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What to see in Cambridge in a day. Complete Guide

When you think of…What to see in Cambridge?? the first thing that comes to mind is English lessons. Today we are going to show you that the city of Cambridge also has plenty of other things to see and do. important places to see. 😄

A bit of Cambridge history

The city of Cambridge is associated with the city of Oxford, one of the largest and most famous university towns in the UK..

In fact, Cambridge owes the city of oxford of its existence, because it was a group of academics from the University of Oxford who founded this citywhen in 1209 they fled from Oxford following a quarrel with the authorities.

Today, there is still some rivalry between the two universities, which compete each year in an annual University of Oxford competition. famous rowing race speak The Thames in London.

So if you think about see cambridgewe guide you all the places you can visit in this city.

What to see in Cambridge in one day?

Cambridge city center can be easily explored on foot because it is very well signposted.

Watch out for cyclists, because the center is reserved for cars and this is how students, in particular, get around the city.

Let’s get started…. 😎

TIPS: A good way to start see cambridge it is by doing this free tour in englishduring which they will show you some of the most important the most important sites of the city like King’s College or the famous Mathematical Bridge.

Cambridge self-guided tour

Fitzwilliam Museum

Located on Trumpington Street, it was created in the 19th century by Viscount Richard Fitzwilliam, who bequeathed his art collection to Cambridge University, where he had studied.

We were told that this museum was worth visiting, not only because of the interest of its collection, but also because of the building itself and the way it was constructed. admission was freewe decided to enter.

fitzwilliam museum in cambridge

Before visiting the museum, if you have a backpack, leave it at the left-luggage office, also free, where you will be given a map of the museum and where you will be told a little about how to visit.

The museum is divided into two floors, with the upper floor dedicated to European painting and the ground floor, our favorite, to Egyptian, Greek and Asian works.

In reality, we did not expect such an interesting museum and we were surprised not only by the quality of the exhibition, but also by the number of visitors. magnificent works but for the beauty of the interior.

ADVICE: Do not miss the armory and the European and Japanese porcelain room.

King’s College, one of Cambridge’s must-see places.

Throughout the year your visit to Cambridge you will go through several college or university colleges which together form the University of Cambridge.

One of the best known is King’s College.which is partially open to the public, since its chapel and part of the outdoor space can be visited.

kings college cambridge university college

Founded in the 15th century by King Henry VI, it now welcomes more than 800 students from all over the world.

The gardens are incredibly well maintained and overlook the River Cam, but there is no doubt that this is one of the best places to study. the star of the visit is undoubtedly the gothic chapel. where the huge stained glass windows and the beautiful choir stand out.

The Backs

This road along the River Cam, where the back of King’s College and several other colleges can be seen, is known as “The Backs”. The Backs and can be explored on foot.

During the walk you can also see some bridges, such as the Math Bridgemade of wood and connecting two buildings of Queen’s College. It is said that this bridge was built by Isaac Newton in defiance of the laws of physics, because there are no nails or screws in it, but we regret to tell you that this is not true, because at the time when it was built, Newton was dead, and it does have nails and screws, although they are hidden.

general image of the Mathematical Bridge in Cambridge

In good weather, it is the ideal place to enjoy not only nature, but also the architecture of the buildings.

ADVICE: If you feel like seeing this area and don’t feel like walking, you can also visit it by doing Punch which we explain a little below.

Market place

In the center of Cambridge you will find The marketplaceTHE Cambridge Marketwhere you can find various that sell food, clothes, books, crafts, music, etc. and as we are in the city of bicycles, bike repair locations as strange as it may seem in a market 😉.


It’s not a very big market, but it’s worth walking around and checking it out, because you might be able to find a cheap gift or souvenir.

Great St Mary’s

Near the market, you will see this beautiful church, which is free to visit and was built in the 15th century.

