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What to see in Copenhagen in two days. Complete guide + map

The capital of Denmark is a European city where you can walk. A 2 or 3 day getaway is therefore ideal for discovering all there is to see and do in Copenhagen. things to see in copenhagen. 😉

What to see in Copenhagen in 2 days?

Palaces, legends, curious sites and lots of bicycles, this is what you will find in this quiet town and with this… complete travel guide where we will go detailing and telling you all the places to see in Copenhagenyou will be able to move around the city without any problem. 😊

TIPSA good way to start your visit to the city is to do one of the following activities best free tours in copenhagen in English, which will take you to discover some of the most beautiful monuments in Copenhagen. the most emblematic places in the historic center of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen self-guided tour

The Little Mermaid, a must in Copenhagen

Nothing better to start this post than places to see in copenhagenthan with the symbol of the city: The little Mermaid.

It was built as a tribute to the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen and his work The Little Mermaid, on the orders of Carl Jacobsen, son of the creator of Carlsberg beer and admirer of Andersen.

copenhagen's unmissable mermaid

When we went to see her, we found her rather small, but we think we should still go see her because she… the place where it is gives it more charm..

The best way to access this area is to take the metro to Østerport station and then walk to the coast, where the sculpture is located.

TIP: You can also go to the following address take the tourist bus which stops right in front of the churchand you can also see the Copenhagen’s most important sights Without having to walk. 😄


A few steps from the Little Mermaid, you will find another of the most beautiful monuments in the history of mankind. to see in Copenhagen: Kastellet.

This citadel is star-shaped (seen from above) and is one of the oldest in Europe. Its origin is that of to protect the city from possible invasions. In this case, the danger came from Sweden, but in the end it was only used once and it was not used. against the British attack.

starry citadel of kastellet

The entrance is free and as soon as you enter it, you will see soldiers in several places because it is a military zone.

The most beautiful part is the upper part, which you can walk from end to end following the marked path that will take you to a beautiful danish style windmill. But be careful not to walk on the grass, there are soldiers who won’t hesitate to yell at you if you do 😉.

Amalienborg Palace

We arrived at Amalienborg Palaceone of the the most important in Copenhagenbecause it is the current winter residence of the King and Queen of Denmark..

THE Copenhagen Royal PalaceThe palace of Frederick VIII, the palace of Christian VII, the palace of Christian VIII, the palace of Frederick VIII, the palace of Christian VII, the palace of Christian VIII, the palace of Frederick VIII, the palace of Frederick VIII and the palace of Christian VII. is the only palace open to the public and the palace of Christian IX.

They are located around a square, in the center of which you will see the statue of Frederick Vwho built them.

Of the 4, you can only visit one, inside which is the Amalienborg Museum where its rooms, its photographs and its objects will make you do research. a 150-year journey through the history of Denmark’s monarchy.. 😍

changing of the guard at amalienborg palace.

Besides the palace itself, another thing not to miss is the the changing of the guard in the central square. every day at noon. In fact, you’ll likely find the guard parading through the city center, as they begin their tour at Rosenborg Castle at 11:30 a.m.

ADVICEDo you want to know more about the palaces of the Danish capital? In this free guided tour in Englishthey will tell you all about the history of Copenhagen’s main palaces and castles.

Copenhagen Palaces Free Tour

Marble Church (Marmor Kirke)

The official name of one of the churches Copenhagen’s most spectacular churche is Federation Churchor, although popularly known as marble churchbecause it is marble.

Located opposite Amalienborg Palace, you can enter and visit for free. marvel at its interior decoration and its enormous dome over 30 meters in diameterwhich is inspired by that of Saint Peter in the Vatican and that of the Catholic Church. is the largest in Scandinavia.

the marble church one of the most impressive churches to see in copenhagen

ADVICE: To enjoy some beautiful views of the city centerclimb to the dome for a low admission price.

New King’s Square (Kongens Nytorv)

Of all the plazas you will see on your visit to Copenhagen, the largest and most important is the New King’s Square. and is surrounded by iconic buildings such as the royal theaterTHE Hotel d’Angleterre where the Northern Store Buildingwhich is a department store dating back to the end of the 19th century.

In the center of the square you will also see an equestrian statue of the Order of Merit. King Christian V Who had it paved in 1670 and one of curious things about copenhagen: A kind of red and green kiosk which is now a cafe and which used to be a phone booth. 😊

From this square you can also reach the popular Strøget street, which we will talk about below, as well as one of the most photographed places in Copenhagen, Nyhavn.

ADVICE: If you go see Copenhagen at Christmashere you can see one of one of the most important Christmas markets in the city..

The New Port (Nyhavn), a must in Copenhagen

If you ask us what is the most famous place in copenhagen? It is quite possible that we will answer you that it is about this beautiful port, surrounded by small colorful houses.

Its origins date back to the seventeenth century, where it was. a port with strong commercial activitybut also with a rather bad reputation due to the number of brothels.

Centuries later, in the 1960s, the whole area was redeveloped, the houses were painted in colors and old boats were even left permanently to “decorate” the area, which made it one of the the most popular places in the city. Things to see in Copenhagen. 😍

nyhavn where to take beautiful photos during your two day trip to copenhagen.

