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Valk Gaia – analysis and honest opinion

If you know when you start a game but not when you finish it or if you work in front of the computer for marathon days, you need a good chair.

Aesthetics aside (here, everyone has their own thing), gaming chairs are one of the best options for intensive use thanks to their adjustability and comfort. Although each chair is different, we have already told you that the Valk Gaia is a professional gaming chair and it shows.

What will you find in this guide?

Technical specifications of Valk Gaia

We tested it extensively, being an ambitious and high-performance design chair for the game. for long hours of sitting, whether working or playing. As we will see in this review, thanks to the density of its padding and its adjustability, it is also suitable for tall people.

Design and materials

If the box is large, the chair once assembled is even larger. In fact, it has an impact because of its magnitude. This has its good side and its bad side. If you have a small space to work or play, the VALK Gaia will visually crush it. If you don’t, the feeling of sitting is enveloping and stable.

As is customary for this type of gaming chair, its racing seat designa format that helps you stay straight thanks to the wings on the sides but can be uncomfortable if you have a wide back. However, since the chair is also wide-backed, it is likely to suit you even if you are a sturdy person.

However, the manufacturer declares a recommended maximum height and weight which can reach 130 kg and 190 cm. In my case, I am considerably smaller and lighter, but the seat served its purpose in helping me keep my spine straight and protected.

What the high back is comfortableThe back and even the head are supported, allowing you to rest well after several hours of use.

Versatile and resistant materials

whole gaia valk
The Valk Gaia chair is tall and has a racing design.

This chair is available in 3 colors, with the black model being the one we reviewed. This is understated and elegant, suitable for the most discreet gaming setup as well as offices.. It features some gray details, like the fender overlay or the logo, in a nice combination.

Considering we’ve only tested it for a few weeks, it’s hard (and would be bad news) to assess the wear and tear so soon, but given the the quality of the fabric and the velvet covering and the thread stitching.The upholstery isn’t as high-end as the leather, but the overall look is nice and modern. It may not be as premium as leather, but the whole thing is nice and modern.

This material isn’t exactly the best against the heatBut the padding combines micro-perforated finishes that help dissipate heat somewhat with velor areas (which are warm). The result ? It is possible that the chair will be colder (for example if it is made of mesh fabric), but at least it does not accumulate moisture, which leather does.


The website lists the material used for the padding as breathable fabric in the general description and micro-perforated PU faux leather in the specification table, which can be misleading. In reality, it is a combination of fabric and velvet.

An important detail: the back and seat are filled with cold molded foam with a density of 70 kg/m3 which provides a feeling of solidity and comfort, keep fit.

valk gaia headboard
The headrest is wide and can be fitted with a neck pillow.

This density is slightly above average, being harder to push down with weightparticularly interesting for robust people.

Design with attention to detail

We liked the stability and solidity of this chairthanks to its steel frame, a large base of 70 cm, a class 4 piston and 5 nylon wheels of 6 cm in diameter. The set is heavy to carry in the arms, but in return, the wheelchair glides smoothly and silently.

This buggy doesn’t skimp on the details and the fact that it has a weave at the base so you can put your feet on it is further proof: you won’t slip and the structure won’t get stained.

The only drawback of this chair in terms of solidity is related to its piston. is a professional model and its neat proposition, we would expect a class 5 piston.the best in its class.

In search of ergonomics

A good chair must have The armrests, and on the Valk Gaia, they are remarkable.The armrests are sturdy, wide and also covered in synthetic leather, which makes them comfortable to rest your arms on.

Although the armchair is already comfortable as it is, it comes with 2 cushions that you can put on and take off as you wish:

  • The website neck pillow is filled with cotton and is attached with a clip and strap to the headrest area. It is useful to accommodate your neck.
  • Bigger, harder and filled with foam, the lumbar cushion. In this case, it is magnetically fixed without further ado and can be adjusted according to the curvature of your spine.

Although there are details such as the piston or the upholstery that could be more upscale, The design of this chair comes down to stability and comfort.two essential characteristics for continuous and intensive use.