It is the church of the university of Cambridgebut it is also a parish church, which gives it the curious particularity of having two organs: one for masses and the other for university events.

great-st-marys is a beautiful church at cambridge university.

In addition to visiting it from the inside, you can climb the 123 steps of its narrow spiral staircase to reach the bell tower, from where you will have the opportunity to admire the facade of the church. a magnificent view of the city.

Corpus Clock

Known as Corpus Clock is a curious clock that has nothing to do with ordinary watchesThis is a clock that has its own way of telling time, and only will give you the exact time every 5 minutes.. 😔

corpus-clock curious clock in cambridge

Inaugurated in 2008 by the scientist Stephen Hawking, it is plated in 24 carat gold and bears on its upper part the mention a grasshopper that opens and closes its mouth to “eat time”..

The punches

To take a break, we recommend the following activities the most famous activity in the whole city: Punting..

Understand sail in a wooden boataccompanied by a guide who at the same time “drives”, helped by a large wooden stick or to facilitate the explanation, we can tell you that very similar to the gondolas of Venice..

It lasts about 50 minutes, during which you will be explained stories, fun facts and even legends on the city.

camera on the river punches

The route covers the entire area of The Backssee part of university colleges and several bridges such as the Bridge of Sighs oh Math Bridge.

bridge-bridge-sighs-in the city of cambridge .

Cambridge boat trip

Jesus Green Park

One of the parks we believe you must see in Cambridge East Jesus Green Park.

It is bordered by the River Cam, which gives it a special charm as well as its large meadows, perfect for resting or picnicking if the weather permits.

You will also find spaces to practice sports such as rugby or cricket and even have a barbecue.

park jesus-green-park north of the city

How to get to Cambridge

Cambridge is located 80 kilometers from London and, due to its size, it is possible to get there by car. it can easily be visited in a day.

We explain the best options you have for getting to town:

  • BusFrom Victoria Coach Station in London, you can get to Cambridge on the National Express. The stop is called Cambridge Parkside and it will take you about 2 hours to get there.
  • Train: This is our opinion, the most comfortable way to go. From Liverpool Street station it will take you around 1 hour to get there.

train-compania-greateranglia for a trip to cambridge

Where to eat in Cambridge

Since it’s not just about walking, you need to find a good place to refuel. Cambridge offers great variety, both in terms of quality and price, as it is a university town.

The Eagle Pub

This is the most famous pub in town because of a historical fact: an advertisement was made there, the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953.

You can’t leave Cambridge without seeing (even if you haven’t eaten or drunk anything) the place where they used to meet. RAF and US Air Force pilots during World War II, decorating the ceiling with their names and squadron numbers.

pub-the-eagle in central cambridge

As for food, the quality is good and the menu is very varied.. We leave you pub menu if you want to take a look


The Anchor Pub

This is another of the ads that must visit in the cityespecially because of its location, as it has a terrace overlooking the river and is close to the town hall. Math Bridge.

The food is pretty good, the portions are big and the prices aren’t bad, so you know😊

If you want to visit the city on the weekend or in the summer, it is very… it is strongly recommended to reserve a table in advance. if you don’t want to have to wait after.😅

TIPSIf you are a fan of Pink Floydyou will love the inside of this pub.

Fitzbillies Bakery

This cafe/bakery is very famous for making the famous Chelsea Buns and as they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and also because we would not know how to describe them, we leave you a photo of the one we have tried.

chelsea-bun-from-fitzbillies sweet tipico

If you have a sweet tooth…don’t even think about it. It’s dipped in syrup and may be a little too strong, but delicious all the same…😄

The quality of milkshakes and desserts is quite good. The only “downside” is that it tends to get quite busy in the evenings and we think it’s best to go in the morning for more peace and quiet.

ADVICE: There are two locations in the city, one on Bridge Street and one on Trumpington Street, where we were located.

That’s the end of today’s post on what to see in cambridgeDo you know of any other places we should have gone? Let us know in the comments.

See you soon.


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