It’s not very big, it’s full of restaurants and shops, and it’s a good place to take pictures. take a boat to stroll along the canals..

TIPS: Of all the houses you will see, there are two that you cannot miss: house number 9 which is the oldest and the number 20 where Hans Christian Andersen lived and wrote his first fairy tale.

Boat trip on the canals of Copenhagen

One of celebrity activities things to do in Copenhagen is cruise along the canals and Nyhavn Harbor the boats leave for a nice visit.

In addition to enjoying the city from the water, you will pass by iconic locations such as the Little Mermaid, Copenhagen Opera House and Amalienborg Palace.among others.

TIPS: The tour is fully guided in English and Danish.

St Savior’s Church

the church Church of San Salvador You might not think she’s anything special, but if you look at her tower, you’re bound to see something curious about it: It has a spiral shape.

church of san salvador with its spiral-shaped tower.

If we told you you could go all the way to the top, would you? We didn’t, because when it’s very windy, it’s closed 😏 We’ll just tell you that if you’re into “strong emotions”, you’ll love it. THE is a spiral staircase (about 400 steps) and the ramps are not very high, but the views, they say, you can have of the city. are spectacular.

The entrance to the church, -simple inside-, although beautiful, is free, but you must pay a small entrance fee to climb the tower. 😇

Free City of Christiania

One of the places we recommend you go must see on your two day trip to Copenhagen is the free city of christiania.

This former military area was converted in 1971 by families who wanted a more alternative life and built the neighborhood of Christiania.

To do this they used abandoned military barracks and if you walk around the neighborhood you will see the most curious houses with their own garden or a small vegetable patch..

Are considered as independent from Denmark and the European Union and in fact when you go out there is a sign that says welcomes you to the EU. Cars are not allowed and have their own laws, as well as a currency and even a flag..

christiania a must visit place in copenhagen

The most touristic part of Christiania, with its restaurants and shops, is a must see. the best known district is the centerwhere small improvised stands are set up with wooden boxes or tables, soft drugs are soldbecause there is only here, its consumption and sale are authorized. I’m sure you’re tempted but… no photos or videos can be taken. 😎

TIPS: Christiania is easily accessible by metro. The nearest station is called Christianshavn.

Christiansborg Palace

Another of the beautiful palaces to see in Copenhagenis the one from Christiansborgwhere the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister’s offices and the High Court of Justice are located.

Located on the small island of Slotsholmen, you can visit the state rooms, the stables, the royal kitchen, the chapel and the ruins of the old palace..

christianborg palace to visit in copenhagen

State rooms en the most impressive partAbove all the Queen’s Library. The kitchen is curious to see, without expecting a very large surface. What we liked least were the ruins which are almost dark and the stables with a small carriage museum.

ADVICE : You can buy the ticket for all areas or choose the ones that suit you best..

Copenhagen City Council

Visiting a city hall might not be on your must-see list, but Copenhagen City Hall is on it. curious and beautiful in equal parts.

Inaugurated in 1905, it is inspired by the town hall of Siena in Italy and, thanks to its 105 meter tower, it is the largest of its kind in the world.tallest building in copenhagen.

copenhagen city council

Before entering, take a look at the facade: a polar bear sits at the top and several dragons in front of it. All these animals have an explanation: The polar bear represents Greenland.which belongs to Denmark and the European Union. the dragons, protect the town hall from the fires.because the city was unlucky and completely burned down. several times throughout its history.

Inside you can visit the main hall decorated with flagsclimb the tower to to have the city at your feet 😉 and see Jens Olsen’s clock, an engineering marvel that marks the time and the rotation of the planets..

TIPSIn Town Hall Square, look for the statue of Denmark’s most famous character: Hans Christian Andersen.

Stroget Street

From Town Hall Square, you can start walking along what is said to be Stroget Street. the largest pedestrian shopping street in Europe: Stroget Street..

For 1.5 kilometers you will cross the city from east to west, ending in Plaza Nueva del Rey, where you will not only see shops and restaurants, but also three squares: Nytorv Square, Gammeltorv Square and Amagertorv Square..

Copenhagen Cathedral

There Copenhagen Cathedral of Our Lady It may not attract as much attention as other European cathedrals, but if you’re passing by, pop in and see it. She will please you for sure. 😇

cathedral of our lady of copenhagen

With a very simple decoration in neoclassical styleIt has its charm, and here is a little gossip: Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark married Mary Donaldson there.

Round Tower of Rundetårn

One of different things to do in Copenhagen is to go up to Round Tower of Rundetårn for its curious ramps, to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world. best view of danish capital.

Located in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter, it was “blamed” for its construction by King Christian IV, who wanted… an observatory for university astronomers to see the stars. unobstructed by city lights and smoke.

views from the round tower

The ascent to the viewpoint is done by wide spiral corridors that represent the equivalent of 7 floors.. When you have finished walking around, you will be left with two flights of stairs, one in wood and the other in stone, so narrow that they do not even allow access to the upper floor. that we even put a traffic light there. 😄

If you’re wondering why there are ramps and not stairs, it’s because they were designed in such a way that they can be… astronomy devices could be climbed more easilyalthough rumors say that they were built so that the king could ride there effortlessly.. 😎

TIPS: Halfway to the observation point, you will find the library roomwhere art exhibitions, concerts and cultural events are held.

