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Visit Vintgar Gorge. Nature in your hands

If you are visiting Slovenia, go to visit Vintgar Gorge will probably be one of the best experiences you can have in this green and wonderful country.

Visit Vintgar Gorge. A little history

Blejski Vintgar, as it is called in Slovenian, was discovered in 1891 by Jacob Zumer, mayor of Gorje, and Benedikt Lergetporer, a cartographer and photographer from the nearby town. town of bled.

Opened to the public in 1893 after that a sufficiently safe road has been built the entire length of the road, which was very hard and sometimes dangerous work.😓

vintgar-gorge footbridge

Visit Vintgar Gorge

This incredible gorge stretches for 1.6 kilometers between the hills of Hom and Borst and was “created” by the Radovna River.


You can visit Vintgar Gorge between April and November. During the winter, it is closed, because snow and ice would make the visit impossible..

Vintgar Gorge Tour Tickets

Once you are in Vintgar Gorge, you have to climb a small hill to reach a wooden house, where is the ticket office to buy your ticket or you can also buy online in advance and save the queue.

You will be able to access the gorge by scanning the entry to start the visit.

tower-entrance-garganta-vintgar gorge

Don’t forget to save your ticketbecause you will need it if you go out to visit the Sum waterfall and since it is off the trail you will need it when you return to your starting point, you have to scan it again.

Vintgar Gorge Tour

Start your walk following the route, which is not to be missed, as it there is only one and it is perfectly signposted.

Along the route, you will pass over rapids and waterfalls, thanks to the wooden walkways, but you will also go to the level of the river in

slightly narrower areas where you may even have to bend down a bit to pass 😊.gate-start-road-vintgar-gorge

route-vintgar-gorge departure gate

can be done, at a leisurely pace, in about 2 hours. even stopping to take many pictures 😄.train-bridge-with-waterfall


to keep going down the stairs .You will come to an esplanade where you will see a bridge on the left.

cross it take the path to the left and it will take you tothe Sum waterfall, the largest river waterfall in Slovenia. .waterfall-sum vitngar gorge

waterfall-sum vitngar gorge

you will need the ticket that we told you to keep.😇 Tips for Visiting Vintgar Gorge

We leave you

a few tips so that your Vintgar Gorge tour is perfect: We know it’s hard to get up early, but

  • it’s better to leave early especially in summer, because there are a lot of people and doing the route can be complicated, having to stop many times to let the arriving group pass 😓 .
  • We advise you to to wear a jacketeven if you visit Vintgar Gorge in the summer. There are parts of the tour where it feels like the air conditioning has been ‘turned up’ 😄.

vintgar gorge rapids

  • Bring enough water for the daybecause there is no fountain in the whole area where you can fill a bottle.
  • If you are traveling with children, taking the trolley is not a good idea because of the narrow road and people coming and going back and forth.
  • Although the path is not difficult, we recommend that you wear closed shoes that do not slipThere are several areas of the course that are often wet.
  • Enjoy nature and be a responsible travelertake your rubbish away and don’t take stones with you, or uproot plants (we’ve seen it all…😏).

How to get to Vintgar Gorge from Ljubljana

The gorges, located in the Triglav National Park, are 4 kilometers from Bled and 58 kilometers from Ljubljana. The capital of the country.

If you are driving, take the A2/E61 road to Bled and once there, follow signs to Vintgarwhere you will find a parking lot where you can leave your car. From there you can take a free bus to the entrance to the gorge.

start of the route

We went by bus to Bled. Once there, we walked to the castle, where we caught another bus that dropped us off at the entrance in 15 minutes.

You also have the option of taking a guided tour like the ones we offer and you will be out of trouble.

Vintgar Gorge Bike Tour

Tour around Bled and Vintgar Gorge

Where to eat in Vintgar Gorge

In the gorge area, you can eat or drink at the cafes at the start and end of the trail. They have several tables, free toilets and a gift shop.

cafeteria at the entrance of-vintgar-gorge

Another good option is to eat in Bled or take your food and have a picnic, which we did, using one of the tables near the cafe.

today, we have visited Vintgar Gorge and we strongly recommend that you include it in your program. Slovenia tour.

Coming soon, more and better…😇

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