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What to see in ALMAGRO in one day. Essential things to visit

Located in the province of Ciudad Real and after finding everything we saw in the city very interesting, today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it. What to see in Almagro in one day?.

A little history of Almagro

In the 13th century Almagro became the administrative capital of the dominions of the Order of Calatrava and throughout its history it suffered greatly from the earthquake of Lisbon in the 18th century and the civil war that struck it. . the carlist wars in the 19th century.

Today it is a quiet town, with a historic center declared a historic-artistic site in 1972, and who became famous for his International Classical Theater Festivalbut also for its bobbin lace and tasty aubergines.

A good way to visit Almagro and let them tell you all their history and their secretsit is by doing this Guided tour of the city which includes the the entrance to the Corral de Comedias.

Guided tour of Almagro

ADVICE: Belongs to the association of The most beautiful villages in Spain.

What to see in Almagro in one day?

After this little introduction to this beautiful city, we are going to show you everything there is to see in Almagro in one day. places you can see in Almagro in a day or a weekend..

Let’s start…

Palace of Juan Jédler (Palace of Fúcares)

THE Palace of Juan Jedler was built in the 16th century thanks to the heritage of the Jédler family. It is also known as Palace or warehouse of the Fúcaresbecause that’s where they had their offices the Függers, a dynasty of German bankers who were lenders to Emperor Charles V..

fucares warehouse

You can visit their beautiful two-storey courtyard with a staircase that will not leave you indifferent, and a room where an office of the time has been recreated..

It was also a private house, a lace factory and a school. It is currently the seat of the Popular University.

Municipal Theater of Almagro

They say good things come in little jars and one of the most important places to see in Almagro is this: Municipal Theater of Almagro.

In small and ellipticalbut his the red upholstered armchairs and the large chandeliergive it that touch cozy and elegant at once, which also makes go back in time to the 19th century. 😊

almagro municipal theater

With a capacity of around 300 people, it was restored in the 20th century and is now in operation. it is still used as a theater throughout the yearespecially during the International Classical Theater Festival.

When we went to Almagro for a daywe were able to visit freely, the stage and its three floors: The stalls, the dressing rooms and the chicken coop..😉

Campo de Calatrava Ethnographic Museum

From one of the most important places in the city, we move on to another of the most important. the most curious of Almagro (but no less important for all that): Campo de Calatrava Ethnographic Museuma private museum housed in a restored 18th century house.

Considered the the most complete ethnographic museum of the community of Castile-La Mancha.if you want to know the the work that was done in rural areastraditions and to be told how people lived years agothen you should not miss it.

It is divided into two floors plus a troglodyte cellar. and the visit is guided. It’s José Luis, the owner, who explains everything you’re going to see and how he spent his whole life doing it. collect objects from around forty professionssome of which no longer exist, from the La Mancha region.

It seemed to us a very interesting and educational museum so it’s a good plan if you go there. a day in Almagro with children. To consult their schedules and prices we leave you their website.

St. Augustine’s Church

the church Church of San Agustin was built in the 17th century and was part of the Augustinian convent, which was decommissioned in 1835. When it was put up for sale, the buyers demolished the convent.

church of san agustin to see in almagro

The church was saved thanks to Almagro’s own neighbors raised the money to buy it. for it to be preserved. Today It belongs to the town hall and is deconsecrated..

This church is used for exhibitions and theatersbut it is also worth going in and seeing their impressive frescoes that cover the vaults, the domes and part of the transept..

Plaza Mayor of Almagro

If there’s one thing you owe to see in Almagro is its Plaza Mayor..

Rectangular in shape, the most striking feature of the square is, without a doubt, its size. glazed galleries and the remaining charm of the the Castilian architecture of La Mancha from the 16th century..

You will find several interesting places to visitsuch as the Museum of lace and blonda where you can learn all about bobbin lace and the art of bobbin lace. Comedia Corralwhich we talk about below.

You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the square from one of the terraces and try, for example, Almagro’s famous aubergines. 😋

plaza mayor essential site to see in one day in almagro

Corral of Comedias of Almagro

On one side of the Plaza Mayor you will see the Corral de Comedias, the only surviving Golden Age theater in Europe, complete and intact.. Moreover, did you know that it is the only one still functioning 400 years after its inauguration? 😅

Its origins date back to the 17th century, when Leonardo de Oviedo, a neighbor of Almagro, built it in the courtyard of an old inn called Meson del Toro.

corral de comedias typical place not to be missed during your visit to almagro

Declared Historic Artistic Monument in 1955, it hosted the festival of contemporary art every year between June and July. International Classical Theater Festival and the rest of the year it is open to the public.

Santo Domingo Square

There Santo Domingo Square It’s not as impressive as the Plaza Mayor, but it’s worth a stroll, as it’s also the biggest square in town. has its charm.

plaza santo domingo to see in one day in almagro

Among all the buildings in the square, three of them stand out.

  • THE Palace of the Counts of Valparaiso is the property of the Diputación de Ciudad Real, which uses it for the following activities events and conferences.
  • THE Palace of the Marquises of Torremejía is being restored to house a Mexican folk art museum.
  • THE Bernardas Chaplain’s House which has been closed for several years, but you can see its beautiful facade.

Convent of the Assumption of Calatrava (Dominican Cloister).

Built in the 16th century, the Cloister of the Assumption of Calatrava was inhabited by nuns from Calatrava until the beginning of the 19th century, when it was decommissioned and declared a Historic Monument.

Today it is a Dominican convent. You can see its two floors, cross the refectory, the churchas well as to see the beautiful Renaissance cloister.

interior of the convent of the assumption

Don’t miss the sundial that you will find on the upper floor on one of the gates of the cloister..

Map of places to see in Almagro in one day

Where to eat in Almagro

After spend a day visiting AlmagroWe also want to taste the local gastronomy and here we go… 😋

Restaurant La Tabernilla de Almagro

If you are in Almagro, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, you can go to the restaurant La Tabernilla de Almagro. things you must try yes or yes they are their eggplantso you can imagine this is one of the dishes we ordered and if we also ordered one of the restaurant’s specialties is torreznos (bacon) well… we already have an almost complete menu. 😄

entrance to the restaurant la tabernilla

THE roast pork with eggplant Almagro The torreznillo was very good and wasn’t really a bacon, because, at least for us, it looked big. To accompany it, we ordered homemade ham croquettes and for dessert, a fig biscuit and a manchega bizcochá. Come on, we had a great time 😁!

What we liked the most about this place is that everything is… is home cooking and also they take care of you quickly and wellwe therefore believe that it is a good place to eat in Almagro.

  • Address: C/ Bolaños, 3

Where to sleep in Almagro

Maybe you want to go to the theater festival or just sleep in Almagro? see Almagro more quietlySpending a night in a hotel or rural house can be a good idea.

Accommodation in Almagro

After enjoying looking at AlmagroWe hope you too will visit this beautiful city and tell us about it in the comments.

Greetings travelers and see you soon.

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