While it’s true that there isn’t a perfect chair for everyone, the Valk Gaia comes pretty close, and the fault lies with its adjustment options, one of the most complete on the market..

In spare parts. Bulk : A person is seated when the feet are flat on the floor, the knees are level with the feet and are at an angle slightly greater than 90 degrees, the hips are in line with the knees, and the back is straight. Finally, our eyes should be level with the screen. The problem ? We are not all the same size.

This is where your first adjustment comes in: the adjustable height with a class 4 gas spring, so at maximum height it would be sufficient for people up to 190cm, depending on the brand. Adjusting the height is as simple as pulling the lever to the right.

The website the height adjustment range is 8 centimeterswhich, in our experience, is sufficient for people between 1.70 and 1.90 meters tall. In my case, I am 1.70 meters tall and the chair, when lowered to the maximum, allows me to have my knees at a 90 degree angle and my feet supported, so if you are shorter than that, this chair is not for you.

The website the seat also reclinesThis allows the seat to recline up to 15 degrees, an interesting point that makes it more adaptable without losing stability.

We mentioned earlier the importance of having a straight back, with a neutral posture that respects its slightly S-shape. But of course, as before, We don’t all have the same spine and some people also suffer from deformities and ailments.. In these cases, we can place the lumbar and cervical cushions as we wish.

High customization options

In my case, I opted to remove the lumbar pillow and keep the neck pillow for additional neck support. In addition, the shape of the backrest and its firmness in itself are comfortable and help maintain good posture.

Spending hours and hours sitting does not mean being in front of the computer all the time: there are also phone calls and video calls, watching videos, reading… or simply moments of rest. For these moments, 2 very powerful weapons for relaxation:

  • At the base of the backrest, located on the right, there is a lever that allows you to backrest tilt up to 160 degreesi.e. almost horizontally. In this position, the comfort is such that you can even take a nap.
  • To rest your arms, it has 2 wide 4D adjustable armrestsor in other words, forwards and backwards, height adjustable, can be moved forwards and backwards, zoomed in and out, and rotated.
valk gaia armrest
Take the time to properly install your 4D armrests.

That said, having up to 3 buttons for those 4 settings translates to. there is a certain learning curve until you get the hang of it.

The question of the armrests is not insignificant.especially the height adjustment, as they could bump into the surface of our table and thus prevent us from getting as close as necessary.

Unlike other chairs, whose adjustments seem a little jerky, we were surprised the balance between fluidity and consistency when it comes to adjusting the height, the inclination, the armrests… everything works smoothly, without play or strange noises.

Our advice, once assembled, is to place it in your work and play area and Spend some time adjusting it to suit you and your tastes.. This is the best way to enjoy this chair while taking care of your health.

My back after several hours of sitting

Any chair will do for a while, but if you often sit for many hours, things change: you can end up with serious back pain or even an injury. Anyway, it’s it is recommended to get up about every 2 hours to stretch your legs..

These weeks of analysis we have made the VALK Gaia our all-rounderWe spent more than 8 hours a day, between work and other hobbies, surfing the internet, watching videos and playing games.

It goes without saying that we don’t have a history of back problems or pain, but we did end up suffering from it on occasion due to poor posture. This was not the case with the Gaia, which Thanks to its shape, it allowed us to stand up straight and do so in relative comfort..

valk gaia slightly tilted
You can recline the backrest up to 160 degrees

For lovers of firmness

As we mentioned in the design section, its above average density means that not only does it not run, but in my particular case, I regretted that the seat was a little less firm.. It’s not that noticeable in the backrest, but I would appreciate a little more padding for the buttocks.

It’s not that it’s as hard as a pew, and obviously there are different colors and densities to suit different tastes, but I’m a slim build and would like a bit more padding to my buttocks. I would appreciate a little more padding in the buttocks.. At the level of the backrest, this firmness is not a bad thing for a posture of work or concentration.

