal.

gondolas on the serenissima

And since there is nothing more typical of Venice than its gondolas, during this visit you will have the opportunity to pass by a Venetian squero, or what is the same thing, a city squero. gondola repair and manufacturing workshop.

Free visit to the unknown Venice

Legends of Venice self-guided tour

Venice is full of myths and legends that you can discover by following this free tour during which you will get lost in the corners of the city. Cannareggio, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city..

During the visit, you will visit the jewish ghetto as well as lesser-known squares and areas of Venice, ending next to the Church of the Infant Jesus. one of the most famous bridges, the Rialto Bridge..

Free Legends of Venice Tour

Free tour of Burano and Murano

During a trip to Venice, you cannot miss visiting the islands of Burano and Murano that you are sure to know.

They are perfect for spending a morning taking the vaporetto from Venice and if you also include this free guided tour in Englishand it will be even better.

The first stop on the tour is the charming and colorful island of Burano where you will walk through its streets, get to know the culture of the island. its spectacular lace and you will find out why their houses are colored.

the best free tours of venice

After visiting Burano, the vaporetto will drop you off at the Burano pier. Murano Islandslightly larger and famous for its Murano glass and where the tour ends, so you can stay overnight. continue to visit the island on your own or return to Venice with the guide..

TIPS: As the Vaporetto ticket is not included in this tour, we leave it to you to purchase a Vaporetto ticket. here where to buy it at the best price.

Free tour of Burano and Murano

Unknown and traditional Venice: the Jewish ghetto

Because Venice is not just about canals and gondolas, this free visit with English-speaking guide will take you to see two very interesting areas.

The first part of the visit goes through what is considered the oldest jewish ghetto in the world with 5 synagogues, oldest bank in the world (Banco Rosso) and the hebrew museum.

After visiting the ghetto, it’s time to visit the Misericordia, the oldest district of Venice.where the few purebred Venetians who still live in the city still live 😉.

Free visit of the unknown and traditional Venice

Alternative Venice: prostitutes, merchants and pirates. The city of Marco Polo

Did you know that Venice had a Red light district like the one in Amsterdam? It’s about Carampane district and during the tour the guide will tell you about the curious ways in which prostitution was practiced in this part of town.

The visit continues in the district of Rialto Marketwhere, in medieval times, all trade took place and where pirates had a storefront.

Of course, if there is a character linked to Venice, it is that of the man. one of its most famous inhabitants, Marco Polo. It is in front of his house that you will end this visit to an alternative Venice.

Free guided tour of alternative Venice

Secret and mysterious Venice: Saint Mark and the Silk Road

Nothing better to end this post free tours in Venice than to take another, because it has a “secret” through the lesser known alleys and squares..

Indeed, this free guided tour in EnglishThis tour, which takes place in the afternoon, allows you to meet fewer people and fully enjoy this area of ​​Venice.

What are you visiting? start with Foundation Nove where you will see the San Michelle Cemetery Islandto reach the Ospedale Civile and Santa Maria Formosa in the Castello which the guide will tell you about the famous Courtesan Veronica Franco and her many (sometimes famous) lovers.

After this walk a little off the beaten track, there’s nothing like enjoying the Bridge of Sighs and Piazza San Marco in the evening.

Secret and mysterious Venice

What is a free Venice tour and how does it work?

AT free visit of Venice is a guided tour (usually on foot) during which you can a city expertaccompanies you and tells you about the city. history, curiosities, anecdotes and legends. places you pass through. When you book the guided tour, you know the meeting point with the guide to start the tour.

How much does a free tour of Venice cost?

A free visit can be translated as “free to visit”, that is, you go there because you want to know more about the city and its storiesbut it is really a guided tour where the guide does a job and for which, at the end of the tour, it makes sense to reward him with a credit card. economic amount as you consider appropriate based on your satisfaction with the tour..

We can’t tell you the exact amount you need to pay as it’s a personal thing, but we can give you a little idea and we think €10 per person is fine, going up to €15 or €20 € (or whatever you want… 😊) if you enjoyed the visit a lot and managed to get… lots of additional information that only the person who lives there knows. and if not, you would never know or you would have a much harder time knowing.

After teaching you the the best free tours in VeniceWe hope you can go and see and know this wonderful city.

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