King’s Gardens and Rosenborg Castle

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods to see in Copenhagen are the King’s Gardenswith its large green spaces and its rose garden.

Next to it you will also find the Rosenborg Castlebuilt by Christian IV as summer residence of Danish monarchs and that can be visited from the inside, highlighting the hall of the danish crown jewels.

rosenborg castle one of the most beautiful places to see in copenhagen

TIP: In this free tour in english of the secrets of copenhagen will show you the “hidden side” of the city and tell you everything. the history of the gardens of Rosenborg, Christiania or the church of Saint-Sauveur.among other important sites.

Copenhagen Secrets Free Tour

Tivoli Gardens Theme Park

Nothing better than finishing this list of places to see in copenhagen in 2 days (or more if you can… 😁), than with one of the most mythical and not to be missed during your trip: La Tivoli Gardens Theme Park.

The Tivoli Gardens amusement park opened in 1843 with only a merry-go-round and roller coaster. Denmark’s second oldest amusement park.. Today it attracts million people every year and we even say that would have inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland.

tivoli gardens amusement park another must see in copenhagen in two days

Besides the attractions, there are clothing stores, a concert hall, a lake, and even a Japanese-style temple (which is actually a sushi restaurant). If you visit in the summer, attend the Fredagsrock free music festival And if you go there in December, don’t miss the Christmas market.

ADVICE: We leave you the web where you can book your ticket.

Map of the best places to see in Copenhagen in two days.

Where to eat in Copenhagen

Since it’s not just about sightseeing and strolling the streets of the city, you’ll need to taste its gastronomy and you know we’re big fans of local food everywhere we go.

Read on and discover several places to eat in copenhagen and our opinion about them.

Torvehallerne KBH

In one of the most famous markets in the city and essential to taste a typical Danish product: Smorrebrod. It is basically a open sandwiches prepared with wholemeal bread and many ingredients..

The market is located next to Israel Plads and if you prefer other types of food, no problem because they have from different countries, with sweet and savory products..

Max Burger

Max Burger is the most popular burger chain in town.

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes and drinks and you can even personalize your menu. The burgers are pretty good, they are tasty and to refuel it is a good option.

gasoline grill

gasoline grill is one of most popular places to eat in Copenhagen and its curious name comes from the fact that the first store was established at a gas station..

We ordered a combo that included a burger, fries and a drink. The burger was succulent, the quality very good and the size sufficient. so that you are not hungry. In our opinion, it was a bit salty, but as they say, there are different colors, or in this case, different flavors, to suit different tastes.

The gas grill is a great place to eat a burger.

What is curious is the closing time of this establishment. They “throw the shutters” when they run out of ingredients. for the burgers, so the trick is… to go early 😉.

Espresso House

This chain of cafes, which you will find on almost every street corner in the city, is the perfect place to have breakfast or a drink. to warm you up if you visit the city in winter.

espresso house the ideal place to have a dessert.

Their hot drinks and sweets, in particular cinnamon bunshave become our favourites.

Hot dog stands

It may seem strange to you that we recommend you try the hot dogs in copenhagenbut we assure you that have nothing to do with those you probably know.

To start, the bread is made from seeds and the sausage is made from roast beef.. Besides adding more normal ingredients such as onion and mustard or ketchup, they also contain pickle slices. 😋

hot dog denmark

There were several stalls around town, but our favorite was the one next to the Round Tower.

Paludan Bog Cafe

If you want eat in an original placethis one certainly is, since you will be surrounded by bookswhich you can also buy if you wish.

They have from burgers to veggie woks and the quality is very good.although the prices, as popular as they are, are not that much.

paludan bog cafe good place to eat.

If you want to go to this place without spending too much, you can also have a coffee and taste their homemade cakes.

ADVICE: The tables are distributed in several rooms at different levels and we advise you to go there early because it is not possible to enter in advance, as it is a very popular place, it fills up very quickly..

Where to sleep in Copenhagen

In order to visit Copenhagen without hasteyou will need 2 days at least and we think it is best to to choose a hotel close to tourist attractions. so that everything is at your fingertips.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

We stayed at the hotel Urban House HotelThe hotel is a 5 minute walk from Copenhagen train station and in our opinion we made the right choice as places such as Tivoli and the town hall square. and for further, it is very well served by train, bus and metro..

urban house hotel in copenhagen

In this hostel there are so many things shared and private rooms and although they are simple, they contain everything you need. In addition, there is a communal kitchen, laundry facilities and if you want to have breakfast you have a very complete buffet. However, we recommend getting up early as the space is small and there aren’t many tables.

After knowing all the what to see in copenhagen in two daysIf you are planning a trip to the Danish capital and want to spend a few days in Copenhagen, you can start planning now. 😇

Greetings travelers.


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