But firmness doesn’t imply discomfort, actually. this armchair is almost as comfortable as the sofa.but with a straight back. Be careful, because this has a dangerous flip side: you may have trouble getting up from the chair and therefore have trouble getting up periodically.

At work, we choose to have the backrest upright, but at other times, like watching videos or making phone calls, we can tilt the back of the chair slightly. relaxes you so much that you could fall asleep in it..

The website The experience with the armrests has been excellent.. Their width allows you to comfortably rest your elbow, we were able to lower them when approaching the desk and play with them in moments of relaxation.


The VALK Gaia is a gaming chair that sits in the high mid-range, which makes it interesting for those looking for a gaming chair that is… a model of good quality and high adjustability, but with a moderate investment..

See the price at Valk Gaming

See the price on Amazon

For its stability, its solidity and its possibilities of adjustment, its rivals are usually within its price bracket, but are generally in the higher price bracket.It can therefore be said that, in its range, it excels in cost performance.

It’s worth taking a moment to review VALK’s portfolio of chairs. On a lower rung we find the nyx (see price), a very similar model that stands out mainly for the fact that it supports a slightly lower weight, that its padding is softer and that its armrests are only adjustable in 2 dimensions. But you will save money in return.

A little higher is the VALK Freya (see price), which has many of the same features and gains in seat recline, but is softer and has a slightly lower maximum weight. If you prefer to gain in adjustment, you will have to invest a little more.

In the Newskill catalog we find a very similar model, the Banshee (see price), which differs mainly in that is more flexible, tilts up to 180 degrees and supports up to 150 kg.. If these variations are worth it to you, then it will be worth investing more for it.

You will also need spend more money on the popular Corsair T3 Rush (see price), which tilts and adjusts in height a little more, but supports less weight and is more flexible.

You’ll spend a little less for the MSI MAG CH120 (see price), which shares the 4D armrest and lumbar and neck cushions, but is slightly more reclined and rises up to 10cm, suitable by design for people weighing up to 150kg and 2m tall. On the other hand, the padding density is surprisingly much lower.

You can compare the Valk Gaia with the best gaming chairs on the market in this guide.


valk gaia
Offers a balance between comfort and postural ergonomics.

We’ve been working on the VALK Gaia for several weeks now and we’re hesitant to give it up even after we’ve completed our testing. When you spend many hours sitting, it’s important to find a balance. between the good posture that an uncomfortable wicker chair can give you and the relaxation that comes from lying in bed, wrapped in cushions.

And the VALK Gaia delivers. By Thanks to the design, the firmness and the adjustment options, your body will maintain a correct posture.without falling into vices. That is, provided you take the time to set it up correctly for your constitution.

Here again, we would like to highlight the high density of its filling, which will be particularly interesting. both for tall people and for those who like firm seats..

There are chairs that recline more and move up and down more.but in general, the adjustment combo is sufficient for people under 190 cm, the figure provided by the manufacturer.

The two parts of the chair that we liked the most are:

  • Its backrest, which is comfortable and ergonomic.The backrest, comfortable and ergonomic, is ideal for allowing you to sit comfortably and keep your back straight. The icing on the cake are the lumbar and neck cushions, which you can attach and remove as you wish.
  • These wide 4D adjustable armrests are recommended for arm rest.

While it excels when it comes to ergonomics and adjustability, the fact that it’s upper-midrange means it makes a few compromises. One of them is its coating, which is functional and sturdy, but neither top of the line nor the best in terms of heat dissipation.

In all cases, if you are a warm person and you like the Valk Gaia armchairIt’s better to opt for this breathable black fabric model than the faux leather version (the green and red options).

In its favor, it is like new. Since it also has adjustment mechanisms that work smoothly and quietly, we think we can predict that it will be a good choice. has everything it needs to last, even if you use it a lot.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • It is sturdy and stable
  • 4D armrest
  • Great adjustability
  • Robust and silent wheels
  • Cushions can be removed


  • It’s a heavy chair
  • She is bulky
  • Not the most breathable
  • Can be a bit stiff

Comparison with other gaming chairs

Note : if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

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